Unemployment Claims Fall to 44 Year Low

January 11, 2018
OAN Newsroom

The number of workers receiving unemployment benefits falls to its lowest level in 44 years.

The Department of Labor released a report Thursday showing 1.9 million people received unemployment insurance benefits in the last week of 2017, which is the lowest since December 1973.

Target human resources representative Brenda, right, talks with a job seeker at a Target store in Chicago. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

The labor market is near full employment with the jobless rate at a 17 year low.

In a tweet, the president credited the passage of tax reform as the reason why jobless claims fell to a record low.

The figures are reassuring to federal reserve officials who are looking to slowly raise interest rates.

  • despo

    Requiring drug testing for unemployment checks should get most of the rest back to work.

  • Wolfer

    Thank you President Trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MAGA

  • Trogg

    This is great news. However, we must realize that the way unemployment statistics is calculated was changed under previous administrations to cook the books. We still have people living in the streets and vehicles. Many of those are employable. Unrestricted emigration has driven up rents and made housing unaffordable for many. Trumps plan to limit emigration and renegotiate NAFTA should help this situation.

  • Arnold Maize

    44 year low! Wow, just like welfare….ooops

  • Varangian Guard

    We have “0” to thank for this………..he really didn’t give the POTUS an aggressive target to squash.

    DJT has to work harder to surpass his own records after crushing Barry’s weak attempts to govern. The challenge now is to recover from the socialism that Barry implemented. One bad move at a time….

  • DrMitoFit

    I love it when America is the opposite of a Sh-thole! Unemployment and welfare is sure to go up if we do what the Dems want and let in the poorest of the poor from crappy third world nations. Thank you President Trump!

  • conquest915

    MORE WINNING! Gosh I love great news first thing in the morning!
    Especially when knowing it will piss-off the leftist and Dems and have their panties in a wad all day!

  • Covfefe

    Thank you and God bless you President Trump!!!

  • KD

    DEMwits will take this and use as excuse that ILLEGALS are needed…….what a warped way of thinking!

  • Living in the Times

    Way to go President Trump! Working hard to fulfill campaign promises. Now the Dems can see how a REAL President is supposed to operate instead of playing the blame game of why things do not get done. Mr. Trump has overcome huge obstacles from both sides of the fence and kept pushing forward and look what he is accomplishing in this week alone. Welfare reform, tax reform, immigration reform. Criminal Hillary could have never accomplished these things so quickly and probably would not have even tried.

  • Harold Swift

    So why are 50% of our deadbeats on welfare?

    • Living in the Times

      Because the systems ALLOWS them to be on welfare. No actions taken to remove them. I think Mr. Trump is changing that though with the requirement to show proof of employment.


    Now the Trump Admin needs to go after the freeloaders that game welfare.

    • conquest915

      I think he has started with the New Medicaid Guidelines Allow States To Enforce Employment Requirements.
      And I can hear the left screaming now and expect the 9th court of injustice rule that one being required to attempt to support themselves if on any form of public assistance is unconstitutional.

    • despo

      Drug test, drug test and then drug test some more.

  • Troutaholic Flo

    MSNBC and CNN for the pasts year have been stuck On Drinking The Russian Vodka news!!!

  • Andrew Moore8

    MAGA…..MLCA 2020.

  • Mitchell Jennings

    Uh oh, the left has yet another inconvenient truth to reckon with orchestrated by President Trump and his economic policies… Rock on Mr. President, rock on!

  • ID 3%er

    This has always been one of the hardest statistics to accept, they DO NOT INCLUDE, all the americans and migrant workers on work visas that have applied and did not qualify or were denied benefits in any way. So the actual unemployment rate itself is not what we think it is. That aside those who do receive it ahould have to pass a drug test. I had to pass a drug test to work at my job and pay those taxes, why cant they ?!

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Make America Great Again!

  • turnipweed

    After the abysmal 0bama year, it’s good to see a more optimistic economy and people finding to work.

