• louigi

    OANN is now on Directv on channel 347. Adios MSM!!! Now if they can get O’Reilly, Hannity and Tucker things would be about perfect and Fox, with the direction they are taking, can join the rest of the MSM scum.

  • Mary D

    O’Reilly for OAN💪😎🕊🍀🇺🇸❤️

  • Christianlord12

    O’Reilly is Mr. PLAY IT SAFE with the news, but he is a hell of a lot better than MSM!

  • Rick Martinez

    Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly are very similar and find themselves in similar circumstances. Both are highly talented, extremely intelligent, interpersonally gifted, very savvy at guest interviews, engage in thoughtful discussions, truly understand audience involvement, and have a deep knowledge of the media world. At the same time, neither of them have control of their egos or give credit and attribute any part of their success to the genius, culture and overall programming quality of Fox: They believe it was O’Reilly and Kelly that made them stars. Yet, look at them floundering now without Fox. There’s something great about humility. Humility does not mean we think less of ourselves: It means we think of ourselves less. Humility is not passive, a state of NOT acting with arrogance, nor is it putting oneself down, but rather actively getting out of the way and building others up. Humility means putting the mission and others first, consciously stepping aside, consciously stretching others’ abilities, and consciously praising individuals and teams-of-others alike. That’s what Fox does, and what Fox did to O’Reilly and Kelly…but they haven’t realized that yet.

  • TexanForever

    Not a full O’Reilly fan but I hope OANN or some new network will serve as a Conservative haven for all the good ones to go to. Let FOX become the new CNN. Wouldn’t it be great to have Carlson, Jeanine, Dobbs, Kennedy, and Hannity, all at the same location?

    And to hell with “fair and balanced.” … How about just the facts, regardless of where they go?

  • doree10

    Good to see you O’Reilly…

  • Marie DeMauro

    put bill on the air .

  • abbypatch

    Guess you don’t know much, do you? Most of the women on Fox have college degrees in journalism and political science. Some have a background in law, prosecutorial or defense. If you would pay attention or read bios, you would know that but, of course, you listen to the idiots out there who think just because someone is pretty, they don’t have any brains.

    • Dan

      I am very sure a college degree does not qualify anyone for work on network tv. I don’r think you have much in the brain department are you pretty?–are your legs nice and long?

  • A.reader

    OAN – bring Bill (and lure Watters) back on air nightly! And give him his own format. He still has some years left in his tanks I’m sure.

  • love bill

  • River

    He is so correct about the demented, diseased minds of today and the influence they are having on our youth in schools and online. The Trolls are proof as well as the liberal media bobbleheads.

  • George

    It would be nice to see Bill as a regular on OANN ! Love to hear his opinion on current political events !

  • come and take it

    huh, he’s gonna try to do his own thing…


    i hope it fails misearbly, costs him most if not all of his fortune, and i wish him the worst of luck.

  • Deplorable Patty Cake

    OReilly was too concerned with being ‘fair and balanced’ that he forgot to stand up for what is right.

  • OANN is BETTER THAN BILL O’REILLY. I am all set with Graham Ledger I would rather hear Graham all day over Bill.

  • covfefefay9169

    O’Reilly would be a major draw to OAN…I hope they get him on board.

  • marcthepig

    Bill O’Reilly isn’t fit to shine Graham Ledger’s shoes.

  • Sarah Johnson-Bain


  • Sarah Johnson-Bain


  • Sarah Johnson-Bain


  • DD Smith

    Oh yeah, bring on Bill!

  • Art Rodriguez

    O’Reilly is correct about the numbing of society. Thanks to the video games and Hollywood there is no limit of hate, violence, and limits of morality. Great interview OAN.

  • Really don’t care what O’Reilly has to say. Didn’t care before he was fired.

  • DJLugoff

    Great interview would love to hear O’Reilly’s side of the story!

    • come and take it

      i’d like to hear him own up to being a scumbag to the point it cost him his gig too.

  • wantsthetruthGrandma

    Understanding Trump is by Newt Gingrich…..Dangerous is by Milo

  • brucedbudnik

    Bret from Fox could learn a bit from Patrick.

  • TomSJr

    PLEASE, DO NOT HIRE O’REILLY. He is a MODERATE and not a Conservative. Most all CATHOLICS are if they follow the POPE and O’Reilly does. Sorry O’Reilly fans, but I watched him for years and watched him change into an apologist.

