U.S. Foundations Gave Millions of Dollars to Charities With Terror Ties

November 7, 2017
OAN Newsroom

New revelations show millions of dollars worth of charitable organizations have gone to groups with questionable backgrounds.

One America’s Alex Salvi has more on how money from a good deed ended up in the pockets of people with bad intentions.

  • turnipweed

    There must be consequences for this. Some of the heads of these foundations should be jailed.

  • John P

    These domestic terrorist groups say people with conservative values are racist, bigots and Fascists but the truth of the matter it is the Democratic party and these groups are the Racists, Fascists and Bigots and it is their agenda for one size fits all. Stamp out true freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not the Conservatives and Republicans.

  • John P

    This is even more reason for Americans to arm themselves in the fight against terror whether it be domestic or foreign. We do not need more gun laws on the books. All we need is enforce the ones we have so mental nut jobs can not get their hands on them. Also remember terrorists are mentally deranged and anyone who attacks other Americans for their views are also mentally deranged. Such as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter and Resist.

  • John P

    Liberals in this country need to get the facts and not the Ultra Leftist news and opinion of the news. Do they really want a country controlled by the government.Marxism, Communism,Socialism and Totalitarianism. The Constitution has served All American People well for the last 241 years and it will serve All of US another 241 years Unchanged.

  • John P

    Snowden is a Saint compared to Obama and all he really did is bring the facts out that Our Government under Obama were spying on the American People and our Allies.

  • John P

    Obama wants this country to be a Muslim country with Muslim laws. Not going to happen!

  • John P

    While in office Obama had members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Administrative Positions. When will the American People and Congress call for him to be indicted on corruption and treason charges. The worst President in History!

  • Jane Tarzan

    Expose all these organizations and put pressure on the American companies donating to these terror aligned groups. Post the names so we know who NOT to donate to.

  • Pat S.

    Lets keep an eye on the companies that do not immediately stop giving money to these creeps, especially CARE, they are nothing more than despicable worthless PoS

  • Kyle Smith

    Thanks Obama, for nothing.

  • Fred Weatherly

    Silicon Valley seems to be the Satanic goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Yes so true! Obama Muslim anti-American X-President worst ever in our history!

  • Lawmadsen

    Obama’s DOJ sued B of A, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and others which resulted in penalties in the billions (B of A penalized $16.6 BILLION alone) and then cut deals to reduce penalties by half if they donated the money to leftist “non profit” groups chosen by Obama like la raza, national urban league and likely CAIR and Soros foundations.

  • Quantum Leap

    Liberals love to support anything considered anti-American

  • Sylvia Avila

    Right, CAIR! the worst organization ever. No surprise their, I blame Obama since he is big time Anti-American Muslim brotherhood member. And works for NWO elite gang too.

  • sunsurfseagirl

    We should stop giving corporations and individuals tax breaks for donating to various organizations. It has given too much power to such entities. Christians will still tithe to help their church and others. Liberals will stop as they give in order to control others, not to help them.

  • scottincary

    Not all that surprising – Liberal Elites control foundations and there is an undeniable alignment of Liberal Elites and Islamo-Facists – both are charter members of the Hate America Club.

    • Sookie1984

      I love that! That’s funny: “Liberal Elites”!!! They should be ignorant bumpkins like the people who respond here! Yes and that “alignment” hahaha!!! You need to take another look at the conman we call president. Oh, no, but he’s just wonderful and he loves American (if he can turn a profit on being prez – which he has!) His aptitude as the country’s leader is less than nil – enjoy!

      • TBird

        Zero charisma and less than zero knowledge, go away!

      • andrew Befano

        Sookie1984 I hear a lot of name calling, but, not one incident to back up what you say except for you mentioning Trump U. For a man that has been in business for decades one failure not bad. You can’t count his Atlantic City Casino’s those failed after he sold them to other people, the only mistake he made there was allowing his name to remain on the buildings. Plus, If you have been paying attention his entire salary since becoming president has bee given back to the government, the last quarter paying went to the National Park Service. So your assumption of making money as president you must be confusing Trump with Clinton.

      • Jenny O

        Trump came into office already quite wealthy.
        Obama and Clinton sure managed to turn a profit and increase their wealth significantly from their WH stint. Where’s your indignation about that?

