South Korean Doctors Discover Alarming Number of Parasites in body of North Korea Defector

In this Nov. 15, 2017, photo, medical doctor Lee Cook-jong describes the parasites found inside the body of a North Korean soldier at Ajou University Medical Center in Suwon, South Korea. Hospital officials say on Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017, the condition of the North Korean soldier severely wounded by gunfire while escaping to South Korea is gradually improving after two surgeries but it’s too early to tell whether he makes a recovery.(Kim In-chul/Yonhap via AP, File)

November 18, 2017
OAN Newsroom

South Korean doctors discover an alarming number of parasitic worms inside the body of a North Korean defector who tried to escape earlier this week.

After doctors performed surgery on the soldier, who was shot five times for escaping, they found dozens of flesh colored parasites including an 11 inch worm in his digestive tract. One of the doctors said he had not seen anything like this before except in a textbook.

Doctors believe the parasites are related to the lack of hygiene and food shortage in North Korea. Reports have surfaced that communist country uses human waste as fertilizer for its crops.

North Korea has not commented on the defection.

  • DeJuan Chan

    We have Human Waste…. Fertilizing our Crops too !

    Human Waste = Liberal Teachers/Professors
    Crops = Our Children !

  • Tom Mitchell

    Defector? Shouldn’t it be “defecator” with that fertilizer!

  • Impaler

    Soon something will happen to Kim Un. Somebody near him is gonna shoot him.

  • Kelly Hardy

    N. Korea puts on a strong face but all the evidence shows us another side all together. Clearly N. Korea’s worst enemy is their own government. The contrast between the North and the South is staggering. It makes you wonder what N. Korea really has as far as weapons. I have been told that most of their military assets are really out dated but I know they have a formidable Air Force…they are like the people time forgot much like Cuba. only N. Korea has been able to get nukes…

  • Kelly Hardy

    The only parasites we have work in Government.

  • Decline Tostate

    The Chinese and Japanese have been using their own crap for fertilizer for thousands of years. Probably in India, Indonesia and everywhere else that poor people live, as well.

  • J. Waltam

    Wonder if rocket man was one of the worms.

  • TexasDeplorable1134

    Hmm, could that be the reason “rocket man” is acting the way he does? He is no longer in control of his own body anymore?
    Realize that some parasites are beneficial to the body, that is called symbiosis. But when these parasites are a detriment to the body, they need to go. I do not see reference to the species of the parasites, so that is kind of hard to say. But, maybe if they got rid of the detrimental parasites in their own body, then they would be behaving differently.

  • soupy264

    I spent 1966 in South Korea. At that time they also used human waste as fertilizer. So we were not supposed to eat off base

    • DeJuan Chan

      Thanks for serving OUR Country Brother !

  • JohnGalt11

    Don’t tell the NoKos about boiling water and other forms of sterilization. Maybe the worms will make it to the fat kid running their freak show of a country.
    And he’ll be eaten alive by his own filth.
    Karma – it goes around.

  • Tado

    Parasites roam the halls of Congress.
    They’re everywhere.

  • Scott Henke


  • linda

    Check out Milorganite, it is a fertilizer out of Milwaukee WI..

    • Farmerob

      I cant imagine there being very much in the way of good plant nutrients left in human waste here in the states when you consider that so many people are living off things like big macs and hot pockets

  • Lenny Woodson

    Human waste is actually a great crop fertilizer, if managed properly.

    • Neuro Mancer

      No dude, because of the risk of spreading disease it should never be used on edible crops.

      • Huks

        I think that is why he said “if managed properly”. It needs to be sterilized before use.

        • Impaler

          I think I’ll go ahead and keep flushing mine down the toilette and stick with cow manure,chicken manure and kitchen scrap compost.

  • danny lemon

    Send Dennis Rodman back to dine with the regular people of N Korea!

    • Harvey Gamel

      Hmmmm….. Dennis is known as “The Worm”….

  • Rogue Scholar

    There is nothing wrong with using animal or human waste in agriculture but first you need to sterilize it first. It is called composting and as it composts it heats up and kills all living organisms.

    • JohnGalt11

      Thank you. Clear, accurate and on topic.

  • Varangian Guard

    Parasites living in NORK military, and here we thought none of the progressives that threatened to leave kept their promise…….

  • Sui-Juris

    If a N.K. soldier, who is fairly well clothed, fed and has his healthcare seen to, flees with all this disease running rampant through his body. What does that say for the poor surf working in the fields to feed and clothe him?

    • Rogue Scholar

      When it is planting and harvest time, all soldiers work in the field as they have very farm equipment.

