Trump Concerned About Administration Leaks

February 14, 2017

Washington, D.C. – Trey Yingst – OAN Chief White House Correspondent

Amid questions about the resignation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said that President Trump is ‘clearly upset’ about information leaks from inside the White House.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Press Secretary Sean Spicer said the President asked Flynn to resign due to trust issues, not because he was legally obligated.

This morning President Trump tweeted, “The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington?” He continued by raising concern that his conversations about North Korea could be leaked.

“The President is clearly upset about this,” Press Secretary Sean Spicer said.

President Trump has faced multiple leaks of information about his calls with foreign leaders.

Spicer said the President is looking to identify where these leaks are coming from, but will not broadcast what steps he plans to take.


    Yea like he would leak his own classified information. More like a trick outta the Hilariously Cliton playbook…you must be a brain trust for the democrapeteers

  • john smith

    No it’s not someone else to blame it’s the Demacraps and always has been.

  • All American

    Check the Soros gang first. You won’t have to look very far from what is out there in the media…

  • Teachem-Twice

    Trump will find the leakers, and “the leakers will pay a heavy price!” Each and EVERY agent having accessed pre-leaked info should be let go! Innocent or not,… an example MUST be made, then Trump would be assured that the remaining spooks outside of the surveillance circle WILL find out who the real leaker(s) are,… turn the spies against one another and all Leakers WILL be ELIMINATED with EXTREME PREJUDICE to ensure that it does NOT happen again.!.!

  • cdtalaski

    It will take time to Drain the Swamp. We must be patient. Remain strong behind our President. Pray for wisdom and strength. Pray for the Gift of Faith. Our culture needs God’s support more than ever.

  • cdtalaski

    Beware of globalists…………..Obama made changes 17 days prior to his leaving government. Why??? Did it take 7.95 years to make that change? Find the leakers, prosecute and jail them.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    The leaks are coming from Obama leftovers. Got to DRAIN the swamp!!!!

  • All American

    I would like to see creation of a Conservative Ethics Committee to oversee the press and news that would fine them for presenting deliberate fake news🇺🇸NAGA MASA🇺🇸

  • Nick

    Loose lips sink ships…….It’s that simple. Resurrect – integrity, respect & morals. Never, in my lifetime, would I have ever thought that law breakers & violence would be condoned. These defiant citizens need to take a refresher course on life, democracy, respect & just simple manners 101. Stop whining & stop deflecting. Not to mention the hits & sucker punches that hard working people have absorbed. It almost feels like the generation born in late 60’s are a target market to fail upon approaching mid life & being disregarded after working & dedicating their entire adult lives within a career; while maintaining work – life – balance. The new normal is unacceptable & anyone leaking classified information is putting us all at risk. This new game book’s focus is ‘All about me or I have a temper tantrum’. The few times I actually watched Mr. President Trump speak to us live during campaigning and recently…. I can honestly post that when I turned on the news to check out the weather, (moments after his speech and Q&A) the media’s reports and their recap were so twisted – I don’t trust any of media anymore. For what it’s worth, my 2 cents suggest that repercussions need to be created & implemented for leaks & misleading reports – moving forward. Almost seems like a goal is in mind here and I am here to tell you… “We aren’t idiots. Stop leaking information & trying to create fear & mayhem.” It is not ok to violently protest. It is not ok to leak info – you now are moles. It is not ok to disrespect our President. Why any law abiding American wouldn’t be grateful that our new President is creating a more than qualified team to protect us from hate and fear is just bizarre.

  • Do these “career people” doing the leaking forget that there’s a new AG? Somehow I don’t think Sessions will look the other way. Somebody’s going to jail.

  • Stephen Chock

    President Trump needs to clean house and get rid of the obamite traitors that are still in the NSA, FBI, CIA and IC. We need to instate LTG Flynn as the NSA. He WILL be able to get control over this rogue organization.

  • RogerHelen Welborn

    When Republicans warned them about Obamas obsession with Iran, flew in unmarked untraceable bills, gold, etc to Iran the media yawned and said, conspiracy theory’s. Yet when the Democrat’s jump on a Russian Conspiracy theory the media goes nuts and says it is like Watergate, worse then 911 and Peal harbor. They are exposing themselves everyday as hacks for the Democrat’s and George Soros.

  • Beast

    the traitors inside the INTEL, CIA , DOJ , & FBI will be outed new incoming director MUST FIRE EVERYONE WHO HAD ACCESS TO THIS INFO …UNLESS THE PATRIOTS who know who the leakers are and MUST TELL THE PRESIDENT WHO THEY ARE …ALSO hiding info from the Commander in chief is TREASON !! PURE & SIMPLE ..these acts against the President and WH WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL .

  • klediss

    then fire the WH staff and get some real Americans who need work , have them reassigned to a sewer plant for long term service.


    Purge everyone. Aren’t helping the team your fired.

  • Donna Curtis

    Because President Trump is taking the position that not everything his administration and he do is not for public consumption (and I agree…we publish our plans to deal with our enemies before we even begin!) I feel confident there is more to Mr. Flynn’s departure than is available to the public. He has the authority and the responsibility to surround himself with only those individuals about whom he has no concerns.

