Telethon raises $44 million for Hurricane Harvey, Irma relief

FILE PHOTOS: A combination photo shows singer, songwriter Beyonce in Manhattan and actor, producer Clooney in Toronto
FILE PHOTOS: A combination photo shows singer, songwriter Beyonce Knowles in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S. on May 2, 2016 and actor, producer George Clooney in Toronto, Canada, September 12, 2015. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz and REUTERS/Fred Thornhill/File Photos

September 13, 2017

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A celebrity-packed telethon for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma raised some $44 million, organizers said on Wednesday, after more than 130 stars including George Clooney, Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey and Justin Bieber joined forces to sing, man the phones or appeal for donations.

The hour-long Hand in Hand telethon, which aired across broadcast, cable and digital platforms on Tuesday night, raised more than $14 million during the live broadcast.

Organizers on Wednesday said that the total rose to $44 million in pledges made after West Coast and other re-broadcasts.

Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic Ocean storms on record, ravaged several islands in the northern Caribbean, killing at least 60 people. It barreled into the Florida Keys on Sunday, where 90 percent of homes are believed to be destroyed or heavily damaged.

Beyonce, appearing in a taped message, spoke of the urgent need for supplies in her hometown of Houston after Harvey became the most powerful hurricane to hit Texas in more than 50 years, killing more than 60 people, displacing more than 1 million and damaging some 203,000 homes.

During the show, Stephen Colbert said Apple Inc had donated $5 million, which the comedian quipped, “is also the price of the new iPhone.”

The telethon aired from New York, Nashville and Los Angeles, where Stevie Wonder kicked off the event singing “Lean On Me,” with a gospel choir as stars such as Tom Hanks, Barbra Streisand and Cher clapped along while sitting at their phone stations.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant, editing by G Crosse)

  • Fed Up

    Did any of the so called celebrities give anything? at 44 million I am doubting it. I am also doubting any of it will make it too the people who need it as often the case these so called bastions of society (their view not mine) need to cover costs so maybe a &1.50 will go to Texas. As for their bashing of our President and their spewing climate change accusations-how many arrived on private planes, have heated swimming pools, showed up on the outdoor red carpet that was AIR CONDITIONED! And they want to lecture us.

  • donna jones

    I can’t believe people would donate to something like this when you know the proceeds aren’t going to the victims. I’d rather drive down there myself and give the money directly to the people or to a local charity where theyre donating their time for free instead of paying “administrative” costs.

  • Rosicrucian32

    Cuck Flooney and the Bouncy that rode in on him………..

  • PAUL K

    Did all of the Hollyweird millionaires give at least $1 million each? Looks like they didn’t give much at all. They should at least match the $1 million that Trump gave. If George Looney can give $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center – he could surely give a million to those in need from the Hurricanes.

  • Jammie

    For all the mouthing off that Hollywood does you would think that ‘they’ would really give, but as usual, about the only thing they gave freely was their out of touch liberal preaching. I couldn’t listen to their rants and wish for once that when Hollywood does something they would leave politics out of it. Enormous praise goes to JJ Watts who quietly raised half that amount by himself and didn’t need a telethon to do it. Thanks to all who gave. Thank you JJ Watts. You are a true American!

  • GetYaH03

    Let’s see how much of it actually make it to the needy’s hands

  • Proud Conservative

    Not much considering their wealth!

  • Donald York

    Time for the Clinton foundation to make a move on all this money like they did in Haiti.

  • No Mas

    Show me where 100% of all proceeds go to all victims equally and not keep one cent for “expenses”.
    Otherwise its theft! No preference to “brown” racist either… SHOW ME!

  • shovel ready

    to them its like another award show so they spew their political sewerage

  • Jed55

    Can’t wait to see how much of that actually makes it to the victims! I’m guessing about $10.

  • D Linn

    So, people whose combined worth is billions, have multiple homes, utterly despise at least 50% of their fellow citizens spend (maybe) a day of their lives to get money from other people for those impacted by the disasters? How noble. (Smells like government, too, hey?)

  • old409

    Boycott Hollywood ,,,,,,,,,,, and all Liberal/Progressive entertainers.

  • George Baumley

    It doesn’t say how much of that is actually going to relief and they could have raised twice that if they didn’t piss of the right half of the country

  • Lee

    Doesn’t sound very good when compared to J J Watt raising 31+ million all by himself!

  • jilgavvent

    Is that all!! How many actors, producers, directors, stage hands, writers and suppliers are there? A football player raised $30,000,000! Where’s the beef?

  • Carolann313

    Anything that occurs with these douchbag Hollywood people is a SCAM … It won’t go to the hurricane victims ~ betting it goes to illegal aliens.