      • scottincary

        Well, I’m sorry that you seem to be very disturbed about who the president is right now. You seem to take it very personally. Applying Libertarian principles, if we had a much smaller, more limited federal government then who the president is wouldn’t be nearly the big deal it is today. Google Convention of the States 2017 – I think it’s an idea that people on the left, right and middle could get on board with.

  • a non

    Well, maybe we ought to just put up a big wall and hide behind it from the world, eh? Really dumb idea — just let China and Russia carve up the planet?

    • Ross

      Protecting borders is not a dumb idea. It is a tool for border patrol agents to minimize and prevent bad guys from coming in from all directions. Just like having a wall in your house prevents bad guys from sneaking up on you and shooting you while you are sleeping.

  • C B

    Why are we sending money to anywhere when our own People have needs for it .

  • KD

    DEMWITS will give to anybody that talks like them!

    • Sure, Not

      When spending with Other People’s Money, it’s easy to be generous.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Charity begins @ HOME!!!! Take care of YOU and your family.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, so true, that statement is, in these days, evil seems to be everywhere have to protect your person and out family. God bless!

  • lagun

    Didn’t the US just hand Iran $40 Billion dollars.
    and we say they back terrorist groups.

    • Sure, Not

      Not $40 B, but yes, Owebama released a bunch of sanctions money to Iran as part of his terrible nuclear deal.

      And yes, our soldiers know all too well of Iranian backing for terrorist and insurgent activity in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria and elsewhere.

  • kaiju

    Liberal Americans elected a president with terror ties. A president who invited members of the Muslim brotherhood into the white house on numerous occasions. A president who imported terrorists by favoring them in immigration policy. A president who released captured terrorists to strike again. A president who made a deal with a country that is one of the leading sponsors of terrorism, allowing them to develop nuclear weapons. A president that corrupted the IRS, FBI, and DOJ to further his anti-American terror agenda.

    • Cheryl the Deplorable

      “to further his anti-American terror agenda” and sabotage the Newly elected President.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Obama the worst ever Anti-American President of our times.

        • thecleaner45

          President? He was the worst human to ever hold office in the US. I could never call him a president. He was a far cry from one

          • Sookie1984

            and yet for 8 years we did well. let’s see what’s going on eight years from now. And the mindset here is very typical of trump supporters – just repeating baloney and not researching, questioning, and thinking deeply about the issues. We’re in deep trouble with the current conman-bully-crook (just made a settlement on the trump u. scam) who has not the temperament or the knowledge to be president (or even a mayor! a councilman! a dog catcher!). He is only good at feathering his own nest at the expense of others.

          • thecleaner45

            Did well? Now that’s crazy and stupid. You do live here in the US? Because the US has struggled from all failire Barry’s legacies.

          • Ghostryderflyby

            Anyone who thinks that going from 8 trillion in debt, to almost 20 trillion in debt over the course of 8 years, is “doing well”, maybe needs to go back to basic economics. This country is set up for failure, and it won’t matter who is at the helm at the time it cracks, it was Barry that set us up for economic collapse.

          • Outlaw James

            The people that think we did well are the one’s that received free phones, free food etc… they would not work tasting pie if the flavor was changed every 15 minutes!

          • cestes

            President Trump scares a lot of people but not as bad as Hillary Clinton. He scares the elite because he answers to no one but the American voter who got him elected. He did not take money from lobbyist or globalists. Always follow the money trail if you want to understand the complete picture. He did not take money from a George Soros type, someone who has stated hatred for America. He spoke of enforcing our immigration laws and that scares those here illegally. He ran on the promise of supporting our military and our men and women in law enforcement. That scares people who hate order and stability. He ran on an America first economic agenda and that scares people wanting to cut us down to size and weaken our people. He promised extreme vetting of refugees to protect the citizens and that scares people wanting to import instability and greater division. He is a definite threat to the swamp and the current power structure that depends on corruption, deceit and collusion and that scares the pants off of the elitists and it is beautiful thing to observe.

          • Anonymous from LI in FL now

            we did well for 8 years? what planet were u on? DUH

          • kaiju

            The Clintons and Obama did very well. Raping the country out of 10 Trillion dollars they personally became multimillionaires in the process and left the us to pick up the tab.

            Now go sookie up some more commie feces TROLL!

