WATCH: $190K Gender Pay Gap at Clinton Foundation

January 8, 2018
OAN Newsroom

A new report details a stunning gender pay gap among Clinton Foundation employees, casting a shadow of doubt over Hillary Clinton’s stance on women’s rights.

One American’s Kristian Rouz has the story.

  • jerseyjeff

    Hillary is always for gender equality.. as long as she doesn’t have to be the one making equal payments.

  • jenshadus

    Hillary is women’s number one enemy. I don’t trust her, I don’t like her, she’s a liar, a socialist, megalomaniac and a fraud.

    • jenshadus

      And let me tell you how I really feel!

  • CLS

    According to Judicial Watch some of the classified information includes:

    There are five new classified emails among 147 new Abedin work-related documents released by the State Department on Friday, December 29, 2017.

    Thirteen emails containing classified information were also found on the Weiner laptop computer that had already been released to the public. This classified material includes discussions about Saudi Arabia, The Hague, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, the identity of a CIA official, Malawi, the war in Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, and the PLO.

  • Matt

    Hillary doesn’t care about Women’s rights
    Hillary only cares about how much Money she get
    Top Tier Democrats are embracing greed
    Watch Obama, 5 Mansions Now

  • Aldo

    They (democRAT scum) will do ANYHTING and EVERYTHING to get killary in the white houseAC

  • Aldo

    WOW – Imagine THAT WTF Happened killary ????!!!

    • Living in the Times

      That is what she was asking in her new book! LOL LOL


    The ONLY woman HILLARY was for… was herself! That was the most selfish, trash mouth, corrupt woman in politics.

  • Aldo

    WOW – Imagine THAT WTF Happened killary ????

  • Samit1234

    When it comes to rich people and their money there is no charity. They will pay as little as they can. And that includes the Clinton Foundation that got free money. The person who accepts the job is to blame for accepting the salary offered. Women should refuse the low paying job: Just say NO and demand a higher salary than men because clothes and make-up and shoes cost more.

    And when it comes to rich dirty men like Billy, young attractive women are cattle feed.

    Give it another 10 years and see how Michelle and Hussein Obama behave with their money and their children’s. It is American Capitalism at work.

  • One_way

    LMAO! Clinton is nothing but a total lying POS!

  • Aldo

    HAHAHAHAH – I KNEW it !!! beeeeeeeeeeeeeeotch killary killer klinton – BUSTED AGAIN

  • facevalue

    Everything she does and says is a lie… Doe’s anyone think Trump calling her ” CROOKED HILLARY ” without the knowledge of her hypocrisy …????

  • Gray Bryson


  • Varangian Guard

    The party of women and minorities according to them.
    Doug Jones, the newly elected senator to Alabama just hired the FIRST Black Chief of Staff. How cosmopolitan of them…….Their narrative has an odor about the edges.


    To all the women who voted for Hillary, HAAAAAAA. Clinton is corrupt and a world class liar.

    • Living in the Times

      Michele Obama remarked that women (like myself) who voted for Trump was a vote against women. How funny Michele…did you have a clue about who you were pitching to the American people?????

  • George Lehman

    That’s because the ‘pay gap’ is not an honest issue for Democrats. It simply serves to feed the Democrat’s base and get them re-elected by deceiving voters into thinking it is real. One of many of their fiction-based platform issues.

  • This Bull Rocks

    she stated – you have one opinion for the public and another for the private – enough said – she is a lying, psycopathic murderer who is drunk on power and will say and do ANYTHING to remain relevent…she is the only one who doesn’t realize that no one likes or trusts her – the more she speaks – the deeper the hole she digs for herself

  • Section Ate

    Explain the conglomerate, “Trump Organization,” mission. The Clinton Foundation builds partnerships between businesses, gov’ts, NGOs, & individuals in improving global health, increasing opportunity for girls & women, reducing childhood obesity & preventable diseases, creating economic opportunity & growth, poverty, & helping communities address the effects of climate change.

