WATCH: Judge Orders Probe Into Clinton Lawyers Accused of Deleting Emails

September 12, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Three lawyers face an investigation in the Clinton email probe.

One America’s Connor Howe has the latest on the case.

  • the One after 909

    intense public interest….-_-

  • TYvets

    Way overdue.

  • Highly complicit in a high profile case such as this. They need to not only lose their license to practice but serve time for obstruction of justice.

  • Robert Adams

    Let’s have a Mueller-like special prosecutor to investigate Crooked Hillary.

  • hobartneck

    My condolences to the families of the three lawyers……. I’m sure their tragic deaths will be quick and painless.

  • Jonney Quest

    This is just to clean up the aftermath of bad judgment by the FBI. Nothing will happen, they will be acquitted and continue to get huge pensions from the US Government, much like IRS corruption. The judge is just tying up legal loose ends that could cause problems for these lying low lifes in their future. Watch!

  • Andrew Moore (derka derka)

    uhhhh ohhhhh…..looks like the clintoon house of cards is about to fall down around them.

    • grandmother5

      About time. Over 4o years of her “doings”.

  • Sonny Shaw

    Someone has to go to jail! Better it Hillary than three idiot lawyers who will teach all the prisoners to write briefs and tie up the justice system. Plus Hillary looks good in a jump suits with do-do stains in the rear….

  • FreedomStorm

    – – – – – –
    Ask Obama and Hillary why the entire US Marine security force
    was ORDERED OUT of Benghazi three days before the attack,
    proving that they not only had prior knowledge of the attack
    but were also COMPLICIT IN IT !

  • Too_Late_4_America

    Nobody in government will ever be held responsible …. even those who murder. Why? Because our politicians have made it that way to protect themselves.

    • Too_Late_4_America

      My biggest fear is the ONLY way to take the country back for “we the people” will be by armed rebellion. And if that ever happens, the government will kill as many citizens as necessary in order to keep control. It will make what’s happening in Syria pale in comparison.

  • Too_Late_4_America

    The real shame and the real tragedy? Her name is Hillary Cllinton – the most personally-hated woman in D.C., and that even includes the two other women – Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.

  • Lou Ferrao

    This whole situation smells bad. Clinton and her team are all corrupt and because of her last name being Clinton nothing will come about. Jeff Sessions is a big disappointment. He acts like a politician and not as the Attorney General. America is in a sad and crumbling state. We can no longer trust our Justice system, political parties or any other part of our government with the exception maybe the Defense Department. Either we as people rise up and say ENOUGH! we will go down the road of Rome. Disintegrate from within.

  • Okie

    killery robem clinton is a embarresment to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !

  • Kay Crawford

    Clinton bleached, deleted e mails and she claims innocence,,who does that?

  • Old Enough To Know

    I think all sides, Rep., Dem. and Ind. all know that nothing will become of this.

  • a voice of concern

    If this was about a criminal or civil investigation and documents or emails were hidden or deleted it would mean disbarment and jail time.

  • Donnie Newell

    investigate everyone but Hillary. unreal .

  • mkdavis

    In here new book “What Happen” Clinton blames everybody but herself for losing the election. Now she can blame her lawyers for the email lose … Hillary is a liar and corrupt to the bone and Bill is standing right beside her… sort of like Bonnie and Clyde and we all how that ended.

  • ken

    some more waste of money slick willy will buy some body off to make this go away just like he did commie

  • dskap201

    Sessions is such a dud when it comes to prosecuting real criminals…..a dud with no bang!
    He is such a disappointment and We The People are screwed again with no justice for all!

  • lilyvonshtupp00

    Professional sanctions ? Politics is a great gig.

  • Deplorable Dirty Harry

    Clinton Crime Family!

  • Scott Snerd

    String ‘er up, hang ‘er high.

  • Matt

    They should lose their law licenses
    or maybe turn them
    to testify against Hillary and her mafia

  • Mike in Illinois

    Mills is the money shot here, sheis the one who ran the scam and she has to be nailed to the wall to take the whole fall or to roll on Hillary.

    The BAR should strip her, because we already KNOW that Mills is the one who DID destroy what was not HER decision to destroy and she KNEW it wasn’t her call. As a BAR member, she thought herself untouchable.

