WATCH: Gov. Brown, Senate Leader Reach Deal On Calif. Sanctuary State Bill

September 13, 2017
OAN Newsroom

California’s state senate leader and Governor Jerry Brown reach a deal to change parts of the “sanctuary state” bill.

On Monday, the two agreed to partial cooperation of state officials and ICE agents.

The deal expands the list of deportable offenses to include sex crimes and battery charges.

The bill has been passed in the state senate and could be voted on later this week.

The deal comes as Governor Brown continues to defiantly oppose President Trump’s strict immigration policy.

Meanwhile, the father of a man killed by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco has launched an ad urging Governor Brown to not sign the bill.

One America’s Sani Unutoa has more.

  • Johnnytruth455

    California has been destroyed from sub humans like the POS Brown at the very least he should be in prison for what he has done to the state.

  • Johnnytruth455

    Why is Brown even in office. He refuses to follow the law he should be tossed out and then jailed.

  • Hugo Agogo

    Support President Trump! The leftists want to wear us down and wait us out. We have to remain strong and dedicated to the idea of draining the swamp and killing of the parasites in the government who have been fleecing the american taxpayers for decades. The rinos don’t want change anymore than the progressives. They all get rich off the status quo.

  • pineview8850

    This is a baby step. When Jerry Brown stops receiving the fed monies that he’s spending to support the illegals I guarantee he’ll turn tail and run for compliance just like the states did when the feds stopped sending checks unless they adopted the 55 mph speed limit. Money talks and bullshit’rs like Jerry Brown need to walk.

  • If Jerry Brown wants to make California a sanctuary state then he should put the word out that all the other states and send there illegal immigrants to California. He should say you are welcome and protect from the government. If this were to happen then you will see the millionaires and billionaires leave California. Jerry Brown wants all the millionaires and billionaire to pay for them. They will get free medical care, welfare, phones, driver licenses every thing a United States citizen gets and of course the tax payer pay for it. California may have the sixth larges economy but how can a state with an economy that large be broke. I can tell you Jerry Brown is the problem he believes in socialism and believe it works. If he wants then he can have. When all the money runs out there will be no one to help him. The liberal voters just don’t get it. The millionaires and billionaires don’t care because they have all the money they will ever need. But California doesn’t but Jerry Brown thinks they do. When California drops off into the pacific ocean Jerry Brown is going to wonder what went wrong. What went wrong is Jerry Brown.

  • Butthep

    We taxpayers don’t want to give CA state any dime.

  • Rosicrucian32

    If an entire state as upside down as Kalifornica can come together under the leadership (?) of Jerry Brown and his drunken sailor on leave in a brothel spending policy and become a sanctuary state, they deserve what they get. They have a LOT of people (not citizens) relying on the Federal dole to live day to day. Pull that plug if they refuse to enforce federal immigration law. Simple as that.
    I know I know I’m preaching to the choir………..

  • danahan01 .

    I say let southern californication secede to Mexico!! Problem solved!!

  • TP

    This State is a prime example of how badly central gov. ignores “Of the People and for the People”!

  • Eric Adams

    Jerry Brown is a Brown eye stain on the Freedom and Rights of Law abiding citizens of California. This nut job needs to be voted out of office pronto !!

  • ShemSilber2

    How wonderful of Governor Brown to make concessions and to relax his uncivil disobedience of President Trumps efforts to make America safe for Americans. Proverbs 26:3 applies: “A whip for the horse, a bridle for the [equus asinus africanus], and a rod for the fool’s back.”

  • Anguiano


  • Rupert

    The extremist anti American government of California is in effect erasing the border with Mexico. Now illegals will be pouring into this “sanctuary state” with unencumbered access into the rest of the U.S. thru California. Our Federal government needs to stop this madness at once otherwise our entire Country will be totally overrun and unrecognizable as a free and independent Nation within a short period of time. If it takes using Federal troops to clean out Sacramento then so be it. Since they are acting as enemies then they should be treated as such.

    • All American

      Maybe we should consider building the wall along the border between America and CA

  • n918wk

    Moonbeam and the left will be the elected leaders of illegal mexicans which will be the only thing left in this shedhole.

  • semper liber

    Liberal logic is based on emotion. For example they marched for $15 minimum wage to pull people out of poverty then immediately pass an increase on gasoline and vehicle registration which will take away any pay increase. A clever way of picking your pocket at the expense of the employers. Ultimately this results in price increases, inflation and more business’ leaving the State. Not one tv outlet asked Brown to explain.

  • ImStillaYankee

    Where are all the little socialicommimarxifascist lemmings defending all these unconstitutional ideas? They’ve been all over the forums lately at many conservative leaning websites trying to pick fights & make people leave the forums in disgust. They’ve pretty much taken over FoxNews & not just the forums, the network itself except for a few brave souls fighting the good fight. It’s time America had a new Joe McCarthy who calls out the socialicommimarxifascists & points out their danger to our country to the uneducated & feebleminded who listen to their every word like it’s coming from the good Lord himself.

  • badass

    California will be much better off without DemocRats and Jerry Bhole.

  • badass

    brown is a typical communist, he learned from China to make sure all the supermarket shoppers need to carry their own “bags” and that idea is killing our business.
    i only have one wish, let Jerry b. go to hell and die today.

  • All American

    The good: The 2018 California gubernatorial election will be held on November 6, 2018, to elect the Governor of California. Incumbent Democratic Governor Jerry Brown will be ineligible to run for re-election due to term limits.
    The bad: Moonbeam is clueless ⬇️
    The ugly: CA Americans paying the price…

    • badass

      i wish JB will be dead before that time.