    Again: What does the “Trump Organization,” conglomerate, do?

  • Dan Taylor

    ‘Women’s issues’ – democrats don’t care, they will lie about anything if they think it will coerce another vote!

  • Andrew Moore8

    And the gullible libtardonians were suckered into believing that hitlery rotten clintoon actually cared about them. I think that is the funniest thing of all.

  • LauraR

    Well, Trump’s Foundation was always a sham, so I don’t think anybody got paid there. Donald bought a few portraits of himself, though.

  • Al Robins

    Just more Democrat / Liberal HYPOCRISY! If you have any friends who still think Hilary and the Democratic party actually care about them and women’s rights just have see this video and challenge them to verify the info for themselves. Hilary and the Democratic party do not care about them and they do not care about the USA. Hilary and the Democratic party, with their mainstream media supporters, only care about lining their own pockets at the expense of their supporters while President Trump continues to work tirelessly on behalf of the American people, growing our economy and keeping us safe while putting up with the garbage from the mainstream media and doing all this for FREE!!! It is past time people put aside their blind hatred for the President and work together with those who already recognize what President Trump is trying to do for our country and the future of our country. It is past time we all came together in support of our President to help move our country forward! #Blacks4Trump

    • Michael Klevins

      The Clinton Foundation funded numerous countries that were against humanitarian, as well as women’s rights! Just follow the money!

      • Al Robins

        Agreed! #Blacks4Trump

  • A marcus Young

    Remember she believes one thing in private, but has different beliefs in public. But at this point what does it really matter anyway.

    • Paco

      More evidence that her supporters and sycophants were unbelievably naive or hypocritical. Another reason to be skeptical of her cheerleaders like Pelosi, Schumer, Stephanopolis, Madow, CNN….

      It matters!

      • Living in the Times

        I vote for hypocritical. They are all well aware of Clinton and her criminal behavior. Democrats/liberals are the epitome of hypocrisy!!!!

        • Totally hypocritical. Nothing a Conservative does is good and nothing a Liberal does is bad.

    • Living in the Times

      Other than litigation conversations and her current and past criminal activities it amazes me that Hilly is still being discussed!

      • She has kept the conversation about her going through her book tour, and many are wondering why there has been no legal action taken against her. Eventually, she will only be a memory.

  • J. Waltam

    Right. But keep in mind most females are happy to earn less if they are helping to spread joy and happiness throughout the world even working for the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Foundation. If they are remotely attractive, a lucky gal may be invited to take a trip to Paradise Island with Slick Willie.

    • Deplorable Dirty Harry

      or enjoy a xxx book title in the ‘private’ Clinton Library…..

      • J. Waltam

        Or “helping” write another chapter for Slick’s XXX me’moire.

  • Deplorable Dirty Harry

    Her name says it all…….. HilLIARy

  • All American

    No really? Who woulda thunk? Oh maybe Babawa😂she intelligent 🎼

  • Wanda

    Is anyone REALLY surprised by this? We really dodged a bullet by not electing her president.

  • Arbeit Macht Frei

    No Clinton has held public office for five years, nor will they. Chew on something else. Like Trump’s money laundering.

    • Kevin Droopy McKee

      Have you ever thought for one second that we the people would like to see the criminal, Hillary Clinton, go to jail for her crimes?!? What, since she hasn’t gotten her crown this time around, she skips out on prosecution?!? She is somehow above the law?!? Try to come up with a decent argument next time! I know that if I were into laundering money, the first thing I would do is become president of the US so everyone could dig it up and put me behind bars! How ignorant do you sound?!?

      • Arbeit Macht Frei

        “You the people” are a shrinking minority

  • willnkc

    Well, that proves it. Hillary is President… of the He-Man Woman-haters Club.

  • Ezra Tank

    No different than the women of Hollywood sitting there at the Golden Globes last night ripping Harvey Weinstein then honoring 101 year old Kirk Douglas who is rumored to have raped a 16 year old Natalie Wood.

