Soros, Dems Mass-Register Felons to Vote Against Moore in Ala. Election

December 5, 2017
OAN Newsoom

Left-wing activists funded by George Soros are registering thousands of felons and inmates to vote against Judge Roy Moore in the upcoming election.

One America’s Kristian Rouz has more on the Democrat effort to swing the election.

  • Charles Martel

    Democrats are friends of murderers, rapists and all kinds of violent felons as long as they vote democrat.

  • visionofficer

    Soros and Singer are funding Anti-American activities and meddling in our elections. I believe Obama is plotting an insurrection against Trump.

  • michaelparsons

    dem’s still have no message so they have to apply the dirty little tricks, it’s all they have left.

  • BillVA

    Gee, put half of the “Russia spotlight” on this stuff, will you, MSM???

  • ManORight

    Sounds like Pastor Kenneth Glasgow is working for the church of Soros. I don’t think it’s in any way affiliated with the God of the Bible.

  • Ed

    Considering how Soros made is billions (via damaging or destroying currencies and other societal manipulations) I believe he and his foundation are clear and present danger to our nation.

  • Concerned

    Dems actively registering Felons to vote? Guess they can’t get honest law abiding citizens to vote Democratic anymore.

  • Barbara Lynch

    They talk about Russia interfering in our election of President Trump. How is this OK? Oh that’s right the Democrats don’t have to follow the Law!!!!!!

  • Lord Cornbread

    Democrats are traitors.

  • Glenda Hammer

    Soros is paying for Antifa and BLM protesters. He wants to over throw our current government and create a government of open borders, protect criminal illegal aliens, bring in unvetted Sharia Law Muslims and destroy all laws protecting legal Americans.
    Soros is a Traitor, and needs to be sent to prison along with Hillary.

  • Robert Johnson

    With Soros funding domestic terrorists like antifa and blm , funding the injuries and chaos and causing destruction in many cities , why is he a free man? He should be put in GITMO for life!

  • eladtoor

    Catholic priests have also organized opposition groups to Roy Moore, probably because of the conflicts and jealousies caused by them both ‘dating’ the same age groups of young girls.

  • Jay77

    US Citizens without Felony convictions

  • Jay77

    Alabama needs to vett these voters and make sure they are US Citizens/

  • Jay77

    Freeze George Soros assets immediately as he is the No 1 domestic terrorist against the United States and Its People.

  • CLS

    Three secretive Washington, D.C. based consulting firms run by former Obama campaign staffers and two Democrat direct mail attack firms have combined to spend what is now more than $3.4 million through an independent expenditure shell group known as Highway 31 in an attempt to defeat conservative Republican Roy Moore in Tuesday’s special election for the U.S. Senate in Alabama.

    • Vera Orsova

      I keep getting FB invites from Highway31, asking me to vote for Jones. I already blocked them, but they keep coming back. Never Jones!!!

      • CLS

        reports suggest fb is working to help jones directly manipulating content and sharing demographic info with the obambies

  • leftsucks

    Soros should be arrested for all his illegal activities. If and average person paid people money to do his dirty work they would dealt with. He is an evil man

  • Daniel J. Lopez

    Finding of what Obama and Soros tried to accomplish while in his term in office. Why he was adamant Hillary win the presidency and continue his agenda.
    PRESIDENT OBAMA’S QUEST TO TRANSFORM THE AMERICAN ELECTORATE. In his effort to fundamentally transform the United States, President Obama is aggressively striving to turn the American electorate into a solidly Democratic voting bloc for generations to come. He and his administration are pursuing this goal on several fronts: (1) Immigration Policy, (2) Refugee Resettlement Policy, (3) Housing and Zoning Policies, (4) Election Laws, and (5) Political Activism.

  • Daniel J. Lopez

    The only thing this means, the Illegals need the felons vote to circumvent the Americans voters.

  • FoolIggy

    DEMONCRATS are NOT ashamed and unabashedly go about BUYING votes where ever they can get them from the disenfranchised!

    Soros, more than the RUSSIANS, is openly working to influence America’s voting & I don’t see the Demoncrats trying to bring him to ‘heal’ as they are in Soros’ pocket and swimming together as a swamp rat pack!

