Suspected Cop Killer Caught in Pa.

Westmoreland County Detective Ray Duplika, left, and New Kensington Police Chief Jim Klein, right, escort suspect Rahmael Sal Holt, as they arrive for a hearing, Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017, in New Kensington, Pa. Holt is accused of killing New Kensington police officer Brian Shaw during a traffic stop Friday night, 17. (Louis B. Ruediger/Pittsburgh Tribune-Review via AP)

November 21, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The manhunt for a suspect accused of killing a Pennsylvania police officer is over.

Rahmael Sal Holt was arrested early Tuesday morning, and is being held without bail.

He is charged with the first-degree murder for the death officer Brian Shaw.

Shaw was fatally shot during a routine traffic stop Friday night.

Investigators say Holt fled the scene following the shooting, while the driver — identified by as Tavon Harper — sped off.

Harper was arrested Sunday night on drug charges after police discovered heroin and $2,500 in cash inside his car.

The New Kensington Police Chief Jim Klein praised the fallen officer for his dedicated service during a press briefing on Tuesday.

“I promise you that our officers will continue to serve with the same honor that Brian did…the same dedication and professional service that you guys expect and that you guys will receive,” announced Chief Klein.

Shaw was 25 years old and was working as a full-time officer for less than one year.

A funeral mass for Shaw will take place on Wednesday as visitation continues Tuesday.

  • Montanan

    God rest the soul of the officer and may he never forgive the killer….put me on the jury……..please

  • ToucheTurtle

    Surprise, surprise . . . . once again the media shields the race of the alleged cop killer, but now we know the truth. If this had been a man of ANY other race, it would be broadcast across all media sources for all to see, even when just a suspect on the run. I find it interesting that the media shelters the truth which makes them complicit of lying by omission.

    And if his family members indeed lied for him and help him evade the police, they should be charged as well, found guilty of the laws the broke and serve time. And their families are accomplists in his crime because they did NOTHING to make him accountable for his actions.

    I am sick and tired of killers getting a slap on the wrist, regardless of what race they belong to. It is PAST time to uphold the Rule of Law and enforce it to its fullest extent. Since when did we decide to protect the perps instead of get justice for the VICTIMS of their crimes?? I bet a hundred dollars this is not the first rodeo for this guy, and now the officer’s family faces a hard holiday season without him in their midst.

  • Clinicaleducator1

    Looks like an OBAMA family member!!

  • El gato

    Of course he’s black! The baloney about police violence is just a load of crap from the liberals! How would you like to have to be a cop and deal with these black s.o.b.s? Why is it that most violent crime is committed by these bums? We should never have allowed the freed slaves to stay in the U.S.! They should have been returned to Africa where they belonged. All welfare payments should be stopped immediately! Work or starve!

  • Freebird

    Just another Black doing what Black’s do ————– as far as they are concerned just another day at the office ho hum ————– they add oh so so much to our national fabric for the common-good — either selling drugs, killing police officers, beating people up, or robbing personal property from stores homes and individuals

  • PatrickJ

    For what it’s worth, I didn’t grow up in the inner city of a major metropolis. I grew up on a cotton farm in Tennessee. Our nearest neighbor was a half mile away. While I am not excusing any of these inner city youth for acting the way they do, I just wish they had had a chance of growing up in a different environment. Things might have turned out different.

    In the inner city environment you grow up quick. By ten or eleven, some kids are already pushing drugs. By the age of thirteen, a number of girls have already suffered being raped and are on their way to a future of prostitution. This is what the Democratic idea of “‘The Projects” has done to the black community. Keep them poor, keep them stupid, and keep them voting for Democrats because that is where their welfare check comes from.

    This isn’t the American dream. This is the American nightmare. Very few escape from it. It’s no wonder that so many black Americans don’t trust their white peers. Because while we may have grown up in the same country, we grew up differently. We might as well have grown up on two different planets.

    In the end, we are all Americans by birth. We have the same goals and dreams. We care for our children and we want to see them do better than we did. We simply have to do better at coming together as one people. Please forgive me, just a recurring dream I keep having.

    • Nick Rose

      When you replace Mothers and Fathers with Giverment checks and expect things to turn out well for you you’re a liberal Democrat.

  • Uncle Roddy

    Transport to jail: cuff him by his ankles to the rear bumper. If he’s alive when they get to jail he goes free*. The condition is that they take the freeway.

    • Jeff E Capello

      NAH, it’s Pa. let them run on the pike or I 80!! pot holes will get him before he even starts to wear down!!

  • Caroline OntheWillapa

    Surprise, surprise….he’s not white!

  • ginjit.dw

    Is there the death penalty in Pennsylvania? Fingers crossed!!