  • All American

    KJU is the largest most deadly parasite in North Korea

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      I somehow feel your statement should be on the game show; “Jeopardy”

    • OldGal46

      Yes…a flesh-colored, fat, ugly ROUNDWORM!

      • All American

        Very round😂

  • Just A Guy

    The United States uses human waste for fertilizer for its crops too.

    • Victor Nazarian

      Treated waste, properly composted and handled to become appropriate fertilizer is normal in most countries. Directly putting untreated waste onto crops and fields is faster and will still yield some benefit to growing crops but spreads desease quickly and effectively. Those poor people in North Korea are living in a 11th century style medieval hell, with nuclear missiles and machine guns. It’s like a strange Sci-Fi script.

      • Just A Guy

        There was a huge blowout where I live about Los Angeles dumping their biosolids for agricultural fertilizer. Happened for a short while. Concerns and studies put an end to it. Glad to see it.

        • OldGal46

          Mexicans have been doing this for ages, which is why we should be very careful when purchasing ‘fresh produce’ from that country!!!

  • Tyrone Jackson

    And many millennials prefer communism or socialism to capitalism.
    Bernie Sanders does not want this story to get out and the lame stream media will keep it hidden.

    • All American

      Too ignorant to realize you get nothing for nothing
      They don’t teach this in college

    • Varangian Guard

      Millennial students are taught revisionist politics (progressive socialist policy is superior to capitalism – don’t ask why just believe. Otherwise you will fail the class)

  • Too_Late_4_America

    We are the “King of Covert”, so why can’t we send in a bunch of Democratic politicians to kill the N. Korean dictator and DARE their military to do anything about it? If they succeed, they can stay there and if they don’t succeed …… no big deal.

    • TexanForever

      Cant do that because, being Democrats, they’d only screw it up and get executed. … (what? … Oh, … OK, never mind.)


      • john smith

        TexanForever: I love the “never mind” LOL!

    • All American

      Grand idea

    • Varangian Guard

      It was easy to plant coverts in WW2. But our current enemies don’t let westerners in. They spot their infiltrated enemies and execute them immediately.
      They on the other hand can plant them in the states because they just have to come in via the revolving door. They can even bring extended family if they so choose.

      • TexanForever

        Our current enemies, the real ones, are in DC.

        The rest is collateral.

    • scott

      Any American would be spotted immediately. They would be the only ones in NK that wasn’t a walking skeleton.

  • Farmerob

    Parasites in humans are not a problem here in the states but since the last election we certainly have a lot of folks with a bug up their ass.

    • Scott Snerd

      your first assumption is false…

      • john smith

        Scott Snerd: What you’re referring to are human parasites. He was talking about humans having parasites in them. But yes, you are correct there are a lot of human parasites in the USA.

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      This is one of those stories you wish you never read. I’m afraid I’m too late.

    • TexanForever

      LOL. … And all this time I thought it was their heads. … Silly me.

      • Sane_Person37

        Head, Butt – Same difference

    • AmericaFirst

      Farmer….Thanks for making me LOL. Your comment made my morning!

  • landy fincannon

    Using fecal material as fertilizer can be if composted properly. It has to reach the right temperature but yuck.

    • antiliberal00

      Remember the saying, you are what you eat….. YUCK

      • Too_Late_4_America

        Are you saying the Democrats in D.C. eat …….?

      • All American

        If it doesn’t eat you first

    • TexanForever

      … better than hitting the fan.

  • nfcapitalist

    So… in the caption we see he is still alive?
    Here we see the Democrats marxist success story… USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, and even the PRC is becoming a semi-capitalist economy, major capital still controlled by the state but the people are sliding into that pesky ‘pursuit of happiness’ thing we invented here.

    • Tyrone Jackson

      Yes, a succcess story where they have armed guards to prevent people from leaving – Bernie Sanders paradise.

    • Murfski

      The People’s Republic of Korea is not a communist society — it’s a flat-out dictatorship. Communism is a good system if you’re adapted to it by evolution, like ants bees, and termites. But it doesn’t work for humans — we’re too cantankerous and individualistic. There has never been a successful communist government; it either devolves into a dictatorship like the Soviet Union and North Korea, or it starts developing capitalist tendencies, like China. Cuba seems to heading the capitalist route after many years of “communist” dictatorship.

  • Ed L

    Poor people no wonder on average they are shorter than most of the South Koreans

  • James Williams

    please take all democrats with you

  • David L Gustafson

    Yeah, sign me up for my next vacation there.

    • TexanForever

      And remember to eat your fresh veggies. 🙂

      • Rogue Scholar

        Nope NO fresh anything. Get everything above 180 degrees for at least five minutes.

      • Rogue Scholar

        And don’t eat kagogi as it will make you bark!