  • Sui-Juris

    What wont Democrats stoop to in the hopes of winning by hook and quite literally by crook. SMH

  • hobartneck

    I have more faith in the inmates doing the right thing than Soros

  • Uncle R

    Soros should be deported to North Korea, and turned into fertilizer…but then again, he’ll end up being vegetation killer.

  • jenshadus

    He’s banned from Hungary. He was a Nazi, and then a Communist sympathizer who turned in his own fellow Jews. He’s sell him own mother and send her to the guillotine if it helps his agenda. He’s evil personified. He probably has had more to do with the schism and hatred in this country than Hillary or Obama put together.

  • paul-harvey du bois

    The decline and fall of a great democracy.

  • Libhunter

    Both demoncraps & Soros must be silenced! Forever!

  • tengelbr

    We need pole sitters to keep the thugs from intimidating again

  • Lee

    Is he paying them to vote for Jones? Because that is the only way he could guarantee that they vote for his candidate! If he is doing that he needs to be jailed and then deported.

  • CCTexas

    I thought Convicts can not vote.

  • jvlewis

    So this is who dems turn to when the need the vote.

  • Alan

    Anytime I see some guy claiming to be a pastor but working for the far left I know this is a scam! Here is another idiot who fell out of a tree and Soros handed him some money. There is no limit to the chicanery the globalist will do to destroy our country. Very sad.

  • Joe Michael

    Might backfire. Ex felons I talked to would vote for Roy.

  • PatriotInk

    Just more evidence that Democrats OWN corruption. They own it.

    • Vera Orsova

      They invented corruption.

  • AshJonson

    someone needs to off Soros.

    • Tony4US

      I agree you should be executed publicly
      Along with his sons

  • Native Born American

    Why hasn’t this terrorist been brought up on charges of treason, sedition, funding and inciting violence against American citizens while committing crimes with the intent of destroying our legally elected government.

    All of his assets should immediately be frozen and his passport revoked.

    • Red

      Well if THAT happened then the crooked left would loose their money from him, BUT YOU are so right, he should be prosecuted and then EXECUTED

    • Vera Orsova

      Maybe one of these days, Jeff Sessions will wake up long enough to “consider” it, but I doubt it. I believe he has a chunk of Soros’ money in his bank account.

  • Rob Tomasevic

    Why is sore ass Soros even in this country, he betrayed thousands of Jews to the Nazis, and condemned them to the death camps. Soros is a traitor to humanity and should be on trial in the Hague, for crimes against humanity.

  • Phil M. Kelley

    Soros dare not return to his native Hungary lest he be arrested and prosecuted. His own people hate him more than we do.

    • Vera Orsova

      The new Austrian PM ordered him to liquidate his bank in Austria. He got 28 days to do so.

  • Rupert

    George Soros is very big on Globalism which envisions a single world organization, controlling all the world’s wealth, power and population, headed by a small group of elites. He sees himself as one of those elites. He absolutely hates, and is working hard to bring down, pesky Nation States, such as the USA, who wish to cling to their ‘antiquated ideas’ of independence and freedom. He equally despises the groups he monetarily manipulates and uses as foot soldiers to fight all who oppose his and his wealthy cohorts plans i.e. Communists, anarchists, socialists and a gaggle of other malignant, malcontented misfits such as Democrats but finds them useful, for now, in creating the chaos and mayhem from which Soros and friends will offer the ‘ultimate rescue’ for a very, very dear price of course. That price is absolute control over every living thing on earth by a very few.

    • Vera Orsova

      Well said. He himself said that he is a GOD and controls everything going on in this world.

  • A marcus Young

    This is the United States #1 threat. Fraudulent elections are occurring across the land as Democrats grow desperate to hold onto anything left of value. Every citizen must resist those who cheat.

    • Vera Orsova

      Correct. Voters fraud is the biggest threat to our democracy right now. What Soros is doing here in Alabama is just a small sample of what to expect in 2018 mid term elections. I wish President Trump would fire Jeff Sessions and appoint a strong, loyal AG to stand by him and help him to drain this swamp Dems and RINOs created.

  • TexanForever

    Soros the Hutt

  • Judge Dolittle

    Are the taxpayers funding any of Soros’s organizations?

