Top NPR Editor on Indefinite Leave Amid Sexual Harassment Claims

Michael Oreskes is facing allegations of sexual harassment. (REUTERS/Fadi Al-Assaad, File)

November 1, 2017
OAN Newsroom

NPR ‘s top editor is on indefinite leave after allegations of sexual harassment.

On Tuesday, the public media company announced it was investigating its senior vice president for news–Michael Oreskes.

According to “The Washington Post,” Oreskes assaulted two women while working for the the “New York Times” nearly three decades ago.

The women claim Oreskes suddenly came at them and stuck his tongue in their mouths during job interviews.

An NPR female employee also filed an HR complaint against him two years ago, saying she felt uncomfortable when he began talking about his sex life with her.

Oreskes is the fourth major media figure to face sexual harassment claims in the past few weeks.

  • Michael Hawk

    I USED to LOVE NPR/PBS …About a year ago they Turned into CNN I Am UPSET/Angry/And VERY Disapointed Read Up On Ken Stern FORMER NPR CEO…..He Openly States what he saw going on .I almost never listen Now …makes me SICK 🙁

  • Varangian Guard

    What?? Leftist NPR has a squirrel trying to bury hiz nutz? Say it ain’t so…………

  • Scott Henke

    I don’t want to demean these men or women, because I’m sure some are telling the truth, but pretty soon every man in America is going to be accused of harassment for something or other.

  • seawulf

    I know it started at FOX with Bill O’Reilly, and Eric Bolling and Charles Payne were also accused. But wow…does it seem that a huge majority of the cases coming forth are liberals? And many are homosexual accusations? Seems like every day there is another libby getting accused.


    This is just the tip of a very LARGE iceberg! It is everywhere….but, most women don’t know how to handle these creeps and either just laugh it off or go along with it because they are afraid. Same with the guys that have been approached. I do know a few straight guys that decked them when they approached them, but they were not employers just people out in the public…had no power over them.

    • turnipweed

      I sort of disagree. The women I know are strong, and wouldn’t be intimidated. Some pervert NPR guy would have a black eye, or worse. 🙂


        Didn’t want to sound too bad, but these creeps normally prey on the weak minded ones. It’s like they know who they are….

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    “An NPR female employee also filed an HR complaint against him two years ago, saying she felt uncomfortable when he began talking about his sex life with her.”
    She got grossed out when he started talking about his fascination with stray female dogs in heat. He said that Chuck Schumer turned him on to that perversion.

    • Tim maher

      She probably resembled that remark too and got offended.

  • Racer X

    Marv “Perv” Albert looks like a choir boy next to the monsters that are getting called out of the closet now.

  • Melvin Bonzarelli

    Sticking your tongue in someone’s mouth is a time-honored Aztec way of saying ‘hello’ to someone. Maybe Mr Oreskes is of Aztec heritage.

    • turnipweed

      Hmmm… I maybe I should start self-identifying as an Aztec. I’m not rich and famous, so I’ll probably be in a full body cast within a week. 🙂

  • Chase

    Why is anyone surprised, that is what liberals do.

  • turnipweed


    Watch it, they will try to turn this back on the Conservatives.

  • Ed L

    Aw the Weasels coming out of the woodwork

  • michaelparsons

    The Trans genders feel left out.

    • Melvin Bonzarelli

      What do they stick in someone’s mouth?

      • FromThe70s

        A bill for their gender reassignment surgery if they are in the military.

      • Tim maher

        That’s all pre surgery past history.

  • scott

    Let’s just say it! Every man is guilty of sexual harassment the whole planet over. Otherwise there wouldn’t be a human race.

    • Tim maher

      Yes, I think a lot of it is normal male/female attraction that has been liberalized. Not to say that it doesn’t go too far sometimes and that shouldn’t happen. But just take a look at the liberal fix. They are demasculating our boys and lesbianizing our girls. We really need to put a stop to that.

  • iwontell

    Guess the GUY has to much “free time” so what else does he have to do “at work”?
    EXCEPT…………well you know……….hee-hee

  • Chris C.

    How could this be??? Pure as the Driven Snow NPR staff member that he is. Surely this is fake news due to no one in NPR could do a thing like that, RIGHT?????

    • HarryObrian

      You missed the Clintoon and Soetoro administrations ay? (yes I know you are being sarcastic.)

  • No Mas

    Can anyone please explain why the communist demonrat bias NPR receives any federal funding? All bias media and other orgs should not receive one cent of public money. EVER!

    oh and don’t look now but DNC is telling all tech companies to not hire WHITE MEN! This should tell you all you needed to know about dirty leftinista’s!!!! Whatever happened to hiring the most qualified persons… regardless of any bias or social racist agenda!!!????

    • kaiju

      I do like NOVA, except for the global warming plugs they have to include in almost every one. That’s the reason I’ll never contribute a dime to NPR. Science without left wing junk science would be nice.
      Let us makeup our own minds please.

      • iwontell

        WOW first time I seen someone that agreed with me on GLOBAL BS.
        Good shot “kaiju”.
        ONE VOLCANO dumps more crap in one day than all the EPA BS that it cost us a fortune every year……..not to mention the Methane leaks Mother Nature give up.
        PS – there are THOUSANDS of active Volcano’s around the world “working”. We sure as “H” can’t out spend them………hahahah

        • kaiju

          Like all left wingers they think they are smarter than everyone else. When they throw out their irrational conclusions in the middle of what would otherwise be a somewhat enjoyable documentary, they expose themselves as the fools they really are. I just want the facts and don’t care about their twisted political bias.

          Algore’s polar bear floating on a piece of ice is a perfect example. The poor polar bear is floating away because the ice broke. Fact is a polar bear can swim 300 miles, climb out of the water, chase you down, and eat you.

          • Tim maher

            Polar bear having a liberal for lunch is a great visual. Thanks for the laugh!

          • tedlv

            Pity the poor bear!

          • kaiju

            Funny visual, but it is also true. Polar bears are born live and die on the the edge of the arctic ice. It’s their home and they are deadly to anything slower than them on land or in the water.

          • tedlv

            And they’re WHITE! Lieberals are such hypocrites.

          • kaiju

            Ha!! that’s a good one. Black Bears Matter!!

        • Localdude

          …well, maybe the lefties can start a campaign to ‘BAN VOLCANOES’.
          ..along with the big cow fart efforts – they are spending millions on….

          • JJake Spitz

            Lets not forget the suns 11 year cycle and that it periodically has explosions. Damn it, climate change, ban the Sun!

          • tedlv

            Definitely! Without the sun, we would never have any kind of warming, the ideal situation for liberals.

          • tedlv

            Yet they use electricity and eat.

      • Peter

        NBR is retry good

        • tedlv

          Please elaborate.

    • HarryObrian

      I’d be more concerned about this anti-sexual thing that’s going on in Follywood and who’s behind it… Christians?? muslims?? Pagans?? LGBTxyz crowd???, who? and for what reason?? money? diversion? control? identity??
      California is going down the tubes in debt, ILLEGAL ALIENS, crime and all they can come up with is identifying the life long pervs of Follywood???

      • Tim maher

        It was always bound to happen. It’s just the left canablizing themselves.

    • Tim maher

      The only reason I can figure out is that without our tax dollars they would go broke in short order. You know that liberals don’t spend their own money so our tax money is their only means of support. Dems think liberals need an echo chamber to listen to so they steel our tax money to be sure it exists. This is the only reason I can figure out.