Trump Administration Seeks To Remove Obama-era Regulations On Drilling

Oil lobby pushes for offshore drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico

December 25, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The Trump administration plans to eliminate costly Obama-era regulations on offshore drilling.

According to a new report, the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement is poised to reverse certain bureaucratic measures on offshore operations.

The administrations is reportedly set to erase an Obama-era rule on equipment inspection.

It also seeks to give more autonomy back to businesses by changing a requirement about reporting data to the government.

Additionally, a change to a drilling provision, which critics say could be used by regulators to abuse their authority is also in the works.

The agency estimates the moves will save the industry nearly $1 billion over the next decade.

  • WSWSapphire

    So much winning for America under Pres.Trump. It’s All (very)Good….

  • Bob Ritthsler

    Drill off of Cape Cod and where ever else rich libturds live.

  • C B

    Repeal Everything Obama ; MAGA

  • 44fraud

    Result: more MAGA winning; more liberal whining.

  • No Mas

    While I approve removing overly burdensome regulations, I insist on making corporations 100% responsible for all costs related to any “mistakes” All undersea drilling must have proper shut off and capping of holes to ensure oil does not seep into the ocean any more than nature allows.

  • Jeff Hill

    This will be a benefit for Americans economically, which means legal honest working class American citizens will have a little bit better life. The liberals will hate it.

  • Beachguy53

    Fork you Obama. Worthless POS!! NOW die.

    • kaiju

      He’s still got his muslim brotherhood headquarters in DC.

      • HarryObrian

        and Valerie Jarret in his back pocket…

  • Robert Adams

    The only regulation about offshore drilling that needs to impenacted is that the rigs not be visible from the shore. The wind turbines have ruined many a landscape inland, why ruin the ocean horizon?

  • JustmJustm

    I have no problem with the drilling aspects!!
    BUT again, we have to be carefull of inspections aspects because we dont want another 2010 like scenario on the gulf or anywhere else!!

    • Scott Snerd

      Yeah, these inspections are quite necessary, really. It is amazing what will get overlooked if its not mandatory to do something.
      The Deep Water Horizon……murders…..were the result of many factors, but shoddy maintenance was definitely a part of it.

      I work in the oil fields, on shore, and some of the drilling contractors are better than others, that’s for sure….

      • WSWSapphire

        I believe most conservatives are for gov’t. regulation – as long as it’s honest, minimal, common sense regulation. Without a degree of regulation, industries would be running as rampant as O, Hill and their enablers did.

  • PatriotInk

    President Trump, a real leader of liberty, and the free world-dismantling OZero’s policies from deceit one hit at a time, and smacking down OZero into the ash heap of would-be autocrats.

  • Derek Dominico

    Keep delivering PresTrump ! Thank You!

  • Michael Long

    Drill for jobs and $. MAGA – thank you POTUS

  • Pat S.

    Can’t wait for the trolls to opine. It should be funny.

  • Robert E. Lee

    Merry Christmas !!

  • Lenny Woodson

    The Donald. You da maaaan!

  • All American

    Drill Baby Drill🇺🇸MAGA

  • PatrickJ

    Do it. All that oil just sitting there on the bottom of the ocean, while other countries are drilling it.

    • HarryObrian

      Yes, do it but don’t continue the practice of shipping the oil out of country, sell it at home first.

      • gabriel

        Agree, but sell out country will reduce the debt and his giant interest.

        • HarryObrian

          Don’t kid yourself, they have no real plans of reducing the debt, it’s just smoke and mirrors, they spend every penny they get and more.

          • gabriel

            If the banker run the country yes, but MrTrump is in charge, he will fix America wounds.

  • Just A Guy

    This ought to leave some liberals reeling. 😉

    • C B

      Yeah its fun to watch Liberals squirm . I just found out that when Liberals see Older White Males in Red Pickup Trucks it pushes their Hate Buttons . I really did not have much use for a Pickup myself . Still , I like Red and went out and bought a New Red Pickup Truck …………………..

      • The Punisher

        don’t forget your American and Confederate flag stickers

        • C B

          The Red Pickup is the Symbol of Trump Support and MAGA