WATCH: Dr. Sebastian Gorka Weighs in on Pres. Trump’s Trip to Asia

November 8, 2017
OAN Newsroom

President Trump is headed to China next on his tour of Asia where he is expected to discuss national security and trade.

One America’s Trey Yingst caught up with Trump’s former Deputy Assistant, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, to discuss the trip.

  • 2EdgedSword

    President Trump’s credibility in foreign policy with foreign heads of state is shaken in direct proportion to the obstruction imposed by the permanent political class in Federal Civil Service as well as the entire Democrat Party and the Establishment faction of the Republican Party. Each foreign head of state will be advised to temper their response to President Trump owing to the fact that his agenda is frozen by his enemies inside America.

  • Scott Henke

    Pick up a copy of his book “Defeating Jihad”.

  • C B

    What a refreshing interview . Nothing like you see on MSNBC , NBC , CNN , ABC , PBS etc.. Clear , Concise and Objective ……………….

  • nfcapitalist

    He and we keep asking what the motive is for progressives to bankrupt America when it’s obvious 300,000,000 (million) citizens can’t retire from working and have free healthcare, food, housing, cell phones, alcohol, drugs, houses, entertainment, transportation, first class treatment… why can’t we all be equal?

    Because someone has to fix the plumbing, take away the garbage, keep the electrical grid going to light and heat our shelters, and mine the coal, drill, store transport, refine and deliver the oil, gasoline, water, food, where does all this come from?

    Businesses, corporations, citizens… not government… that tax money is not their money, it is the men and women’s money who produce something necessary to western civilization to survive, protection from enemies foreign and domestic… also important, too important to be controlled and corrupted by career politicians.

  • iwontell

    Well for a change the MEDIA has let an Intelligent person have something to say to the public

  • Donna Guillaume

    Did you catch Gorka’s interview on C Span? His answers were elegant and even kind to some of the leftists.


    Dr. Gorka is an Awesome Patriot!!

  • Sylvia Avila

    Love Gorka good man and right!