    • come and take it

      catholics who follow the pope instead of the doctirne aren’t catholcs, they are leftists.

      it’s time for a reformation within the catholic church.

  • brucedbudnik

    PATRICK on OANN is good!

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  • Depluribus

    RE: Mueller; He should be taking possesion of the DNC servers FIRST and FOREMOST, having them examined by the FBI to verify that the Russians even hacked them. The CrowdStrike report, paid for by the DNC is all they’re going on. That, and a bogus Trump dossier. Otherwise, this is a Clinton & Podesta sourced witch hunt. My guess is the DNC “evidence” has been destroyed just like Hillary’s 33000 emails

    • abbypatch

      They should also be investigation Lynch. Even Diane Feinstein stated they should be looking into her.

      The congressional investigating committees should really be giving more power to force testimony from those they are investigating and the subpoena requirements. If they issue a subpoena and the recipient doesn’t comply, they should be able to force compliance. This deal of ignoring subpenaes and ignoring “requests” needs to end. They thumb their noses at the committees. This goes to Holder, Lynch, Lerner, etc., and if they lie, they need to have the same kind of penalties that private citizens get for perjury.

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  • frances

    Wow! A dream come true O’Reilly joining OANN! They would be good for each other. O’Reilly has a large following that would increase OANN’s viewership greatly. I know many that would watch and O’Reilly would get his platform and voice back. We the viewership would be the winners.

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  • Barbara

    I don’t think he necessarily signed a NC clause. After 20 plus years he probably has lots of dirt on FNC.

  • John Howard

    Look at the size of that pool!

  • Stephen M FitzGerald

    I am new to OAN and I have to access it via the internet but I hope you can get Bill on your network. He is a great journalist and tells it like it is, you did a great job interviewing him.

  • TexanForever

    O’Reilly is noticeably better OFF fox than he was on. Now he’s unleashed and can say whatever he wants in expressing his true unfettered feelings.

    The Murdoch boys might wish they had kept him at FOX where they could soften his comments.

    • frances

      I will help you out use my account number 21809290 as a referral and get $10 off your bill for 10 months. I have had both Dish and DirecTV and love Directv’s customer service and offers for new customers much better than what Dish offers! I was so excited last month when it came out they were adding OANN and their sister network. Now when OANN gets Bill O all will be well again with cable news. I was so disappointed with all the changes at Fox none of which was for the best and was in search for something close to what Fox was years ago and this seems close! Anyway good luck with the change. If many follow suit it will send a message to DirecTV they did the right thing adding OANN especially if you express to them that is the reason for your change. Great support for OANN.

  • StatEco

    Mueller & Comey promance is worrisome.

  • louigi

    Don’t you find it odd that after Bill left Fox they dropped the “fair and balanced” BS? I guess they can now start making up fake news like the rest of the MSM!

  • Earl

    Awesome presentation from my new #1 news source – OAN!

    • frances

      me too

  • Keith Pokrzywa

    Millions of subscribers at 6o dollars each. Why work for anyone else

  • Joni Novak

    There is no other news person that understands the use of the English language as Bill O’Reilly. He doesn’t use double is’s; correctly pronounces species; knows the difference between “toward” and “towards”; knows “in regard to” is correct and not “in regards to”;

    doesn’t say “anyways,” and the list goes on. He is a joy to listen to.

    • come and take it

      dennis prager would take o’reilly to school on that subject.

  • JR

    They should start him as a daily commentator and then see how it goes with the sponsors. OANN would be foolish not to try to get him into the network.

  • islesmetsgiantsfan

    Not sure about non-compete. Fox settled harassment suits with the intent of keeping him. Only revealed by NYT. Pressure mounted to fire him. Fox caved. He easily could have sued for age discrimination. I would bet that was put on table to get Fox to pay him off to leave without “garden leave”. If he has one I bet it is very short term. I believe his payoff was 1 year salary. I would think his non-compete would be 3-6 months at most.

  • Houtex77

    It was good to see him yesterday. I miss him.

  • jane

    We are setting streaming up soon. Can’t wait to watch OANN on a regular basis. Interviews without interruptions or shouting. What a pleasure to watch.

    • come and take it

      there were no interruptions because o’reilly wasn’t the one doing the interviewing.

      • Ironmike4610

        You’re a bottom feeder without a doubt!