  • FW B

    LBJ (another crooked Democrat) had a lot of dead people voting him into the U.S. Senate. The Dems are professional criminals. They have been since Andrew Jackson stole the American Indian’s land and forced them to travel the “Trail of Tears” to what is now Oklahoma.

  • Sylvia Avila

    Soros one of most Evil Man in America! Why is he still around? He has proven o be so Anti-American!

    • J. Waltam

      Soros resides in the America? Where? I’d to visit the old fart.

  • Too_Late_4_America

    The Dems scream bloody murder, saying Russia has no right to interfere with American elections at all. Yet they let Soros (an unAmerican Jewish traitor to his own people) interfere and they have no issue with that.

    Is it time to declare an all-out war against liberalism in these United States?

    • Vera Orsova

      Soros is trying to prevent that, and our DOJ seems to have no problem with it.

  • Jerry White

    This is politics at its worst! If these people can’t participate in society, why should they have a voice how it runs?

  • Jerry White

    This is politics at its worst! If these people can’t participate in society, why should they have a voice how it runs?

    • Phil M. Kelley

      Most states restore felons’ voting rights after they serve their time plus parole. Two states allow felons to vote even while they are incarcerated.

  • TexanForever

    Jabba the Soros is at it again.

  • suerobb

    So felons are allowed to vote out a judge who sent them to prison? No one should be voting if they are serving a sentence. That is crazy.

    • Red

      That is clearly a conflict of interest I would say, how about you?

  • plebeian_secession

    another pastor that lives off the donation of others. A windfall like Soros would set him up for life. Hell, he could even lose the pastor gig.

  • I can’t believe someone hasn’t taken Soros out yet.

  • BigC

    Convicted felons should lose their right to vote….. PERIOD.

  • Jim Hatfield

    Why has Soros not been turned over to one of those Nations with Arrest warrants for him? Like Russia!

  • Libhunter

    George Soros can you visit me for tea?

    • BigC

      May I join you with my Colt 45?

      • Libhunter

        You would be welcomed to my home & we could use my Tomahawks & Bowies & make demon sushi!

  • Teagen2015

    Beautiful. In keeping with the mega hypocrisy of the mental illness know as liberalism we first get the left trying to pin a felony on Moore and now begging the felons to vote against him. Perfect.

  • WildBillinBuffalo

    Gone to Plan B…. Plan A – Registering “Undocumented” Immigrants has been stymied, temporarily.

  • iwontell


  • seawulf

    In Alabama, the governor must restore, on a case by case basis, the rights of felons to vote. They can register all they want. Unless the governor goes along with it, they will all be illegally voting. Not that Dems have a problem with THAT.

    • melmack 1

      Shouldn’t matter. The ILLEGAL ALIENS in the state vote dumborat anyway…

  • Bill Adams

    Alleged Russian rigging is bad, but Democrat rigging is OK?

  • ken wood

    So , who is running the United States, George Soros a world wide Troublemaker or the people who live in the United States Do people in prison have the right to vote ?or illegal immigrants who should not have any legal rights to vote , when are the good people of the States going to put their foot down and say enough is enough

    • ImStillaYankee

      We did, it was Nov 2016 but the Deep State doesn’t like our choice & is doing everything they can to resist.

  • Michael Hawk

    This Is Corruption …That Simple …….Lets Have Muslim Terrorists as Police Officers Also. Opps Sorry the Cops ,Lawyers and Judges Career politicians are Criminals Also ….Guess Hillary style accidents will need to occur or mass suicide 🙂 Works for Me.

  • ImStillaYankee

    Just a word of caution to the good people on this thread—dont confuse Democrats today with what we once knew as a Democrat. The party has been taken over by socialicommimarxifascists who don’t have any room or patience for anyone that doesn’t agree with them. This breed of Democrat is dangerous to our Republic—just as Senator McCarthy warned us 60 years ago.

    • GeneralMayhem

      Amen brother. Sadly, what were Republicans have now morphed into what once were Demoncraps and we have little or no conservatism in government. And it shows.

  • Richard McMeekin

    I was born in Taxachusetts but now live in Florida where, by law, felons lose their right to vote for life. The only way they can restore that right is if the governor and the Florida Clemency Board agree to restore that right. Over a million and a half of Florida felons have forfeited voting rights, can never run for elected office or serve jury duty. Soros had better forget trying to pull off felon voter registrations here.

