WATCH: GOP, Dems Take Notes on Gubernatorial Elections Ahead of Midterms

November 9, 2017
OAN Newsroom

As Democrats celebrate their governorship victories in Virginia and New Jersey, some are now questioning what these wins mean for both parties as we move forward into the midterm elections.

One America’s Rachel Ribaudo has more on what we can expect.

  • chatty cathy

    I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer? But this just tells me the dems won the dem vote, that nothing has changed as far as Trump supporters go. Not surprising..just that they are maybe stunned they didn’t lose to rep. Not talking about rinos. That’s another story. Trump supporter base surely has blown up, so they dare not admire this man who works so hard to keep his promises to us, no matter the challenge he faces. And there are, oh, so, many!! So for them maybe a time to celebrate, for the time being. Trump is ripping it up over seas in a good and unheard of way. Go Trump 😉

  • Sergeant_rock

    The GOP had better be taking notes and SERIOUSLY pay attention because if they continue to fail to work together and get done what the American people elected them to do on the promises THEY made, they will be unemployed after 2018 and the Donkey-crats will be back in power….

    • aldoro

      Im afraid thats the writing on the wall. These alleged intelligent gop senators better get their act together. Thats what happened in virginia.

  • Liberty4Evr

    The Republicans failed to energize their base. They will always lose when they fail to energize their base.

  • Varangian Guard

    DNC is celebrating voraciously. But they did that when they have lost elections 45:55 as opposed to 35:65 like they had anticipated.
    It’s like cheering “we’re not the worst” over and over again

  • Roscoe

    What the message could be is that RepubliCAN voters are sick of RepubliCON RINOs and they wont support one. Vote the RINOs out in the primaries. The only thing worse than a RINO is a DemoRAT!

    • constitutiononly

      I fully intend to vote for constitutional conservatives, even if I have to write in my own name. No more damned RINOs.

      • Roscoe

        Me Too! We have to get rid of those stinkers!

  • mark christmas

    The REPS just need to do one thing: adhere to the Bannon Way! Trumpism is not something you mention at the last minute. It is something you live and breathe and make a part of your belief system. Any real Trumpite nominated by the REP Party will win in 2018. PERIOD!!!

  • scott

    No I can tell you what it means. It means there are still a bunch of snowflakes voting! The poor misguided souls!