Trump Negotiates the Freedom of American Imprisoned in Egypt

April 21, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Trey Yingst, OAN Chief White House Correspondent

American citizen Aya Hijazi returned to the United States Thursday night after spending the last three years in an Egyptian prison.

According to a Senior White House official, her release was directly facilitated by President Trump.

The 30 year old native of Virginia was working for a nonprofit in 2014 when she was accused of human trafficking and taken into custody. Despite telling authorities that her job was to help street children, Hijazi was held without bail.

Multiple attempts were made during the Obama administration to negotiate her release, but all were unsuccessful. Her case was brought up earlier this month when Egyptian President el-Sisi visited the White House, but no updates were given on the status of negotiations under the new administration.

Today, with the help of President Trump, she is free.

“The President was directly involved,” a Senior Administration Official told One America News

Hijazi is expected to meet with President Trump on Friday at the White House.

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    God Blessed America with President Trump🇺🇸MAGA MASA🇺🇸

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    You can’t help but love than guy.

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    o’Bama only got American traitors released, after paying lots of CA$H.
    LOTS of $$$$$$$ CASH

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    I love our President. Donald J. Trump has done so much for this country. I keep hearing that his favorability rate is low but I am guessing these are the same polls that said Hillary was going to win. hahaha

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      Still polling the wrong 3 people.

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    Thank you Mr. Trump! Best President!

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    Good I am glad Aya Hijazi is out.

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    Great job Mr. President!

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    Thanks Donald.

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    I guess Trump is not as bad as Obama after all.


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    Making America great again, one deal at a time. God bless America, and God bless Donald Trump.

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    This woman was probably used as leverage to get money and hardware for the military there, Trump probably told them in a kind way they would get nothing in the future unless she was released. I think that narrative seems more likely, they had something at stake to lose or she would not have been released.

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      We will send them 59 tomahawks…

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    The number of terrorist leaders released in exchange for the American wasn’t given in the article. What gives?

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      Sarcasm Alert!!!!!
      +10 !!!!

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        Another Smuk like Jay

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      Because there were zero.

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    My take away on this story is that Islamic countries really do not care about women or children. Islamic laws are unjust. Obama was one of those that agreed with Islamic injustice and just didn’t care enough to get it done, or was too ignorant to get her released, or most likely all of the above.

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    Obama was gonna do it but he got called away on more important business for three years.

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      One tee time led to the next, it happens.

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    Fake news will not be reporting this.
    Whoopie cushion and the co presenters on CNN will be talking about Obama thinking he is still in office.

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    next time you go back you can stay in jail or rescind your US citizenship.


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      Yet the Democrats will swear Obama started these negotiations before he left office.

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        Of course they do, but the news story above said that they were un-successful……..

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          He was not successful at much in the 8 years as president. Donald J. Trump has been successful at more in 3 months than he was in his whole 8 years.