WATCH: Podesta Group Linked to Saudis Arrested For Corruption

November 7, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New documents expose close ties between the Podesta Group and high-ranking Saudi officials recently arrested on corruption charges this past weekend.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has more on the deals between key Clinton allies and ousted Saudi officials.

  • shafawn

    Go ahead and say it!!!! CLINTON FOUNDATION!!!!!

  • Trumpateer


  • jlsharks1

    I truly hope so Ken.

  • NoBS

    Sessions is no longer complicate in Obstruction of Justice, as with the last two Attorney Generals, he has moved into Obstruction of Treason.

    Sessions must be arrested by the Military Police for aiding and abetting foreign enemies of the USA.

    This level of Treason is not a civilian crime, the crimes committed are International violations covered under the Patriot Act.

  • Bobby Green

    You’re a member of a group. Half are corrupt and going or already in jail and you’re not charged? So if the Podesta group doesn’t even get charged does that mean the people already in jail will be released? What a piss poor department of justice we have. Sessions needs to go and take the FBI director with him.

  • sarrahsue

    it was reported hillary got a sizable( cough) donation from the Saudis last year.


    Okay Sessions……would you PLEASE do YOUR JOB!!

    • Vera Orsova

      He can’t. He would have to investigate and arrest himself.

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  • Jane Tarzan

    Really Jeff Sessions, how much more evidence do you need on the Clinton Crew.

  • Al Lejdly

    I’m sure Concocted News Network has more detail on this.

  • Boomer

    Lock Her (& podestas) Up!

  • KevinR.

    And why exactly is the main stream media ignoring this, and constantly repeating their mantra… Trump / Russia Collusion….
    Rhetorical question…. we already know they are the propaganda arm of the Marxist Democrats.

    • Lorie Barnett

      Well, because this is fake news. Maybe you didn’t know that oan doesn’t show ANY negative info about Trump. Why? You need to get those answers. There is nothing about Manafort being indicted, or Papadopoulos pleading guilty and then cooperating with Mueller, according to people in the know, by wearing a wire. It looks like the people around Trump have colluded in an attempt to get information on Hillary that would be damaging to her campaign. It doesn’t matter if the attempt was successful or not…the attempt was made. According to the Russian woman that Don jr met in the infamous meeting, she said he offered a quid pro quo when he said if Trump was elected, he would look at (lifting) the Russian sanctions. There will be more arrests to be made for sure.

      • NoBS

        The Trump Russian Collusion drum, eh?
        How’s that projection doing for the Clinton Crime Family?

        but the Trump Russia, russia, RUSSIA! screams the “official” main stream narrative.
        The same narrative that bit the arse out of the DNC owner operator.

        I believe we all know the Clinton Crime Family used the Clinton Global Slush Fund to purchase the DNC.

        The question that should be asked is what type of dirt does the Clinton Crime Family have on the FBI to make Bribery of a Government Official great again?

      • KevinR.

        Thank you for the input from the propaganda fantasy realm.
        Now run along back to your mother’s basement… or your assigned room at the asylum.

  • nfcapitalist

    FBI and DOJ scrambling to cover up the cover-up… that’s why they aren’t investigating these crimes… they’d have to investigate and expose themselves.

  • jlsharks1

    Why are they getting away with this. Let have more action (prosecute) and less talking.

  • Andrew Moore8

    It’s all Bushes fault…..Oh wait….It is all Trumps fault…..Oh wait….it’s all the Russians fault…..(sarcasm off)

  • michaelparsons

    Can we deport the Podesta’s to the Saudi’s. No reason to lose any heads over this. They have a unique way to play Wack a Mole.

    • iwontell

      Where is Gotti and Capone when we need to “clean house” the old fashion way ? bang bang and bang
      I’ve given up on the Vigilantes coming to the rescue,

      • nfcapitalist

        The mob hated communists… far more patriotic than our current career politicians and bureaucrats.