    • ImStillaYankee

      No, we should beg him to hook up with Morgan & Morgan to piss away tens of millions of $$$ on trying! Their groupthinking ways would have them convinced Florida is ready to do something stupid like that but they don’t understand anyone who doesn’t think the way they do, therefore don’t understand 55-60% of the Florida electorate or the politicians.

  • Donald York

    Where does the Alabama Governor stand on all of this corruption ?

  • Diane Coto

    when are they going to arrest soros for the terrorist he is?

  • Lawmadsen

    This is also the only way al franken won. If you think about it the prison population represents their socialist utopia quite well, free food, free shelter, free medical care and you don’t have to do anything except vote democrat when elections roll around. What about the jobs that make the economy run? Those will be filled by 3rd world immigrants who will also take over the prison population but it’s ok because they vote for totalitarian govt oversight much like the countries they fled in the first place. You would have to be blind deaf and dumb to not see the blatant corruption in the democrat party that truly only cares about votes by any means necessary but the left already accounted for that by public school takeover/unionizing that not only indoctrinates the youth with an unearned sense of entitlement and hatred for America but also starves them of a decent education that makes them competitive in the first world (better import more workers to do the jobs American youth are not qualified to do!). The lefts only way to get votes is to demonize the opponent and paint themselves as the lesser of two evils and to get illegal votes. Do they really trust the judgement of convicted felons to vote in the best interests of the community? And they called us a basket of deplorables SMH…

    • ImStillaYankee

      Franken won, twice, with the help of thousands of illegal votes. Simply amazing how this is allowed to continue in America when we fought 2 wars in the last 16 years & forced those 2 countries to institute some for of voter ID.

  • ImStillaYankee

    The beauty of this effort is this moron is wasting millions of dollars with this latest ploy! He can register all the criminals he wants. He can pay them all they ask for & I’d bet that most of them would vote for the opposite of who they’re paid to vote for just to stick it to ‘another old, rich, white guy’—-IF they even bother to actually vote. It’d be akin to stealing to them & they get off on that.

    As for Soros, still waiting for Sessions to investigate his corrupt a**. His latest attempt to influence the outcome of an election is just starters for this pos.

  • Living in the Times

    Mass register felons??? WOW! This really shows the declining mentality of the left. Why anyone would be proud to be a Dim is incredibly amazing to me…and not in a good way. It is quite obvious that the reason the Clinton’s and other Dims are not brought to justice is that they would sing like a bunch of canaries and the Democratic party would be no more…they would all be behind bars!

    • ImStillaYankee

      They think it helped McAuliffe win in VA so now they’re gonna try it all over. To them it’s like dominoes.

  • TCop19

    Scumbags support Commucrats. This is news?

  • Aldo

    And they are trying to “impeach” Trump – What ****ing nerve !!!

  • Sage54

    I don’t understand the thought process that goes into giving felons the right to vote when they break the laws that are enacted by politicians.

  • My Head

    No law abiding citizens are joining the Democratic party so they need to focus on felons and illegal aliens. I wish urban neighborhoods would realize that blindly voting Democrat is volunteering their children to live in the same conditions that they are complaining about. Break the cycle, vote with your head rather than how left leaning media tells you to.

    • Austrailianterrierlady

      Keep voting Democrat we will end up like North Korea, get smart people that means no more FREEDOM and then you cant go on Facebook anymore that’s illegal in communist countries, you liberal will end up in work camps

      • ImStillaYankee

        ‘Liberals in work camps’—sounds Like a good idea but they wouldn’t know what to do. Work is a 4 letter word to them.

    • ImStillaYankee

      Problem is, Republicans don’t explain their positions well enough to the people in those urban communities, don’t retort properly (or at all) when the socialist machine kicks in with the inevitable lies & don’t show in plain language how what the Democrats have done to them for generations keeps them in the ghetto while the Republican position can pull them & their family out of poverty. The few Republican politicians who’ve bothered to do that kind of work have won over increasing numbers of those neighborhoods.

  • Scott Henke

    Think they’ll push for these felons to get their Second Amendment rights back, too?

  • Scott Snerd

    Cant this Soros ass hole just die?

