Steve Bannon Mulls Endorsing Hatch to Block Romney from Utah Senate Seat

FILE – In this Oct. 17, 2017, file photo, Steve Bannon speaks at a campaign rally for Arizona Senate candidate Kelli Ward in Scottsdale, Ariz. Bannon and a political organization he’s linked to have plunged into Senate races in their drive to oust establishment Republican politicians. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)

December 4, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is seeking candidates in Utah to prevent Mitt Romney from launching a successful Senate bid.

In a report published Sunday, Bannon is said to be looking to endorse Senator Orrin Hatch for the seat.

Bannon has launched a war on establishment politicians, promising to challenge every seat in the 2018 midterm elections.

Senator Hatch has recently realigned himself with the president’s agenda, and was a vital figure in passing the Senate tax bill.

“I’ll say this for you… he’s been one of the best presidents I’ve served under… and the reason is he’s not afraid to make decisions… he’s not afraid to take on the big mouths around here,” Hatch said about President Trump.

Hatch was elected into the Senate in 1977 and served under many presidents, including President Reagan.

One of Bannon’s associates told The Washington Examiner that if Bannon had to pick between Hatch and Romney, he’d pick Hatch 10 out of 10 times.

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  • Linda Trimpey

    Why does Romney think he can win over Hatch? I don’t like Hatch, either, since the John Birch Society Freedom Index lists his current congressional (115th Congress) constitutional voting score as 50% meaning he votes constitutionally only 50% of the time. I consider him a constitutional liberal.

  • iwontell

    Why the hell is Romney back in the news……..he “might” have been a good guy at one time……..BUT HIS TIME IS OVER and he needs to just SHUT HIS MOUTH and GO AWAY.
    Your Opinion on anything is IRRELEVANT Georgy Boy.
    Maybe one of these days he will write a book entitled “How to become a SORE LOSER”

  • Susan

    No more Romney!

  • Letmesay

    Just the thought of Romney anywhere near the White House gives me chills just like Obama did…
    Thank you Mr. Bannon.

  • psadie

    Pretty damn sad that there is no one to step up and run for Sen. Hatch’s seat especially when you can’t trust the RINOs. These folks will do what they must to save themselves until the tide turns…do not trust them!

  • Perry Fernandez

    I’m with you 100%!

  • Phil M. Kelley

    This article neglects to mention that Hatch is the incumbent, who won his 2012 re-election with an huge 65% to 35% margin over his Democrat challenger. Romney would be picking a poor race in which to challenge Hatch in 2018, but the Bannon/Breitbart endorsement cannot hurt so bring it on.

    • Sui-Juris

      According to those who track such things. A poll by Firehouse Strategies and Optimus Consulting found that just 13 percent of Republican voters said Bannon’s endorsement made them more likely to support a candidate. Precisely the same number said the backing of the Breitbart chief would make them less likely to support a given candidate.

      • RMCS Ret.

        I don’t listen to any of them. I do, however, think that a Bannon endorsement MIGHT garner some additional campaign funds.

        • Sui-Juris

          It may, and it may reduce the numbers that would have contributed? That is the problem with null sum polling. Any possible ‘win’ prediction comes with an equal possible ‘fail’ built in.

  • America First

    I can see it now..Willard and his Fifty Grandmas celebrating his election..

  • eladtoor

    GEEEEZZZZZZ, If you’re put in a position in which you are forced to choose between Hatch and Romney, the only sensible choice is to put a .45 in your mouth and pull the trigger.

  • Libhunter

    Amen! Take out the trash each & every democrat & RINO!

  • Jason Lamson

    Surely we can do better than Hatch *or* Mittens.

  • landy fincannon

    Mormons are a strange lot, with their undergarments. Hard for me to call them Christian.

    • Living_The_Dream

      Are you as stupid as your comment? Sorry, that wasn’t very Christian like. The actual name of the church is; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Christianity is defined as, a person or group who claims belief in Jesus Christ. I’m thinking you must be a Muslim and have no idea what Christianity is. Mormons definitely believe that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world, that he atoned for the sins of the human race and was resurrected, thus breaking the bands of physical death. Calling Mormons a “strange lot” must be based on the fact that you know absolutely nothing about the religion or the gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t dare attempt a guess as to what religion you may be. But then again, you may be one of those that don’t believe, or maybe a “Sunday” Christian only.