  • Jeyn

    I feel sorry for these pour bastards. They’re piling up so much heavy wealth it’s going to drag them down no chance of heaven, at least not for a long, long time.
    May God show mercy for the lost souls

  • FoolIggy

    The Clinton’s initiated THE CLINTON FOUNDATION PROGRAM to promote & profit from hellary’s control as secretary of state.

    Hellary quickly put a sign on her office’s door that read: AMERICA & EVERYTHING IN IT IS FOR SALE, make your LARGE deposits to the clinton foundation! ANY QUESTIONS?: Contact Huma for an appointment to discuss the size of donation required!

    IF ever any real red-blooded American Taxpayer (regardless of your party affiliation) needed proof of how dark and deep the state of power & MONEY LAUNDERING IS in america’s capital, look no further than the fact the new administration has been under siege since taking office.

    Yet, the the outgoing demoncratic machine continues to rape & plunder the world for “pay to play” speeches, houses, gratuities, private jet travel, and other things us commoners will never have access to but fund with our hard-earned tax dollars.

    Amazing these political swamp rats are able to avoid any kind of judicial process or attempt to bring them to justice for their corrupt actions; while those who want to come clean; like Donna, live in fear for their life should they speak out against the machine they so happily embraced as part of the deep state! Sad that these folks can’t come forward and depend on the fBI or the cIA or the justice Department because these agencies are complicit in promoting some form or branch of the deep dark state to ensure funding growth for their clandestine agencies!

    All the while, America’s taxpayer are paying MILLIONS to the former demoncrat’s machine representatives who go about making headlines over a Russian witch hunt.

    This ruse is being purposely kept ‘in-play’ by the ousted dark state party to ensure American Taxpayer’s EYES and ATTENTION are not demanding justice for the real criminals. Meanwhile, these ousted criminals are silently behind closed doors meeting with domestic and foreign agents to gather funds and ensure their rise to power again.

    Meanwhile, the ousted criminal leaders have crawled back into the deep state woodwork to quietly enjoy their spoils. They patiently wait until such time they can use their money and power to take control of the deep dark state of dc and America AGAIN!

    DRAIN THE SWAMP, take the cheese from the political swamp rats.

    The federal governments size and REACH must be reduced and returned to the states where it is easier for everyday American’s to monitor and control their local governments actions!

    washington dc has grown into a cesspool of corruption.

    It will not NOT be easy for American Taxpayers to get control of the deep dark state for it has for decades tasted the joy & growth of EASY MONEY and is addicted to the power, corruption, and influence peddling that easy money brings with it.

    Left unchecked, this dark state will continue to grow its perverse sense of democracy to the demise of the Greatest Nation on earth.

    • Lorie Barnett

      Why call names?…are you 6 years old?

      • FoolIggy

        Where’s the name calling?

        Crawl back in bed and wrap your warm liberal blanki around you & suck on your pacifier while you live in your small Utopia!

        For some, real world day-to-day problems are just too much for a tiny little undeveloped brain to handle.

        But hey, they have late night shows for your empty entertainment as an opportunity to avoid reality and listen to liberal drivel name calling hollywood creaps!

        Otherwise, wake up and work on speaking the truth as you see it. Join the debate called American Democracy OR just lay in bed with your liberal blanki & watch the late night shows play on!

  • John Titor

    The only way to drain the swamp in Washington is to put the fear of God in politicians by prosecuting them. Start with Obama and just work your way down through his administration.The Clinton’s represent all that is wrong in Washington DC.

    • nfcapitalist

      But who investigates the FBI and prosecutes the DOJ?

      • John Titor

        Need to hire new personnel that are not corrupted! You cannot trust anyone at FBI or DOJ the corruption starts at the top and works it’s way down.

  • jackie

    Drip drip liberals all in time.
    Good things come to those who wait

  • Scott Henke

    The DNC’s fall guys. John, Tony, you boys are going to have to take one for the team.

  • Ed L

    Ha ha. Oh boy a spillover

    • scottincary

      Not a good week for The DC Swamp Critters – but don’t worry – they’ll try their darnedest to save the Podesta Brothers.

  • TexasDeplorable1134

    Gee, I am SHOCKED I tell you, SHOCKED!

  • RMCS Ret.

