U.S. Forces Were On Search Mission For ISIS Recruiter When Ambushed In Niger

These images provided by the U.S. Army show, from left, Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, 35, of Puyallup, Wash.; Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, 39, of Springboro, Ohio; Sgt. La David Johnson of Miami Gardens, Fla.; and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright, 29, of Lyons, Ga. All four were killed in Niger, when a joint patrol of American and Niger forces was ambushed by militants believed linked to the Islamic State group. (U.S. Army via AP)

November 4, 2017
OAN Newsroom

One month after that deadly ambush in Niger that took the lives of four American soldiers, officials still don’t know what led up to the deadly encounter.

Four soldiers from both the U.S. and Niger were killed by ISIS militants using machine guns and rocket propelled grenades.

American officials say their mission was to obtain information, but Nigerian officials say the mission was to kill or capture a high ranking ISIS recruiter.

A Nigerian officer who remains unnamed was on that mission, and said their objective was well-defined.

U.S. officers have pushed back on this information, saying their mission changed halfway through, and forced them to camp out overnight.

Meanwhile, a new report indicates a green beret may have been kidnapped during the deadly attack in Niger.

While the Pentagon launches an investigation into the October ambush, some speculate Army Sergeant La David Johnson was kidnapped by Islamic militants before being killed.

Johnson reportedly became separated from his team during the attack, and was found two days later, nearly a mile away from the ambush site.

The team was allegedly ambushed when they stopped in the town of Tongotongo to pick up supplies.

The Pentagon says a full investigation into the attack could take months to complete.


    No surprise to a lot of people that Sgt. Johnson’s wife was the only one to complain about Presidents Trumps call ???

  • Ed L

    Sounds like a leak. G.W. Started it B.O. encourage it and approve increase in troop commitments. President Trump now shoulders the responsibility

  • Guest123

    Drop a MOAB on these “militants”

  • tedlv

    “Allegedly ambushed”??? Do ISIS terrorists have the presumption of innocence?

  • Andrew Moore8

    I believe ISIS was tipped off as to their where abouts and operation by the obummer deep state…

    • UEM

      Anything that even comes close to evidence to support that belief?

      • Andrew Moore8

        Just the fact that they were “AMBUSHED”…..Which means the enemy knew of their location and travel routes before hand…..Or do you think these terrorists were just out for their morning stroll and thought…..hey this would be good place to set up an “ambush” and wait for a crack squad of elite US military men trained in stealthy insertions and extractions to come along…..

        • UEM

          Andrew, being ambushed does constitute evidence that Obama and friends had any culpability is this tragedy. I wasn’t there and don’t know how it all came about, but I know that being ambushed does not in and of itself suggest the enemy knew anything before hand. Look, Obama was useless in every aspect of his presidency, and without equal as the worst president we have ever had. But just saying he, or even the deep state had a hand in this does not make it so. and not one word you typed constitutes a shred of evidence to support your claim that they did.

          • Andrew Moore8

            The term “Ambush” indicates they were laying in wait from a concealed position….Now how could they lay in wait, heavily armed, at the exact location and time that an elite group of military men trained in stealthy insertion, extraction, and evasion possibly be caught in an “AMBUSH” unless the enemy was tipped off by someone….and I suspect with all the “never Trump” people we have populating politics in Washington it is not beyond the clintoons, obummer, or people like mcstain to rat out an operation like this to bring shame upon the president and show him as being incompetent.

          • Zotus

            The village of Tongotongo is in a very remote part of Niger near the border of Mali that is well known dangerous territory. A village elder has been arrested for colluding with ISIS terrorists. Just how exactly did the Clintons or Obama deep state people notify ISIS of these soldiers location when the soldiers mission had just changed and the soldiers didn’t even know they were going to be camping in this village. I do not care for the Clintons or Obama but people who spout off this silly Obama deep state nonsense without knowing any facts make conservatives look just as stupid as the far left and all their nutty Russian collusion conspiracies.

        • Zotus

          If you read any of the reports you would know the very remote village of Tongotongo is near the border of Mali and terrorist routinely crossover making attacks in the area. From reports the US soldiers would have been noticed immediately and villagers may have been complicate in informing the terrorists. Why you need to embellish what actually happened with nonsensical Obama deep state crap is beyond me.

          • Andrew Moore8

            So uncle intel….where did you get those reports???? I haven’t seen any of them stating that this was a random attack….Only ones I have seen are that this was an “AMBUSH” or does the meaning of the word “AMBUSH” elude you? “a surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position.”…..so how could the enemy possible lay in wait unless they knew the exact location of where these soldiers were GOING to be beforehand? Explain that to me and I will put this to rest….if you can’t and can only keep repeating “I haven’t seen any reports” then it’s going to be along night for both of us….Not to mention its probably because reports such as that are classified as top secret and nobody has seen them but the top people and people with a need to know….which wouldn’t include you or I.

          • Zotus

            Why don’t you peruse google Mr. Nonsensical Conspiracy Propagator. lol You probably believe Nasa landing on moon was a conspiracy. You do a disservice to educated conservatives who have some common sense and read reports rather than spout off nonsense about Obama deep state. Villagers at Tongotongo told reporters that a small force of terrorist arrived in the village after the US soldiers, the soldiers pursued only to be ambushed by a larger force of terrorist waiting outside of the village. They weren’t already lying in wait at a predefined location as you suggest. Obviously it is you who needs to brush up on what an ambush can mean and what actually occurred.

      • aaaa

        Yup!! Their DEAD moron!! Are you serious??!! Please tell me you are not serious. Have you read ANY of the reports about what may have happened from the military? My bet is, NO!!

        • Zotus

          So you claim the military has publicly reported Obama holdouts tipped off ISIS? Hmm Haven’t seen that in any reports but I don’t frequent the Area-51, Flat-Earther type sites.

          • aaaa

            When you are a left wing nut moron reading is not your strong suite. Pathetic. Tin foil hat a bit tight moron??!!

        • UEM

          While were on the subject of Moron, please explain to how being dead constitutes evidence the Obama was responsible.

          • aaaa

            You are too stupid if you have to even ask ya moron!!

  • Fred Jones

    This was an Obozo-approved mission. Not that it makes any difference for the families, but let the record show, that this mission was approved by the ‘former’ administration.

    • UEM

      A yea ago? How’s that work. Or are you talking about just being in Niger?

      • aldoro

        They must be watching cnn (FAKE NEWS).

        • UEM

          No, CNN writes their fake news in support of Obama not against him.

      • Fred Jones

        yes, almost a year ago…

  • landy fincannon

    Seems like the first phase of nation building to me.

    Niger has NO national security interests.

  • Dennis Just Denis

    RIP brothers

  • Just A Guy

    As soon as the mumbo jumbo starts you’re safe to wager that someone is hiding something. Seems to be happening a lot these days.

    • Legally Blonde

      Maybe LaDavid hated Trump so much he betrayed his group. Just maybe.

  • Tado

    Is that country like Puerto Rico?
    WTF – why Americans soldiers are sent there to do what nonsense?

    • Legally Blonde

      They go where ISIS is.

      • USA#1

        Of course. He doesn’t get it

      • Tado

        Tragedy for U.S. Recruits & Volunteers.
        A Mercenary Army that will never win the Religious War.

      • Tado

        They are ready to kill.
        They are ready to be killed?
        Are they ready to die?
        What about their wives, their kids?
        It’s not fair for these brave lads to be sacrificial lambs in foreign countries…