    • ImStillaYankee

      No, these kinds of s**mbags live forever.

  • Bogeygolfer

    It really shows what the Democrats really stand for. I don’t think it’s virtue.

  • charlieholmes

    Since when should felons have voting rights? If they’/ve been convicted, tht means they’ve thumbed their noses at the rule of law in the nation. That, alone, should strip voting rights just as much as the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

    We’re headed in the wrong direction, folks.

  • Eric Mendo San Nicolas

    I thought felons lost the right to vote as the law states.

  • Sam Jacinto

    Prisoners do know how to deal with child molesters, unlike Republiecons who vote them into offices of public trust..

    • Leonard Ross

      NO ‘ Moore’ Apple Martinis for You Snowflake, it’s Time for you to go to bed, Let the Winning Adults Discuss Politics, and You have ‘Moore’ important things to do , Like Get a Job, So Pour your apple martin out, put your Dildo away, and go to bed, OK Libby, Let the Big Boys talk now, night night.

  • JaySands1234

    Soros should have had an accident years ago.

  • Highwayman

    Anyone else hear on the darknet there is a million dollar bitcoin bounty on soros’ head? 500,000 for his kid?

    • ImStillaYankee

      If there’s a way for him to make money off it, I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • CWF

    Voter fraud is what I am concerned about. The Democrats are going to pull out all the stops as they become more emotionally unstable. Scary people.

  • C B

    Felon’s ? Typical Liberal Democrats . Nothing new here ……….

  • dariusx

    I’m a bit puzzled by the extreme hypocrisy here: I am sure many of you were first in line to crucify Bill Clinton for his sexual infidelity (and rightfully so); but yet, quickly willing to turn a blind eye to numerous and credible accounts of perverse behavior by Roy Moore.

    At least be honest and say that morality takes a back seat to political expediency.

    If Roy Moore was a liberal democrat you all would be apoplectic, deriding the democrats as the party of molesters. If these felons were conservative republicans, they would be hailed as champions of redemption and this would not be a story.

    Right wing media bias is just as bad as Left wing media bias.

    • Deplorable Jackphatz

      None of the accusations against Moore seem to be able to hold together either by incorrect dates to faked handwriting. Mitch McConnell just spent several millions in his effort to have Strange defeat Moore in their primary so if any of this was true, it would have come out before now. This tactic is teh second oldest profession in the world.

      As for Bill, all during the initial campaign there were many who were speaking out against him only to be labeled “trailor park trash” by his wife. Hence, bill was impeached for lying about his affairs.

      • dariusx

        Would you say the same thing and give him the same benefit of the doubt as you do here, if it was Bernie Sanders instead of Roy Moore with the same accusations?

        • Deplorable Jackphatz

          Bernie Sanders has not been accused of anything but a Communist.

      • Teagen2015

        Billbo went on national tv for weeks claiming no sexual involvement with Lewinsky, and when it came out that did, he said in defense: “Oral sex is not sex.” I mean that is right there with the Nuremberg defense the Nazi war criminals used; “I only did what I was told.” And off they went anyway.

    • larryjcr

      Only TWO of the accusations against Moore involve anything that could be described as ‘perversions’, and both of those accusations seem to be coming apart under investigation.

      • Sam Jacinto

        You think it’s perfectly OK for a 32 year old man to date 17 year olds?

    • badass

      @dariusx, you’re a blind person.

    • Flagfriend

      With Roy Moore there are accusations.

      With Bill Clinton there is the stained blue dress.

  • Warp Speed

    RICO charges for Soros and Dems involved.

  • Charles Slavis

    Much more fun than a sheet cake……….

  • Charles Slavis

    I have always enjoyed cupcakes……..

  • Charles Slavis

    Antifa is allowed to go into any bakery and request an antifa cake……….the bakery is allowed to make them a turkey ……and tell them to stuff it…….

  • Charles Slavis

    It is not that difficult people……..

  • Charles Slavis

    Are all the decorations edible?….

  • Charles Slavis

    On the bakery……common sense says that gays are allowed to shop in the bakery…..They are not allowed to force the bakery to make gay cakes…….They are allowed to go to a gay bakery and request gay cakes…….The bakery is allowed to visit a gay bakery and buy a gay cake and then throw away the gay decorations…..Let them all eat cake……..