      • landy fincannon

        Are you a Mormon?

        • Living_The_Dream

          No,I’m Catholic. What do you think?

          • landy fincannon

            Then perhaps you should be a little more careful about what you say.

            My I suggest you listen to an ex-Mormon, Ed Decker. You obviously need a refresher course on what a cult is.

            I suppose you think that going to MacDonald’s makes you a hamburger too.

          • Living_The_Dream

            A true anti-mormon. Go to non-Mormon sources to get the truth about Mormonism. Let’s see, that’s like going to a straight homo-phobe to learn about LGBT community. Do you think the anti-mormon is going to tell you the truth? You are as retarded as I thought.

            I guess all religion is a cult, being that the definition of a “cult” is:

            “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.”

            Being that Christianity pays “devotion” to Jesus Christ and God the Father, all Christianity fits comfortably into the definition of a “cult.” So what cult do you belong to?

            Never heard of MacDonalds. I’m thinking you are as illiterate in life as you are about religion. The hamburger restaurant chain is referred to as McDonalds. And no, I do not believe by visiting the chain, makes one a hamburger. Hamburger comes from cows, not people, or were you raised in the city and think burgers, steaks, port or any other kind of meat comes from a grocery store?

          • landy fincannon

            Well , I noticed you went back and edited your LIE. So, care to explain why you felt it was necessary to lie in the first place.

            As far as Ed Decker is concerned he was a Mormon Church Elder. Meaning he has attended the inter sanctum weddings. Something I’m sure you have never done.

          • Living_The_Dream

            My lie? I simply deleted my sarcastic statement, and made sure the truth was understood. It’s obvious you don’t know what you’re talking about. Sounds like you follow this Ed Decker like a blind puppy, unable to think for yourself. I don’t know why Ed Decker left the church, but I’m sure he felt justified. Doesn’t make him right. Also doesn’t make him the “authority” on Mormonism just because he was a disgruntled ex-member. Believe what you want to believe, and I’ll continue to believe the truth. Some day in the future, we will all know, without any doubt, what the truth is.

            If you feel like you have to have the last word, go ahead, I won’t comment anymore after this one. Makes no sense to argue with Satan.

          • landy fincannon


            LOL. You’ve seen the Golden Plates?

            You wear sacred garments for protection and you think that is normal.

            Man, you’re to much!!!

          • landy fincannon

            BTW, which is it?

            Ed , in one post is “non-Mormon” source. Then all of a sudden he is a “disgruntled” member.

            I think you’re the one who is confussedconfused or easily led.

          • landy fincannon

            Oh, you were waiting for me to condemn you for being Catholic. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

          • Living_The_Dream

            No, I was not waiting for you to condemn anything. After my response, you asked a stupid question. I was being sarcastic and then erased it.

          • landy fincannon

            You can use any euphonious you like but it was a deliberate attempt to deceive.

          • landy fincannon

            Have you ever read any of Ed Decker’s books?

            You might find some of his work on you tube.

    • Elizabeth A. Parks

      Only Mormons think they are Christian. They believe that Jesus and Satan are brothers. This is America, they are free to believe as they wish.

      • landy fincannon

        Certainly, as we are free to point out some of their believes, like sacred garments, with strange occult symbols.

  • a voice of concern

    As I recall Romney went on a 30 minute rant against Trump and Trump blew him off with one Tweet asking if he was still a Mormon. Priceless….

  • a voice of concern

    lets see isn’t Romney the guy that AWOL the last month of his campaign and went fishing or something so Obama could win a second term and he could continue his passive aggressive stance and slide along pretending like he gave a crap the same way McCain did?

  • C. Scott

    Mitt is part of the swamp. He also laid down after the first debate with obama, in which Mitt crushed him. No Vote for Mitt and the swamp!

