WATCH: ISIS Used Ebay, Paypal to Funnel Cash to U.S. Operatives

August 11, 2017
OAN Newsroom

A shocking report unveils how the Islamic State illegally sent money to alleged ISIS operatives in the U.S.

One America’s Connor Howe has more on the criminal transactions.

  • leveraction

    Never buy anything off the web. Buy local and know who you are buying from. Avoid all the convenience stores owned by Foreigners. They send money out of the country back to Pakistan, India and other countries known to support terrorism. The convenience stores also support Western Union for the illegals to send millions of US Dollars back to Latin American countries that is used by the cartels and drug runners. It also finances the human smugglers that bring MS 13 and other illegals into America.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    Enemies make strange bedfellows…

  • Bill Jr

    ISIS Used Ebay, Paypal To Funnel Cash To Allies In The U.S., The Clinton Foundation and The DNC!

  • FreedomStorm

    In just 4 states, WI, PA, MI, and WV … the number of licensed hunters comprise the largest standing army … in the world. Then ad those other 46 states.
    ISIS, we will leave the lights on for you.

  • High Desert

    It’s long past the time we should institute banking type controls on Paypal. With much of Silicon Valley actively working to undermine our republic and censor content, I hope this administration cracks down on Ebay, Google, Amazon, Paypal, Alphabet, Apple, Fakebook, Twitter, Intel, IBM, Square, etc.
    Bring in the trust busters, break them up, investigate the overhead for charges of sedition.

  • Gary Pillischafske

    Just another reason I do not us PayPal or Ebay anymore.

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  • A few years ago I got scammed on Ebay from a guy with the username Osamabinladen. He had a Pakistan address, but wanted his purchase sent to an address in Canada.
    I contacted Ebay, PayPal and the FBI.

    • Carolann313

      Thanks for the heads up … I was going to use Ebay, now forget it.

  • Patriot Rise

    Maybe PayPal should focus more on not supporting terrorists and less on playing identity politics like with their boycott of North Carolina. We don’t forget, PayPal.

  • Matt

    better check Amazon’s marketplace too
    Bezos supports ISIS so

  • Beachdude

    What US Operative would betray their country? Just the sort of government democrats want. Don’t speak just let the government tell you what to think.

    • Barry Soetoro-Chin

      um, democRATs?

  • Jules

    They can transfer money til the cows come home. A bullet to the head of anyone who aligns with ISIS and it’s a non-issue. No prison time. Take their assets, liquidate for counterterrorism efforts, rinse and repeat.

  • global citizen

    I have contacted Ebay several times long ago about nowadays mafia style money laundry. It sounds like that there is a lot more going on. For example, items which usually cost about $ 10 to $ 50 are being sold for 10 to 50 times the price. In reality, these items don’t even exist, but money is being transferred between two parties. Sure it’s just small amounts. Not suspicious, right? Yes, there is dumb people paying “premium” prices for crap, but I insist, there is more behind these transactions. Seems like Ebay and Paypal are being used or are playing along nicely.
    Ebay’s answer was, “it is a free market and the seller can ask any price he or she wants”.

  • Facebook, Google, Ebay…and more companies–all rogue.

    • Bill Bates

      Several like Quibids and similar auction sites out there collecting up money in bits and pieces – now I’m wondering. Home Shopping Network, others like that – wherever there are internet money transfers between two parties.

      Time for a little investigation.

  • Localdude

    PayPal is utterly full of it. They claim to be anti gun and ‘wont facilitate gun sales’…but they will – if you lie – and say its this or that, they know exactly what they are doing and have been doing. They are not stupid, they are however – very greedy. They probably know exactly this ISIS activity and can bring up the spread on it in about 3 seconds. By region, by area, etc.etc.They are like insurance companies who target cash flows…they don’t do anything unless they can track it…exactly.

    • R A.

      I closed my paypal account YEARS ago, yes, indeed