Senators Cotton, Grassley, Perdue Reject ‘Gang of Six’ DACA Proposal

Opponents of demonstrators urging the Democratic Party to protect the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Act (DACA) stand outside the office of California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein in Los Angeles Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018. California has the largest number of people who are affected by the law, also known as the Dream Act.(AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

January 12, 2018
OAN Newsroom

Republican senators reject the DACA deal plan proposed in the Senate by the bipartisan ‘Gang of Six.’

In a joint statement Thursday, Senators Chuck Grassley, Tom Cotton, and David Perdue said the proposal “isn’t serious.”

The GOP senators rejected the idea of providing immigration status to millions of illegal aliens.

Previously, the bipartisan ‘Group of Six’ proposed a deal that protects childhood arrivals from deportation.

GOP senators say the Democrats are resorting to coercive tactics in order to push their political goal of keeping illegals in the U.S.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

“Sadly, our good faith offers have consistently been rejected by Democrat leadership,” explained Senator Grassley. “Instead, they’ve decided to engage in a game of brinkmanship…as the Democrats see it, it’s take it or leave it, their way or the highway.”

Senators Grassley, Cotton, and Perdue said they will reject any DACA deal unless it includes measures to end chain migration, abolish the visa lottery, and boost border enforcement.

  • A marcus Young

    Arrest the California government, and declare martial law. We are done with the Confederacy.

  • Bert Alvarado

    Like communists, democrats (I was once) believe everyone coming into our country MUST become a democrat! The vote will get them everything, like Obama phones, for FREE! Democrats SPEND, SPEND philosophy (their head in the sand) will get them another Cuba or Greece…both BROKE!

  • Dave Meers

    The total cost of the wall is a pittance compared to the cost of detaining, supporting and deporting these illegals……….what part of this do the dems not comprehend???

  • Floridastorm

    I have no idea why Donald and the Republicans give one whit what the dumbocraps want or don’t want in an immigration bill. They are the majority party and, as such, the senate only requires a simple majority to pass a bill. That’s 51 votes not 60. Hopefully Donald is just including dumbocraps in the negotiations in order to make them look bad when they reject any sensible bill.

  • Butch

    does this mean if the democraps don’t get their way,
    they are going to hit the highway leaving our country into Mexico ? I’m good with that

  • sanman99

    Make America Great Again!!!!

  • dennis coates

    So just when the hell is the GOP going to stand up to the demoRats. Tired of all the lies on both sides

  • john

    The Democrats will never negotiate – their idea of a compromise is it is their way or no way.

  • jasonwaits

    God bless the hungry Americans, the homeless, the lost and those who are alone. Politicians still looking over what they should be looking at.

  • DJLugoff

    NoAmnesty ever amnesty only begets more illegals! Ask @SteveKingIA NoDACADeal.
    We have immigration laws #EnforceThem
    Why are we allowing the govt. to steal 135 billion dollars for entitlements for illegal aliens? That is over $8,000 each that taxpayers are paying for illegals. Demand this stops! No Freebies and they will leave. That money could be used to fund our Military, Infrastructure… America First

  • Imus Reagan

    Durbin plays tattle tale on a private meeting with Trump…OMG…he said Sh*thole
    Feinstein releases transcripts.

    And they want to work together??

    • Deplorable Jackphatz

      There are no Democrats who can be trusted to have the best interest of the country at heart. It’s all about their need for control and the fact they still haven’t accepted the results of the general election. This must be what resist means.

  • Brandon Balzer

    DACA is not law! It was a mandate by executive order. DACA recipients had 8 years and now more to apply for citizenship and be naturalized. The same goes for all those who were granted temporary refugee status in which quite a few had 10 to 17 years to apply. I would like to see a study to see who is still on social benefits and who is actually a productive hard working person.
    Those who actually left those social programs and were productive should get a fast track because then it would be merit based and those who remained on social programs should be sent to their home country.

  • 2EdgedSword

    No DACA ever!!!

  • Sonny Shaw

    As an American I am tired of the do nothing Congress; they have failed to protect Americans from criminal types illegally entering the country; frankly they don’t seem to care one way or another. It is time for the American people to kick these SOB’s out of Congress and reinstate the laws on the books that worked up until about 30 years ago then businesses decided the laws were broken. The people need to place pressure on the Congress and public officials to end the invasion and deport them back to their home countries.

  • Arnold Maize

    Before I retired, if we didn’t get the job done, we didn’t go home until we did. I always thought of it as a good work ethic.

  • TP

    The only “Gangs” that count are the 435 and the “Gang” of 100! Hopefully this time they will listen to the will of the people! Protect our country and quit wasting our money!

  • TP

    Good for them!

  • Sane_Person37

    Yea, he won’t even need to buy car insurance.