    The Podesta group and a batch of as yet undiscovered groups. Saudi, and the whole middle east, is infested with corrupt individuals. It’s what happens in what are essentially monarchies. I hope the new Prince is serious and not just on another purge.

  • Localdude

    …lol…NO WAY….lol…

  • BBQman aka Q

    John Podesta and Bill Clinton may have turned much of their ill gotten gains into fake pension funds, and sent it to accounts at their Island Nations project, and Cayman Islands.

    • Janet Fortis

      Podesta is buying diamonds and art work etc and sharting it to different countries in case.

  • Section Ate

    This is a good thing, right?

  • No Mas

    Tic Toc, they don’t stop.. Clinton Money Laundering Foundation is not taking in any more donations are they??? only some Soros deposits for Rioters….
    WOnder why the Clinton Foundation isn’t taking more donations… BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO POWER TO SELL TODAY!!!!
    LOCK HER UP!!!!

    • Sylvia Avila

      So true, Podesta’s belong in jail, both very corrupt, it’s now catching up to them, just like very corrupt Clinton’s.

      • AFV

        You voted for a traitor. You’re the least American of Americans. True patriots will remove this orange mistake from my house.

        • Judge Dolittle

          You don’t even live in this country!!! Traitor

          • AFV

            every time you talk with your fingers ignorance shines.

          • Judge Dolittle

            You are talking with your fingers, I guess the same applies to you/

          • amongoose

            Every time you reply, logic fails you, and your hyper-partisanship is the only thing that shines.

        • victory0311

          Doubt you know anything about Patriotism CUPCAKE! Patriots are for Trump!!

        • Sylvia Avila

          I never voted for Obama? I know he is a Traitor to America! He help in the Uranium One Deal with the Clinton’s, time to call them all in! Jail waiting for them all!

          • Lorie Barnett

            That is a made up story…it was already looked into years ago…there was no wrongdoing by Hillary found. It was just a conspiracy theory that came out in the book titled Clinton Cash. Totally bogus.

          • Impaler

            Lorie, Bill Clinton spoke in Moscow while Hillary was Secretary of state. He got paid $500,000 and he met with Putin. Why would he meet with Putin? What could one man possibly say in a speech that has a value of $500,000? It was bribe money,duh! Shortly after that Russians deposited millions into the Clinton foundation. Shortly after that they got our uranium.
            Dont you see the corruption in that with an avalanche of evidence?. Dont you find it odd that Bill met with Loretta on the plane while his wife was under investigation by HER office? That is completely inappropriate. If my wife was under investigation by the state attorneys office, do you think the DA would meet with me for any topic? HELL NO! Dont you find it odd that Chelsea was making $900,000 a year working at the Clinton foundation but others working there say she rarely appeared there? Dont you find it odd that the Clintons claimed they used $50 MILLION dollars from their foundation for official business travel expenses? WHO could possibly use 50 million for travel expenses? It’s called money laundering.

          • Lorie Barnett

            I agree with one thing you said, Bill Clinton shouldn’t have gotten on the plane…you were right about that!

          • thecleaner45

            Wow delusional seems to comes to mind reading your post.

          • Sylvia Avila

            What! You better get educated! Clinton’s not only rig the election which just came out, but also Sold our Uranium to Russia without congress approval? Not to mention using a her personal servicer to send Confidential Gov’t Information Information thru her E-Mail to other people? Not to mention Bill Clinton’s molesting young girls! Man, both should be prosecuted for TREASON!! to our Government and Country. What they did is Historic! It’s time we the people get the truth! and STOP! the lies by MSM media ad Clinton’s!

          • Lorie Barnett

            Silvia, I think you can do some research here. The uranium one deal involved 9 individual gov agencies signing off on the sale of a Canadian mining company to a Russian company. It wasn’t even our uranium. Bill Clinton didn’t molest any young girls. Monica Lewinski was not a young girl, she was an adult, and she never said the tryst with bill was non consensual. So she wasn’t molested. She was taking part of her own free will.