    Trump used to complain about 0bama’s low unemployment numbers, saying the method of taking the statistics was flawed. Yet, he uses the same method as 0bama. He needs to fix that, showing the REAL unemployment figures, which are probably closer to 10%.

  • digipanic

    As someone who has been laid off TWICE during the Obama Administration, this is good news! I don’t wish anyone who wants to work to be in that position of not having a job and trying desperately to find a job when there aren’t any. Yes, I did find a job TWICE during the Obama Administration, but it took FIVE (5) months! We need better than that.

  • Pezgun

    Did you hear Obama’s trying to take credit for this? Of course his methods to reduce unemployment or a little different. He just demoralized everybody so bad they gave up looking. So the results are the same and that’s all he seem to care about. Yeah right, thanks Obama.

    • Dan Taylor

      When people are down, they rely more on government. Therefore, they vote democrat, where the promises come from. That’s why liberals love failure…

      • Karl Hungus

        Once they are dependent on government, government controls them with handouts.

      • conquest915

        Well stated. Especially your last sentence! Not only do they love failure, they excel at it.

  • Dakota

    California drives this BS there as phone as there fake Hollywood conies

  • Think 2 Moves Ahead

    The interesting growth can be found by searching for Federal Funds Rate – 62 Year Historical Chart. The obama years are easy to see the lack of growth. The data is non political. For those who think the unemployment was reduced in the last administration, look at the growth of the Federal government.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    America Rising…..the entire world energized for a brighter future.

    • despo

      Or being towed out of the ditch that bozo the clown got it stuck in.

  • Jeffrey Martin

    Lowest in 44 years! 44 YEARS!!! My goodness why isn’t this front page news everywhere?

    • ArbyJay

      Great news! Too bad MSM in controlled by Pravda U.S.A.

      • Kitty Lenoir

        Yes GANNETT owns most local tv and newspapers. Check for yourself. They own almost everything in TN a red state and they are crazy liberal.

        • Karl Hungus

          Truth is t easy to find these days. Front page news implies newspapers. No one with an ounce of sense trusts them anymore. But since you’re all here at OAN you already know this.

    • Tyrone

      It’s not front news because it great news and the lame stream media can’t give full credit to Obama.

      • KSEMBB1

        or even partial credit.

    • Legion

      Obama is telling people he did this.

      • cheatemandhowe

        He didn’t build that!

      • Dan Taylor

        Liberalism only destroys, never create anything…

      • Covfefe

        just another lie in the long list of lies by B. Hussein

      • Tyrone

        And of course they believe their messiah

    • Dan Taylor

      Because it doesn’t fit the liberal/socialist mold!

    • Vernon Yost

      The MSM all suffer from Democratic Stockholm Syndrome (DSS for short)

  • internettoughguy

    The unemployment rate was more than cut in half under Barack Obama and was still falling. Donald Trump always claimed that the jobless numbers were “phony” when Obama was president. They became real the day he took office.
    Trump is truly a lying, repugnant scumbag. A waste of humanity.

    • Brandon

      Dont forget in 2013 Republicans stopped the unemployment benefits after 6 months so it forced people to get back to work asap. Within a month of that happening unemployment started to drop.

    • Laurie

      Roflmbo. Utter tripe.

    • Ed L

      Yeah unemployment dropped under Obama to which is why the underground economy went from an estimated $1 trillion in 2006 to an estimated 2 1/2 trillion dollars in 2016. Americans Who could not find jobs and ran out of unemployment benefits found a way to earn income that wasn’t tax

    • cheatemandhowe

      No, that’s you that’s a waste of humanity. The economy is roaring due to a great business climate due in large part by Trump’s policies, the tax cut is going to ramp up the economy even more! But you can just stew in your hatred little boy while the rest of us prosper.

    • cheatemandhowe

      No, that’s you that’s a waste of humanity. The economy is roaring due to a great business climate due in large part by Trump’s policies, the tax cut is going to ramp up the economy even more! But you can just stew in your hatred little boy while the rest of us prosper.

