Sign the White House Petition for Prosecutor in Seth Rich Murder


June 1, 2017

OAN Newsroom

As we continue to bring you the real story behind the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, we would like to take a minute to urge our viewers to take action.

There is currently a petition on the White House website urging a special prosecutor to investigate the case.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures and has already picked up over 40,000.

Rich’s murder has been thrown back into the spotlight after a private investigator hired by the family revealed new information on the case.

The facts don’t add up and its time for the White House to take notice.

If you would like to join the effort go and sign the petition.

Don’t forget to tune in this weekend for our updated investigation into the case.

  • Amanda Howard

    I have signed the petition and have shared it with friends. My question is where is the video they published about his murder? I have it recorded on my DVR but I cannot locate it online. Does anyone have it? Also, I only watch OAN and FOX News Network. I’m so sick of the far left side and the way they do not report the truth!!!

    • Money2020

      Search for “Seth Rich Timeline”

      • Amanda Howard

        Thanks Money2020! I found it.

  • Jack Spade

    OANN is slowly taking over…I enjoy the Daily Ledger and the Tipping Point and they aren’t afraid to talk about the Seth Rich Murder. Time to buy stock in OANN

  • r.alito

    Political Correctness = Propagandized Censurship

  • Lora Liddell

    I have been watching One America News Network for 3 years. Love the news worthy information.

  • Annette Lunsford Beckwith

    Already signed

  • Clara Agro

    Saw the story this morning “Who killed Seth Rich” This show was so well done it kept me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see an update. Keep up the good work.

  • Terri Fowler

    I am looking for a news network that presents both sides. OANN is mainly conservative, so may as well watch FOX

    • Don Rondel

      they’re not supposed to present “sides”…they’re supposed to look for and present facts
      presenting “sides” is presenting opinions, and presenting opinions is one way to control your mind
      they’re not supposed to shape our opinions or nudge us in any direction

      FOX is owned by Murdoch, an admitted globalist …. so FOX is “controlled opposition” to the MSM; nothing more

  • SconsinPatriot


  • Cebern85

    OANN airing the PI Rod Wheeler investigation about Seth Rich Saturday and Sunday @11am est.

  • skandia007

    I just did. Glad to see someone has started this petition. It needs a lot more signatures!!

    • Ruth Kitner

      If I “joked around” like Ms. Griffin did, I’d be commenting from prison right now! And, in the comedic style of Lily Tomlin, :that’s the truth”! Conservatives are going to “Laissez ~Faire” us into tyranny by liberals.

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  • Charr Cook

    Too many against trumpet not for me

  • grandmother5

    There are a lot of suicides, muggings, car wrecks even a plane crash that needs to be investigated. All had Clinton ties.

  • YoureJustWrong

    Please do this so you Dumfuk old white guys learn that Fox News and these Right Wing “news” sites are after nothing but your web clicks / $$$. Newsflash – you can be conservative and listen to Fake News.

  • Harly

    Signed and confirmed! Also signed the petition to expand crop growth choice throughout rural America to generate revenue & jobs. Will have to go back on and find the one for repealing obamacare.

  • Money2020

    The liberals want to dismiss this as a conspiracy just like the wiretaps which turned out to be true. Seth Rich was murdered & I wont stop until they tell us who did it & why.

    • badass

      just like those witness for Hillary’s murder trial, they’re all killed before the court session begins.

    • aldoro

      Try the clintons.

  • tedlv

    Note to OANN: your staff does a much better job of reporting than Reuters. Thanks for your contributions. I’m hoping to see more.

  • Jake Stremfel

    Didn’t even link the petition? You literally had one job.

  • so your suppose to search for this petition? Link Takes you to hundreds of them..

    • cusfo

      I used the same link and signed the petition and was done in less time than you have spent displaying your ‘whine and cheese club’ membership!

  • Perro Viejo

    …..yeah….because we all know the real world runs on social media and petition outrage……That’ll fix it

  • PattyFiona

    Signed and happy to have found OANN!

  • Clinicaleducator1


  • Watchdogman


  • mynorthernteam

    Please SIGN, “Senate! vote to repeal and replace the affordable care act (obamacare)”

  • FP7 Loco

    I did. Thanks for getting the word out!

  • Chief

    Whilst we investigate this young man’s death, lets investigate Obama’s fake birth certificate
    Everyone knows he is a homosexual black Kenyan … except the criminal DNC [again]

    • Belle


  • joannes

    I signed! There are several others on the site worth signing too@

  • mynorthernteam

    I signed Seth’s, illegal Iranian voting (what?), Maxine’s, and Ryan’s ouster petitions.

  • Thoth

    Is there a credibility issue with MPD?

  • mynorthernteam

    Replace FOX with OANN!

    • lfd1025

      already have!

      • Deplorable all day long

        FOX = conservative-liberal entertainment
        CNN & MSNBC = liberal only entertainment
        OANN = News Network

    • Razorback

      Why not both?

    • badass

      or let those two combined together.

    • Peter German

      i would if Suddenlink would carry them

      • ∞°ŦĦɆπɌȺⱣŦᵾɌɆ°∞

        go to klowdtv dot com $4.99/mos.

    • Carol Besch

      Oh, but first can OANN not repeat quite so often? I now can recite them! LOL The news cycle goes by over… and over… and over. But I love them! NOW, IF WE CAN ONLY GET A LINK TO THE SETH RICH SPECIAL.. PLEASE?

      • Dakota373

        What I like about OANN is that they report news that repeats. I recognize that the cycle repeats, but I prefer that to filling the broadcast time with fluff (non-news editorials). I watched the Special and am here searching for a link too.

        • Jerry Edelman

          I got tired of the Fox forced “Fair & Balanced” BS, where they bring on every lame brained Liberal Dope to spew their talking points and Trump bashing rhetoric. Just so they can claim they are “Fair & Balanced”

      • aldoro

        Trump hired those assassins to murder him. OH NO THAT WAS THE CLINTONS.

    • Ken Robinson

      I have switched to OANN too. I get news not commentary.

      • aldoro

        I still try to watch Lou Dobbs and Tucker Carlson on Fox. IN BETWEEN ALL THE COMMERCIALS. But main MAIN news channel is OANN.

    • Renee Pauline Purdis

      Replace lying media CNN and their lying fake media buddies with OANN!
      Fox is fine.
      At least they tell the truth!

    • aldoro

      I think it already has been done. Even Bill O’Reilly was on as a guest today.

  • tyrannystopper

    So Happy you folks are helping to spearhead this great injustice.