  • B Bradley

    J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans raised over $30 million WITHOUT a political telethon. These idiot stars would have got more if they would quit bashing our president.

  • America built on her citizens

    With Haitian experience Hillary will disperse the monies

  • ja ko

    totally disgusting celebrity performers. Hopefully, some money will go to some Americans and not only to illegals

  • Raj

    It is nice to have raised the money, but would have been unconditional if they would have kept their misguided philosophy to themselves. They turned off half the country…but the dumb heads don’t care as they are famous??

  • Sinthrax

    $44 million? I would have expected them to donate that much with no telethon? These people never let me down.

  • HollyB

    What the celebs probably did was take the value of their time off as a charitable donation.
    Did any of them actually donate?
    Just like liberals collecting other people’s money to take credit and make themselves look good.


    I just hope they actually do something to help people. And every penny raised goes to help victims and those who are putting in the efforts to do something.


      It also would be nice to see them donate at least a few million each as well.

  • TYvets

    Too snarky for me

  • JPalm

    Wonder how much will reach them. Probably gave Souther Poverty Corruption

  • Deplorable Jackphatz

    What a scam!

    100% of your donation will go to benefiting ~charities~*

    *Notice it does not say directly to the people who need it.

    Text GIVE to 80077 to give $25.

    When prompted reply to confirm.

    $25.00 donation to Comic Relief USA.
    Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your
    prepaid balance. All purchases must
    be authorized by account holder.
    Must be 18 years of age or have parental permission to participate.

    • Bud

      *Notice it does not say directly to the people who need it.

      It’s probably a rule of the IRS that all funds so raised must be disbursed through those groups it has blessed as 501(c)(3) charities.

  • All American

    George Clooney’s net worth is $500 million.
    Wonder’s net worth as of May 2017 was $110 million.
    Beyoncé’s wealth is put at $350 million in Forbes’ “America’s Richest Self-Made women” list. Jay Z accounts for most of it: $810 million.
    Oprah Winfrey worth $2.9 billion.
    Justin Bieber had a net worth of $225 million.
    Enough said…

    • Frank Meccia

      All that, and that’s all they collected, Jerry Lewis brought in more with his telethons.

      • All American

        At least they tried. It does show that their political views may have caused them a loss from which they will never recover. Fans gone forever⬇️

    • Bud

      Again, as I’ve pointed out before, “net wealth” in no way means the millions in cash are lying around.

      • All American

        What a loss to our world…

      • Fed Up

        So sell a damn house I mean really how many homes can you actually live in at a time. Bottom line-put your money where your mouth is or shut your mouth.

  • Letmesay

    If the the 44 million is true then these so called stars gave “zero”. It would not surprise me if they all got paid to man the phones. The people gave and they get the attention. Bunch of fakes.

    • Scott

      Your right you cannot trust a liberal groups from Hollywood. What they say is one thing but where is the evidences this money will be used will and it was just 44 million before expenses. Who gets the money will it be Hillary Foundation for relief for they give 5 cents on dollar for relief. They do not say what LIBERAL money groups will get the money for it will not be religious groups who do the best work. After expense what level of money is left? This all showmen ship to make money that it off of suffering of people that cannot relate too. They have done this before look good and feel good others pay for it.

      Really does anyone know where you can find the list of organization this money goes to.

  • mizjj7

    Now they should make a list of which organizations the money is going to and the amounts given to each.
    Just can’t trust these people…..

  • FreedomStorm

    Regardless of how hard the Hollywood Freak Show attempts to make themselves out to be heroes for fund raising …. the REAL heroes are ON THE GROUND in Texas and Florida.

  • Tiger184

    Not THEIR money, mind you, begging others to give money.

  • Steve Ford

    Pos liberal America haters. Show you crappy faces for handouts and keep that fat account they built up on the backs of real Americans. THEN complain about the president WE elected who BTW gave a million of HIS money.

  • Jonathan Jodoin

    Raising money is one thing, how do they distribute it to the victims. Maybe hand it out at the box office at their shows

    • Bud

      They will probably funnel it through the leftist agitprop group which does nothing directly for the storm victims but only lobbies for more taxpayer money to the sainted minorities.

  • WaterIsWet

    Is Beyonce doing some cultural appropriation or does Jay Z just like his women white?

    • Letmesay

      She always loves to look black has blond hair, she is a racist from the get go.

  • WaterIsWet

    All the proceeds are going for free abortions to the affected areas.

  • semper liber

    Another self serving anti-Trump gathering of hypocrites. That bunch of liberal elites could have come up with $100 million just from loose change in their pockets and not given it a thought. Oprah could donate $40 million and not even see it on her bank statement. Here’s the rub, the black ones give money to BLM and other hate groups but not one penny to victims of the Hurricanes.

