U.S. to Decide Whether to Sign Refugee Resettlement Deal With Australia

(File) Men shave, brush their teeth and prepare for the day at a Australia’s offshore processing refugee camp on the Island of Nauru. Source: (AP)

June 16, 2017

OAN Newsroom

The Trump administration is nearing a decision on whether to accept more than 1,000 refugees detained on an island in the South-Pacific.

Former President Obama signed the deal to accept the refugees just before leaving office, which is a move criticized by President Trump.

The refugees are located on Manus Island in a facility maintained by the Australian government.

Australia’s controversial refugee policy requires all asylum-seekers who arrive by boat be sent to offshore detention centers.

Homeland Security officials have reportedly conducted extreme vetting interviews with detainees.

The Trump administration is expected to announce its decision later this summer.

  • Bill Smith

    Just say NO !

  • emmetsolomon .

    Please, President Trump, the USA does not need any more refugees. Send them to Germany. The Germans (Angela Merkel) said Germany will take a million more!.

  • Dens

    So…..Australia wants to use the United States as another of it’s “offshore detention centers”? We have more than enough trouble of our own. Australia needs to take care of this problem themselves since their own liberal, leftist policies have created it.

  • LittleRoot_48

    No, no, no, no, no!!! H311 NO!!!!!!! If Australia doesn’t want them, why should WE want them?

  • Native Born American

    President Trump please do not sign this deal!

    Why are there only young males in these photos, are they terrorist cowards? No single young males should be accepted from any location on earth, that’s asking for future trouble.

  • constitutiononly

    President Trump: Do not sign this deal. Abrogate this Nobama Deal. We, your supporters, do not want any more so-called “refugees”. NO MORE!

  • Just Saying-2

    Please Mr. President don’t sign it. We have enough problem people to deal with.

  • Donald York

    If these so called refugees pass the vetting,and, if the President okay’s it, then sure, send them to Nancy Pelosi’s district in San Francisco,or, even to upstate New York to neighbor with the Clinton’s, okay?

  • olson091

    NO! Are you listening Donald? NO !!!!


    do not do it…. to hell w Obamas “deals”…. bad for us…

  • Rich Holland

    We don’t want these cockroaches in America, send em all back to the cesspool they came from.

  • Bill Jr

    Put Them All On Boats Confiscated By The DEA and Tow Them To The Med, Set Them Adrift and The Italian Coast Guard Will Pick Them Up and Take Care Of Them. What’s NATO For? Too Easy!

  • rooare

    No records, no paper trail, no identification, so to vet these people you ask them questions, they give the answers HS wants to here and abracadabra their declared safe.

  • Generalmayhem

    NO !!! Send them back where they came from and house them in shelters there in a protected zone. We are not as stupid as Europe to accept the invaders here. I hope.

  • Blacksheep The Deplorable

    I’m with fixento, below comment. Make a trade, they take 1000 illegal Mexicans, we take their 1000 illegal Indonesians or whatever the hell they are.

  • fixento

    Note, the are mainly men that have abandoned their families and country. Obama, the spineless, muslim signed the agreement, unsign it. I don’t see the Australians taken in Mexicans from the US.

  • RottyLover

    NO!!!! Let that punk turnbull keep those hijrah invaders.

  • ShortSweet

    Totally unacceptable. This is nothing more than another in-your-face exit performance by Obama. We have all the refugees and more than we can handle about now. Let’s be realistic here. If President Trump honors this botched agreement, it will be his biggest political error thus far and a broken promise made to his most loyal supporters.

  • Rich FSr

    Fkg absolutely NOT. Australia doesn’t want them there and keeps them off shore and demands that we take them? Who the Hell do they think they are? No way do we want that scum here.Ship their asses back to their own countries and tell them to fight for their freedom.


    NO. Period. Reports that many of them are “mentally ill” WHY would we import that?

  • ZaraSpook

    Australia is now sneaking muslims in against the people’s will just like obama was/is doing.
    Send them to Germany.

  • texantim

    The austrailian pm recently stated that he was winning, so he wins this bunch of strays.

  • jane

    Absolutely not! After WWII, Australia wouldn’t settle refugees from Indonesia because they were too dark.

    • DeplorableMe

      In all fairness, that was in retaliation to countries who would not take their Aborigines – because THEY were considered “too dark”.

  • Shane Norkus

    ‘Resettlement?’ Nope. We already have more than enough low-class, ghetto-trash racists and peckerwoods than we know what to do with, so why would we want more?

    Australian was founded as a penal colony, so ‘resettle’ them in the outback. Crocogator Dundee can use them for bait..

    • Russell Smith

      Shane has a point. The croc numbers have spiked since the shooting ban of 1972 and hungry crocs have no racial discrimination while chomping on croc bait.!!

      • Shane Norkus

        actually, crocagator’s prefer dark meat because nothing goes to waste except their lips and tennis shoes…

  • Scalandria

    Why is it our problem.. another great deal by Obama.. No… we do not need to take theses people.

  • pcbuster1

    NO!! Stay where they are!! Dont want on our soil !

  • mickey2829

    Australia just had a radical islamist attack last week. besides the aussies said they do not nee the U S A .LET THEM KEEP THEM.

  • Karl Reimers

    Make OBummer responsible for them! He was the worst president ever!

