Trump’s pick for national security adviser turns down offer: White House official

Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, speaks to an Afghan official during his visit to Zaranj, Afghanistan, in this handout photo
Vice Adm. Robert S. Harward, commanding officer of Combined Joint Interagency Task Force 435, speaks to an Afghan official during his visit to Zaranj, Afghanistan, in this January 6, 2011 handout photo. Sgt. Shawn Coolman/U.S. Marines/Handout via REUTERS

February 17, 2017

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s choice for national security adviser, retired Vice Admiral Robert Harward, has turned down the offer, a senior White House official said on Thursday.

Harward was offered the job after Michael Flynn was fired by Trump on Monday for misleading Vice President Mike Pence over his conversations with Russia’s ambassador to the United States.

The White House official said Harward cited family and financial reasons for opting not to take the job. Harward is a senior executive at Lockheed Martin.

Two sources familiar with the decision said Harward turned down the job in part because he wanted to bring in his own team.

That put him at odds with Trump, who had told Flynn’s deputy, K.T. McFarland, that she could stay.

Trump appeared to refer to Harward earlier in the day at a presidential news conference, saying: “I have somebody that I think will be outstanding for the position.”

The president also made clear why he asked Flynn to resign, saying it was because the retired lieutenant general had not been completely truthful with Pence about his conversations with the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kislyak.

“The thing is, he didn’t tell our vice president properly, and then he said he didn’t remember. So either way, it wasn’t very satisfactory to me,” Trump said.

(Reporting by John Walcott and Steve Holland; Editing by Eric Walsh and Peter Cooney)

  • Carolann313

    He turned the position down because he wanted to bring in his own staff and President Trump said NO …

  • Beast

    never more apparent ..there are ENEMIES AT THE GATE …in fact they are here in the Federal Government , and the FEDERAL COURTS….if this crap happened in RUSSIA . PUTIN would find them and make them wish they were dead simply as an example to anyone else thinking about commiting Treason. Pres TRUMP is fighting an impossible battle when he cannot TRUST HIS OWN INTELLIGENCE …now im saying Barack Obama is in fact in lockstep with MUSLIM INVASION, IRAN, ISIS, George Soros, the Clintons, groups like BLM, Move on, the ACLU, CBC, the MSM, the European union , the UN , and billionaires who would profit from the collapse of America. …the 2nd American civil war has started …its been in the works since 1965 ..

    • All American

      You nailed it on Barry!
      Yes the 2nd American Civil war has started and it is intellectual. The United American Patriots win.
      Every American is aware of the Social Justice Warriors aka Outspoken Progressives and their agenda.
      A “Combo Cult” of Nazi’s, Maoists, groups like the KKK/skin heads/BLM as opposed to America United. They promote divide and chaos and they are highly supported by Soros.

      • come and take it

        y’all got all that from an article about a guy simply turning down a job offer?

  • Melissa McShane

    I didn’t vote for Trump but I admire them standing up on the Flynn situation. Even when Democrats new Hillary was wrong in her actions and not being transparent, they stood by her without even question. She knowingly ran a campaign on identity politics and was funded by all things not of the Democratic Party and no one questioned why she is going against the party agenda. No one asked her to drop out of the race even when it was discovered the Party was rigged in her favor. Standing next to someone who actually was caught red-handed, tied to shady deals with actual documentation not yet disproven, and not questioning the legitimacy and integrity of your candidate killed my faith in the Democrats. These are the same people who are now behaving in a manner of which have and still accuse Trump and his supporters of behaving. Trump was no saint, but I won’t pretend that media is being fair to him. They’re not. For a decade media has evolved into a “report things as facts now and invent the evidence to support it as you go” type of industry. Democrats aren’t fighting for anyone’s rights. They’re actually doing the opposite. I have to say that I’m a new fan of President Trump and I like many in the GOP. I still feel Joe Manchin can rebuild the Democrat Party. Right now Liberalism is misstated. The Democrats are being burdened by Progressives using the word Liberal to mask a leftist agenda. Bring back the old Democrat guard.

    • All American

      Hillary For Prison🇺🇸

  • Idothinkso

    Something is amiss here. Why would the Don make the name public before Harward would agree to serve?

    • *Fletcher Christian’s Pirates*

      somewhere it was said that he Harward wanted to bring his own team and the Administration had already agreed to keep Fynn’s team and that was the sticking point …not to mention he already has a good job with Lockheed-Martin …and did his 40 years of service

    • Deplorable B Church

      The media made the name public. Leaks. He declined because Trump wants Bannon on the NSC, and this guy didn’t. F him. Trump will get the guy that he wants.

      • come and take it

        um, he didn’t “get the guy he wants”. did you read the article?

    • All American

      To show that Our President is always working to get the job done maybe??

    • HarryObrian

      Maybe President Trump should take a breath before choosing his cabinet and make sure the choice can do the job and can play together.

      • come and take it

        that’s what leaders do. narcissistic reality show hosts, not so much.

    • come and take it

      not a very smart thing to do.

      perhaps narcissism clouded his judgement when harward expressed interest.

  • Worried

    col west or col peters come to mind

  • Mr Krabs

    What would you expect. The left and the press are on a political assassination spree targeting everything Trump. Just like cities can’t find qualified people to be cops the same is happening with Trumps cabinet picks.

    • come and take it

      or, in this case, they are simply informing the american people what is going on in their government.

  • All American

    Jason C Redman, Wounded U. S. Navy Seal
    Purple Heart, Bronze Star Medal with Valor, Navy Commendation Medal, Joint Service Achievement Medal, Ranger tab, Navy Achievement Medal (five awards), Combat Action Ribbon (2 awards), Alumni Service Award (Old Dominion University), Hope and Courage Award.
    The letter that he posted on his hospital door as he recovered at Bethesda Naval Medical:

  • Marc S.

    The RATS will have a field day with this one also. Eight looong years takes a bit to erase, sadly!

    • All American

      Just stand American Strong🇺🇸

  • All American

    Americans must believe that a true patriot will step up and have no fear. Someone that will help clean up the house!
    Still feeling so badly for General Flynn not sure why he did not fess up to VP Pence unless he was fearful that maybe he shouldn’t have discussed sanctions with the Russian Representative if that is what he discussed?
    Nevertheless, these are all the repercussions of the naysayers, the Democ”rats” & left wing media who have proven to be unscrupulous opportunist. They will have an extra large story to tell when their rat is about to be charged with espionage!
    You will not destroy the American Patriots you make us stronger. You will not divide us. You help unite us. One Nation Under God With Liberty And Justice For All AMERICANS…
    We will win and you will loose you can take that to the bank!!!
    🇺🇸MAGA MASA🇺🇸

  • Localdude

    Smart Guy – he aint wrecking his career going against traitor NSA classified info pimps.

    • All American

      “You’ve either got it or you don’t”

      • Localdude

        yep. I think that’s what I meant, a guy has just gotta know his limits. He apparently found his. Smart for that. Anybody who would jump in there better be up to the fight of their lives, every beast that is in that swamp is going to fight like hell up to and including obviously ‘crimes’, therefore ‘criminals’. That being the case, criminals don’t fight fair…best expect that.

        • All American

          It makes us stronger🇺🇸

          • Localdude

            yes. It does. I like your optimism, well put, thanks.

        • come and take it

          yup, criminals don’t fight fair and chump wasn’t going to let him use his own weapons. i don’t blame him. working for narcissistic control freaks is tough.

          too bad, cuz it looks like he would have been perfect for the job.

          • Localdude

            lol…are you here to have a conversation or just throw fruit as you drive by in your clown car?

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