        • come and take it

          your opinion almost matters.

  • Laura Horton Bezdan

    The lack of classical education is the root of the delusional hysteria we are seeing.

    • Vicki Temple

      Yes Laura, our education system is definitely broken and hence the socialistic philosophy being taught for years in our schools. I went to a branch campus of Ohio University. I met with interesting opposition in my Women’s Studies. But did get an A in the course.

      • TomSJr

        SO, did you GO ALONG TO GET ALONG like RINOS do and O’Reilly did?

        • Ironmike4610

          Go to a libtard website, bottom feeder!

  • Phantom Patriot

    O’Reilly needs to be back on air ! OANN HOMERUN if you can get him !!

  • Deanna

    Video says error and doesn’t play

  • RedemptionRidge

    No place for this RINO at OAN. They are not an opinion-driven media outlet like Fox.

    • come and take it

      sorry friend, but o’reilly is no RINO. he’s the epitome of what the republican party has become.

      Amen on that second part.

      • RedemptionRidge

        that should have been written rINO – little “r” republican – as in constitutional republican

        • come and take it

          there ya go!

    • DeplorableMe

      While I don’t personally care for him, I’d b willing to give him a shot & see if he learned his lessons by laying with/pandering to the insane lefties.

  • sirelancelot

    Let’s start bets, O’Reilly on OAN not.. IF but WHEN he’ll be on OAN 🙂

  • mphsman


  • Mary Napier

    Which is better, Mr. O’Reilly doing the interviews or being interviewed himself? I really liked this interview.

  • AtomicFury

    I don’t know if O’Reilly would work at OAN even if he had no contractual stipulation preventing him from doing so. He seems deeply conservative – which is fine, but I think his ideology wouldn’t mesh well with OAN’s carefully maintained television presence as an impartial news source. I don’t think they’d be able to afford him and if they could, he might be able to influence the network toward the right. Nothing wrong with that, but I prefer a neutral news source.

    • Dan Taylor

      I think O’Reilly is conservative, but folks like him because he is fair. The left doesnt likeke the truth, it doesn’t fit their agenda and ideology. They have to lie, and have their lies accepted, to be able to win any election. That’s why they hate Bill, and why they worked so hard to get him off of the air. And now, Fox is no better then CNN, they were in 3rd place since moving toward the left!

  • Derek Dominico

    OAN is a no nonsense news media. BO will be perfect there.

    • FreedomFighter

      Agree, but next time use “Bill O”. BO reminds us too much of the gay muslim that tried to destroy our country.

    • Barbara

      He would also be a magnet for A list talent if he goes to OAN. I bet a lot of people at Fox are tweaking their resumes right about now.

      • frances

        Could not have put it better myself, I agree completely!!

    • TomSJr

      OAN is good right now BECAUSE they have no personal opinion hosts who have a personal agenda, like Shep and O’Reilly did and NOW, Fox News is going into a dumpster, turning into a leftie/moderate faux news network, loaded with garbage hosts, with the exception of Tucker, Gutfeld, AND Hannity.

      • Fed up with CT

        OAN does have opinion programs just like FOX. The 8PM host is all commentary. Their hard news is straightforward with no opinion which is nice.

      • abbypatch

        you can keep Tucker and Gutfeld, although GG does have some good talking points sometimes.

  • El_Tigre_Loco

    He writes books faster than I can read them!

    • come and take it

      he doesn’t write all of them. half of them he just puts his name on.

  • ohshush

    We desperately need his voice back on the Air.
    OAN is great Bill would make them better

    • j jones


      • FreedomFighter

        That’s what your sperm donor told your mother when she didn’t finish aborting your stupid ass.

        • jane

          They are trolling here already.

          • FreedomFighter

            Let em troll. I’ll troll his stupid ass right back to where it came from.

    • TomSJr

      NO.NO.NO. and again, NO.

    • TomSJr

      TRUE CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVES WOULD. O’Reilly is not one of those.

      • abbypatch

        Bill O’Reilly is fair to BOTH SIDES, not just one. That’s why i liked him and watched him just about every night. That’s the way it should be, but it’s not. He’s definitely a lot fairer than Tingles and Madcow and all the other nut cases over at CNN and MSNBC, and the DemonRat party who have incited people to the “overflow” of hatred we are seeing. It will get worse if they don’t soon tone it down.