  • Charles Slavis

    Democrats will use illegal voters, felons, and illegal aliens to pad their votes but will continue to lose to the people whom they expect to pay for the illegals freebies….

  • Mark

    Republicans and conservatives continue to lose. They just can’t figure out how to beat the Dems and Libs at their own game. Disgusting and discouraing from my view…..

  • Chuck Brown

    Soros looks like he’ll being seeing the good Lord soon, not even his money will help him on that point.

    • Alan

      Appropriately stated “Shock then Torment”….

    • Headliner

      He will not be with the good Lord for long. I bet he will go to a much less desirable individual.

  • Rational Thinking

    Many states allow those convicted of a felony to vote after time is served. It’s a right that ALL Americans should have regardless of their walk of life. Who are we to decide who should or shouldn’t vote. Honestly, if conservatives were smart they would see this is an opportunity to add to their base. …Judge and discriminate someone for the rest of their lives or give them an opportunity to change and succeed. It’s not rocket science.

    A good example: Lincoln freed the slaves…many freed slaves became Republicans. Kennedy helped MLK when he was arrested in Georgia or Alabama (I forget where)…many African Americans became Democrats. Reagan gave amnesty to Cuban…many Cubans became Republicans, etc, etc.

    • Sam Jacinto

      Trump has insulted black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Muslim Americans, Native Americans, American veterans, women, gays, educated Americans, American workers – among many others. It’s still a puzzle why is approval rating is 35%.

  • ib4x4n

    The fact that they have registered does not mean that they will vote.
    The democrats will however take on the burden of filling out their ballots for them solely out of the goodness of their heartless sole.

    • Sam Jacinto

      All soles are heartless.

  • James Dandy

    He may be out of luck for this election. According to Alabama’s process for restoring a felons voting rights it normally takes 30 days for the paperwork to be processed. It has to go to the Probation and Parole Office for review and then a Certificate of Voter Rights Restoration is issued. Alabama state code 15-22-36.1.

  • deadandwicked

    Yikes !! The Evil Emperor from Star Wars is at it again. Lock em up with Hillary and the gang. Put em on a real chain gang and make them work 12 hours a day hard labor with 2 slices of bread and one bottle of water per day. Then make them help build the Wall !!

  • Marc S.

    The older I get the more Contempt I have for the DemocRATS!

  • MJ

    Vote tampering is a felony and most felons cannot vote. This little ruse by the libtard commies is not going to work. Throw their butts in jail!

  • CDG

    We all know Felons don’t make the best decisions in life. Voting Democrat should surprise nobody then.

  • nfcapitalist

    The weapon of choice for the communist party is blackmail and since they have no shame, like the poisonous reptiles they are, have become immune to that poison.

  • Bill Smith

    Prison inmates can vote? Totally Wrong.

    • Burrito Smith

      We passed a bill in CA recently allowing them to vote- After all, we know that they make great decisions and exercise the clearest of judgment right? Hell, over half the population of this great nation is not qualified to vote in my mind- but what the hell! Let’s let the felons have a whack at it! At least most of them speak some form of English (for now).

    • SkipBreakfast

      Thank Obama for that change to the rule. He did it to bolster his voter base.

  • Nick Rose

    If George Sorryass met a horrible end it wouldn’t ruin my Christmas.

    • Brad

      Best present America could have.

    • Scott Snerd

      If George Sorryass met a particularly excruciating and horrible end it wouldn’t ruin my Christmas.

  • Pat S.

    No early voting unless they can prove they will not be in the state or in the military.

  • kaiju

    Thanks for the heads up OANN. Unlike blue states, Alabama requires people show ID to vote.

    • SkipBreakfast

      That must be why they aren’t busing in out of state voters this time… just registering felons. Voter ID works!

  • Pat S.

    Soros should be investigated for “attempting to influence an election” after all isn’t that what the Dems. are doing with Russia? The Guy who thinks he’s going to keep the good citizens of Alabama from voting their will only to be thwarted by a bunch of convicts that gave up their right when they broke the law and landed in jail. Prisoners should never have a right to vote! and this so called “Black leader” (what a joke) is an absolute embarrassment to the human race. He says he’s an African American then if you don’t like it here maybe Soros will buy you a ticket back to your tribe in the jungle.

