Washington Post Reporter is Out Over Attending a Liberal Event

January 12, 2018
OAN Newsroom

A Washington Post reporter covering race in America is on leave for speaking at a private liberal event.

On Thursday, reports say Janell Ross is no longer with the paper.

Janell Ross, a Washington Post reporter, is on leave after speaking at a left-wing partisan event in Calif. (Photo/DCStatesman)

This comes two months after it was revealed she spoke at a gathering in California for left-wing lawmakers and activists, including billionaire George Soros.

She reportedly spoke on “getting the economic narrative right” while at the event.

It’s unclear when she was first put on leave, but sources say it’s unlikely she’ll come back.

The Washington Post cited their policy against journalists participating in partisan events.

  • Marty Kirkpatrick

    Well in real America, we can be fired by our employers for any reason under the sun mostly..she need not worry, the leftist supporting rags are many that will welcome her in with loving promises as long as she doesn’t step on the wrong toes.

  • Joyce Miller

    The gentlemen(?) commenting on this reporter’s looks need to look in the mirror. I can’t tell what the one guy looks like but the other one is sure nothing to write home about. People resorting to the Michelle Obama put-down…he/she. Pitiful. Politics have really made so many hateful and nasty.

  • Jason Traxler

    WP doesn’t frown on reporters attend liberal left activities, only on them being exposed. Liberal and left are synonymous in my opinion.

  • CD Ard

    WAcompost is nothing but leftists. This is not news.

  • PLC

    Well. There was the policy. She knew about it. She went anyway. I would expect management to apply that evenly for all employees.

  • TexanForever

    Attendance is OK to scope out the opposition and see what they’re up to. … Participation is a no-no.

  • disqus_1lKHFjwEsR

    PA residents: I believe this is the forum that your governor spoke at. Think about that!

  • Fergus

    She simply broke the rules of her employment and got her walking papers, as it should be.

  • Howard Essig

    Why is that man in the photo dressed up as a woman?

  • Andrew Moore8

    So much for unbiased news reporting over at CNN….of course we already knew it was all fake news over at the clintoon news network anyway.

  • Hummer

    It’s barely a start. Time to get rid of the leftists that are absolute addicts for hating anyone that has another opinion.

  • Ed L

    Puke heads

  • Scott

    The Fact Washington Post hired her shows they are leftist media outlet. She just got found out that all. You cannot be hired without first being a Democrat then how far left begins and do not get discovered leftist not just liberal what ever that means to media.

    Question what is the Definition between a conservative and liberal and leftist. Let start with clarity what each one of these terms mean in relationships to each other and the effects on state and federal government relationships. What I have done is see Conservative means support and believe in the Constitution and its limits on Federal government (DC power) to state government that is stated in writing.

    Left says Federal should government states on some issues and make them conform but 1930 ideas of taxing people earning money up to 70 to 90 percent through the 50s did not really help this country for Kennedy change the tax code where people can keep the wealth they earned below 50 percent and Reagan reduce it even more and we had real grow in wealth. Left says Federal should rule the country and tax as high as they want and take most of the tax money over states.

    Left says what ever DC says so long as its run by leftist Democrats is law over writing laws and regulations are unlimited for states and business down to people on every thing for all is political to the left and lawyers and judges are the biggest support for Marxist ideas for its work and wealth for them. Obama Care insurance is example of left wing ideas of control from DC where the IRS becomes part of individual health care and DC regulates what things are in health care for they want total control of all the money so they take cut of all that money. Its money and power for DC and lobbyist make more money given regulations rule us for if do not obey DC then go to jail and lose everything.

    • CD Ard

      liberal=leftist=progressive=Marxist. Synonymous. This is not rocket science.

  • Simon9

    Nice to see the Washington Post did the right thing. She should be out.

  • FromThe70s

    Keep trying WashPo! Your credibility might be visible under an electron microscope if you keep making leaps like this for a few hundred years.


    Oh, all the sudden, wapo has morals, and plays by the rules ??
    Ha, that’s hillarious.
    Sounds to me they wanted her out, and used this as why.

  • PA

    Dem US Traitors are allowed to slip out the backdoor, quietly, with Fully Afforded PAY OFFS.
    Isn’t this THE 3RD Dem-Tax Afforded, Dem Billionaire, BEZOS’, Operations’ Operative
    to FALL, FAIL and be So PC Specially Spotlighted?

  • Brad

    Things must be getting desperate at the WaPo, they’re eating their own now.
    However, glad to see they were willing to FIRE the low life liberal thumb sucker. Now she has a future as a Soros whore!!!

    • Howard Essig

      Too ugly. The lefties like Weinstein, Ratner, Rose and the rest of that leftist crew prefer either buxom white women or skinny boys. She/he is neither.