    • Tony4US

      Maybe he can accommodate them in that new multimillion-dollar mansion He just bought! I’m sure he has a few extra rooms

      • Karl Reimers

        Great idea- the one thing I love about TRUMP- he is tight with spending OUR MONEY! Obummer- well, he just did not give a damn. Moreover, his fixation on importing mostly people of color into this country was racist. Furthermore, his preference for Muslims over Christians reinforces that he is a closet case radical muslim. The current administration needs to conduct investigations on him for high crimes and treason. And just because he is black and was president, does not grant him a waiver!

  • The other Donald

    Sorry the country is closed , under repair

    • LittleRoot_48

      Best comment on here so far!!!!

  • 2livefree

    WTF?! How many Mex and OTMs will Oz take?

  • James Wall

    I understand they are pretty criminal, so heck no!

  • Durak

    Not welcome here.

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  • R A.

    Feed those terrorists to the sharks.
    If anything is left over, feed it to the Australians who asked for this problem.

  • Stimpy

    President Trump if you decide to take these refugees into our country the lifeboat you are in will drift further out to sea even faster.

    • ShortSweet

      It will be very difficult, if even possible, to continue to fully support President Trump if he breaks this promise.

  • John A Lobash

    President Donald J. Trump,

    Standby your original gut feeling don’t sign the accord it’s a bad deal… Keep’em out period. Does anyone really believe these refugees have been thoroughly vetted? I wouldn’t believe one word coming out of the Obama camp.

    The Prime Minister of Australia created the problem they need to fix it. What’s wrong with sending them back to their own country.

    America’s already in one helluva situation with illegals. Don’t add more kindling to the fire. It’s time to slam the gates shut.

    Obama and his so called inner circle of left wing socialist have divided the country like never before.

    It’s time for Americans to take care of Americans period

  • Norman Provencal

    So your thinking of letting more of the Burden into our system while you continue to CUT SS by raising the retirement age!!! Cutting Veterans off from disability at retirement age but still taking in more DEAD weight so they can have a better life while we Slave till death!!!!! WTF is wrong with you???

  • Razorback

    We know that these people can’t be vetted. Save time and money. Send them back to Syria.

    • Not here

      They’re already vetted by Islam…for life!

  • Phantom Patriot

    This is not our PROBLEM !! Australia picked them up ! Australia only has a population of 25 million they should TAKE THEM IN !!

    • Razorback

      They should put them on a boat to Syria. Of course they should give them a bucket and couple of oars.

  • Jam Jenes

    Just turned fox off.

    DI&shyCK FOULer is on.

    I won’t listen to that snarky race pimp.

    • LittleRoot_48

      Just the mention of his name is enough to invoke images of him and ruin my day!

  • Jam Jenes

    So now trent franks is on fox talking about how we need to start talking about principles.

    Haven’t the pubs tried that for the last 40 years, only to get beaten up by the dims using hysterical accusations?

  • Jam Jenes

    King on fox right now talking about Bothism – blaming both sides equally.

    Gabby Gifford’s shooting was truly a nutcase. He was obsessed with gifford’s long before Sarah Palin came out with her map. He was diagnosed as schizophrenic.

    The baseball shooter was specifically motivated by unhinged, political hate.

    It’s reprehensible for anyone to push Bothism.

    The left are clearly to blame..

    • guamjeff

      EVERY mass shooter in the last decade or more was a lefty/Democrat.

      • Jam Jenes

        That’s what the left pushes.

        But what’s worse is the republicans accept it.

      • j jones

        Your source for this information is Fox news

    • j jones

      Always blame others

  • tony

    Turnball is not a friend, reject Obama’ deal

  • Jam Jenes

    We have enough terrorist here at home.

    The baseball shooter had an assassination list of republicans in his pocket.

  • DeplorableMe

    I vote NAY. Let the smart azzzed Aussie PM deal with it.

  • Jam Jenes

    Not only no, but FU&shyCK NO!

    We elected Trump for exactly this reason – to keep murderous terrorists out of our country!

    • ShortSweet

      Precisely. If he goes along with this, many will leave his camp. Guaranteed.


    DON’T! If Australia was such a “friend” they wouldn’t be foisting these trash on the US. After all, Australia was the original PENAL COLONY! They should know how to handle them!

  • Trumpkin

    You mean Germany and France don’t want them? Send them to California, Hollywood to be exact. Have Meryl Steryp, Kathy Griffin and all the other celebs who think President Trump is a racist; take them in. Have them nanny their children. They care about them right!

    • TexanForever

      Send ’em to Malibu and dump ’em on the Courthouse lawn.

      • Trumpkin

        You bet ya! They want a sanctuary state, they might want to be more careful in what they wish for. Thanks for your comment!

        • rabidfox2

          They won’t stay.

  • Disgusted Caucasian

    “Homeland Security officials have reportedly conducted extreme vetting interviews with detainees.” Yeah…right! Trump better not take these animals. The last thing we need is more uneducated barbarians coming into our country and living on Welfare while planning to kill us.

    • TexanForever

      Damn straight !!!

    • Centralcoast

      Well it does make you wonder why Australia doesn’t want them?

      • Juanita

        RED FLAG!!!

    • jane


    • Rich FSr

      Homeland Security couldn’t vet their ass. Just like they vetted the Boston Bombers, San Bernardino terrorists, NY, NJ bombers, etc. Worthless lot. We’d be better off if they were all fired.

    • glnman

      You can write to Trump and tell him how you feel – I did! Don’t know if it will make any difference but it’s better than just posting a comment here.

      • Donald York

        Our comments are being viewed. You can take that to the bank.

        • rabidfox2

          Even so, writing – even using the internet – indicates a level of commitment that is a bit higher.