Technology Experts Convene To Educate Congress On Block Chain, Bit Coin, Crypto Currencies

July 17, 2017

Washington, DC – Young Richardson, OAN Political Correspondent

Bit coin is a crypto currency that uses something called block chain technology. And now the new Congressional Block Chain Caucus has welcomed the people involved in creating this new technology to the Capitol to help educate Members of Congress.

“I co-founded and co-chair the Block Chain Caucus here in Congress. And this is a event where we are welcoming people who are active in developing and utilizing technology for distributed ledgers from across the country…And one of the used of block chain are the crypto currencies is bit coin is one of those you might have heard of that’s famous that uses block chain or other crypto currencies as well,” says Colorado Congressman Jared Polis.

Block chain…distributed ledgers… cyypto currencies … buzz words that refer to form factors for digital asset storage, says Polis who is the co-chairman of the Block Chain caucus.
“If you think about the conventional way of storage…it’s centralized whether it’s on a computer or in the cloud, it’s in one place. If it’s behind a fire wall, we employ anti-virus programs, etc…what with the distributed ledger, a block chain would be a file maybe on thousands or millions of computers, dis-aggregated, distributed…it can be a way to validate transactions to store personal and financial information.”

Dis-aggregated…distributed…personal and financial information made possible by a promising new technology–but technology that is still little understood by Washington, says Mathew Roszak, Chairman of the Chamber of Digital Commerce.

“One of the key components of being in this ecosystem is also educating the Congress, law enforcement, other constituencies within DC about the benefits and the future of this technology. We’re in the early days, so call it the second inning of block chain and this digital asset ecosystem, and it’s gonna bring a lot of change and confusion in this town and the more you engage and educate, the better off this ecosystem will be… If you fast forward this movie, what we are going to see is the next Wall Street or Silicon Valley at risk of being built outside the US.”

Roszak says says China, Japan and India are all far ahead of the US in adopting block chain technology.

  • eladtoor

    If we’re gonna attempt to educate Congress, instead of “technical experts, etc.”, we should start with preschool teachers, alphabet blocks, pennies and nickles, and Monopoly money.

  • Lord Cornbread

    We can’t have a currency that isn’t controlled by the bankers otherwise they won’t be able to enslave us.

  • SlowpokeSA

    The conjoined comments illustrate, perfectly, why the conference is(desperately) needed. Block chain, distributed ledgers is not just about money, It is about SNYTHING that needs encryption. US Banks have been working on this tech for years now as the applications are open-source and unhackable. Let that sink in.

  • piscesapplelady

    Beware! This is a move for CONTROL of people via one world currency and one world government (New World Order), with the One Who Shall Not Be Named as the world ruler. And VISA is now offering huge incentives to restaurants and vendors to go cashless.

  • Turbine

    What I would like to see is the government take back the job of printing and issuing our currency and at the same time tell the Rothschild crime family to shove their federal reserve bank where the sun does not shine, and never will.
    Then charge the swine with massive worldwide fraud. If they have any filthy lucre left after that, then they can go and run their grubby little pawn shop in Germany or Austria or where ever the hell it was as they did before stealing from the world.
    Fractional Banking is the worst fraud ever foisted upon the world by these P’sOS, guarantees we all remain in debt forever, or while the current crop of gutless politicians are running things.

  • Freethinker00

    Ethereum currency just got hacked for 30 million. Second hack this week. So much for block chain security. This is the same way central banking moves money. Only 3% of US currency is in physical form the rest is digital.

  • Steven Wilson

    You can just about bet the Federal Reserve isn’t going to go along with this…if it Sh*t Can’s Their Banking jobs.
    These bankers don’t want to compete….they plan on running the whole show.
    Prepare for war.

  • Bill Jr

    Technology and Bank Experts Convene To Educate Congress On Simple Math After Obama Puts America 20 Trillion Dollars In Debt. One Expert Said, It’s Baffling How These Bastards Can’t Understand You Can’t Spend More Than You Take In or You’ll End Up In Bankruptcy. If Only We Could Withdraw The Money From Their Savings and Retirement Accounts and Foreclose on Their Properties For Every Penny They Go Over! They Learn Much More Quickly.

  • Marie Gray

    After all this verbal gymnastic I still don’t know what “bit coin’ is.

    • Jesse

      I used to have the same picture on my outlook email.

      • Bill Jr

        I Had It For Wallpaper, but It was a little too much. Nice But ‘Boom’ Effect. Like a Cold Floor When You Get Out of Bed ‘Oh! My!’

    • Freethinker00

      Look up cryptocurrency. It is digital money. The US has only 3% of it money in printed form the rest is digital. It is impossible to print 20 trillion dollars which is our debt.

      • Bill Jr

        No It Isn’t, All The Treasury Has To Do Is Mint a 20 Trillion Dollar Coin and Voila! Although Getting a Bank To ‘Make Change’ Might Be Rough 😉 , Unless You Go To The Clinton Foundation Bank & Don’t Trust.

    • Bill Jr

      Monopoly Money, Except You Can’t See It or Touch It! People Pretend It’s There and Hope It’ll Actually Buy Something Today, Tomorrow and The Next. Have You Ever Seen A House of Cards Fall? One Day People Will See The News ‘Bit Coin’ Hacked and Like South Park Bank Episode ‘Let’s Put Your Money In a Market Account, There…All Gone!’ What Do You Mean All Gone? It’s All Gone, Your Account Is Empty… Next Customer.”

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Our central banking system has failed us miserably and is nothing but organized crime. WE MUST develop an alternate system to survive.

    • Bill Jr

      ‘Here’s Three Chickens Doc for Juniors Dental Work.’

  • USVoter

    Bitcoin is the #1 money laundering tool in the world. Why do you think every cryto-ransomware scam on the planet wants you to send them bitcoin?

    • Resist_Tyranny

      Funny, it’s only laundering because it bypasses the central banks:) Screw the central banks

      • USVoter

        No, it is laundering because the system is designed to move money anonymously and untraceably across international borders.

        • Resist_Tyranny

          EXACTLY what we need and what I want. Why do you insist on tyranny and control?

  • dave22q

    Want government proof encryption/untraceable money? Then find a new country because Americans do not want to protect the privacy of terrorists, kidnappers, tax cheats, drug cartels, money launderers and the like. If the FBI’s reading your mail or tracing your finances scares you, you should be afraid! Government proof encryption with untraceable money is right out of the Anarchist/Progressive playbook to bring down America.

    • JR

      You lost me with ‘Anarchist/Progressive’. Is that like a Facist/Communist or a Conservative/Free Thinker?

      • Marie Gray

        Let’s use economy of words and say, Democrats/liberals, the same difference.

      • Bill Jr

        No, It’s Like UC Berkeley Staff and Students, Get The Picture?

    • Freethinker00

      Too late our money is already in digital form.

  • Matt

    The politicians and the Criminals all want this
    No way the Governments of the world can confiscate it from them

    Just Say No

    • All American


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  • downtown resident

    I would like to watch this attempt at educating congress and hopefully learn along with them. Online news search only shows your article so it appears it has not been scheduled yet. Sometimes CSpan broadcasts these things. Do a followup to this when you find out if you would.

  • No Mas

    I invite demonrats to use any other currency to fund their handout programs,

    • Marie Gray

      These Tech guys think they need to teach politicians to still and hide money? They are already master of the game, get elected get rich.

  • downtown resident

    Good article Young Richardson but have a colleague proof read your work before publishing.