  • gimmemymoney

    I would like to see the list of the amount each of the celebs Personally ponied up…I bet it would be a short list because these Regressive/Leftists never spend their own money… but rather want to use your money and they get the credit…

  • Redduke

    We rest our case; a star-studded cast of Hollyweird Lefties get only $44 Million advertising for aid like crazy from their lofty perches while the football star JJ Watt’s fund reaches $33 Million with no advertising and a web page. Conclusion anyone?

    • oneprivateer

      The leftist millionaires are NOT generous; they like using OPM!

    • Darwolford Wolford

      Good one

    • Jammie

      Thank you for correcting me, Redduke. just posted above and only listed the 22M that JJ has raised. Amazing what one person can do,

  • R A.

    From what I saw – it was like CNN on steroids and crack cocaine with all their ant-American leftist drivel..

  • Y2K

    I wonder if the Clinton Foundation will offer to distribute the money? For their usual 90% cut of course.

    I bet they ain’t no way tired and are ready to go.

  • Scott

    Just 44 million by these very Rich people that it for each could put up 10 million and make it 100 million. What heartless group, self centered ego centristic only 44 million that is reported. Each of these BIG stars could of put up 10 million and it would not hurt them any. They are liberal they believe in Big government should pay NOT them.

    The 44 million is report but what they do not say WHO gets the money? What was the cost of the event that is subtracted from the 44 million and then ask who got paid for this event. In the end how much money will reach victims in services is the real question. I think it will be 20 percent after all cost that is what liberal do they do not like to lose money they want to make money, Facts about where the money is spent is the real question and what services will be provide from the money. Do not trust these people they are liberal and hate is natural for them.

    It is far better to give to religious groups for help because of lower cost and more money to victims. But just 44 million that small amount money in Hollywood given cost to make video. The money they raised could go to Black live matter for protect, or groups that support man made global warming ideas to stop Hurricanes but NOT to good people. They do not have good record with money and helping others they may not like. They are smug group of people.

    • Bud

      It is highly doubtful that any of those stars could quickly lay their hands on $10 million cash.

      • Scott

        Thank you for your reply. First how many stars where at this event. 20 or more and some spend million a month on life and other less but coming up with say 2 million should be ease. Take Stevie Wonder who has sold how many records then even time he could go to Vegas and make Million a night. For them to come up with 10 million I say that can like Stevie can with a weak.

        The real scam to this is how much did it cost for the benefit? Then WHO gets the money for what purpose they do not say that. I know some benefits 70 percent of the money goes to production cost. These people are in for it for the money most of the time or who is putting the benefit together. Do not truth these people they are from Hollywood the town that believes in Man Made Global Warming with ON Science to back it up. Example we had Man Made Global cooling we where heading to Ice age in the 1970’s and laws where made. Question for you WHO said its man made Global warming. Was it NOT the UN in the late 1980’s for money.

        They had to replace Man Made Global cooling it was not true and all those Scientist NOW say its warming so they go were the money is. I forgot, it changed again like GOOD Democrats Science it is man made Global climate change so now every thing in Man made Democrats scientist cannot lose if your a Liberal thinker. Climate is not what it use to be its what Democrat think it is emotionally.

        How much did each of these stars gave for this event?

      • donna jones

        Oh they could too. They could pledge $10 million cash and have it within 30-60 days max. They don’t have to have it that second to donate it. Shoot, they could even pledge to donate ALL proceeds from their next movie. Steven King It movie is raking it in right now —– why not donate the profits ********directly to the people********

  • Bill Noland

    It would have been better if all 130 would have gave a million instead of running their mouth

  • Rosicrucian32

    Follow the money………….how much of what is collected will actually provide relief, and where will the rest go?
    Beware of what you write…..there were a LOT more comments earlier today. Someone is censoring…….and they were not racy or derogatory comments. Say it ain’t so OAN, did you get a progressive editor and not realize it?

    • Redduke

      the link to their comment policy is broken.

      • Rosicrucian32

        I am ABSOLOOTLEE certain the broken link is a KOH-WINKEE-DINK……
        Like the rhyme?

    • oneprivateer

      I have had several comments that were NOT vulgar deleted; I am convinced that these people are not as Free Speech as they would like us to think. Nothing on the website about the contractors linked to Benghazi coming forward and stipulating they were encouraged to not say anything about the truth at Benghazi. Google Brad Owens and Jerry Torres,

      • Rosicrucian32

        I agree. Mine were not vulgar or derogatory

  • Peter G

    “I” gave it a chance, but I told my wife I bet this will sound partisan Left. “I” changed the channel after Stevie Wonder’s comments.
    “I” don’t know about others but for me, I’m sick of being preached at. And I wan’t let down.