      • All American

        You must be an American Californian🇺🇸

    • Andrew Moore2

      ROFLMAO…..CA Americans…..That statement makes me laugh…..You would be hard pressed to find more than a handful of CA that are proud to be Americans. Even harder to find Californians who even know what being an American is all about.

  • Bobby Green

    Brown is the same jerk that wants to make giving aids to people a misdemeanor. I would figure that would be classified as a sex crime but I guess not in California. I wish they would hurry up and vote for California out of the U.S. I heard they have enough votes now to put this on the ballot box at their next election cycle. Go for it California.

    • Lensgrinder

      That was tried a while back, didn’t work then and it won’t work now.
      There are still a few of us in California trying to fight this fascist State government.
      Pray for us.

      • Warpaint

        All my prayers to you!

      • Bobby Green

        California is a beautiful State. The law makers in the big cities have really gone against it’s citizens. Until the leadership fights for the people and not for a political agenda they’ll always have people like Brown, Waters, and Pelosi around. Good luck to you.

  • Lawmadsen

    CA Dems are such idiots (as if it needed to be said) but they can continue on with that sanctuary city/state nonsense as it will only hurt them. The dems pander to illegal aliens in CA because their are millions of them (over 1 million in LA county alone). Sanctuary policies prevent local authorities from providing info to federal immigration authorities but that does not stop the feds, they have a job to do so instead of targeting specific offenders they go door to door asking everyone they talk to for ID. If they are illegals then they get a deportation case and the feds move to the next house and so on. Sanctuary policies are actually making it more likely that illegals will get deported and when the illegals get caught they pretty much lose everything so we are seeing a large number of illegals self-deport because at least that way they can sell their stuff and leave the country with something. Ultimately this also means that the dems will have lost a large chunk of their illegal voting base while having offended most citizens by prioritizing sanctuary of illegals, keep it up gov moonbeam!

    • ImStillaYankee

      Well, they did give illegal aliens the right to vote in local elections-a blatantly unconstitutional move yet it still hasn’t been challenged in the courts.

      • Andrew Moore2

        Because Californians have no idea what being an American is all about….He//, Mark Dice did an on the go interview with several of them at Venice beach about the Constitution and most couldn’t answer simple questions about it like “what does the second amendment protect”?

      • All American

        Their votex should be nullified

  • Roy Beane

    Gov. Brown, either obey Federal Law, or not. Cut the pussyfooting around trying to pick and choose which parts of the Law you like and ignoring those you don’t. Either obey, or you are a traitor in full rebellion against the duly elected Federal Government, which means they are fully entitled to treat you as such and to CUT California OFF financially from ALL Federal funding.

    • Aldo


  • Robert Sigler

    If California is concerned about Racism why don’t they do something about the thousands of minorities that have been oppressed for decades in the ghettos of every major city in this state, and for that matter this country? The GOP, Trump, and that evil confederate statue god are not at fault.

  • Donald York

    American taxpayers should not be footing the bill for the welfare of these illegals. I’m a compassionate person, but, give me a break !

  • scott

    Again! Call them what they are, “Illegal Aliens”.

    • ImStillaYankee

      Exactly. Enough with this pc ‘immigrant’ bs. I just got finished lecturing The Daily Signal about the same thing, that & their use of the word ‘Democratic’ to describe Democrat pols.
      Anyway, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS oann, why is that so hard to understand? Too many conservatives have fallen for the Democrat word games—global warming became climate change, illegal alien became illegal immigrant & now even ‘undocumented person’ in the leftist media, Democrat politician became ‘Democratic’ politician.

    • Michael Hawk

      THANK YOU….!!! ILLEGAL ALIENS=CRIMINALS….Deport …Lets Get Started……Same Thing For Traitor Muslim/Islamic Invaders DEMANDING we Change To “Suit Them ” F U and Your 3rd world Ideology And All the Money You Cost US (Signed: The Legal American Taxpayer Footing the Bill For All Of THEM ) … Ungreatfull Bastards Deport All …End Transmission.

    • tedlv


  • Robert Sigler

    Illegal immigration is one of the primary reason California is broke. Mr. 6th GNP in the world doesn’t have the funds to repair last years Winters storm damage but can spend millions on people who are here illegally. The Left is more concerned about the Hispanic vote then it is its own citizens. I’m not a Racist, just honest.

    • Aldo

      Thank Robert !!! WE CANNOT AFFORD IT – and – American’s safety WILL be first under Trump

    • oneprivateer

      I’m not surprised by CA actions! Some call it Liberalism, Progressivism or Stupidity. I call it Communism and/or NAZIS trying to destroy America! They just don’t call themselves Communists or NAZIS in the 21st Century but the endgame is the same!

    • Catalina Heiras-Ramos

      they need a lower class in perpetuity to vote dem/Marxist.

  • Andrew Moore2

    Libtardation is a mental disorder…..You Californians can keep your illegals.

    • Aldo

      And DON’T ask the rest of us to pay for them !!!

  • And no mention of where we are going to get the money do support all these illegal INVADERS. They brag that we have the 5th largest economy in the world. But no mention of the bankrupt status of the states two retirement funds.

    • Andrew Moore2

      Not to mention that they have the most bankrupt cities in the entire country.

    • Frank Meccia

      But we know where the money will come from, taxes, and more taxes, and probably tax Hollywood liberal stars more if possible.

      • Andrew Moore2

        Good, they need taxed more.

      • Even Hollywood is making more and more pictures out of state.

        • All American

          They have to as they have lost the Patriots 🇺🇸 Many of them don’t know what’s up without a script.
          Many of the lost have dedicated their lives to make believe people and lives while Many Americans live our own real lives and perform jobs that make a difference👍🏻

    • All American

      They steal from Americans to build their base. Vote them OUT⬇️

  • Davit

    I think Brown is still on that acid trip from the 60s