    The BAR is going to have to EAT the whole embarrassment itself, further putting them in the same category as modern day “mainstream media journalists” where credibility is zero.

    Enough of the above the law garbage. Time to nail the bad actors and right here is as good a place as any to start pounding.

  • Real

    Guilty as Hill, but seems they’ll all get away with corruption. SAD very sad.

    • Bud

      In all fairness, very little that any attorney general does is done out in the open. His office is not out on the National Mall for anyone and everyone to see what he is doing every minute of the day.

  • Diane Coto

    The book’s title explains it all — “What Happened” — Per the article: “the bureau said Mrs. Clinton was too inept to understand the risks she was running.” Bottom line is that’s what happened. She’s just too inept; too incompetent; and too crooked.

  • People that have nothing to hide…hide nothing. Anything pertaining to ONE PENNY or “OUR” money makes us ENTITLED to know…EVERYTHING. Never again will we have blind faith or trust in any ‘human’ ever again. In God We’ll Trust and all other will pay CASH or PROOF for VERIFICATION. Our President is a Hero for stepping UP when he didn’t need money or power. He knew their plan and HE has a CONSCIENCE while all these Book Sellers out to make more easy money were sleeping on the job….or other things we didn’t know about.

  • kaiju

    The question isn’t if they broke the law. There’s no question about that. The question is will the law hold them to account for it. This is what all America has been waiting to see. Is there or is there not a double standard?
    Don’t lose faith America. The midterm elections are coming and we all know who is blocking Trump’s agenda.

    • Mike in Illinois

      Trump told Hillary, “If I were President, You would be in JAIL!” – and that was the LOCK. The wall factor and deportation factor got him eve, but saying that right there sealed the deal more than the regular cheating could account for.

      Trump may have meant that tongue in cheek, but the people chanting Lock Her UP did not. That was not a request… was an order.

      Trump has to DO IT, I mean enforce the law upon ALL who choose to break it.
      For if he does not do so, his brand will be nothing more than the cover up for the Clintons.

      So Sessions or no Sessions, The question really is – did Donald Trump do all of this to burn his brand forever with the flesh wound of being no more than a band aid for covering up the Clinton’s crimes? Is THAT what Donald wants to leave for Baron? For Junior? For his Girls?

  • No matter what happens nothing is going to happen. All this is, is media hype. Everyone knows this isn’t going any where. All this is,is a waste of time. There is something going on in the back ground why nothing is happening. Everyone knows that Hillary, Lynch, Comey, Obama and others who were in the Obama administration are gulity. Don’t hold your breath.

  • FreedomStorm


    • Roy Beane

      And the bodies continue to pile up of those who were thought to have real dirt on the Clintonista Empire.

      • Mike in Illinois

        Bolling for Emails?

        (Too Soon?)

    • Mike in Illinois

      With that (D) badge she openly wears, she is full well documented plenty.

    • Bud

      Nah, it’s pretty well documented. Nice play on words there, though!

  • Localdude

    The deleting of the emails came on the heals of a court order to ‘preserve all documents’. That is the issue here. I wish these journalism school ‘reporters’ would do a little homework before proceeding with stories. I do not think most of them really understand how to report in a factual, succinct way any longer. Must be the ‘indoctrination process’ preferred at most universities presently over the long standing ‘scientific method’ of fact gathering and data analysis.

    • Mike in Illinois

      Well, doing it after the order to preserve is a removal of the excuse that they thought it was OK to delete them. The “oopsie” excuse was officially judicially removed – and they bleached the crime scene anyways. That means itis DOUBLE trouble. First offense was the FOIA violations. Her having her own SERVER, being in possession OF it is numero uno.


      Communicating via “Saved Draft” to avoid things being “sent or received” AND avoid NSA actually having the whole shabang. With her having control of the server itself, never keeping a draft that has been “updated” ten times. Direct self evidence of intentionally subverting FOIA itself !

      Check the logs – who signed into hillary’s account when and from where?

      Say there is a log in coming from San Diego at 2:15 central time, a sign out at 2:30 but then another log in at 3:00, but this time from Ney York City. Hmmm. And a saved draft then deleted. Whodathunkit? Hillary communicating and Huma juuuuuuust like Al qaeda…..

