UK’s Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle release engagement pictures

One of two official engagement photos released by Kensington Palace of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taken by Alexi Lubomirski at Frogmore House in Windsor
One of two official engagement photos released on December 21, 2017 by Kensington Palace of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taken by Alexi Lubomirski at Frogmore House in Windsor, Britain. Picture taken in the week commencing December 17, 2017. REUTERS/Alexi Lubomirski/Pool

December 21, 2017

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Prince Harry and his American fiancée Meghan Markle have released a series of portraits by New York-based fashion photographer Alexi Lubomirski to mark their engagement.

Lubomirski, a former assistant to Mario Testino, famed for his photos of Harry’s mother Princess Diana, took the pictures this week at the royal retreat of Frogmore House, near Windsor Castle, west of London, where the couple are due to marry on May 19.

“I cannot help but smile when I look at the photos that we took of them, such was their happiness together,” Lubomirski said.

Queen Elizabeth’s 33-year-old grandson, Harry, fifth-in-line to the throne, and Markle, 36, who stars in the U.S. TV legal drama “Suits”, announced their engagement last month.

(Reporting by Elliot Moses; editing by Stephen Addison/Guy Faulconbridge)

  • slohunter

    There’s a chump born every day, Harry.

  • Warpaint

    Filed under Who gives a fat rats patute, two third rate tools…

  • nfcapitalist

    Harry was born in 1984 and the Berlin wall came down when he was five… so he’s still five years old… Europe is going to have to learn their lessons all over again, can we just get out and leave them to take their medicine this time?

  • Carrieann1

    They’re both liberals — and big fans of Obama — they go right along with his father Charle’s twisted outlook on life. The whole family lives off the tax payers !

  • Zoey

    Who cares – She’s an ignorant Trump basher & so sick of seeing her mug.

  • Scott Henke

    Good for them, really. As for me, if I were that far down the line, with no “real” responsibilities, I’d never marry and just party and jet-around all the time. It’d be like being the 2nd or 3rd stringer on a big time college football team: all the fun, none of the headaches.

  • mark abby


  • Bill Taylor

    One thing for sure, they will never have any WHITE children……

    • Chana R Wright

      My daughter is bi-racial like Megan with similar features. . I am a redhead and her late father was African American. My daughter has a redheaded blue eyed son who looks just like me. My grandson has no African American features whatsoever. It can happen.

      • Numerical Logic

        Yes it is, very interesting.

    • kaiju

      What’s with the racist attitude? She’s absolutely beautiful and deserves the same treatment as any other girl would. What makes a person is their attitude and actions not the color of their eyes or skin.

      • Numerical Logic

        Yep! I wish everyone thought like that.

  • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

    She’s doing it for the notoriety because he definitely got the short end of the family stick.
    Another thing, Prince Charles wasn’t a ginger, nor was Princess Diana. So my question is.. what the….?

    • Legion

      Gingers have no souls .. Daywalker!

      • Scott Henke

        Yes we do! ;^)

    • Deanna Glaser

      But Diana’s brother is

      • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

        As I don’t follow the royals and, as I found out today, someone at work told me there was someone in Diana’s family worth red hair.
        Again, as a less – than – casual observer it seemed odd to me Harry has brilliant red hair.

  • C B

    Harry the bad boy could have done worse , but in reality , he could not have done better ! Ms. Markle on the other hand may have some second thoughts , perhaps soon .

  • Jenny O

    She is beautiful; he is handsome. A lovely couple.
    They both seem to have matured into sensible, decent people. I wish them marital success.

  • DCBlueBlood

    Wonderful, Congrats! Excited and a glimpse of things to come!

    Happy Yule Tides From Across the Pond!

  • Disgusted Citizen

    Everything about her is wrong for the Royal Family.

    • Jenny O

      Such as?

    • kaiju

      The royal family is just for show and she looks pretty good to me.

  • No Mas

    I don’t get it… she is not attractive at all… she better have the heart & soul of an angel or this kid has been duped stupid.

    • kaiju

      Normally I agree with you and normally I don’t have nice things to say about the so-called royals, but she’s hot!
      I do understand though that beauty is not a quantifiable thing. Kind of have a thing for long haired brunettes myself.

      • No Mas

        I have a thing for long hair brunettes as well, and I agree with you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… There is something about facial features, etc little things, that turn me off… lol

    • Jenny O

      Begs the question…whom do you consider attractive?

      • No Mas

        well, begging is also unattractive but I was speaking for me onlyl ( I am very picky about some things particularly facial qualities, bone structure and hair, but I suppose in general view she could reasonably be deemed attractive by many other views.

        • Jenny O

          Why so literal? “Begs the question” is an idiomatic expression.
          l was merely curious as to what you may find specifically attractive.
          Obviously, physical attraction is quite personal.
          For example, I do not find George Clooney attractive in the least, but I recognize that some folks do.
          I can relate to it just being an overall reaction to someone’s physiognomy.

    • HarryObrian

      Well, if she were over the top then there might be backlash as to the Prince’s motive for marrying. In this case though I think she’s very intelligent and almost cunning. She must have some sort of unblemished pedigree to even be there. She may have been waiting in the tower for quite some time. There are definitely not going to have bleach white children. Maybe that’s a future consideration seeing as how the white genocide thing is so in these days.

    • Savatage64 (Always Deplorable)

      Yep… Harry didn’t luck out and get a Kate like his brother. Of course she got the runt of the litter as well.
      FWIW, the royals have an easy life, don’t want for nothing, inundated with fame… I’m allowed to bag on them if I want. I’m not blinded like others who think they are worth slobbering over. My life takes precedence over a country’s figurehead family.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Who gives a flying #$#& what these royal parasites do. The Brits really need to stop worshiping people and get their act together.

    • Fancypants

      I had an attractive wife once. Then she decided she was going to be a manic-depressive for the drugs she would get. She turned into the ugliest woman in the world in 10 years.

      Go glad to be away from that drama. Looks are not everything. I wish them both the rest of their lives in marital bliss and wonderful happiness.

    • TP

      They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder! You my friend need your eyes examined !!!

  • Living in the Times

    Lovely couple. Love to follow the Royals. Nice young people coming of age in the Monarchy!! Princess Di would be proud of her sons!