          • Trumpateer

            Perhaps you should flee this horrific place til the POS Obama returns as King Puff!

          • Sylvia Avila

            So true Obama was so anti-American Muslim President ever! He still is trying to over throw our country working for NWO gang! He has his own anti-American training camp! He is very Evil indeed!

    • Sylvia Avila

      Yes, Obama was a real anti-American Muslim, enemy of the Country! He still is working with NWO elite Gang!

    • Sookie1984

      There is a lot of show and no substance,lots of blow hard hyerbole, and just like from trumpy, ridiculous lies, unfounded accusations, and an attempt to give the country over to radical right wing idiots. Well, we now have an idiot in office. Good luck, morons!

      • kaiju

        Go climb back up BHO’s ahole TROLL

      • Janelle

        Those numbers are put out by the GAO. Take it up with them.

      • cestes

        The national debt was $10.6 trillion when Barack Obama took office, it was $20 trillion when he departed. The labor force participation was 65.8% when he took office and 62.8% when he departed. The real median household income was $57,744 when he took office and $54,045 when he departed. 32 million were food stamp dependents when he took office and 43.6 million were food stamp dependents when he departed. He shrunk the middle class, increased those living in poverty, as 38 million were living in poverty when he went into the white house and 45 million were living in poverty when he left. Since President Trump has been in office consumer confidence is the highest it’s been in 17 years. Mortgage applications are the highest in 7 years, more than 600,000 jobs have been created, the Stock Market is at the highest ever in its history, and unemployment is the lowest since May 2007. This is just in the first 10 months. Please be patient and give the President a chance. We gave Barack Obama 8 years to destroy the greatest country in the history of planet earth and he came mighty close to achieving his goal.

    • Hope

      It wasn’t “just” Obama. Obama was groomed to be president as was everyone elected besides Reagan and Trump. Both sides have been fooled for years. The FBI, IRS and DOJ were just exposed the corruption has been ongoing for years. The elite were snug thinking there was no way to lose…

    • John P

      He needs to be Indicted. But it seems Congress is right with him because they did nothing to stop it. Especially from the Democratic Party. They are just as guilty.

  • Fergus

    I stopped donating years ago when I learned how corrupt most charities actually are. One of the worlds largest charities uses nearly 95% of the donations they receive to pay the salaries of their executives. the other tiny 5% actually gets to the people that need it most.
    I call that charity F R A U D.

    • Sylvia Avila

      Me! Too, I only give to the Cancer Center here in my city. I’m a Cancer Patient and give directly to the Cancer Center itself. No Organization.

    • jenshadus

      Yep, USAID (through your tax $$), Red Cross is the worst. I still contribute to Equine Rescues, HSUS (since they cleaned up their act), The Salvation Army, and the local Food Bank.

      • Shihan Cal

        Get real, honey. The HSUS will never cleanup their act. The kill way more pets than they “rescue”. DO NOT buy the lies on their TV ads.

    • jlsharks1

      Fergus spot on, I am so glad that America is waking up to this BS. Coming out of Africa I had seen this first hand for many years and wondered when will Americans wake up to this corruption.
      Charity starts at home.

  • No Mas


    • Clyde


    • Wheel of misfortune

      Their direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood is about as well documented as anything. The reason CAIR is still operational in this country is…???

      • Sane_Person37

        islam needs to be disrecognized as a religion in the USA and tax free status and other perks taken away from the mosques.

        PS – the only charities I give to anymore are veteran and military related such as Soldiers Angels and Semper Fi. I don’t include wounded warrior as their admin costs are too high.

  • Varangian Guard

    Let me guess….The Slick Will & Hill Foundation is a major donor to them all. Then little Georgie Soros, then NBC, and CNN, and the DNC, NAACP, BLM, SPLC and ACLU just to name a few………..

    • Sylvia Avila

      Right you are! all the usual suspects involved! So where is the DOJ? right lost in Clinton’s corruption Machine.

      • Sookie1984

        I know! And trump is so upright and honest!! thank god we have such a moral president filled with integrity, thoughtfulness, and humanity. i don’t know if you realize that is sarcasm, since i understand how limited the thinking process is these days, but it is.

        • Sylvia Avila

          You need t get educated on what our President stands for! It seems Dems are very uneducated or play stupid about what our President stands for? Or maybe Dems to hypotize by MSM to think on their own?

