WATCH: Past Lies from Democrat Officials Show Double Standards

December 5, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is charged with “willfully and knowingly” lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russia’s ambassador.

However, many are pointing out how Democrats have lied over major issues in the pas yet there actions are swept under the rug.

One America’s Stephanie Myers details those cases, and uncovers more information showing a recurring “witch hunt” against the Trump campaign.

  • Homer Simpson

    How can any political investigation be 100% one sided and be called fair ..

  • <<<<PinkoCommunist LWNJ Enema

    You despicable pinko communist LWNJ’s will NOT continue to skate. Things are about to change bigly. We are privy to your corrupt BS.

  • a40

    How do you choose which lies to cite?

    • Rufus Firefly

      Why don’t you try some. Then I can counter with 20 Trump lies for every one.

      • a40

        Calling everything Trump says a lie hasn’t accomplished much. You go girl.

        • Rufus Firefly

          He hasn’t lied about everything. He is supporting an accused child sex abuser.

          • a40

            And you’re hoping the people of Alabama are stupid enough to believe it. Libs need the Senate vote to stop Trump. That’s what this is about.

  • Richard McMeekin

    No names, but who can forget the Greatest Liar Of Them All when he proclaimed:

    “I did not have sex with that woman!”

    • Robert Adams

      Or his wife when she denied Benghazi involvement. “What difference does it now make?”

  • fireball1322

    OAN says: “Stay away from racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. No URLs or links. Watch your language. Also, don’t feed the trolls.”

    In other words forget your 1st amendment rights, they do not apply here.

    • Rufus Firefly

      You do not understand the 1st Amendment.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Good, you are so right! If the AG does not appoint special investigators to Uranium One deal and Dems voting violations. I say FIRE the AG! He seems to be part of the problem.

    • Robert Adams

      Sessions is acting as if he’s afraid of his own shadow. We need an AG who has guts and will act.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, it seems Sessions needs to go! He is part of the Secret Government trying to over throw our Country and President. Any suggestions?

  • Al Lejdly

    Looks like Trump isn’t going to be able to drain the swamp without our help. Be ready.

    • Rufus Firefly

      What does that mean?

      • Al Lejdly

        I think it has something to do with Boston and the price of tea in the country.

        • Rufus Firefly

          Your allusion should be to 1861, not to the American Revolution, i.e., fighting to preserve inequality rather than to gain freedom.

          • Al Lejdly

            Yeah well, they were both revolution.

  • Al Lejdly

    “PROOF READ. That second paragraph has a typo and uses the wrong form a word.” “wrong form a word.”. What’s an ‘A’ word?

    • <<<<PinkoCommunist LWNJ Enema

      I hate f’ing grammar Nazis too, and they usually ALWAY’s turn out to be pinko communist LWNJ’s.
      Whaddup wit dat?

      • Al Lejdly

        Just your typical “I’m smarter than thou” ehjookayted idjits. I love laughing at them because the only thing they have to add to the topic is their efforts at trying to be grammar cops.

  • Lilly Bighammer


  • Marc S.

    I have such contempt for the left in this country.

  • Captain Mann

    There’s a double standard in American politics? That’s not news! And when is something going to be done about it? The 12th of never, that’s when.

    • Al Lejdly

      ♪♫ “And that’s a long long time” ♪♫

      • Captain Mann

        Heh. I wonder how many youngins don’t have a clue?

        • Al Lejdly

          All of them, it never was re-recorded into a rap song. (If you want to call that ‘music’ anyway.)

          • Captain Mann

            “…rap song. (If you want to call that ‘music’ anyway.)” Ray Charles didn’t.

  • KevinR.

    There is most assuredly a double standard.

    Hillary lied… many times…and nothing was done…
    Hillary lied and people died..and nothing was what difference does it make.she says.
    Hillary committed a crime mishandling classified emails… and nothing was done….
    Clapper lied.. .and nothing was done
    Holder lied.. and was under Contempt Charges….and nothing was done.
    Susan Rice lied… and nothing was done…
    Susan Rice unmasked hundred… unmasked political opposition… like a Banana Republic… and nothing was done…

    Yes, the double standards are severe.