    • Living in the Times

      What happened to you??? When you came on here a few months ago, you said you were looking for CIVIL commentary and ever since then you have become ever increasingly rude and obnoxious. You said you wanted to be different than the Fox trolls. I hate to inform you tough guy…you have become what you sought to differ from!!!!! A commenter that is name calling, spiteful and bitter. Is your sole intention to make people dislike you??? You are certainly entitled to your opinion but maybe you would be better suited back at Fox!!!!

  • DCBlueBlood

    Yup – Near Full Employment — Thanks to Obama handing off a robust economy to President Drumpf who thought there was 17% Unemployment – Gawd these Cons brainwash themselves silly.

    Now that We’ve Established That … FACTS: Average Monthly Job Gains by year …

    •2017: 171,000 — Trump
    •2016: 187,000 — Obama
    •2015: 226,000 — Obama
    •2014: 250,000 — Obama
    •2013: 192,000 — Obama
    •2012: 179,000 — Obama
    •2011: 174,000 — Obama

    Let the Brain Washing Begin … Watch Trumpetters Wail, Twist and Pretzel Themselves LOL!

    • Disgusted by the Misleadia

      Trump cited the 17% number in Sep-2012. But, he specifically qualified his remark with:

      “When you add back the tremendous numbers of people that gave up looking for jobs and all of the other things they do to manipulate them, you’re not talking about 8.2 percent, you are taking about the real number being over 17 percent.”

      Looking back at the historical data, the official U-3 unemployment was last 8.2% in Jul-2012. But, when you take Trump’s qualifiers into account, he was clearly referring to U-6, which includes people that have given up looking for work and people that are working a part-time job, but still want a full-time job. In Jul-2012, that metric was 14.8%. So yes, he didn’t cite the right number. But, in Mar-2010, U-6 did peak at 17.10%, and perhaps that’s what he remembered. But either way, 14.8% is a lot closer to 17% than it is to 8.2%.

      Fun fact: U-6 was 8.0% in Nov-2017. The last time it was lower than that was in Dec-2006, at 7.9%. It started a rapid climb the next month, in Jan-2007. Want to guess what happened that month? The Democrats took control of both Houses of Congress for the first time since the Clinton Administration. In Jan-2011, the Republicans took control back. In Dec-2010, U-6 was 16.6%, and it’s been on a downward trend ever since.

      The growth and decline of the annual budget deficit follows a similar trajectory in the past few decades. There’s a strong correlation between the margin of control of the House of Representatives and the change in the deficit: it tends to grow with more Democrats, and it tends to shrink with more Republicans.

      For many fiscal metrics, the controlling factor is not who sits in the Oval Office, it’s who controls the House. If you read the Constitution and know who really is supposed to control the purse strings, that shouldn’t be a surprise.

      • Deplorable Rex

        Well Said. . .

    • Diane Coto

      Why didn’t you post 2010 when it was 88,000, the lowest average monthly job growth.

      • Disgusted by the Misleadia

        It’s the same scam used by climate alarmists: Choose your starting point of your data to make the trend favor your hypothesis.

        I’m not sure if that is in Darrell Huff’s “How to Lie With Statistics”, but it should be.

      • KaliforniaKook

        We haven’t forgotten that the Obama presidency was in the hands of another liberal – GW Bush. A good man, who sincerely loves America – but still a liberal. Like any liberal, he wanted the state to control the thoughts and actions of the American people. He thought Americans don’t need any personal liberty or freedom unless they are very rich or in the political class. So, the Patriot Act was born, FISA spying without cause, and tremendous growth in government. Lots of new regulations (and the burden of proving you were following those regs), a raise in government appropriation of property without court involvement, etc.
        Yes – Obama was worse, but Bush was the introduction. Bush was the first president to say as he signed a bill that he would not enforce it. Besides magnitude, the only difference was that Obamas was clear that they wanted to destroy America. But then, their preacher provided that spiritual guidance.

