Rebuilding Liberated City of Mosul Expected to Cost $100B

As residents return to the war torn city of Mosul, the Iraqi government is assessing the high cost to re-build. After three years of ISIS control and months of battles to reclaim territories, an estimated $100 billion is needed to begin rebuilding cities throughout the Arab nation.

Christmas Celebrated In Mosul After Islamic State Is Driven Out Of Area

The city of Mosul is celebrating its first post Islamic state Christmas. The war torn area was liberated from ISIS earlier this year, allowing many Iraqi Christians to peacefully celebrate the holiday for the first time in years. Thousands of Christians have fled the area since 2014, when ISIS took hold of Mosul. On Christmas Eve, dozens of families gathered in Saint Paul’s Church praying for peace and stability.

The Battle against Islamic State

(Reuters) – It was an awkward coalition riven by political and sectarian differences, facing an elusive, fanatical enemy dug into an urban maze of narrow streets and alleyways.