    • Brad

      He will never be investigated, have to many politicians in his corrupt pocket. Drain the sewer swamp and he’ll be one of the first turd to go into the cesspool.

      • Al Carter

        Just think how many other “LIBPROGMOCRAT” turds would dry up if Soros could be eliminated. he is all that is keeping BLM and ANTIFA operational. He also contributes to the Muslim attempts to take over our courts and city councils.

        • Marc S.

          Yes , he’s really a POS

          • All American

            He is grooming Barry to take his place

          • SkipBreakfast

            Obummer if the one who made it legal for felons to vote (on Soros orders). Anything to strengthen their voter pool… dead people, illegal aliens, out of state, anything. The FEC needs to enforce existing laws just as the DOJ needs to.

          • All American

            Pure evil are they…

          • james

            ummm…that’s an Alabama law, not a federal law, Obama had nothing to do with it.

          • SkipBreakfast

            Hi James & thank you for your reply.
            Google “Obama Administration Calls to Restore Felons Voting Rights”, Feb 11 2014. There are links from speeches in 2014, 2015 & 2016, all where Obummer the felon enabler called to restore felons voting rights. This was actually in order to expand the Democrats voter base. We cannot post links on this site so you’ll need to do your own research. I remember his speeches & thinking WTF?!

          • FLLoeffler

            Why hasn’t the President changed this? Too busy texting!

          • jenshadus

            Actuallly, he’s grooming his son to take over.

          • All American

            Which one?

        • No Mas

          Send an address and schedule for Soros, include some moderate expense money for taking Soros on a well deserved vacation. Old School values should return to USA.

          • TexanForever

            Too bad the SS didn’t kill the bastard like they did the others of his “tribe.”

          • sirock

            He was a collaborator and sent people to the chambers

          • TexanForever

            … Most were fellow Jews who had changed their names to survive long enough to find a way to escape Germany and the Gestapo.

            Soros survived as a NAZI collaborator. The filthy POS stated recently on TV that those were among the happiest days of his life. He’s a total sociopath.

          • jenshadus

            And did the same when. Monies came into power

          • TexanForever

            Too bad the SS didn’t kill the bastard like they did the others of his “tribe.”

        • Scott Snerd

          The fact that Soros has not been declared a domestic terrorist and arrested for more crimes than Killary the butcher says a lot about the(so very sorry) state of our country.

      • Al Carter

        We need to sanction ANYONE or ANY Company, Corporation or business that is or ever has been connected to him in any way shape or form!

        • Scott Snerd

          THAT would be quite impossible

          • All American

            Nothing is impossible👍🏻

          • Scott Snerd

            Killary the butcher is still walking free. That tells you that there ARE things that ARE impossible happening in this country every day

          • All American

            “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap“
            This pertains to but is not exclusive to the Clintons’, Obamas’ and Soros’
            Crimes against Americans

          • Scott Snerd

            you are wearing rose colored glasses and drinking the religious kool-aid that clouds your mind with visions of fairies and trolls and all that muck. sorry, but im not so deluded.

          • All American

            And apparently you are not a Christian either. Your loss…

        • Judge Dolittle

          There is a list of companies that Soros is involved with, here are a few, but I cannot believe he has an interest in these companies. WalMart Stores Inc.
          , Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Comcast Corp., FedEx Corp.,

      • Leonard Ross

        SOROS,,He doesn’t have much of a shelf life Left, BUT, HE IS BEING REAL TRICKY WITH HIS BILLIONS, NOW PUTTING APPX. 90 PERCENT IN SOME FAKE FRIENDS philanthropy to Not only Avoid Taxes, but Donate Anonamosly, huge amounts without a paper trail, Currupting the whole polital process, (Super Sneeky And Conning , Clever and HIGHLY Illegal) and who know what other scams, I read this on Fox, appx 1 month Ago. HE FIGURES AT HIS AGE HE’S GOT NOTHING TO LOSE, pathetic, lying, Corrupt Libs.

    • All American

      Definitely a form of corruption, possibly bribery, cronyism, nepotism, parochialism and influence peddling.

    • 1776_DejaVu

      removed from this earth is the way to control Soros…

    • Javanne

      You are correct, so why hasn’t the GOP been doing anything about it?