  • I’m Proud

    I agree with ArmyAviator! Romney is a traitor. So sick of his antics.. Disgraced liar.

    • john smith

      Romney is not a traitor, he is a Demacrap disguising himself as a Republican…………. now that I think about it, that’s the definition of a traitor, never mind.

  • Sui-Juris

    Bannon’s so called war on establishment politician is apparently very selective. Or we are to believe that Orin Hatch’s 40 odd years as a active politician for the GOP makes him new to the game!!! LOL

    • john smith

      But there are lots of people who are politically active aren’t there? Including us. But we don’t all become senators.

      I think he is reffering to people who make a life out of being a senator.

      • Sui-Juris

        He isn’t. Bannon’s not a Republican. He’s a third-Party guy who wants to scrub the GOP of Republicans. He’s one of these extremist who’s base are really disgruntled Paulbots and libertarians who go around shouting RINO and true Conservative as if they mean something. Like extremist Muslims shouting ‘true Islam’ and ‘apostate’ like they have meaning beyond the excuses they are looking to cover their hatred. (Not a fan of Bannon. Never was. He ain’t no Andrew Breitbart, and that’s for dang sure)

        • john smith

          You are talking to a Tea party member, I also would love to see the Republicans go. I am stuck with them for now but President Trump represents the Tea party’s views much more then he does the Republican party view. That has been proved by how many in the republican wheel have voted against the things he tries to get passed. Had it been the Tea party they all would have passed the first time around. And the Demacraps hate him with such an extreme passion because he doesn’t care what they or the Republican party thinks. His only goal is what’s best for America not the political party’s.

          • Sui-Juris

            Voted trump and I’ve been TEA Party for years, but I’m not anti-Republican and I don’t think you improve a Party by moving in people who hate the Party to start with, and think their view is the only view. The GOP is big tent, not social conservatives only.

            Don’t confuse election politics, or Party politics with “against Trump”. Even TEA Party Reps. have been among the no voters on the so called ‘Trump agenda’ bills. They have to go home to their constituents and stump for re-election. We don’t win on minority votes like the Democrats.

          • john smith

            I voted for Trump also because he represents me. I am not anti-Republican either but I am anti-liberal Republican’s and there are a lot of them. There are no liberal Tea party members, if they were they would have run as Republicans. Way to many in the Republican party have forgotten who they represent, that is why people like you and I have switched over to the Tea party. To coddle the Republicans and tell them their doing a great job would be a lie. If the republican party was doing its job President Trump would be getting all his bills (or agenda) passed.

          • Sui-Juris

            Name something Trump isn’t getting that you can pin wholly on the GOP in Congress.

          • john smith

            Are you asking me to mention something that only the GOP stopped him from getting? If so of course that is not the case, the Demacraps are the major obstacle, but there are enough Republicans that they tip the balance. and that is what the Republican party always does it fights against itself.

            That’s one thing I’ll say for the Demacraps, like little robots they vote party lines. Obuma had none of the problems with his party that President Trump has with his.

          • Sui-Juris

            That is what make the GOP so much better than the DNC. No marching in lockstep. Your vote is valued even if it argues the majority. Smells like Democracy. 🙂

          • john smith

            So you think its good that the party that is screwing up america pass whatever they want when they are majority, and the party that could help america vote against itself and have gridlock when it is in majority?

            Democracy is something you fight for, if you are willing to let your enemy tear down your country but you are to busy infighting to do what you can to stop it eventually you will lose. If the Demacraps tear the country down like they do each time they take office (and Obuma did it at a exhilarated pace), and then you take office and in-fight rather of getting things done, how long do you think you can keep that up?

            When a house is divided it Cannot stand. The Demacraps will stand the Republicans will not, unless they change. And I see no change.

          • Sui-Juris

            The house isn’t divided. It just isn’t no herd mooing in unison to keep back the night sounds. Total agreement is never necessary. Disparity of opinion tells you were you stand in relation to others.