  • Red

    Liberal douche bags aren’t that hard to spot. Flush them out when they leak and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Moon3

    Root them out, hang the unelected deep stators.

  • All American

    Look into Obamas shadow government, his closest allies have infiltrated DC.
    No conspiracy theory. To fully comprehend you must read “The Manchurian President” by Aaron Klein (an Investigative Journalist) and Brenda J Elliott.

    • Clean House!

      “Obama’s Secret Plan To Get President Trump Impeached” National Enquirer on news stands today! This is the first time I might believe NI!
      Obama is behind these townhall protests, what else is this devil up too!!??

  • Yan Sun

    The leak of Flynn talk resembles the communist police state where I grew up. Very scary. Drain the swamp of CIA and FBI. Fire office by office until the real mole suffices. These moles basically tell Russian to change a new phone system because we are tapping you. It is a criminal act against ordinary Americans like you and me. Probably they are tapping mine here too. Disgusting democraps!

  • Native Born American

    I keep reading more and more about the globalists who are attempting to undermine President Trump and remove him from office for thwarting their plans for complete control.
    I know, it sounds like a cheesy movie plot but look at everything happening, from certain political figures voting for career criminal Killery to Soros funded rioters. It’s as if traitors, career politicians and the press are trying to start a civil war and they will do anything to take back control, but it won’t work and they won’t succeed because we see right through them and we don’t trust them.
    President Trump should track down those working behind his back, these unpatriotic American haters and charge them with treason.
    We the American people elected President Trump because he is the only man who can stop the globalists and new world order. And, we’ve got his back. We will not give these people control of our lives, we will not be quiet and stand back. We love our country and our freedom and we will not give up because we will not allow our children to be controlled by real life monsters!

    • Ronny

      Start rounding them up and detain them at Gitmo, show it live on tv for all to see as they are booted off the choppers.

  • Deplorable B Church

    Trump screwed up this thing with Flynn, big time. Flynn did nothing wrong, but Trump caved to the media/democrat pressure, and it was a massive mistake. You can never, ever give in to these people, you have to fight them every hour of every day. There was no reason whatsoever that Flynn had to go. I suspect Trump listened to that snake Priebus, who is a spy for the GOPe. He has to go, and Trump needs to learn a lesson from this fiasco. NEVER. GIVE. IN. – EVER.

    • NorthEast

      An interesting point of view. I also do not see Flynn as being a bad guy, rather that he was on the job and getting things ready even before Jan 20 and as a part of the transition.

      • Deplorable B Church

        DC establishment elements in the intelligence community tapped Flynn’s phone when he was still a private citizen, and then leaked the contents to the Washington Post. Their strategy is to create scandal after scandal and ultimately to get Trump impeached.

        Make no mistake: This is the AMERICAN intelligence community trying to undo the results of an AMERICAN Presidential election. Treason has been committed here by agencies that exist to protect national security. Instead they are actively undermining national security and blaming it on the Russians.

        Conspiracy to commit treason has also been committed, because these elements are organized with members of the DC Establishment, including senators and House members of both parties.

        It is time for Americans stop sitting idly by and just watching these events. It is time to arm and develop strategy. There needs to be serious consequences for what is being done to this country. People need to be brought to justice. The time for watching and waiting is over.

        • All American

          Drain the swamp is a great start.
          Patriot boycott is also felt by the establishment.
          Know your enemy

        • Opinionsgiven

          You got it.. been saying it for years – the Government is running the country not the POTUS, Trump will not stand for it. They are after him to fall in line, like the others did!

    • Yan Sun

      I agree. The more Trump can piss off these swamp people, the better we trust him. Washington is so fk up. Trump should get another one for this job who is clean and can really pee on these democraps. These demented Pelosy who is still fighting against Bush, or that stupid congress women Maxine who believed Russian is invading Korea? They really need some dementia pills!

    • All American

      I believe that the misrepresentation of the facts by General Flynn to VP Mike Pence defamed him. I doubt that chatting with another world leader about any matter nonchalantly is the issue here.

  • HarryObrian

    I’d ask what purpose does being late to this awareness serve?
    No one in their right mind would assume they were walking into a field of tulips when entering that white house after anti-American Barry with malignant narcissism used the place as his toilet. I’m willing to bet Val Jarret is still hiding in the walls somewhere or in a kitchen cabinet and that moose head in the game room is actually Moochelle.

    • All American

      Yeah well let us remember that President Trump knew that he was walking into the largest filthiest house in America when he left his plush life, rolled up his sleeves and chose the crew that he could rely on to get the job done.
      A big job for a “Man of Courage and a True Patriot”
      We must stand strong with him to once abd for all rid our land of of the DC dirt!

  • bucketnutz

    That’s what happens whe you allow Jack Kasses in your house, and John McCain in your bid-ness

    • All American

      And Lindsey Graham


    Stop tweeting and getting cozy with the press