  • Roscoe

    Another one bites the dust! Another one bites the dust! Another ones down, another ones down, another one bites the dust! I am surprised that WaPo fired one of their own Progressive Socialist DemoRAT workers.

    • nfcapitalist

      … shes going on up the Soros ladder… watch!

  • rily

    She reportedly spoke on “getting the economic narrative right” while at the event.
    She means getting the taxpayers to cough up more money to support their causes, which is actually their, and the UN’s agenda to destroy this nation and enslave everybody, for their Globalist NWO.

  • tdf050658

    She has probably gotten herself a cushy job with a leftist PAC or something. The left never throw out their tools, they just recycle them.

  • C B

    This was a Terrorist Against America Event ……….. Still , George Soros will fund her litigation team and then she can retire and be an Oprah ……………….

  • Tyrone Jackson

    The Washington Post has a “policy against journalists participating in partisan events”, but not against their “journalists” campaigning for democrats/socialists and their left wing policies.

    • nfcapitalist

      … journalists campaigning on international television, CNN, MSNBC?

  • Rupert

    Perhaps George Soros has a place for Janell in his kitchen.

  • Quantum Leap

    Wow they caught 1 out of thousands of fake journalists.

    • nfcapitalist

      She’s moving on up the ladder… watch!

  • nfcapitalist

    An underling of George Soros caught working for Jeff Besos Washington Post… what next, the FBI caught working for the Democrat Party?

  • Richard McMeekin

    Life is a “collection of good and bad decisions.” She made a bad one! Likely she was fired because her participation in the meeting outed the Washington Post as a totally Leftist rag!

    • meeester

      I understand your thought but I see a glitch. She must have done something else because it seems more likely that that sort of thing would have earned her a raise or promotion.

  • PatrickJ

    The Washington Post firing a Liberal reporter for attending a Liberal event. Now, that’s funny.

  • Charles Slavis

    Dem Black Lies Don’t Matter……

  • Varangian Guard

    Shocking…….I’m beside myself with indifference.

    • Robert A’Beuy

      I want that on a t-shirt!

    • nfcapitalist

      “The Great Song of Indifference, ” by Bob Geldof… sb the Clinton theme song… or Give me money… that’s what I want… yeah… yeahhh… yeaaahhhh!

  • fatboy46

    Somebody failed journalism 101

    • nfcapitalist

      … got an A in Saul Alinskyism 101.

    • Legion

      Problem is they don’t really care about ‘journalism’ at all really .. they are Political Activists who have infiltrated journalism to progress their political agenda!

  • Dan

    Put a brown shirt on the black B ich.

  • Ray

    The Washington Post is a daily public Liberal event.

  • forgetyoutooo


  • meeester

    Lol The Wash Post is a partisan event

  • bucketnutz

    Newspapers are no longer an effective way to get your news and most newspapers are circling the drain.

  • kaiju

    Being a loyal leftist used to pay. Guess she didn’t get the memo that BHO isn’t lord god emperor anymore.

  • Captain Obvious

    “The Washington Post cited their policy against journalists participating in partisan events.”

    Really? Did the Washpo also cite it’s policy of being a major member of the DEMOCRAT PROPAGANDA CABAL?

    • FromThe70s

      I guess all 150 editorial writers who also write “news” articles are allowed to stay on board?

  • Disgusted by the Misleadia

    OAN, this wasn’t a “liberal” event. It was a LEFTIST event.

    US leftists have misappropriated the “liberal” label, but their authoritarian policies are anything but liberal.

    • Captain Obvious

      More like FASCISTS, if that vile old commie PIG SOROS is involved.

      • ray stagger

        Soros, Hillary and Obama .. have been funding BLM and Antifa. The crime is that all three have been using taxpayer money to do it (arranged grants from the Fed gov).

        • zeitgeist

          Not to worry…….AG Sessions is scheduled to end hibernation sometime between 2019 and 2020. First order of business after he is brought up to snuff on the situation will have him at the forefront of action sometime in 2022.

          • rily

            They’re all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and members of Bohemian Grove.

        • sndman1964

          Congratulations Ray, your frontal lobotomy was a success!

    • Shane Norkus

      leftist, liberal, communist, socialist, anarchist, democRAT – what’s the difference? the end result is a communist takeoveer of the world with them in charge. just look at Russia, North Korea, China, Venezuela and Cuba for your future under communism.

      • pavlusha

        Russia is a hard nosed capitalist country nowadays. It has not been communist since 1989.

        • Shane Norkus

          oh my. keep believing that, but watch Putin.

        • nfcapitalist

          There has never been a communist country… ever, these fascist authoritarian single party monstrosities just called themselves “communist” because the HOLODOMOR description might cast them into the light of day.

          • rily

            “Communist” was a euphemism, used by the left. The fomenters of the 1917 “Communist” Revolution back then appealed to the idealism of the working class, who were not happy with the Romanovs. Then, once they got into power the brutal, power-hungry bullies, seized control, and made slaves out of everybody.

