President Trump

Senate Confirms Multiple Pentagon Positions, Rick Perry Considered to Lead DHS

The Senate unanimously voted on the confirmation of eight nominees on Tuesday, including Wall Street executive Richard Spencer to Navy Secretary. The approval of these nominees brings the total number of Pentagon confirmations in the Trump administration to 15. Meanwhile, Energy Secretary Rick Perry is reportedly being considered to replace General John Kelly in the Department of Homeland Security.

Dow Jones Hits 22,000 Points

Breaking news out of Wall Street where the Dow Jones just hit 22,000 points for the first time ever. This is the latest milestone for the stock market as it continues to reach record highs since President Trump assumed office.

Pres. Trump Signs New Russia Sanctions

President Trump quietly signs legislation imposing new sanctions on Russia. This comes after the bill was overwhelmingly approved in the House and Senate. The measure targets Russia’s energy and defense sectors, and includes new sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

Thousands of Militants, Refugees Return to Syria From Lebanon

Thousands of Syrians are returning home as conflict in the Middle East continues to de-escalate. On Monday, convoys of buses transported about 9,000 militants and refugees from Lebanon into Syria. This comes as the ceasefire brokered between the U.S. and Russia continues to hold strong within the region.

Pres. Trump Preparing for Trade Action Against China

New reports indicate President Trump is preparing to take action against China over trade. Officials are believed to be in serious discussions about launching a possible probe into Chinese violations of American intellectual property rights in the next few days.