          • Sane_Person37

            These people apparently love being screwed by the good old boy club which is at least 98% of Congress

        • Swampdrainer

          True, but compared to the Clintons, Obama, Lynch, the Podestas, Comey, Rice and the bulk of the DC swamp rats, President Trump is a saint.

        • cestes

          Pray for President Trump and ask for God to help him with his flaws. All humans have them and we are called to pray for one another. He deserves and needs all the prayers of believers everywhere.

        • Sane_Person37

          Trump for 8 🙂

    • Sookie1984

      Well, of course they’re no trumpy. He is incompetent even at scams like his trump u. although i will say his scam about being presidential material worked well with a great deal of the population. i guess that’s why the founders were concerned about a democracy.

      • Varangian Guard

        Apparently the DNC wasn’t concerned about a democracy. At least not one they couldn’t control by paying off the right people to tell the right lies and to do things illegally. Or even a democracy that could have their DNC computers protected with firewalls in spite of paying an exorbitant amount of money to a foreign contractor to do nothing of value, steal and then try to run with his family back to Pakistan. Go away TROLL. .

        • thecleaner45

          Block sookie it’s just another empty headed leftest spewing lies. Not worth responding to such ignorance.

          • Varangian Guard

            In fact I had done just exactly that after I responded to her progressive regurgitation.

    • Sane_Person37

      Actually the clintons don’t give money to anyone but themselves.

  • sue

    This is SICK

  • John Titor

    People need to investigate who they are giving money too. George Soros gave millions to the wrong side while he was still alive.

    • Swampdrainer

      He’s very much alive and is still funding anything and everything on the wrong side, just to make life difficult for President Trump.

      • Sylvia Avila

        Yes, Soros sees to be a very Rich Evil person Why? how do people get to be so Evil? Seems like the Devil him selve has taken over Soros soul?

        • Sookie1984

          Do you believe everything you read?

          • grandmother5

            Not really. I don’t believe a word you say. I can’t believe you are so good at name calling and you do the name calling without knowing the people. You must have ESP or nothing between your ears. You don’t like much in life, do you?

          • Sylvia Avila

            I educate myself on what is going on! Not like Dems that just believe what MSM tells them too believe! Try it some time, get educated on what is really going on behind what you hear in the MSM!

      • Ken Jones

        Damn! I was getting ready to have a drink and celebrate Soros being dead!!

      • Sookie1984

        I know – right? poor trump. everyone is against him and he works so hard to fight evil and help the needy and he’s so wonderful. i know there was that scam university thing, and his bullying attitude, and he has no knowledge of the job and its complexities, he hasn’t got the temperament to lead a boy scout troop, he’s a danger because of his ignorance and lack of diplomacy, he probably colluded with our enemy, and he is concerned with profiting from the position, but yeah, those liberals…

        • grandmother5

          Sookie you do know President Trump DOES NOT take a paycheck. Instead he donates it.

          • thecleaner45

            Sookie is a brain dead troll. Blocking it will stop the spreading of madness.

          • grandmother5

            He’s a joke. Good for a laugh or two.

        • Swampdrainer

          Yes, I know…poor man.
          He should be more diplomatic by using Air Force One to bring in illegals so they can take jobs away from Americans and save them having to cross the border, force American companies to manufacture in Asia losing even more jobs, give Iran and North Korea $200 billion each so they can produce nuclear warheads and threaten the world, stop the war on terror so new radical groups have a chance to develop, pay 90% of NATO’s cost, protect our allies at US taxpayer expense, sell the remaining 80% of our uranium to Russia (after a sizeable donation to the Trump foundation), lie to the people, rig the next election, use a private email server, delete all his emails, kill anyone who leaks information, get the FBI to lie for him, give free benefits, healthcare and education to anyone that doesn’t want to work for a living, become more like 10-term Congress members who can’t pass gas, let alone healthcare and tax reform, ignore veterans, give athletes freedom to disrespect the flag….and the list goes on and on .
          He has a lot to learn. but you have to give him a chance to become more politically correct and be the President you want.

    • Mitrofan Poluportjankin

      unfortunately hes still alive

    • Cheryl the Deplorable

      do you know something we don’t know?

    • kaiju

      So far as i know, he is still alive and still evil.
      Can you fix that for us?