Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch Announces Retirement at End of Term

January 3, 2017
OAN Newroom

President Trump congratulated Senator Orrin Hatch on an incredible career after the 83-year-old announced his retirement.

In a tweet Tuesday, the president said Hatch has been a tremendous supporter, and says he’ll never forget the support he received from the Utah lawmaker.

He added, Hatch will be greatly missed in the Senate.

One America’s Eric Solomon takes a closer look at Hatch’s accomplishments, and his close relationship with President Trump.


    Utah needs to elect a true Constitutional Conservative to the Senate in his place.

  • Carol

    I definitely don’t want Romney in the Senate! I voted for him but his conduct during the primaries and election against President Trump was disgraceful! Can you imagine how he would oppose Trump if he gets in the Senate! It would just be another John McCain!

  • Commentsbywanda

    Yippi-i-o-ki-ay! He has been in office WAY TOO LONG and is an example of why TERM LIMITS ARE NEEDED.


  • Ed L

    Did fienstien say she was retiring too ?

    • That won’t be until 2 years after she’s dead………so next year.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    NO ROMNEY!!! He is a LOSER and a carpetbagger.

  • phicrappazappa

    Utah is a big state. Are there no rich folks there that want to get in on the taxpayer gravy train and a life of the rich and famous? Romney is the best ya got? It’s like Hillary all over again, popping in at the right moment to claim residency.Remembering the Presidential debates, up against a gay Kenyan and a bought and paid for media, Romney was a cuck.If the Dems put up a feminist demanding the right for more than one husband, he’s toast anyway.

    • iwontell

      NO NO NO and NO to ROMNEY……….his DAYS are over in POLITICS…….


      Romney is from Mass, not Utah

      • JoeW

        He plans to rely on the Mormons. Residency? What an old fashioned concept.

  • camp moe

    Thank you for your service!! You were one of the good ones. Still served to long and became complacent and in-effective over time. Please take a few congressional lifers with you.

  • 101st Screaming Eagle

    I wonder how many wives he retired with? Let’s be real, a senator for that long in a well known Mormon state.

  • Spud51

    This is the perfect time for Michele Bachman to run for the Senate.!!!

  • Marc S.

    Romney is a RINO and self serving

  • Varangian Guard

    And Mitt Romney announces his Utah residency all in the same 60 minute period………….Now we know what Mitt and the POTUS – elect were discussing in the mansion just after the election last year.

    • Spud51

      I don’t know, please tell us.???