          • Sylvia Avila

            No! The Uranium One Deal was solely the Corrupt job of Clinton’s, Obama Administration. Their are papers to prove it, also Mueller and Comey, AG involved in this Treason! Make No mistake these people are very corrupt and lie ab out it with a straight face! As for Bill Clinton, yes he sure rape young girls, one of his victim’s even wrote a book on it! Bill has a list of girls he has rape, but they have covered it up real good. Make No mistake these people very dangerous, will kill anyone in their way! Truth coming out slowly, but it will come out!

          • Lorie Barnett

            Ok, Sylvia….have a nice day.

          • BuyTheTruth

            Trolls are bogus.

        • Fled

          Lol. The Democrats sold America out to foreign interests and globalist NGO’s long ago. Time to right the ship.

        • thecleaner45

          If you voted for Clinton you did vote for a tratior. And isn’t it funny when the left loses they always turn to name calling like a bunch of little babies. President TRUMP is the greatest thing that has happened to this country in 20 yrs.

          • Lorie Barnett

            Where did I call names?

        • amongoose

          So how is he a traitor to this country?
          The posters below lay out a pretty good argument that it’s your folks that were, and still are.

      • Judge Dolittle

        The liberals that do not like Trump, have to agree that he is making a better America for all of us, by investigating Congress and the individual corrupted foundations, plus everything else, that the Americans didn’t know what was going on in & outside of government. He is cleaning the swamp.

        • Sylvia Avila

          Yes, he is making America better! I feel sorry he is doing a lot on his own. It seems Congress Senate and WH has so many corrupt people working there? I pray for God to bless him every night! God bless!

          • amongoose

            It’s hard to run a government and fight it at the same time.
            Send reinforcements in November.

          • Sylvia Avila

            Time for us the people to call our congress and public officials to get with the Presidents agenda or be voted out! It seems all of Washington D.C. has a plague of evil disease taking hold over them!

          • BuyTheTruth

            I’ve been doing that in my state. And what is their response (all Republicans)? Crickets chirping! But ideally you are correct and perhaps persistence will disturb them in time.

          • Sylvia Avila

            Yes, so true, but I believe we the people have more power than we know. I say keep calling Congress! DOP and our lying AG!!!

        • Lorie Barnett

          Um…what do you consider the swamp? What investigations is he doing on Congress? I know the Congress and the Senate are investigating how Russians hacked our elections. He tried to stifle that.
          The doj is investigating his campaign for possible collusion with Russia, he tried to stifle that by firing j.comey who was first heading the investigation into collusion.. so now Mueller is looking into obstruction of Justice charges against the president. And the swamp? If you consider Goldman Sachs and other rich clueless elites the swamp, then you will be disappointed to know that he has surrounded himself with these types. I advise you to look at many sites to get the complete story…even those you aren’t comfortable looking at so you can get the information you are missing on this site.

          • Impaler

            The congress is investigating? These people are elected. Are they all experienced detectives? Do you actually believe that this was not FULLY investigated by the CIA,FBI and NSA? These agencies certainly IMMEDIATELY investigated this thoroughly

            and completely using the best of the best investigators they’ve got who miss NOTHING and leave no stone unturned. This investigation was done and over with 8 to 10 months ago. What we are hearing now is nothing more than democrats blowing hot air to try and make the low information and stupid people believe their false political propaganda and you have fallen right into their traps. In case you havent noticed this alleged investigation has been going on for an entire year and ZERO evidence has been produced.

          • Lorie Barnett

            There seems to be new information revealed every day. The investigation by Mueller is the only one that matters as it is clear that whatever the Congress and Senate find about how to stop Russia from meddling in our elections, Trump won’t take their recommendations, nor will he try to stop them next time. As long as Mueller is still gathering testimony, this isn’t over. There might be more charges. I’m just guessing those in the most jeopardy are J. Sessions for lying multiple times about meeting with Russians, the Flynn’s for the lying about working for a foreign gov., And accepting bribes, President Trump for obstruction of Justice, and Don Jr. For conspiracy , Maybe Kushner for a money crime. I’m hoping that they don’t find any evidence of crimes. I would rather just have everybody be upfront and honest and really be working for the American people.