        I definitely don’t care that much for Tucker and disappointed that they moved The Five because I don’t care for The Specialists, either. Eric Bolling talks TOO much and interrupts his guests TOO much. It’s all about him, no one else.

  • Localdude

    Without Bill O’Reilly the current populist rescue of the USA – would never have happened in my humble opinion. The globalist RINO GOP and the DNC Clinton monster would have gotten away with the whole charade. However Bill has been dead wrong on 2nd amendment issues. The Constitution is not a buffet, it is a package deal. I wish he would have adopted this attitude toward the legal definitions outlining the social contract over the years. If you don’t like a delineated right, then form a constitutional convention to change it. Every right is equal and defensible, if not – then we have the current state where EVERY right is in peril. We even get a head of the FBI saying he believes ‘nobody in the USA has the right to privacy’ in this age….ridiculous. I have noticed this has always been a flaw in Bills analysis and it reflects in some of his other work as well. Perhaps this time of reflection has matured him. We do need him back. Thank God for Bill O’Reilly.

  • come and take it

    i didn’t see that coming… a bill o’reilly infomercial plugging books and a podcast under the guise of an interview.

    i guess oan is desperate for viewers. it likely worked.

    • mphsman


      • come and take it

        yes, i am jealous of a trumpanzee ball-tickling pervert pariah who wrecked his career and is now doing what many has beens do when they lose their gig…podcasts.

        ya got me.

        • Ironmike4610


    • wantsthetruthGrandma

      Why did you watch it & comment?…Just to criticize…You LOST…get over it…

      • come and take it

        because i’m always interested what people in positions of influence are trying to peddle on the unthinking masses, and this is the comment section, duh.

        why did you?


    Go Bill

  • CW Cressler

    This reminds me of how badly we need him back on the air. His voice, attitude, and intellect just slice right through all the crap we’re hearing every day now.

    • j jones

      All he does is add more crap to the news, enjoy your retirement

      • Richard Stephen

        Does your first initial stand for jack-ass or jerk-off?

        • FreedomFighter

          It’s “jerkoff jones”. He is also a jackass but is mostly know as the OAN resident gay troll. Feed it it’s own crap and laugh at it when it whines.

      • frances

        Opinions are like noses everyone has one. That does not mean yours is right. OANN go get Bill O!

  • O’Reilly would be a tremendous asset to OANN. Get him On-Air.

    • come and take it

      there is likely a non-compete in place. that’s why he’s doing what all has been do when they lose their lucrative gigs….self-producing a podcast.

      • Mary Napier

        Is a non-compete clause valid without mutual termination?

        • come and take it

          likely. i imagine as much as they were paying him for as long as they were paying him he’s pretty locked up.

          that’s what “all the legal stuff” he was talking about is about.

          hopefully the murdoch lawyers are top-notch.

          this was likely a try-out to see what it did to viewership.

          • louigi

            Bankrate put his worth at 85 million. I don’t think he much cares about anything. How about you troll? Soros give you a raise yet. LMFAO.

          • StatEco

            All the proceeds 100% from his books sales went to the military charities. So get a clue.

          • come and take it


            that is great.

            sorry, i missed your point…

          • TomSJr

            It;s the ONLY good thing he did. O’REILLY IS A RINO.

          • Ironmike4610

            What have YOU ever done to benefit your human man?

          • willnkc

            It would be hard for Oreilly to be a RINO when he never professed to be a Republican in the first place.

        • internetsoncomputersnow

          In NYS as long as they are paying you, you cannot compete as per any contracts signed, etc. As soon as they stop paying you, there is nothing stopping you from competing directly. NYS legal precedent is pretty black and white on this. They give supreme worth to being able to make a living.

        • Orlando Rivera

          I don’t think you can be fired and then held by a non-compete contract. If he quit that’s another story.

        • MakeAmericaHonestAgain

          Fox bought out his contract, and so control his TV until that runs out…..maybe another 9-10 months. The pod casts were an uncontracted venue and his radio gig ended in 2009..so he is free to join Beck on The Blaze.

      • JR

        I don’t think non-compete work the way you think. These clauses do not work like some blanket that will apply to every situation. There are a lot of details. For example if you are fired because of sponsor pressure of not funding the show then non-compete clause would be null since you can’t compete with a show (his former show) that cannot exist. Fox proved that by caving to Sponsor pressure. That clause is so that some one do not take a show somewhere else based on higher pay.