      • Pat S.

        Wish I knew the answer to that one.

    • Letmesay

      Touche, Pat S.

  • Disgusted Citizen

    No way to prevent this? Felons lose the right to vote in many states.

    • CDG

      True, but after a number of years, or in some states none, they can reapply for restoration of Franchise. Even for voting in Federal elections (Presidency).

      • Burrito Smith

        For a while felons couldn’t vote in CA. Yeah- we overturned that recently. Democrats conjure up their base from where ever the hell they want to and nothing can stop them- so it seems. And the disease continues to spread…….

  • 101st Screaming Eagle

    Inmate to run Alabama, no different that the players to run the nfl.

    • Huks

      Yea, about the same thing.

  • nfcapitalist

    George Soros appears to be the only untouchable in America… the FBI are clearly… “touchable!”

  • Isaiahdolan

    They were allowed to vote in Virginia in 2016 thanks to Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton lapdog. But isn’t it interesting that the Democrats are the party of felons!

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      Seems this “Soros” character is a bit slimey, doesn’t it?

      • FromThe70s

        Congratulations on winning The Understatement of the Year Award!

        • A marcus Young

          That means the election was purchased successfully.

        • Regina B. Mondiale

          I say, I say, I say…I think ur right ’bout that… 😉

      • All American

        Yup! The saying goes “Birds of a feather flock together”…
        We are looking at the “New and Improved Democratic Party” folks😂

        • harvey50

          There may just be one honest man among the felons, but i doubt it If they dont vote democrat they will revoke their probation………………

          • All American

            I believe that many of the people in prison society today are saavy enough to realize that the Party of the Democrats is the party of slavery, oppression and the KKK.
            I believe while incarcerated many have taken time to study law and other subjects in their libraries.
            Republicanism is documented back to the late 1800’s with the First African American Senators from Mississippi, Alabama*, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.
            Historically there have been many other Great Republicans that have fought for the rights of Black Americans such as Abolitionist Frederick Douglas, Mother of Freedom Harriett Tubman, Rosa Parks Civil Rights Activist, Civil Rights Leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were all registered Republicans and the trend continues today for a reason…
            I have am a faithful Republican who believes in the American Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.
            “The second paragraph of the United States Declaration of Independence starts as follows: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”
            God Bless America 🇺🇸

      • Living in the Times

        Yea…just a tad! LOL

      • Frissy

        Soros is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Clinton and obummers buddy.

      • Rob Tomasevic

        Next to hitler, soros ranks #2, for crimes against humanity.

    • TCop19

      Government of the scumbags, by the scumbags, for the scumbags.

      • Libhunter

        Look up the “Songbird of Hanoi” this is why McCain needs a Cranial fix of Ma Duce.

    • Roy Beane

      The DemoFelons !!!

    • Too_Late_4_America

      The felonious party of felons! The DNC!!!

    • Dan Taylor

      Yes, and remember, the dems want open borders and they invite illegals and refugees into the USA. They don’t ‘care’ about anyone – they are padding the future dem voter rolls. And THAT’S the only reason they do this. Future democrat voters, and they don’t care if they are criminal, it they are diseased, if they are terrorists… As long as they become democrat voters, dems will keep them coming…

    • BillVA

      Not only that, but for the first time in a long time, precinct captains ere NOT allowed to get voter roles from other precincts.

      Sharing these has been a long time practice to remove duplicates and other errors. McAuliffe and the Dems in the statehouse said “Not for THIS election!”

  • Tado

    Felons are beyond Redemption.

  • Darrell Wall

    I thought Felons couldn’t vote. Or did someone slip that into a bill in Alabama?

    • CDG

      They can reapply for voting privileges. They lose it while incarcerated but can get it back after being released.

    • Leonard Ross

      When Libs. Get behind in the Polls, That’s what they do, Also brainwash teens in College with a America Wide 90 % Lib. FACULTY AND PROFESSORS TEACHING THIE Lying POISON,,, And lets not forget the 30 million Mexicansthat Stay Illegally in USA, Just So they can Vote Democrap.

    • SkipBreakfast

      Obummer is the one who made it legal for felons to vote (on Soros orders). Anything to strengthen their voter pool… dead people, illegal aliens, out of state, anything.