  • Dr Food

    The referred to “double standard” only occurs when the “other group” allows it to continue. That is especially true when they control the process. The only conclusion I can draw from all this is, “we’re OK with it” because it provides us with cover because we are weak and incompetent.

    To say republicans have provided strong leadership is an absolute joke and most certainly an insult to those that trusted them.

    The establishment has to go, even if it takes three or more election cycles. Our Country will be better for removing RINOS.

    • Al Lejdly

      Bannon is working on that as we speak.

  • Rod Teresa Matina

    This was put in motion long before President Trump and when people thought Killary was going to be president.

  • brad m

    Have to remember that the bureaucracy will always do whatever is necessary to maintain its power regardless of the amount of egg on their face. Because at the end of it, no one will oppose these wrongdoers out of fear of retaliation. That is how progressive governments work

  • 2EdgedSword

    This is an extraordinary focused article boldly confronting so many truths the MSM has attempted to bury. I’m very proud of OAN as a premier source of factual and timely news.

  • REM

    General Flynn caved because these dirt bags went after his son. Bastards.

  • Sylvia Avila

    What kind of game is Mueller playing? He has spend over 5M Dollars with NO results? It seems our Government is very good at spending our money! NO wonder we are in such debit! Fire Mueller!!! He has turned out to be good at stealing our money like all of our Government! I say No more, we are going to make everyone accountable for what they spend for now on! So Tired of our Congress, Law Officials spending our money and their corruption! We the people demand someone FIRE Mueller! Now before he spends more of our money. He has proven to be very reckless and shameful for a past Director of the FBI!!

    • Rufus Firefly

      No results? Trump indictments are coming. Just wait.

      • Sylvia Avila

        What? Did you Not hear Mueller has spent over 5M dollars of Tax Payer money just to tell us what we already know? That Flynn Lied? No! No more wasting money on maybe he will find something on Trump! If Mueller has not found anything now he never will! Fire! Mueller this man was part of the Urainiun One Deal along with the Clinton’s, Obama, Soros and AG! All prove to be very Corrupt and Anti-American! Time for Justice! We the people tired of these evil liberals getting away with crimes!

        • Rufus Firefly

          You should absorb some news other than propaganda and fantasy.

          • Sylvia Avila

            You are being lied to by MSM! They lie for a living!

          • Rufus Firefly

            Right. According to the paragons of truth – Rush, Sean, Fox, Infowars, Breitbart, OAN.

          • Sylvia Avila

            It seems we the people are finally waking-up to the fact that our own Government, and News Media’s have been not only lying but are so Corrupt that we are now living in a Banana Republic! We need to take our America back! Now! Tired of the mess our Country going thru! I say cut Government in half, and close those anti-American communist media outlets! It’s time!

          • Rufus Firefly

            You have been well conditioned by the anti-democracy foxes and Russian puppets. It’s not your fault that you fell for it – they have skills.

          • I. Forgot 2

            Dont feed the troll Sylvia. Flag it as spam and let it die.

          • Rufus Firefly

            It’s not your fault.

          • I. Forgot 2

            That you are a dumb troll?? No that’s you and your sibling parents fault.

          • Rufus Firefly

            This discourse bores me.

          • I. Forgot 2

            You bore everybody princess!! Typical trait of a troll.

      • Brad

        In your snowflake dreams. Join the MAGA and feel good about our Country.

        • Rufus Firefly

          I’ll join the MAGA when I’m no longer able to think for myself and need someone to stoke my fears and lie to me.

  • 101st Screaming Eagle

    He should have blamed it on the propaganda youtube video, nobody would have said anything…

  • gregg56

    Not only is it a fact, but it violates the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment.

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  • Pete Greco

    The left, globalists and the deep state have no regard for anyone that is not on their side. This includes the double standard of the deep state lying to Congress, including Clinton and her corrupt cronies. They will financially destroy anyone, i.e. Flynn. They will murder masses to get their way with gun control. This fighting Trump tooth and nail is horribly disgusting. They world is sitting back and laughing at us.