          • Kd Grayson

            Only an idiot thinks firing someone ends an investigation, clearly if anything it would intensify the investigation , do you think Comey was doing the work? Comey obviously was incompetent as he found zero!

          • Lorie Barnett

            He was just in the beginning of the investigation when he was fired… that’s why he hadn’t found anything yet. The special prosecutor wouldn’t have been hired if it wasn’t for him firing Comey. You might be right that Trump was an idiot to think that the investigation would end…because he had Russians in the oval office the very next day and told them that the pressure was going to lift now. How stupid was that? Comey isn’t stupid and would have been able to uncover everything that Mueller is uncovering now. So far there have been 3 indictments and one guilty plea. This big puzzle is getting much closer to being put together.

      • JustmJustm

        Just watch i predicted this to come!
        As Hitlerys stuff became public andmore of the bad stuff will coming out, it WILL GAIN STEAM!!!!!
        There is 3. possible out comes, an congretional investigation! And have her go down the hard way!
        Or They winn and take over…..worst case scenario!
        Its more likely……..

        • Sylvia Avila

          I pray she goes to jail but that won’t happen to many Clinton’s people working in Justice Dept. She will probably just face being unable to run for any office ever again. Or maybe fined? I pray they lock her up! Bill to he is big time rapist! And also very Corrupt!

          • Lorie Barnett

            I doubt there are many of Clinton’s people in the doj. Clinton hasn’t been in office for almost 17 years.

          • Impaler

            More like 5.

          • PhySciTech

            She’s talking Bill, and you are talking Hillary.

          • Lorie Barnett

            Clinton was in the State Dept. Not the doj. I was talking about Bill Clinton.

          • Sylvia Avila

            You are right, I meant to say Obama, sorry! God bless

          • sarrahsue

            clinton-bush-obama= all the same people

          • amongoose

            Their loyalty is to the system, not elected leaders.

          • JustmJustm

            Well hopefully your prayers, as well as millions of americans will be answerd!
            They have gotten away with way to much, i belive it will coming to them one way or another!
            And. they hurt to many, they known in the hause and senate, and they doo have enemys!
            And thats good…very good becase they are the ones who can coax CLINTONITES to squeel!
            And like Brazile, who DONT WANT TO END UP IN FEDERAL PRISON who value they freedom more than Hitlery…

      • amongoose

        Why am I not surprised.
        Look how long they have been associated with the clinton’s.
        Birds of a feather.

        • Sylvia Avila

          Yes, Evil always stick with Evil!

    • iwontell

      NOPE – a PUBLIC HANGING IN THE SQUARE is in order…… Prison we have to give the HAG free room and board………the t

    • All American

      Swamp Rats on their way to Leavenworth!

      • dennis richardson

        Only briefly until the rope stretches their neck or the blade sucks their blood.

    • dennis richardson

      Then stretch her neck

  • kaiju

    Let’s use the water board on Podesta and see what he can tell us.

    • Katfishkelly M

      would have to waste A LOT of water for that nose! the environmentalists would be all upset!

    • 86em

      With that guy we’d need a Ouija Board.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    I am looking forward to the HANGING!!!

    • iwontell

      Been keeping up with me daily huh?
      Been suggesting a Tree and Rope (aka Public Hanging in the Square) for many months……and I’d buy the ROPE.
      None of this Prison stuff……..the taxpayers would get screwed again for free Room and Board………

  • kaiju

    The elephant isn’t just in the room anymore, it’s filled the whole earth and still nobody is stepping up to put the cuffs on Hillary.

  • Gray Bryson

    swamp sessions and obama corrupt doj will bury it

    • Localdude

      …I think the sewage is backed up so much that soon it will look like a Mexican Pacific Ocean dump…soon. just wont be able to miss it…

  • Kyle Smith

    Keep and eye on this. This could turn out to be the tip of a big iceberg.

    • Rick

      Yes, keep an eye on this, and also get down on our knees and pray that this ONE NATION UNDER GOD will come back to Him and ask Him for strength and guidance.