      • Localdude

        yep. Thanks for the expansion and short analysis. we see it. its EZ to follow, we know if we did it, we would be attending a ‘how to survive federal prison briefing’. so, what’s all the feet dragging by federal authorities who basically were slapped in the face and shut down? Me thinks its about as deep and creep as it gets.

        • Mike in Illinois

          I believe Hillary running for President was part of the delaying of justice.

          Hr winning of course sealed the deal but she lost. That is a big wrench in the gears.

          While running she is somewhat protected – and that is why I think there have been musings about her running again in 2020. Id she Runs again, she is still then “exempt”.

          No, this is not what the Constitution meant… meant that one cannot be arrested in transit to make them miss votes – and that it could not be made illegal to talk of amending the constitution – even on the floor of the chambers of congress, for that would disallow the amendment process itself.

          Th Constitution certainly does not put anyone EXEMPT form the laws placed upon the rest of us! Yes, robed wannabe Kings have SAID that is what it means….but even THAT doesn’t mean that is what the Constitution means.

          In Fact- Title of Nobility is specifically prohibited!

          The creep is deep, we weep, the cause is derelict sheep and eyes full of sleep.

          • Karen

            You’re a little bit touched, but in a good way.

  • Julia

    What’s the worst the Bar can do? Can they face jail from this investigation? I think not so I hope it leads to another level that leads to a real investigation and inevitable prosecution of Hillary Rotten Clinton

    • Mike in Illinois

      Bar membership functions like a title of nobility.

    • PaulSevere

      The worst thing that has happened to Bill Clinton for his crimes is that he was disbarred. That is what might happen to the three attorneys. Then I believe that would void their lawyer/client privilege claim, and the Justice Dept could charge them.

      • Julia

        NOW YOUR TALKIN’ That would make it worthwhile.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Good! about time someone got to the bottom of Clinton’s corruptions! We the people demand our Laws to work for all, not just the poor! and middle class! It seems the elite have gotten away with crimes for a long time now! Elite rich need to face justice just like everyone else! Or we become a Nation of Lawless. Period!

    • ken

      nothing is ever going to come of any thing about this trash slick willy will see to it and the rest of the dumbocrats

      • Sylvia Avila

        You might be right! But I’m praying!

  • Andrew Moore2

    ohhhhh….professional sanctions…..that is the punishment for being a traitor to America and her people now……No wonder America is in the shape it is in….

    • Karen

      Order “payment” for her crimes. While she’s in prison, empty all the Clinton bank accounts , including secret ones and her money laundering foundation.

  • Bill Smith

    It is turning into a Revolution of sorts. Prove their guilt and lock them up. Perjury for Hellery, Prison for Holder, Schultz, Comey and Lynch for sure. Scumbags one and all. Clean out the Obummer leftovers in the FBI, Dept of Justice and White House. We voted for Change, not more Swamp Gas!

    • Aldo

      MAGA = Justice (eventually/hopefully in my lifetime)

      • ken

        not ever going to happen as long as the crooks can get rich by going to washington

        • Aldo

          Let’s hope Ken

    • Don’t forget their ‘Shadow Government’ like our President would call ANY of them if he needed any advice or help! Narcissism is a mental illness that comes from having ‘too much’ as no human can handle too much of anything well and there’s plenty of proof of what too much POWER in the wrong hands can cause. TOGETHER for the ones that WANT to HELP we can and will make America great again and we won’t forget you NOT supporting our President meaning you should…just leave and go where you can be happy.

  • Jenn

    I’d hurry up and put them all on suicide watch!

    • R A.

      Yep! They may well be Arkancided!!
      Hi Jaeger!

  • Jenn

    I hope, before she dies, Hillary faces time in prison.

    • Aldo

      NO PAROLE !!!

    • R A.

      If Martha Stewart can do it – Hillary can sure do it!

    • Mike in Illinois

      I suspect she will take the Ken Lay way out.
      When it finally gets boiled down to Hillary really being busted and she is really facing the music, she will ‘unexpectedly pass away” and thus save her legacy.
      Dead people don’t face charges…..

      • Jenn

        I’m good with that, too.

    • Karen

      I hope after she dies…,
      Hillary faces _________ (fill in the blank).