    • Rufus Firefly

      The world is indeed laughing at you trumpists.

      • Brad

        Now you have convinced me you’re a snowflake illegal. So, your comments are no longer valid or worth consideration.

  • Norman Howe


    • iwontell


  • Living in the Times

    So does ANYONE have a reasonable answer as to why the Dems are allowed to continue with their illegal behavior? Maybe it is time for the American people to stand up and demand that actions be taken. The government works for us and we have the right to declare that they start doing their jobs. CLEAN HOUSE MR. TRUMP!!!!!

    • Cbrown

      Simple: the most powerful revolution has conquered us: POLICTICAL CORRECTNESS adminstered through by the Liberal media. Heck! The Royal house of Windsor has recently bent a knee to it. The National Felons League is capitalizing on it. And it’s more corrosive than muric acid.

      • IceColdLogic

        “Capitalizing” might be a strong term. Sales and viewership for the NFL are falling.

        • HML

          However, they ARE STILL in business, very few sponsors have dropped them. Even the sponsors CEOs are leftists….

    • USAagainstGlobalists

      Simple. We don’t have an AG.

    • Karen

      Greed. The world is ruled by International Banking Institution. They are the ruling elite, Rothschild, Rockefeller etc. The goal is globalism, to control the money so to control the world. This goes back to the 1400’s. As our civilization progresses and technology expands we are at their mercy. Draining the swamp is a very small step. The real swamp is hidden in plain sight. Satan.

  • Tado

    Leftists are Liars.
    Same lettered people.
    And yet upon death, their carcasses will rot and putrefy despite the Lies.
    Be patient.

  • Cindy G.

    President Trump is way ahead of them. He knows what they’re gonna attack him with before they throw it at him. Trust him. He was hand-picked by our Creator and thrown in the ring to fight the filth that’s oozing in the dirty swamp. He has Divine guidance and he will prevail. Remember what MSM and their polls tried to shove at you on the night before the election…..that hillary had a 97% chance of winning. They are lying just as bad now, maybe worse. Have faith and trust your president.

    • Lawmadsen

      You are correct that Trump is waaaaay ahead of them. It may seem absurd now but the whole Russian collusion special investigation was planned by Trumps team including Sessions recusal and Flynns guilty plea (including his lie in the first place). Mueller assembled a team of the swampiest DC insiders to chase non-existent Russian collusion all the while they were being fed “barium meals” which is when you feed false information to one source and if that makes it to the MSM then you know who the leakers are (Strzok was first leaker caught and likely turned on other leakers to avoid extensive prison term). There have been no real leaks this past year just fantastic accusations that prove false, remember the info being leaked isn’t illegal or real but the leaking is very real and very illegal. The fact that the fbi leakers are starting to be publicly named means the investigation is wrapping up, the swamp creatures who thought they had the opportunity to get Trump impeached did not realize they were the true target of the investigation all along. Once the swamp creatures that have protected the clintons and obamas in the past are removed, justice can finally be served to the likes of clinton, yates, holder, rice etc…

      • Arctic Frost

        I had been REALLY hoping this was the case too, but now I don’t believe it. What changed my mind was the Flynn charge. This hoax can’t possibly be true and ALSO be legal. We HAVE to prepare ourselves that the deep state, media and the DNC may succeed at destroying President Trump in one way or another.

        However, then we’ll have Pence and there won’t be a dang thing any of those entities can do to stop HIM from doing ANYTHING he wants. They’ll have used up all their options in destroying President Trump and won’t have anything legitimate to fight Pence.

        If that happens, let’s encourage Pence to create a NEW party before his second term election so it is in place and powerful enough to re-elect him and anyone he needs in Congress. We HAVE to let the RINO Republican Party die as they will NOT allow us, the people, to control them. The Democratic Party is already dead, good riddance.

        • elevenoclock

          Actually I would like to see Bannon run for President in 2020.

          • Arctic Frost

            He’s too polarized to succeed in getting elected. I go back and forth over Bannon. Sometimes his cutting edge view points speak volumes of recognition of how people feel. Other times he feeds hatred just like everyone else is doing. (I know he’s not a white supremacist.)

