Trump Welcomes Canadian PM to White House

February 13, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Trey Yingst – OAN Chief White House Correspondent

President Donald Trump welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House on Monday for a bilateral meeting.

The two world leaders began their day with a meeting in the Oval Office. Afterwards they worked on a plan to empower women in business at a roundtable discussion.

Appearing before the media, President Trump spoke about immigration and trade with the Prime Minister by his side. He also discussed where the United States and Canada share common values.

“We share the love and a truly great love of freedom,” President Trump said.

Prime Minister Trudeau echoed the sentiments of President Trump saying both countries have shared interests in security and trade.

Trudeau’s visit to the White House was the third major visit to Washington by a foreign leader under the Trump administration.

  • Kelley

    As a Canadian all I can hope for is some of Trump’s leadership and integrity rubs off on Trudeau. When it comes to leadership there’s nothing softer than Justin Trudeau.

  • Chris U

    Trudeau should just come out, we can all see.

  • come and take it

    two big-government liberals claiming to love freedom… that’s rich.

    if they love freedom why aren’t they working to reduce the federal bureaucracy, taxes, and excessive legislation/regulation?

  • wantsthetruthGrandma

    Very good news when all countries can get along & have common ground..but I read that Trudeau is a wild card and very much liberal/socialist..hope it’s not true..
    I really like news should be, just reporting..not biased..I will spread the word on other sites I go to..

    • Prius Dementat

      Don’t spread it too far. Half of the stories are scraped from Reuters and written by talentless left-wing hacks.

    • Deplorable B Church

      It’s fine if you skip the Reuters stories. Reuters is 100% fake news.