Sony pulls Spacey film from festival, going ahead with December release

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FILE PHOTO: 71st Tony Awards Arrivals New York City, U.S., 11/06/2017 - Actor Kevin Spacey. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/File Photo

November 7, 2017

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Sony Pictures on Monday withdrew a movie starring Kevin Spacey from a Los Angeles film festival following sexual misconduct allegations against the actor, but said it was going ahead with a planned U.S. movie theater release in December.

“All the Money in the World,” about the 1973 kidnapping of teenager John Paul Getty III, features Spacey as his grandfather, the late U.S. oil billionaire Jean Paul Getty.

The film was due to have a red carpet world premiere at the American Film Institute’s (AFI) annual festival in Los Angeles on Nov. 16.

“Given the current allegations surrounding one of its actors and out of respect for those impacted, it would be inappropriate to celebrate at a gala at this difficult time. Accordingly, the film will be withdrawn,” Sony’s TriStar Pictures unit said in an emailed statement.

Spacey’s representatives did not return a request for comment on Monday regarding Sony’s decision. Reuters was unable to independently confirm any of the allegations.

The Sony statement said there were 800 other actors, writers and crew members involved in the movie, and the film would open wide as planned on Dec. 22.

Spacey apologized last month to actor Anthony Rapp, who accused him of trying to seduce him in 1986 when Rapp was 14. Spacey’s representatives later said he was seeking unspecified treatment.

CNN reported last week that eight current and former employees of the Netflix TV show “House of Cards,” who were not identified, alleged sexual misconduct against Spacey, the TV show’s star.

AFI said in a statement that it supported Sony’s decision.

Netflix said on Friday that it had severed ties with Spacey because of the allegations.

It said it would not be involved in further production of “House of Cards” with Spacey. Producer Media Rights Capital said Spacey had been suspended from the political show.

Netflix also said it would not release the film “Gore,” in which Spacey plays the late U.S. writer Gore Vidal.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant, Editing by Ben Klayman)

  • Living_The_Dream

    It’s interesting to me, that people remain silent about so many things and then years later (when opportunity arises) they come forward. Like I said earlier, Kevin Spacey is an amazing actor and the movies I’ve seen him in, I enjoy and would watch them again. I’m strictly talking his movie portfolio here. As a person, I have no idea who he is or what his “personal” character is. I tend not to believe much of what news media puts out and even less of what Hollywood puts out. It’s a group, made up of ACTORS who are good at FICTION and covering the truth. Don’t forget, the person that said Spacey did this, is an actor with a net worth of $2 million plus.

    Bottomline for me, actors are people, they make bad choices like all of us. I only know of one person who lived on this planet that was perfect.

    I love this quote; “Don’t judge me just because my sins are different than yours.”

  • Living_The_Dream

    Kevin Spacey is a GREAT actor! If he did what the allegations indicate, take his paychecks from these movies and give the $$ to the victims.

  • themoi

    “All the Money in the World” will make absolutely no money at all. Bye pedophile. Your career is over.

  • Expat47

    How come the word “paedophile” isn’t being bantered around with this guy?? Doesn’t sex with a 14yo count anymore???

    Yea, I know, the kid was, most likely, a willing participant but the law is the law and why isn’t it being applied here?

  • denise

    He should be ashamed…Nothing wrong with being Gay but molesting people, young men and UNDER age at that, have no place in decent society..People have a choice and he STOLE that .
    Hollywood LOVES to attack those at the top..
    Unfortunately, since most all of HOLLYWOOD knew about these men and looked the other way, THEY ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE…BOYCOTT the Industry..hurt them where it the box office….

  • mark christmas

    Spacey was one of my favorite actors. I do not think his problem is sexual in nature because he is rich enough to get a prostitute (or 10 of them). This is about power, control, egomaniacal behavior and a feeling that they are better than everyone! These victims had a right to be left alone. I will certainly be leaving his body of work alone!!!

  • sgt joe rock

    I will not ever pay to watch a movie at a theater ever never again, they can go reproduce themselves.

  • Captain America

    You’re a SICK-O Spacey – BYE!!

  • Joe samo

    See ya spacey…no I guess I won’t…hope to read about your court trials…

  • Varangian Guard

    My suggestion is to write Sony and Protest the release. It is only about the money, pulling from a festival is an easy choice. They will put a woman producer’s film in to show sensitivity (not criticizing that, it’s a good move, but for the wrong reason)

    If as many people you know send them email them at telling them NO SPACEY, let’s see if you can hit the poof in his pocket book.

  • “I’m a Rooster!”

    Years ago; 35 yrs to be exact, I was on a set with Mr Spacey. I suspected he had a “thing” for the young P.A.’s (Production Assistant) guys. My “Gay Radar” was high as I was a young, reasonably attractive buck however, my testosterone was always reserved for women only.

  • Tado

    Kevin Spacey can double for Rand Paul.
    Both are look-alikes.

    • IceColdLogic

      Not even remotely.

  • intimeforthedime

    None of those movies sound appealing anyways

    Your time is up, you caused this yourself, may your career go down in flames, Good riddance.

  • Tony Anthony

    I have to agree in part, why should the other actors , writers, and staff suffer, The only recourse you have.. don’t go and spend your money to see the movie.

    • Johnson

      Don’t worry about that, this movie will bomb like all the rest of the liberal leftist latest movies released. Hollywood has shone a light upon itself, and what’s been discovered, has been very disturbing.

  • Justsayin…….

    It’s all about the money. No gála but it will be released so the moral lefties can rake in profits. What a bunch of phonies.

    • Localdude

      I agree. Fact is, since they knew of ongoing crimes, cover ups of crimes and facilitation of crimes, they should be seen as ‘ongoing criminal crime organizations’ and RICO’d like the organized criminals who profit from the misery of humanity…. Sweep all of their assets, we need the money to fight ‘terrorism’.

      • Expat47

        Or get US out of Obama’s debt.