Tillerson: N. Korea Must Earn Its Way Back to the Table

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks to reporters after a high level Security Council meeting on the situation in North Korea, Friday, Dec. 15, 2017, at United Nations headquarters. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

December 15, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is demanding North Korea give up its nuclear weapons and enter negotiations.

Ahead of a U.N. Security Council meeting Friday, Tillerson said the rogue nation must stop all threatening behavior before talks with the U.S. can begin.

He also reiterated that all options remain on the table, and the president’s policy with North Korea remains clear and unchanged.

“But we do not seek nor do we want war with North Korea,” stated Tillerson. “The United States will use all necessary measures to defend itself against North Korean aggression, but our hope remains that diplomacy will produce a resolution.”

The secretery of state said North Korea must earn its way back to the table.

He said channels of communication remain open, but stressed the U.S. will not accept any pre-conditions for talks.

  • Scotty

    EARN it’s way back to the table? What planet is this guy living on. Trump needs to fire him right away.

  • weasel1886

    And you could get a strep infection and die

  • Mark

    The best we can hope for is if Kim falls suddenly dead of a massive heart attack or something. But that would be too easy.
    We and our allies on the peninsula are going to have to male a ditch of their country. That’s all they’ll understand.
    Our first strike should be an EMP.

  • Jayson Casavant

    We do not negotiate with terrorists.

  • Javanne

    Trump must have blasted him for his earlier statement, which I would bet he made on his own. He always sounds more like Kerry than Trump and should be fired or otherwise forced out.

  • Chris H.

    Trump has Rocket Man scrambling trying to second guess what the US will do, kind of a refreshing change from Billy Bob, “W”, and B’ Rock!

  • Rufus Firefly

    Has Trumpie contradicted Rex, yet?

    • Linleigh Lue

      did you not say you would pray for peace?

  • weasel1886

    NK is no threat

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Let me explain it to you in words that you can understand you weasel. One of your neighbors makes it public that he is buying all kinds of weapons and he hates you. That neighbor also proclaims for years that he will use all the weapons that he has amassed to kill you and your family. Just how long would it take for you to call the police to have the threat to you and your family removed? Would you just sit there in your home and do nothing, under constant threat of attack, and just hope that your madman neighbor never acts on his threats? You know the answers.

      • Rufus Firefly

        That sounds like an argument for sensible gun regulation.

      • Tango Uniform

        Weasel’s cat was having kittens the day his 3rd grade teacher explained “threat”, so his ignorance is understandable.

      • weasel1886

        The NK has nointention of attacking us. They know they would be completely destroyed. This saber rattling is a ploy to prop Kim up at home.

  • Johnny G.

    Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way! Let’s rock! Grab the SK president and let’s open the door to the negotiation room and invite NK to enter. (IF they have the testicular motivation) Unification of the peninsula would be a great subject after poo pooing the nuclear weapons. 25 million starving sick people are waiting.

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Unification of two absolutely opposite cultures is a pipe dream at best. Not to mention, KJU will never give up his dictator status and SK will in no way be willing to pay for fixing NK. The most we can hope for is KJU coming to his senses and stops threatening us and makes nice but I’m not holding my breath. With a dictator, usually a bloody nose from the U.S. gets them back in their corner. With thus madman, it would start a war. Few options remain.

      • Scotty

        Exactly right. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s push some buttons and get this done.

      • Islander_58North

        They’ve only been separated for 60+ years; if East and West Germany can unite, so can the Koreas. KJU will never relinquish control, he will have to be removed…He’s not crazy, he’s greedy, spoiled, and cruel…

    • Sane_Person37

      The entire country of NK is a torture chamber. Those nations who claim to be for human rights need to step forward and demand the destruction on kim jong and the military leadership.

    • Scotty

      That would mean the little fat kid loses power. Not gonna happen.

  • Andrew Moore8

    Don’t tell polywog there is a table there…..he would be the first to it to eat everything up.

  • larryjcr

    NK has always taken the public position that it is the ONLY legitimate representative of Korea and that the South Korean government is a mere puppet of the US. The US has ALWAYS refused negotiations with NK that did not include SK. If the US does negotiate directly with NK, they will claim that PROVES their position.

    • Chris H.

      You would think that NK could see the economic boom across their southern border and the trade surplus the SK “puppet” has developed with their “puppeteer”. This would dissuade rational players of any intent towards war but then rationality is in short supply in the NK government.

  • Phi Lemon

    In political semantics, North Korea giving up their nuclear weapons should not be considered a “precondition”, but better thought of as a “chivalrous good faith courtesy”.

  • tophat1984

    Honestly, wgaf about North Korea? They would not dare truly provoke the US given their proximity to Russia and China..it would just give us an excuse to repave their country with our own missile silos…

    • Islander_58North

      Realize that there is KJU and the Elites…the North Korean regime. Then there are 25 million oppressed ppl in the country…inmates, if you will, in a vast prison masking as a country.

      • tophat1984

        There is no such thing as 25 million ‘oppressed’ people- they are obviously ok with their lot or they would change it. Just look at the way the French slaves fought for over a decade to take their freedom. Haiti make suck now, but it is truly one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments..

        • Islander_58North

          Even the soldiers bullets are counted. Information has historically been totally blocked, although technology is catching up. The camps are filled with political prisoners. Read a good deal more about the DPRK.

          • tophat1984

            What good bullets that can’t cross the Atlantic?

        • Disgusted Caucasian

          You are a fool. NK stands as the most oppressive regime on the planet today.

          • tophat1984

            Lol..sure thing you ‘world scholar’ 😀 Tell me all about the ‘secretive, oppressive’ regime..

          • Disgusted Caucasian

            You must be a communist and a dictator wannabe if you need me to explain the ruthless regime of the Kim family to you. Do you not have eyes and ears? Oh, and thank you for your compliment.

          • tophat1984

            And you must be a stupid twit if you can’t bother to explain your stupid statements 🙂 Go be a little coward some place else, rabbit.

  • landy fincannon

    I sure wished Tillerson’s handlers, would make up their minds.
    What happened to no preconditions?

  • nekronic

    One would think Kim Jong Un would comprehend that a strike against the US or our allies is a suicide move – an instant death sentence for him and his comrades. One would think; but one would be WRONG! The problem is we’re dealing with a madman….and you can’t reason with the insane.

    • landy fincannon

      Backed by the other superpower.

      • Arminius-Hermann

        China is just another lap dog the same as a barking chihuahua that needs to be dropped kicked between the field goals on the playing field called life.

      • Scotty

        They will not, I repeat NOT start ww3 over NK. It would mean their own destruction as well as ours. Besides, they need us to buy their slave labor made cheap crap.

    • HarryObrian

      I don’t think anyone who would feed his uncle to pigs is someone with good comprehension skills.

  • Margaret Keller

    I will pray for peace in North Korea and South Korea and the Middle East. All over the world. a lasting peace

    • Ray

      Margaret – We all do, but it looks bad. There are too many “trouble makers” to let peace happen. These conflicts go back into the BC years.

    • Arminius-Hermann

      Margaret this stand off has been going on since 1953 the war was fought from 1950 thru 1953.

      The USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) and the Peoples Republic of China sided with the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea after the United Nations group of Nations. Korea was divided at the end of WWII in 1945 then in 1950 North Korea attacked the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

      Joel 3:10
      Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruning hooks into spears; let the weak say, “I am a warrior.”

      As an American I believe in the below… best to be prepared then unable to protect your family, yourself or the country we love.

      “Trust in God and keep your powder dry”

      “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition”

      “God helps those who help themselves.”