            I’m looking for someone to vote for who can value the other side’s opinion while holding his/her own. Someone who won’t demonize his/her opponents. A business person not a politician. Someone who is NOT a Democrat or a Republican. I’m looking for a new party and I sure hope it evolves. Now THAT is something Bannon could do, but alas won’t. He wants to be a high and mighty Republican and doesn’t realize their day is over. He should move on, he’s one of VERY few who actually could do it.

        • Freedom

          I thought that the Flynn charge was strange as well. However, if you look at it like this, maybe it starts to make sense: Flynn has been covering up for the swamp for a looong time. He knew about all the skeletons in multiple closets, where the bodies are burried, etc.

          I think he was given a choice by either Trump or someone close to the administration that he can either go down with them, or he can lie under oath and be called out. That part IS illegal, but there’s a reason behind it. In doing so, the records for the calls (he lied about) can be pulled and shown to all. The reason they have the calls and KNEW he was lying is because they had a FISA warrant to listen in on his and others’ conversations. He could be doing this all to expose the deep state. They can’t deny it once it’s out in the open, and that’s what this whole thing is doing. Shining light in a place that otherwise has no sunshine, so to speak. This is going to ruin not only dems, but repubs who have thrown in their hat to the never Trumpers side and those now who’s sole purpose in the government is to get in the way of Trump succeeding.

          I didn’t vote for him, but the more the attacks on him reveal, the clearer it becomes that while he’s definitely not perfect as a person, he’s exactly what we needed to clean out those who want to keep the American people in the dark. Funny how some conspiracy theories turn into conspiracy fact when you tug at the strings a bit.

      • Sailor 74

        Lawmadsen – nothing is as it appears in Washington. Your view of what is going on makes a lot of sense to me. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Sessions be gone. He is very much a part of the Pres.’ game plan. The rats will bubble to the surface and be exposed without Trump having to go to battle. The implosion has begun!

    • Rufus Firefly

      Trump was hand-picked? In a cruel joke, maybe.

  • Cindy G.

    Love your news channel.

  • Mark

    Yet….nothing continues to happen.

  • CLS

    It’s somewhat odd that Streep sees herself as a feminist champion of powerful women in the face of an army of male sexual abusers, given that she has vehemently supported and failed to disavow one of the biggest abusers of them all – pedophile Roman Polanski.
    Polanski admitting to drugging and raping a 13 year-old girl in 1977. German actress Renate Langer accused Polanksi of raping her twice when she was 15. Another woman called Robin M. accused the director of sexually assaulting her when she was 16. Actress Charlotte Lewis also said Polanski sexually abused her when she 16.
    On top of these accusations, Polanksi has now been “accused of sexually abusing a string of women and children,” seven in total, bringing the total number of claims against him to 11.
    One of the new accusers, Marianne Barnard, claims that Polanksi molested her on a beach in Malibu when she was just 10-years-old. Mallory Millett says Polanski attempted to rape her in 1970 when she was 29-years-old.
    And what does Meryl Streep have to say about all this?
    She was part of a Hollywood movement that repeatedly campaigned for Polanski’s release and for his ability to return to the United States over the past 15 years.
    In 2009, Over 100 industry figures signed a “Free Polanski” petition that lobbied for his release after the director was arrested in Switzerland.
    Streep, along with numerous other members of the Hollywood elite, gave Polanksi a standing ovation at the Academy Awards in 2003 after Polanski was awarded an Oscar for The Pianist.

    • FLLoeffler

      Whhat does this have to do with past lies from the dems??????

      • John

        It has everything to do with Streep.

    • Cbrown

      Knowing you’re dealing with a guy who cannot stop himself from saying stupid sexual stuff, doing stupid sexual things (grabbing, touching, pinching) and yet you know that he really isn’t ALL THAT BAD or he hasn’t done anything like that to YOU is the problem. Polanski probably didn’t do anything serious to Streep and he might have actually helped her somewhere and when that happens people’s point of view is skewed. As for Streep…..oh, what a shame. I loved her work. But when I saw her rabid speech where she showed herself as a bully and intolerant thug against the POTUS…well, I haven’t seen any of her movies since. I just cannot seperate out her political views from her work now. Two things you just don’t talk about: religion and politics.