    • Ah, but they came away with a candidate for 2020–OPRAH!!

  • Letmesay

    The only thing Hillary is smart about is the type of liquid she drinks her foundation and communism. Other then that absolutely nothing else, and certainly not good politics.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Clinton’s never believe in Women, they just pretend to get votes. Keep in mind everything Hillary and Bill Clinton said and did was for Money only! for the Clinton’s pocket! When are people going to wake up to that fact! The Clinton’s have proven to be the lowest of the lowest on a criminal scale!

    • All American

      Look at how she minimized Billy’s seductions. She calls us Deplorable… 😯

      • Deplorable Dirty Harry

        Deplorable and proud of it! screw hilLIARy and her looney tune supporters. (yah not with manliness)

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, so true! She let her husband molest and rape young girls and just stood bye? What an evil couple they turned out to be! Time for them to pay for their crimes!

        • All American

          Yes. The time has come, the tome is now!
          I hope that you are well my friend🙏🏻🌺

          • Sylvia Avila

            Yes, her time has come! Let’s see f our DOJ or AG can do the job? But we can hope the Clinton’s will be procecuted for Treason against America! And all their other crimes! I believe Republicans working hard on that.

      • I have grown to wear the label Deplorable with pride.

        • Arnold Maize

          I agree. I am beginning to just shrug off being a “racist”. I hear that word used so much now.

        • All American

          Me too🇺🇸 MAGA

  • Aldo

    “stronger together” My a s s !!! lying liberal scumbags !!! killer killary klinton must be prosecuted

  • No Mas

    Clintons and democrats are communist scum… everything they accuse others of, they are doing.,.. its deflect and dance strategy. 40% Americans are dumb to support the slavery they inflict.

  • Donald York

    Hillary for jail !

    • All American

      “Hillary for Prison”

  • C B

    Men are worth more to Clinton . Pure and Simple …………

    • All American

      She does have the appearance of desperate! Ya you can’t trust a woman ya know! Take it from one that can read that beach like a book👍🏻

  • scott

    Damn, it’s bad enough to have to look at her, but I also have to hear her. Have some mercy OAN!

    • Hillary was a terrible candidate. Even if her message had been clear and resonated with ALL the voting public (which it did NOT), her voice was and is so unpleasant to listen to. When she tried to project and sound authoritative, it just amounted to a screech. Not everyone is gifted with a speaking voice that is pleasurable to listen to, however.

  • Living in the Times

    Agreed. The Democratic party said Hillary was the worst possible candidate they could have had on the ticket. That is what they get for letting her cheat Bernie and who knows who else out of a fair bid. As my post stated above, they had to vote for someone LOL LOL LOL

    • willnkc

      Or more accurately, … as long as they are Socialistic.

    • Aldo

      switch hitter democRATS !!!!


    Once a hilda-beast, always a hilda-beast.
    If you tell a lie long enough, sensible people will catch on, and not vote for you .

  • Jay Gerfen

    Not the least bit surprised.

  • KD

    No new news here…..we all know what Hillary is!

    • All American

      What does she see when she looks deeply into her own eyes when she looks into the mirror?

      • Arnold Maize

        She sees two of her…she has double vision.

        • All American

          I read that her friends gave her tge nickname “ Uncivil Sybil” due to her many untreatable unremarkable personalities.

  • Atikva

    The ‘shadow of doubt over Hillary Clinton’s stance on women’s rights’ has dissipated 43 long years ago, when she humiliated in court a 12-year old rape victim in order to let go her rapist with a slap on the wrist, thus revealing that she couldn’t care less about women – or anything else for that matter, except gaining political power.

    • I’m Proud

      You’re right! A lot people don’t know this about Killery. She makes my skin crawl.

      • FromThe70s

        Enough people did know, thank God!

