South Korea Proposes Military Talks with Pyongyang Later This Week

The sky is overcast at the end of a work day on Monday, July 17, 2017, in Pyongyang, North Korea, where the 105-story pyramid-shaped Ryugyong Hotel is seen in this photograph towering over residential apartments. (AP Photo/Wong Maye-E)

July 17, 2017

OAN Newsroom

South Korean officials propose military talks with North Korea for the first time since 2015.

Seoul’s defense minister has requested talks with Pyongyang later this week, and is asking the North to stop all hostile activities in the area.

The meeting would be held in a North Korean building where previous talks have taken place.

North Korea has launched a number of ballistic missile tests since the start of 2017.

Officials hope North Korea accepts their request.

The proposal comes around one week after the president of South Korea said talks with the North are more important than ever in order to halt provocations.

  • barskii

    He is a New liberal Leader and has already talked to Obama for 40 minutes.
    They will be bombed –
    Just another Obama deal & Obama has no business chasing after Trump, Telling His Lies – He needs to move to Qatar and retire with his GITMO Buddies.

  • Jam Jenes


    This is code for appeasement.

    Just like when Israel is bullied into yet another round of talks with the palis.

    It isn’t about a mutual, beneficial outcome for both.

    It’s about how can the little brat be pacified.

    “Give us what we want or we’ll throw another tantrum!”

  • Rocketman

    The ROK President seems like a “Chamberlain-esque” appeaser. Time will tell…days actually.

    • Tango Uniform

      If the ROK prez decides to remove THAAD, Trump should remove our troops and other equipment.

  • American Insurgency

    Here we go again…

  • Peter G

    NK should go to SK, for talks. Otherwise NK holds a superior hand. ??

  • Bill Jr

    When Asked What the Talks Were About With North Koreans Later This Week An South Korean Official Said “Our Surrender To Them, We Had An Election, There’s A New Leftist In Town.”

  • semper liber

    All this saber rattling coming from the North Koreans is from the old play book they used on Clinton to shake America down for money. It’s not working with Trump.

    • Rocketman

      Ah, but you haven’t been watching what has been happening in the ROK. They’ve elected a real “surrender monkey” as their new president. Weak as can be, a real appeaser by the looks of things. And the Fat Kid and his thugs are licking their chops, a chance to win the Korean War once and for all, never having to even fire a shot. And the Chicoms are grinning ear to ear.

  • CoastRanger

    “…here the 105-story pyramid-shaped Ryugyong Hotel is seen in this photograph towering over residential apartments.”

    The hotel was never finished. It’s a symbol to failure.

    • “The” Bobguy

      How many people staved to death because tons of money was used to build this NK version of an Egyptian pyramid? Slave labor?

    • “The” Bobguy

      Just like NOKO regime.

  • Roy Beane

    SURE the North Koreans will agree to talks, just as long as the South Korean officals bring along their unconditional surrender paperwork all signed and ready to turn over to the Communists. N. Korea has no real interest in anything else.

    • Johnnyskydive

      The Neville Chamberlain effect…..

  • Johnnyskydive

    The Chinese and their North Korean lackies will not capitulate to U.S. demands. Their double talk and lies will continue until either they have strategic nuclear capabilities or there is all out war again. To think any different is just naïve. We cannot lose sight of the real dangers here.

    • Ray

      I believe our President is right on top of this (unlike his predecessor).

    • Grateful415

      Excellent insight!

    • Grateful415

      I just hope and pray that NK does not aquire the capability. It is imperative that this is stopped!!