      • HML

        Yup, she is on the list with Danny glover.

  • kaiju

    The big D on the ballot means your voting for the Double standard. Been that way for decades.

  • Disgusted by the Misleadia

    Trump should call a press conference and announce:

    “I have reiterated to my staff in my campaign and in the White House that they must fully cooperate with Mueller’s team. I have nothing to hide, and I am confident that nothing will be found, no matter where the investigation goes.”

    “However, the double standard ends today. Therefore, I have directed the Attorney General to appoint special investigators to:”

    “Investigate any unlawful attempt to influence the decision to sell 20% of US uranium production to Russia, and any subsequent violation of the terms of the sale agreement, and prosecute any violation of the law.”

    “Investigate the unlawful disclosure of classified information by use of a non-government email server by a former Secretary of State, and whether any party to the previous investigation gave or received preferential treatment for political reasons”.

    “Further, I have directed the deputy AG to explicitly expand the investigation into attempts by Russia to influence the 2016 election to include both candidates, and both campaigns. I have also directed him to investigate whether Russian disinformation was used as a pretext to engage in unlawful use of national security assets to spy on the campaigns of any candidate.”

    At this point, Trump has nothing to lose by doing this. If anything, he will be fulfilling campaign promises to “drain the swamp”.

    • Jared Greene

      I support this, and your name, i love it

    • Aldo

      LOVE IT !!! MAGA~MASA~MAAA – Drain the SWAMP !!!!

    • Marilyn

      Love it

    • Living in the Times

      Catchy name you have there!

    • Chkitout1

      Great idea, unfortunately the current Republican leadership won’t go for it. They are too fearful of the Democrats, not sure why?

      • TwoInchPattern

        Republican leadership fearful of Democrats? Potato, Potahto….

      • Sonny Shaw

        Because they are all corrupt rats!

    • gregg56

      Gonna steal the name you use for the MSM.

    • IceColdLogic

      And it should fully staffed by hard right wingers… to balance Mueller’s team being staffed by hard left wingers.

    • TwoInchPattern

      Correct that to “…disinformation from ANY country…), since the dossier came from the UK.

      • Pat R

        Not from the UK. As I read it, the ex-MI5 agent basically repeated false data from Russian sources for the dossier report. UK, to my knowledge, was not involved.

        • larryjcr

          Correct. Steele had been a specialist on Soviet/Russian intelligence when he worked for British intelligence. He was not working for the Brits when hired by Clinton inc. to gather (dis)information about Trump. He still had his old contacts in Russia who were (supposed to be) the sources of the ‘information’ Fusion GPS sold to the Dems, who gave it to the FBI by way of McCain.

    • Sonny Shaw

      All good but, All the evidence has been destroyed after Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton and Loretta Lynch followed suit a couple of weeks later. This was a coupe and our government is occupied by leftist insurgents out to destroy anyone who dares to have a different opinion then the elitist line. I wonder what Thomas Jefferson would do about all this? You can bet it would have to do with guns and ropes…

      • iwontell

        Ive been suggesting Trees and Ropes for a LONG TIME……even offering to pay for the Rope.
        It’s way past time to go back 100 years when that was the STANDARD for curing CRIMINAL actions.

    • USAagainstGlobalists

      We could really use an AG right about now.

    • EJ

      I love cut to the chase posts like yours…

    • Scott Snerd

      too bloody right, m8!!!

    • Mr. Maga

      President Trump is going to have to get an AG with a ‘pair’ before he can make any of this happen.

  • nfcapitalist

    The Litmus Test for the FBI and DOJ… what happened to you people… who are you?

    Charles McCullough was the Inspector General for all of our intelligence agencies and was threatened by James Clapper and Diane Feinstein for bringing the Uranium One Clinton investigation to the attention of congress.

    Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Lynch, were so sure Clinton would win and were protecting their jobs by covering up crimes… and are now covering up the cover-up!