Texas Police Seek Man Who May Have Killed Woman, Kidnapped Daughters

Lilianais Victoria Cake Griffith, left, Luluvioletta Bandera-magret, center, and Terry Allen Miles. (Photo/KEYE-TV)

January 3, 2018
OAN Newsroom

Police in southern Texas are continuing to search for a 44-year old man believed to have killed his roommate, and abducted her two young daughters.

Round Rock Police are seeking for Terry Miles for questioning in the death of 44-year-old Tonya Bates.

Bates’ body was found Sunday during a welfare check at a home they shared.

Miles is also believed to have abducted 14-year-old Lili Griffith and seven-year-old Lulu Bandera-Margret.

Miles is believed to be driving a gray Hyundai Accent with Texas plates, and was last seen in northern New Mexico or southern Colorado.

Terry Allen Miles might be in route to Louisiana in a grey 2017 Hyundai Accent with Texas license plate number JGH9845. (Photo/Round Rock Police)

Police are asking anyone with information to contact authorities.

  • landy fincannon

    A plate number would be helpful, otherwise an innocent countryman may end up dead.

    May this have peaceful resolution for the little girls.

  • ShemSilber2

    Shame on this bloody coward for the murder of the woman and the kidnapping of her daughters. May Almighty Yahuwah protect these young ladies and keep them safe from any further harm, in Yahusha’s (Jesus’) Name, amein.

    • landy fincannon

      Indeed, my friend.

  • a voice of concern

    SAD Situation. sometimes I think we should bring back the bounty system and just put a price on these people dead or alive but give a bonus if they come back dead.

  • 2EdgedSword


  • All American

    🙏🏻Prayers for these two young girls may they be found alive and unharmed.

    • caisson17

      Let’s hope they get him before he gets to California. I’m not too confident in their court system right now. I hope they find the girls well and unharmed.

      • All American

        Let’s claim it🙌🏻

  • nfcapitalist

    While I understand this is a story it belongs in anther category of Crime… this is not of great importance to America’s future or the peoples business of saving our way of life from deteriorating under political corruption or foreign intrigue.

    Implement several more categories because this isn’t the most important information needed by Americans… perhaps a category like CHILD FINDER would be appropriate.

    • Barham619

      The headline got your attention. That’s the idea! The headline may grab the attention of someone who may be able to save these girls lives. I read a story about a young girl who took a break from her fast food job, stepped outside, and looked at her phone. She got an Amber alert on her phone. At that very moment the guy who had kidnapped a young girl, pulled up and parked at the shop next door. He left in seconds, so she casually followed him, while calling 911 to alert the police. She saved that girls life. Someone seeing this story may do the same. That makes it worth it!

      • nfcapitalist

        Make a new TRENDING ISSUES category… CHILD FINDER, that was a suggestion, and yes expand these subjects… is that not clear enough?

        • caisson17

          You can start your own news media organization and do pretty much what you want.

        • cusfo

          Clear enough to expose the mud swirling around inside your brain cavity.

          • nfcapitalist

            … feel better?

      • john smith

        There is nothing on this earth more important then the Children of this earth. Never should politics or state of a nation come before the well being of children.

    • Varangian Guard

      Since there are substantial identifiers posted in the article, anyone reading the article becomes someone who can reach out to the authorities if they see him or his vehicle. This would perhaps prevent another tragedy as this POS will get more dangerous as a cornered animal.
      God forbid he end up where your family is when he decides to take more people’s lives or further endanger the CHILDREN he has abducted.
      I’m sure OAN will provide you with a formal apology for wasting your time……what is it you do to save our way of life from deteriorating under political corruption by the way?
      They did just fine where it was……

      • nfcapitalist

        Suggestion… make this subject a CHILD FINDER trending issue… my observation is about expanding ISSUES not eliminating this subject.

    • CPO(Ret)_Luv’n_Life

      Isn’t that “Amber Alerts” are for? We had one a few days ago near Springfield and anyone who had a “smart” phone got the alert. The situation is not funny, but it’s funny to hear 15 phones all going off at the same time, and everyone knows what they are. Sadly, if the alert is not within 50 miles of my location, I just simply acknowledge it, and go about my business.

    • Captain Mann

      I wonder if you would feel differently if these girls were your daughters?

      • nfcapitalist

        Dedicating a “HAVE YOU SEEN ME” trending issue on OAN would be a draw for OAN, you see that too?

    • Tyrone

      Let OANN know your suggestion

  • john smith

    Two more little girls without a mother. What insanity! And another stupid man that has made his life so much better by killing rather then walking out the door.

  • Jaybird