    • Brandon

      Let me guess, in 2019 Obama will still be handing off a robust ecomony? If I remember correctly over half of the jobs Obama created were seasonal or part-time which is the reason the economy never really took off under Barry. Different story this past year when someone else stepped in and started bring jobs back to America, particulary from Euro/Asian based businesses.

      • Laurie

        You remember correctly.

    • Jeffrey Martin

      There’s no limit to what can be accomplished if you let someone else take the credit.

    • Ed L

      Hey remember those jobs Barry obama helped created were part time jobs.

      • DCBlueBlood

        Yea – Rigghhht … that’s why we are almost at Full Employment.


      • Elizabeth A. Parks

        And low paying.

    • Davie Krickett

      Because of an extremely weak and fragile economy, Fed raised interest rates only once during obummer’s 8 years….. What the Fed did do was to print tens of billions of worthless dollars to keep obama’s economy from crashing……
      Since election, Fed has raised interest rates 4 times, once in Dec. 2016 and 3 times in 2017. Stock market has not skipped a beat.

      See: “7 years later, recovery remains weakest of the post WW2 era”, 7/29/2016 Wall Street Journal;
      “The reasons behind obama’s non-recovery”, American Enterprise Institute, 9/21/2016;
      Plenty more where that came from!

      • DCBlueBlood

        Looking for Truth in Journalism – You know … Edward R. Murrow award winning types.

        Oh well, Conservatives don’t get those because they are Opinion Pieces.

        When does OANN get their FIRST? Or FOX? BReitFart? NewsLAXative?

        I want awesome investigative reporting … I come here to see what piddle puddle they’re selling today to appease the over 80 year olds or 1%ers. It enlightening for sure.

  • The other Donald

    The left will somehow credit obama, I don’t believe they will blame Russia for this

    • DCBlueBlood

      No Der!

      We’re already near Full Employment !!! Better hang on to some immigrants. Or start paying workers through the nose! See Above — Don’t Panic Obama Helped — Shhh.

      • Brandon

        We have to hang onto those immigrants. 60% of them with at least one child use Welfare benefits. Without immigrants being slaves to the government Democrats wouldn’t get their votes!

      • Jeffrey Martin

        Let the labor market rule. That’s the best formula for raising wages. We don’t need to import millions of foreign workers. We have enough here.

        As a matter of fact, anything you want we have it right here in the USA.

        • Karl Hungus

          The market is already causing wages to increase, i.e. Walmart.
          Also, we will begin to see upward mobility again. Promotions and advancements with higher wages. In other words people will once again be on a career trajectory. We all benefit from upward mobility.

      • Andrew Moore8

        OH look….bathhouse barry’s personal towel boy just showed up….

      • Dan Taylor

        Obama did NOTHING positive for this country, only what he needed to do to force people to vote democrat.

      • rily

        In your dreams…..

  • Daniel J. Lopez

    I guess deportation of Illegals using fraudulent documentation to receiving unemployment benefits is working.

  • CDG

    The American economy is almost entirely based on consumer spending. When people are confident about the future they spend more money. This drives the engine of capitalism. The Left believes government spending and programs drive the economy. MSNBC and CNN will never acknowledge that the U.S. economy is doing well or that the President and his positive America first attitude and policies are responsible.

    • PatrickJ

      What a cool statement you made. Forgive me if I repeat your words, but the engine of this great nation’s economy is nothing less than the American people themselves, spending the dollars they have earned in a robust economy.

      Who created that robust economy? I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

      • Paul

        Ronald Reagan set it in motion in 1981. Bush and then obama through Federal interference, i.e.: Socialism, almost killed it. Thank God for President Trump.

      • CDG


    • NotSure

      Thats okay, that MSNBC and CNN does not display this as a positive. Those who are re-entering the work force know how hard and scarce jobs were previously than what they are now.

      • Varangian Guard

        Those leftist fake news mongers will take home those bonuses from tax relief however They will never credit anyone but their own handlers and the tremendous efforts in disseminating red herrings they claim passes for journalism.

    • Jeff Jeep

      Great post!