      Her statements about God are blasphemous.

  • Roy Beane

    So now Hillary can blame her lawyers for deleting the accursed emails? Another effort to insulate herself from any investigations or charges, no doubt.

    • Aldo

      Right – sick but that’s the killlary krime krew MO or ya

    • ken

      your right and the lawyers cant say she did cause there afraid the Clintons will have then rubbed out

  • Matt

    Judge Orders Probe Into Clinton Lawyers Accused of Deleting Emails?

    Probe has ended
    with the death of the judge
    who was shot to death in an apparent mugging
    with nothing stolen

    • Mike in Illinois

      Never Forget Seth. Ever.

      • Karen

        Make a list.
        Start with Vince Foster.

  • Rosicrucian32

    What a shock! I was led to believe that no one was interested in this investigation any longer….
    I guess I was right in that it was only there were no progressives interested in this investigation because they might be incriminated too.
    When is Debbie the washed-up Wasserman-Snotz going down for her escapades?

  • Gray Bryson

    why 3 attorneys that will face no jail time? Why not Queen of Corruption Hillary? Why not her Aide? Why not Lynch, comey, obama, rice, holder, etc etc???????????????????????????????????????

    • Localdude

      ..the ‘deep state’ will not allow their operatives to be harmed in any way. Its going to be a very long fight with these people.

      • KMA

        And taxpayer dollars!

        • Ben Deroveur

          NOT a reason to back off!

      • Jay

        We will survive the long fight. We must not give up. We should use every opportunity to drain the swamp. Every small effort counts. The left uses every small step or effort to forward their agenda, so should we.

    • Roy Beane

      The Swamp protects it’s own, and they will make sure that investigating and / or bringing any charges against Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Rice, or any of the other co-conspirators will be made to be extremely difficult for any courageous enough to go after them. Maybe I am mistaken about this, but Sessions just doesn’t seem to be the pit bull type to me……

      • ken

        your so right the crooks look out for each other course it helps when you got slick willy out side the back door with a suit case full of money

    • Karl Grantz

      Because the little guys always get screwed.

      • KMA

        Bingo ,Doesn’t matter if you’re legally right you need money to fight money! Sad, but true!

      • Ben Deroveur

        In the case of the Clintons it’s always been “Arkancided”.

      • RP

        Oh, Cheryl Mills is not the little guy. As counsel to the Clintons since the 90’s; first Bill and then Hillary when Sec State, she has been recognized for:

        the ‘disappearing’ 1.8 Million emails pertaining to various scandals and investigations of the Bill Clinton Whitehouse,

        the release of Kathleen WIlley’s private info and emails in order to discredit her charge of sexual assault against Bill,

        the referral for charges for obstruction and perjury from the DoJ for her role in trying to hide records of the illegal tax-payer funded Whitehouse Database of Clinton donors,

        the order to top Benghazi officials (RSO, Chief of Mission, top diplomat in Libya) that they NOT to allow themselves to be interviewed by the Congressional Inquiry,

        for leaving the Clinton Foundation to go work for HRC at State and getting caught in her dual roles as counsel to HRC when Sec State AND as counsel for the Clinton Foundations.

        Her crookedness extends to the current. I could go on, probably easier to Bing it for yourself.

        • Karen

          Scapegoat /?

    • Ragnar Danneskjöld

      Patience…’s part of the plan. Donald will not forget on behalf of the people.

    • PaulSevere

      Notice that the judge has called up the Maryland State Bar to the cause of investigating the attorneys. I expect on grounds of ethics. The federal criminal investigations are in the hands of the FBI.

    • HarryObrian

      I believe it was last February or March that it was reported that one of the swamp creatures, a woman, came out and said that President Trump was a fast learner and that he was learning and understanding how DC ‘really’ works, so I’d say from that point on all things became business as usual and any draining of the swamp will just be simple evaporation but will pointed out and cheered tweeted like it was the second coming of Christ…. cuz that’s what they do.

    • Dagoth Bob

      For the same reason Mueller is chasing Paul Manafort. Once you get the first one, they turn on everyone else. I’m curious how loyal Cheryl is when she doesn’t have immunity. And the destruction of evidence claim gets around Lawyer-Client privilege nicely.

  • Robert Sigler