U.K. Police, MI-5 Cleared to Monitor Over 20K Domestic Islamic Extremists

Police stand on duty at Horse Guards Parade before New Year’s Eve celebrations in London, Britain.

November 22, 2017
OAN Newsroom

British law enforcement are set to step-up surveillance of over 20,000 known Islamic radicals in the country.

This comes after police and counter intelligence failed to prevent four Islamic terrorist attacks over the past year, which include the London Bridge attack, the Finsbury Park attack, as well as the attacks in Westminster and Manchester.

The government recommended law enforcement use tougher preemptive measures to curb Islamic terror activity and prevent future attacks.

Officials say suspects behind at least three recent attacks have been on a terrorist watch list for years.

The bomber who killed over 20 concert-goers at an Ariane Grande show reportedly traveled to and from Libya, returning for the last time just days before he carried out the attack.

At least 3,000 Islamic radicals are currently under investigation.

  • john9hoffman

    I have heard there are over 120 verses in the Koran urging believers to ‘wage war’ on unbelievers?

  • CrazyUncleSteve@MAGA

    Leading the voice for surveillance of extremist Muslims should be the non-extremist Muslims

    High time to put them on notice that where they stand, or where they abstain from standing spells out exactly where they stand and that should be respected for what it is accordingly

    There are no sidelines in this conflict

    That needs to be clear

  • Sonny Shaw

    And just how did those 20K Islamic extremists get into Britain? this could have been avoided with good leadership at the top of government.

  • marcthepig

    Too little, too late.

  • Fergus

    UK listen up! IT’S TO LATE! You opened the door decades ago to the hordes of Muslim criminals that quickly overtook your country. They will soon completely over take your country by over running what was once a great nation. UK citizens you were and still ARE to timid to stand up for your rights and let political correctness over take your country and now you have totally lost it
    Brexit can not get rid of the rats that are already in the UK who are breeding more and MORE Muslim’s by the hour. Getting rid of RATS requires rat poison, which the UK is to timid to use. The UK allowed an infestation to begin and now may well end up becoming puppets to Islam because of that infestation.
    The plague of Muslim migrants who contribute little or nothing, cost much, and refuse to change their ways and become part of the country’s society and culture are now over running you all.

  • Scott Henke

    BTW, that’s just the official number they’re monitoring. The actual number is a lot more.

    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      Highly doubtful. There are nowhere near the resources to monitor the existing number of scoundrels. There are not enough police and security personnel to keep an eye on everyone of the 20,000 or so. Yes, others may come to their attention from time to time. We may only speculate as to how that would happen.

  • Tango Uniform

    By cleared, do they mean “erase”? Maybe cleared to empty their clips?

  • Bill Bunce

    Winston Churchill is turning over in his grave

    • tonyH110

      along with Sir Francis Drake, Oliver Cromwell, Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Isaambard Kingdom Brunel – to name a few, all Great British that not only shaped their country but many parts of the World!

  • Hummer

    Just kick them out. Why waste resources trying to find excuses for allowing them to stay. UK is really messed up. We have our own problems trying to do what we have to do to protect the USA with activist judges and leftists hindering at every turn.

  • RJenIL

    Nice that the globalists waited until there was a small army of them.

  • Ed L

    Yea Baby. Time for the SAS to saddle up

  • CO

    Little preventive measures would have save the UK tax payers a lot of Money.

  • landy fincannon

    Meanwhile, my dossier gets a bit thicker every time I post. Isn’t that right, NSA. LOL

    • john smith

      I’m glad it does, and they can check on me any time they like. Why? Because I have nothing to hide.

      • landy fincannon

        You may not have anything to hide but the State still considers you an enemy of the state. Never doubt that. CHEERS

        • john smith

          landy fincannon: Paranoia is a fault I do not have.

          • landy fincannon


        • RJenIL

          THAT state lost the last election. The mop up is in progress.

    • Scott Henke

      Uh, oh. You said “dossier’. You will now be included in Mueller’s probe.

  • C B

    Ok , They know who they are , so they need a Leader(s) who will take care of the problem ………………

    • David Bagdasarian

      Good luck with that one, they haven’t had one since Churchill.

      • C B

        10-4 that

  • john smith

    They have 20,000 known terrorists in their country and all they can do is monitor them? This is what happens to a country when mindless liberals are running the show.

    They allow 20,000 not possible terrorists run free in their country but 20,000 known terrorists run free in their country. You have to wonder why GB is trying to destroy itself and place all the indigenous British people in danger. This was a great nation, what happened to it?

    • LuciusAnnaeusSeneca

      The problem, of course, is that they can’t monitor all of them, or anywhere near a fraction of them, due to drawdowns in police and security services. And any exceptional efforts by UK law enforcement and intelligence that might help, but in a small way only, will draw critical resources from other missions.

      The UK government is lying to the British public in expecting it to believe they can adequately monitor the threat.

      • All American

        They need to send them home

  • Henry McKay

    Deporting all of the third world invading Muslims would do far more to decrease terrorist attacks. It would also create the living space and cohesive culture to raise the birth rates of the actual English peoples.

  • Aldo

    Jolly Ole London – What a waste of one of the greatest empires of all time – slowly but surely and not so subtly being taken over by muslim radical terrorists !!!


      I’m SHOCKED! Shocked, I tell you, to discover that the authorities are being allowed to perform their duties!

  • Flagfriend

    “Officials say suspects behind at least three recent attacks have been on a terrorist watch list for years.”

    20,000? You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

    Families of the innocents killed by these three should sue their government for every penny that is spent on welcoming and supporting these radical immigrants.

    • Disgusted Citizen

      I’d rather see them do street justice to these ISIS terrorists.

      • Sonny Shaw

        Well for that you have to heir the Irish mob; they would have the situation straightened out in 3 months. You would see Islamic Terrorists trying to get out of Britain through the channel tunnel and being run over by trains. Oh Happy Day!

  • Heremeroor

    man! How dense must you be to not use common sense?!?

    • RJenIL

      George Soros dense…