        • Living in the Times

          Yes…enough to keep her out of the WH thank goodness!

    • LauraR

      And we know what Trump’s stance is on women, they are fresh meat for him to consume. Just like the woman who brought rape charges against him for attacking her when she was 13 years old. He is an evil, evil man.

      • Atikva

        Thanks for the last laugh of the day!

        • Living in the Times

          Chuckling with you!

      • ReaganKnewBest

        Ah yes the women that had no credibility and just vanished after he won? Laura I think you’re on the wrong website snowflake. Go back up to the search bar and replace OANN with CNN, that safe space is where fools like you belong.

        • And you are as incensed about Bill Clinton’s treatment of women going back nearly a half century? No? Why not? Those women he abused haven’t gone away. That’s because they are telling the truth.

      • Dan Taylor

        And you’re a lying idiot…

        • Living in the Times

          I think she is just spewing out what she has heard from liberal media.

      • MJABRTDK

        The MSM media lied about the infamous Trump bus comments. The MSM edited out the beginning of Trumps conversation where he was talking about all the women who would hang all over him because they were after his wealth ( aka gold diggers). All the public got was the second half of the comment about how he could do anything and they wouldn’t do a thing. In the male vernacular that’s what we call a cheap hooker.

        • Living in the Times

          Funny how the left likes to “edit’ the truth to meet their needs!

          • Uncle R

            I really believe they don’t know what their needs are, other than personal power, and they don’t even know how to handle that…

      • Living in the Times

        I am a woman LauraR and I have researched the allegations against our President..have you? Some of these allegation occurred 30 YEARS AGO and came to light recently. Hmmm. I wonder why? Also, LauraR, were you aware that one of the women even dropped charges and started dating Mr. Trump. Do think that maybe, just maybe, these allegations could have been financially motivated? Inform yourself with facts instead of misguided liberal hate!!!

      • And you are as incensed about the women Bill Clinton abused going back about 50 years? No? Why not? And they didn’t just fade away once he got elected. Perhaps that is because they are telling the truth.

        • LauraR

          Which time were they telling the truth? Was Juanita Broaddrick telling the truth when she denied anything happened between her and Clinton? And Paula Jones herself said that Bill Clinton did not touch her. Kathleen Wiley was found not credible by the people investigating Clinton! Bill Clinton, despite his womanizing ways, is nowhere near the predator Donald Trump is.

      • Dan Tandan

        even with a promised $200,000 cash payment per head, what did you and allred get? a big nothingburger

        • LauraR

          There were 17 women who came forward on their own, so really not necessary to find more women Trump has sexually assaulted.

  • Living in the Times

    What was that comment that Michele Obama made??? A vote against Hillary was a vote against women? Did the Obama’s have a clue what the Clinton’s were all about????

    • Theo Stall

      THe Obama WH had a similar pay gap. Women were paid less than men,
      ITs a LIBERAL hypocrisy thing

      • A marcus Young

        Its amazing how all this racism, and gender inequality only happened when Democrats were in the WH.

    • Varangian Guard

      Madeline Albright stated that there is a “Special Place in Hell” for any woman who doesn’t vote for HRC. As it turns out, there is just a special place in Hell for HRC —-> …………….

      • FLLoeffler

        “MAD” Maddie is stoking the flames of he!! to keep the hildabeast warm!

      • iwontell

        Should be fa special place for “Aldumb” too…….
        Poor ole Mad-eline…….a good example of an abortion that didn’t happen years ago.

        • Dan Tandan

          Alldumb was born to dance in north korea

  • kaiju

    It’s OK, what Hilary and Chelsea get from it make up for all the other women getting cheated.

  • TexanForever

    Criminal cartels don’t have to be PC.

  • Legion

    Just continues to show that the so-called “progressives” are little more than lying hypocrites.

    • phil thompson

      when told by someone that they’re a progressive, i usually reply, so is cancer!

      • All American

        Hahahaha 😂🤣