  • Sui-Juris

    Drug addicts. What the world needs more of… because their thoughts and feelings lead to good decision making. Another victim of society off to jail for ‘not his fault’. LOL

  • ipsprez

    Whoa!! It is a black guy, I was sure it was a white rascist

    • Jeff E Capello

      and a bible tottin NRA member too…

  • AtomicFury

    BLM’s Citizen-of-the-Week.

    • My Head

      Are we looking at GQ’s 2018 Citizen of the Year?

  • J. Waltam

    Send the dude to ChiCongo where he can mix it up with his bro’s, sing a little rap and play some Bassettball.

  • Charles Slavis

    No……They had drugs……..The rich SOB………

  • Charles Slavis

    White racists arrested the poor SOB………

  • Charles Slavis

    Police should riot and burn down poppy fields…….

  • Charles Slavis

    What do we want?….Dead cop killers……When do we want them?…..Now!.

  • Charles Slavis

    Dem Black Lies Don’t Matter……Yes those are your pants……

  • Impaler

    Get ready for a 2 or 3 year trial, multiple appeals and racist claims.

  • Impaler

    No worries. He’ll sit in prison for 40 or 50 years in a comfy cozy place getting served breakfast, lunch and dinner and all other things he needs.

  • maurinemwheatley

    Where on earth is the outcry!!! These thugs no matter what color or not deserve to be totally held to the test of our laws of the land and have those laws enforced….

  • All American

    Good that he has been apprehended. Lock him up and throw away the key!

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    At least Officer Shaw’s family can rest knowing this ingrate is behind bars. RIP sir.

  • Sgt. Pepper

    I’d like to see this sub-human scumbags rap sheet. I’d wager he should have already been in prison.

  • Jarhead0311

    I’m so tired of these animals, so sick and tired of them.

    I’m am very sorry for Brian Shaw’s family. I hope and pray for at least a little comfort for them in this difficult time. Please say a prayer for them if you’re so inclined.

    • Wayne C. Perelman

      While I am not religious I’ll say Brian Shaw does deserve our prayers and so does his family and his fellow officers!

    • UN Out of USA, USA Out of UN

      “Animals” is spot on. African thug culture. Might is right. No civility. No value to humanity.

  • Legion

    This could be Obama’s son …

    • Jarhead0311

      or his wife.

      • Brad

        I’d say wife

    • Charles Slavis

      Too funny!

  • landy fincannon

    My condolences to the family.

    The senseless acts in an attempt to escape charges for drug possession. Will now bring life in prison.

  • David Bagdasarian

    Why was he taken A L I V E? Are we certain he isn’t one of the brothers of Liangelo Ball,


    Blm supports the officer and his family correct?

    • David Bagdasarian

      Yeah, RIGHT!

  • deadandwicked

    Is that Michelle Obama?

  • Aldo

    “Routine” traffic stop – NOTHING is routine these days!!! These criminal animals are capable of ANYTHING !!! All we need is more un-documented – ILLEGAL – immigrant – “refugees” to add to our criminals – Trump is tryng to MAGA and every fu***ng liberal rino and bleeding heart POS is screaming open the borders – racist Trump !!!

  • Flagfriend

    “Investigators say Holt fled the scene following the shooting, while the driver — identified by as Tavon Harper — sped off.”

    Please, please tell me Tavon Harper’s charges have been elevated from just drug charges to accessory to murder.

    • Jeff E Capello

      Depends on the state, in many he would be facing murder 1 too!!

  • Living_The_Dream

    Another fine example of BLM! (insert SARCASM!)

  • Living_The_Dream

    To quote a Disney movie, “Off with his head!”

  • TexanForever

    But offisuh, why you ‘restin me? IDINDOONUFFIN.

  • Deny

    Good. Now kill him and be done with it.

  • C B

    Off with the dreadlocks say da Warden !

    • Jeff E Capello

      by the roots!!

  • Varangian Guard

    He looks pretty darn good on the perp walk for being in a predatory white privileged law enforcement presence. Wow must be an anomaly that he wasn’t beaten and killed……hmmmm….unless whatbthey been saying is wrong. Imagine that….

    • Wayne C. Perelman

      He should have been! Officer Shaw has parents, possibly a fiancee, and fellow officers and a community grieving for him! Irresponsible, homicidal behavior that Holt has displayed deserves swift and just punishment!

      • Jeff E Capello

        Should have a wanted dead or alive and a large cash award!!!!!

  • PatrickJ

    .I bet the officer escorting him is just hoping he tries to break free and run for it.

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Looks exactly like one of Odummy sons.

  • Impaler

    Yo Tayvon!!!! Wuz up HO!!! Yu getting no mo crack,HO!!!

    • Jeff E Capello

      He’ll be gettin crack but it will be his crack passed down the cell block like a peace pipe!!