        He is just working with a lawyer that can determine the ways he and his future network will fight the lawsuits. Once that is done he will be back on Air.

        • come and take it

          i don’t think anything about a non-compete.

          a non-compete can work however it is written and agreed to by both parties. period.

          if the murdochs were smart, they’ve got him pinned down for a while. if not, he’ll pop back up somewhere else soon.

          • Barbara

            I think Bill is smarter than all the pin head Murdochs put together. Remember this is the team that just took down the “Fair and Balanced” slogan. What is the next bright idea? Take away “The Power to Prosper” from Fox Business news? They give Martha Maccallum a show called “The Story.” WTF? That is the best name they could come up with?

        • Tango Uniform

          Non-compete are invalid in some states, and situations where the person can’t possibly find work in another field. They work to prevent employees from leaving and opening a shop down the street to take business away, but news and opinion aren’t able to move far enough away.

      • Fed up with CT

        There was NO non compete clause when he was fired. After they paid him a reported 25 Million to exit his contract early they realized they failed to have a non compete clause. They went back to O’reilly and offered him 20 Million to sign a non compete clause which he has NOT signed. The legal stuff I believe he has been referring to are the lawsuits from the women. He would want those settled and have those women silenced before starting a new show on a new network. I am sure any network would want some assurances the scandals are over. OAN would be wise to strike a deal and put this network front and center as a player. They are still trying to grow consumer awareness that they exist. I did not even know they were on my directv until recently. This would put them on the map overnight. Even if advertisers stayed away from his show it would only be temporary and he would make a great lead into an fully paid advertised program. Fox rating have plummeted since O’reilly left.

        • come and take it

          huh, i didn’t know that….i mean about the non-compete, not that he’s a dirtbag.

          thanks for the info.

          • willnkc

            I’m sure he doesn’t care when piece of excrement like you call him a dirtbag. Moron’s like you saying that to him is a complement.

        • turnipweed

          I have a $100 DirecTV package, and it does not include OAN, so they need to fix that.

          • Fed up with CT

            Double check. Channel 347 is OAN.

          • bonnie r.

            channel 347

          • cjc72

            Agree. The irony is the lower cost package does include OAN!

          • turnipweed

            True! I fixed that today, got OAN and saved $13 per month too by “downgrading” my package. 🙂

          • Leslie Usrey

            We have the 70.00 pa ckage
            And we get it

          • turnipweed

            Hi Leslie. Almost got that one, but ended up up getting the “Extra” package. Thanks!

          • abbypatch

            i have to have Comcast/Xfinity and I hate them but they’re the monopoly in this area so I’m stuck with them. I pay $199 for the bundle (phone, internet, TV) a month and I have the Starter package above the basic one where you only get 23 or so channels). Of course, they wouldn’t DARE add OAN because it’s conservative. Of the 140 channels we get, we only watch 25 and it sure is boring in the times before new seasons.

            We can’t use DirecTV or Dish here because of all the trees. Even if we could have them, I don’t know if I would want them. My son tried them and their “monthly” cost went up every month instead of the “2 years’ at that price” but when he called, they refused to do anything except tell him he could cancel and pay the whole 2 years’ amount. Now he has both Comcast and DirecTV for 2 years. That company sounds like bait and switch to me.

          • JB MCGRUNT

            Wow we have a $75 package and it is on 347, i would call Direct TV,

          • turnipweed

            I called them. My package is “grandfathered”, so no new stations can be added.

            I actually downgraded to the “extra” package, saved ~13 bucks, AND now have OAN.

      • willnkc

        They did not have a non-compete clause when he was terminated, but they offered him one for $20 million after he left. It’s unknown if he took it.

    • Leonidas

      it will happen’

    • TheRonin

      Just keep him away from the attractive women, right?

      it’s amazing how guys like you will support guys like O’Reilly, but the truth of the matter is, if he was working around your daughters, you’d be ready to kill the guy, if she ever claimed he sexually-harassed her.

      But as long as it isn’t your daughter or wife being the target, you’re fine with these immoral horndogs being the voice of your American views.

      How disgraceful. You guys talk about the LIBERALS being amoral. People who elect for adulterers and ass-grabbers to speak about a stronger America are people who need to stay in church longer.

      • And what about those who pass judgement without action of law or court conviction?