South Carolina Midterm Primary Results

Incumbent Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) loses his re-election bid to conservative Katie Arrington, who will represent the Republican party in November’s 2018 midterm elections.

Katie Arrington, a staunch supporter of President Trump, has won South Carolina’s Republican primaries in a historic defeat against the incumbent, and frequent Trump critic, Mark Sanford.

The President announced his last-minute endorsement of Arrington as the polls neared closing on Tuesday, and also criticized Sanford, who has served the state’s First Congressional District in the House of Representatives since 2013.

The conservative candidate will now face 35-year-old Democrat Joe Cunningham in the November, 6th general election.

Meanwhile, the state’s Governor, Henry McMaster, will face-off against fellow Republican John Warren in a special runoff election later this month, after McMaster failed to secure more than half of the majority vote.

McMaster also received the President’s endorsement…who says the governor “is doing a fantastic job.”