            I never was politically hysterical, so I don’t buy into your death of a nation doomsday bit, and people have been prophesizing the GOP’s down fall since inception. We always manage to self correct and the last thing we need running the country are politicians who are so afraid of tomorrow they cant see past ” the good old days”. Whatever that means to them. We ain’t going back to 1776 no ways and it weren’t all that in the first place. Things are happening. Tomorrow looks good, and for the first time in eight years I’m personally optimistic. Sorry you cant see it. Good talk. Enjoy your evening.

          • Joshua Campbell

            If we can convert Trump to the Tea parties views, then others can be too. Remember Trump was a Demorat for years. But then he saw the light.

  • Joanne Fusco DeStefano

    WTG Steve…keep the creep out

  • guest

    I’m moving….ROFL! I’m an American Israeli watching from Tel Aviv. What a ridiculous circus the Democrats aka the Progressives have turned Congress into…it’s all about power nothing to do with the people. Very bad. I do love the way Trump tweets and calls them out on it. Street fighter, your warrior. Well done.

    • I’m Proud

      At least you see the clear picture from there. These liberals here don’t have a clue.

    • john smith

      I would compare America dealing with the Demacrats to Israel’s dealing with the Palestinians. The Demacrats hate America and its views, just like the Palestinians hate Israel and its people.

      • guest

        You have a point. Democrats do support policies that hurt Americans…I have no idea why. Like Conservatives we don’t hate the Arabs we treat them equally under the law in Israel. As Conservatives don’t hate Democrats … this inability to treat the other well by liberals .. to see another point of view is very bad.

      • guest

        BTW, get Ted Cruz out of the Senate

  • There’s a good reason Mitten didn’t get elected in the first place and why he still isn’t fit to run for office.
    He’s a damned liberal, just like 60% the gop’E.

    • tdf050658

      As true as that is, he still would have been better for America than the guy he lost to.

      • Not_The_ATF

        Not even close. Are you missing your man Obama?

        • TexasDeplorable1134

          Romney ran against Obama as the 2012 GOP candidate and lost. So yea, he would have been better than Obama for a second term. ANYONE would have been better than O for another 4 years. But having Romney run also allowed for there to be maximum damage induced to this country. So pass on him getting back into the swamp.

        • tdf050658

          Didn’t vote for him either time, I am a deplorable. Proudly.

      • I’m Proud


        • tdf050658

          Reading comprehension problems?

      • greg12345678910

        True. And beating Obama should have been an easy task in 12. The problem was that Mittens wouldnt attack Obama.

      • America First

        But barely.

      • Yes and no. Mitten would have allowed the GOP to further capitulate to the Dims, allowing them to remain a viable power.
        Mitten’s loss ushered in the Marxist, causing the Dim party implosion, sparking TEA and it’s drive to purge Marxists in both party’s.
        In truth, the Marxist did more for the nation than anyone could ever have imagined, he awoke the ire of the Right, and the rest is history.
        Come 2018, the gop’Establishment will suffer wrath of the base, furthering the move to the Right in this country..
        If not for the Marxist, we’d still be playing thge game of electing the less evil as our Representatives.
        We’re no longer the frog boiling in the pot.

  • Tado

    Secularly-deranged persons also should kept out of CongreSS.

  • Harold Swift

    We have had all of Romney we want. Go for It Bannon, we are on your side.

    • guest

      Excellent..I agree. I hope he finds some businessman in his 60s. A man with accomplishments not some young putz like Rubio, Cruz or Mike Lee.

  • ArmyAviator

    Blocking Romney from the Senate is an IMPORTANT step toward draining the Swamp. Romney is a GOPe luminary and a well-known ANTI-TRUMP moron. Defeat this pansy!

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Yepper, the whole purpose is to DRAIN the swamp, not fill it back up.

      Sorry Mitt, you had your run and you are now part of the problem of the past 30 years.

      • IceColdLogic

        But your choice isn’t Romney or a true conservative. Your choice is Romney or Hatch. Do you think Hatch is going to keep playing nice once he’s been re-elected for another 6 year term? No… it will be back to RINO mode.

        I was very disappointed that Romney attacked Trump during the primaries, but I’d choose him every time over Hatch.

        • TexasDeplorable1134

          Nope, he had his chance and he was part of the problem. NEXT!