        • rily

          Putin would love to resurrect the old U.S.S.R., and he would love to take back Alaska.

      • Burrrrrr

        There is a difference just as there is a difference between repubs and right wingers and ultra conservatives. The far left or crazies are idiots just as ultra conservatives are

        • Shane Norkus

          not to the FAKE NEWS media. they are ALL the same and even try to throw in some white supremacists…

          • Burrrrrr

            I will agree that the left-leaning media do throw in white supremacist but I also know that the right lean media do not see wrong anything that Trump does or his administration and he does make mistakes just like everybody else because he’s a human

          • Shane Norkus

            what mistakes are you specifically referring to concerning President Trump?

          • Burrrrrr

            Just 1 example – Charlottesville. Trump – “There were bad and good on both sides”. There was no good on the side of the tiki torch carriers All bad. The rhetoric those peple were chanting and believe in, were the very reason there was a WWll. Do I think that everybody on the other side was good? No not at all. But maybe, just maybe if the German people would have banded together and protested and fought the Brown Shirts, 80 million people would not have lost their lives because of some radical idea that 1 race is better than all other races

          • Shane Norkus

            You are being misled by the FAKE NEWS, alphabet media’s narrative that Charlottsville was a battle between republicRATs and democRAts. It was no such thing. There weren’t any republicRATs there.

            All the groups involved in the melee were factions of the racist democRAT party. Only one of their groups had a permit to be there. The others didn’t.

            It was a set-up by the Governor, Clinton money launderer Terry McAuliffe, and Charlottsville’s Mayor, Michael Signer, both communists.

          • Burrrrrr

            Did i say anything about repubrats or demorats in my last comment? I did not. U asked me what mistakes specifically Trump has made and i answered ur question. I did not see the chants “Blood on soil or Jews will not replace me” onn Clinton News Network (CNN). I watch (OAN) One America News. I said nothing about repubrats or demorats.

          • Shane Norkus

            You mentioned Charlottsville. There weren’t two side to that story, just two factions of one side – racist democRATs.

          • Burrrrrr

            I actually thought we were having a decent conversation. U can’t stay on point without blaming a party. I did not blame anyone i simply stated a specific mistake Trump made because u asked for a specific one. He will make mistakes because hes human. Just nevermind.

          • Shane Norkus

            President Trump didn’t make a mistake, but the FAKE NEWS media certainly misreported what he said, just as they’re lying about his immigration comments.

            I only commented on what you wrote, but if you don’t understand what you write, stop posting.

          • Phil

            Actually, both you and Brrrrrr are correct. Trump did handle the Charlottesville thing badly, BUT he was also correct that there was contributory negative behavior on both sides.

          • Shane Norkus

            obviously, you didn’t read either comments, Phil, because there was only two factions of one side present in Charlottsville and that one side were racist democRATs. there weren’t any President Trump supporters present, just democRATs..

          • Burrrrrr

            Did i say anything about repubrats or demorats in my last comment? I did not. U asked me what mistakes specifically Trump has made and i answered ur question. I did not see the chants “Blood on soil or Jews will not replace me” onn Clinton News Network (CNN). I watch (OAN) One America News. I said nothing about repubrats or demorats.

      • Disgusted by the Misleadia

        The term “liberal” has been so corrupted in the US that real liberals use the term “classic liberal” to distinguish themselves from the authoritarians.

        You can look up the term to understand the origin.

        • Khagaraj

          Liberal is now as misleading as the old People’s Democracy,which is in fact no democracy at all !

        • Shane Norkus

          I’m well aware of the political context of the word liberal. To me, they’re all the same – big government and high taxes. We’ll just have to disagree, Misleadia.

        • John Doe

          Well said.I was a liberal back in the 60’s and 70’s,but the term got hijacked by what I call the do gooders,,you know all the people who are going to look out for you.Liberal used to mean you believed in liberty and the constitution and your bill of rights.Thank goodness somebody came up with the term independent.

          • rily

            That would be “Libertarian”.

        • LucaBrasi

          Can’t call them Liberals, they have nothing to do with Liberty.
          Can’t call them Progressives, they have nothing to do with Progress.
          Can’t call them Democrats, they have nothing to do with Democracy.

          • Disgusted by the Misleadia

            Yup, that’s why I call them leftists.

            I would call them sheepholes, but they would probably think I was talking about a country.

          • Beaula

            They would think you were trying to flirt!

      • sndman1964


        • Shane Norkus


        • Susan Coppola Gill

          sndman1964= troll

    • brad m

      Thank you putting that fact out there

    • Seth Martinez

      Same thing

    • ShemSilber2

      Agreed, plus I like your moniker @disgustedbythemisleadia:disqus !