  • marcthepig

    If Obama had a son…………………………..

    • Weary Warrior


    • landy fincannon

      He’d be straight. Lol

    • tophat1984

      This wasn’t President Obama’s fault. I detested some of his responses to police involved shootings during his time in office, but he wasn’t some ‘wizard of oz’ pulling triggers across the country every time a person, some drugs, and guns came together. That happens because many of us make horrible decisions from time to time. Infer from there..

      • P Cpley

        Obumbles did everything he could do to increase tensions with the police while he continued the victimization of the black community…

        • Chkitout1

          So true. Valerie Jarret was meeting in the White House with leaders from BLM. Obama deserves much blame for dividing this country.

        • tophat1984

          I agree he was no friend to our nations police force but that still does not make him responsible for the actions of others in the instances of the crimes in question.

          • Christine Sanchezlepe

            Yes it does. He instigated this mindset with all of his, (& his ‘ lovely’ wife’s), racial hatred. He had gotten this Country into so much racial tension by the time he left office. Left the Country where he wanted to–divided. It’s okay to go kill a white cop, not such a big deal there. Kill a black cop, oh my goodness, somebody’s got to pay. If it’s a white person who has killed the black cop…oh my God!!! There will be looting & attacks on whites, rioting & on & on. Don’t quite see the same ‘mass hysteria’ if it happened to be a black person who shot the black cop. You’ve got fools who call themselves ‘ football players’ go out on a GAME field to hurt, or worse, white players. obummer’s legacy. Take it or leave it. I’d rather that snake had NEVER disgraced this Country as he most certainly did, & is STILL trying to, even now.

          • tophat1984

            People say outrageous things all the time. ‘Words’ do not hurt or kill people. If you want to hate the man, that is fine- but don’t pretend that every shooting involving a minority is somehow his fault now. The only reason his name was brought up here today was for that very purpose. That only serves to make him a hero to one side and a villain to the other. He was and is neither, he is a former president just like the others. And Carter was definitely worse.

      • Winchester

        Horrible decisions! Shooting a police officer is not a horrible decision it is against all things good and it is absolutely evil. Shooting someone who works to keep you safe was turned as an act of justice by Obama and if you don’t see that through his rhetoric alone then you are just as evil and ignorant as that moron president. IMHO Trump in 20

        • tophat1984

          Actually, yes, shooting a police officer is a ‘horrible decision’. Don’t play semantics to try and create an argument for yourself.

          • Christine Sanchezlepe

            He doesn’t have to “play semantics” to create an argument for himself. He’s ALREADY got his burden of proof. Where’s yours?? And it IS more than just a “horrible decision”!! There is good & there is evil. End of discussion.

      • HML

        No he didn’t, he just blamed the system or cops or the USA for it.

        • tophat1984

          I can agree with you to an extent but remember some of his words were meant purely to get a pop from his base- all politicians do this.

          • HML

            Happened too many times to just a pop for the base………….

          • tophat1984

            Did it? Or was the ‘news’ just more accessible? Social media has changed a lot of things. ‘News’ that normally would not have gained any traction can be forced into the spotlight now. It can also be manipulated now more than ever. There is much more to consider than just one fella’s words.

          • HML

            He, Obama, enjoyed near unanimous support of the entire MSM, he got exactly what he wanted, and how he wanted it.

          • tophat1984

            Happy Thanksgiving 😉

      • UN Out of USA, USA Out of UN

        Marcthepig didn’t accuse Obama, but simply referenced Obama’s factual reaction to a similar black on white murder by saying “If I had a son…” in support of the black murderer. Obama NEVER supported white victims or police of any color in these situations…NEVER. That’s why so many of us despise him so vehemently. He was the great divider-in-chief….the only title he truly earned and deserves. He was and still is a total disgrace. If that offends you, too damn bad.

        • tophat1984

          Lol..maybe you get butt-hurt over the internet, but no, none of this ‘offends’ me, and I said President Obama didn’t commit any of these crimes..not that he was a good person or a good president (although he did accomplish some good things)- he certainly wasn’t as bad as Carter.

          • Christine Sanchezlepe

            He will go down in History as the absolute WORST president that this Country has ever had the misfortune of having in that great office. Oh, but that’s okay, if you can pull statues down to “change history” I’m SURE that they can take care of this “minor little detail” as well!!!!

      • Justume Samson

        I don’t work for OAN but I could help but remember their policy above for posting:

        OAN Comment Policy

        Stay away from racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. No URLs or links. Watch your language. Also, don’t feed the trolls.

        Troll is blocked by me.

        • tophat1984

          If you really believe someone is a troll, why reply at all?

    • Tango Uniform

      If Obama’s father had a son.