  • Frank2525

    Democrats are using 2 words President spoke, to rationalize their hatred of him, and anger against being pressured. He will not budge on Wall, border security, and emigration, because this issue has gone on far too long, and is destroying our country. Really shows how much we need to vote many out of congress, if they are so thin skinned that two words justify, what they are doing. No matter how much lipstick they want to put on this, we saw what Donald Trump wanted for all Americans last Tuesday. And it appeared they were close.
    Schumer, Pelosi, Ryan, McConnell and others who are senior this, and senior that, and none of the Super PACs, PACs, Unions, and others was in that meeting. And between Tuesday and today (Saturday) we see open blocking and warfare on media. I did not know so many of our Congress and MSM , was from Haiti or San Salvadore, or African countries. Knew there was white, browns, blacks in all races, all countries. ( sarcasm for democrats, since they don’t seem to represent constituents, and their needs, but are gung-ho for humans from other countries, who invade our country, and go straight to our welfare sysem).

  • PA

    Ain’t “IT” Just Lovely PC that Lying, Conniving, Covert, Subversive TAX PAID “Illegal” “Law Makers”
    as “NON-Representatives” get to REFUSE OUR Loud Voices, Will, Say, MANDATES & VOTES?

  • Roscoe

    Reelect these guys as they get it. They are RepubliCANS and not RepubliCON RINOs. Unelect the gang of six and send them on into history as political rejects. Stop immigration till a reasonable plan is developed. Let the DemoRATZ shut the government down. It is their voter base that will be hit the hardest besides I always feel safer when the government is shut down.

  • PA

    Saw The DemDamned Precious Degenerate INGRATES Rioutous Outraging
    with one hand working on their sex organ & the other giving The US their one Digit SALUTE
    with All their Perfectly Lovely Dem PC’s PERFECT HATE SPEECH.

  • shoebear

    Good for them. Hang tough, guys!

  • nfcapitalist

    Dumbing down of Europe was such an astounding success watching them being invaded and rewarded with citizens rights it seems a shame that America isn’t as willing to commit mass suicide too?

    Or haven’t we been sufficiently dumbed down yet?

  • gregg56

    Entering a foreign country through other than the proper channels IS a crime! The Democrats are using immigration policy to buy Democratic votes. This is evident because once the Dems let the illegals in, they want to give them the right to vote. This group is NOT “undocumented” aliens, they are criminal illegal aliens!!!

    • tedlv


  • DCBlueBlood

    Make a Better Offer to Democrats Grassley – That’s all right 2018 we’ll write better legislation anyway! We always do.

    In addition our Racist In Chief called immigrants from African countries ‘sh**holes’.

    It’s been confirmed. No more Denying it.

    Yes, we have a Racist President — Yea! Those Haitians need to go back to their sh**hole.

    Mommy why did the President say sh**hole? Yesterday when describing immigrants?

    How low can we go people with this gutter President? The bar is so low, we’ve been digging a hole Internationally.

  • Rule by conviction and not consensus. Consensus means you shift the USA leftward.

    Americans put Republicans into office to rule by conviction.

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    Rejecting this Gang-of-Six proposal is a good start. Counter it with an immediate deportation and stand your ground on the principles that our immigration laws are non-negotiable.

  • Kitty Lenoir

    My first concern when I get up in the morning isn’t DACA recipients. I worry about things like paying bills and paying my daughters tuition. I don’t worry about the skin color of any other person including my own. When is our government going to get serious and concern themselves with the American agenda and not the nameless, faceless plight of immigrants? DACA legislation needs to get to the back of the line after our own security and well being, including Obamacare, which is crushing self employed people who are being crushed by the premiums.

  • jlsharks1

    Why are we disusing this ?
    Their parents got in illegally so they are illegals. If anything send their parents back the outcome of their children will be their responsibility. Not my tax money. I am going through the process of being an American, why do they have special privileges.
    Are the Democrats serving abiding American citizen or criminals, I know the answer to that.

    • tedlv

      I know legal immigrants from India, the Philippines, Mexico, and Canada who totally agree with you. I’m glad you’re doing it the right and legal way.

  • Ty

    Birthright citizenship needs to be ended as well so the immigration debacle can finally stop.

    • gregg56

      The 14th Amendment was NEVER intended to provide for this. It was intended to provide for former slaves to have citizenship because they were brought here against their will.

  • ImStillaYankee


  • Pamela D Moore

    Republicans get a BACKBONE!

  • Pamela D Moore

    I don’t know why republican bend over for the democrats. Their aim is to weaken the conservative base and strengthen their own by allowing this flood of illegals into our country without considering the safety and security of the American people.

    • nfcapitalist

      Democrats single goal is ‘one party rule,’ and that would be their party just like good ole Joe Stalin’s Russia… and they won’t even deny it!

  • John S

    We don’t need any more parasites from the World’s cesspools.
    If their countries are so great why are they leaving? Thank you TRUMP. MAGA.

    • jlsharks1

      Right on John S, I left a cesspool and so happy to be in the US. But I am doing it legally and a abiding by the laws of the country. Again I ask why do the have a free pass they are or parents are illegals and broken the law. Send them back after spending time in jail.

  • Vince234

    All they care about are future votes

  • rily

    The Dems want to keep all the illegal aliens, because they get them set up with Social Security, Medicare whatever, so they can secure their votes. Anybody that marches and protests, and makes demands, while waving a foreign flag, doesn’t deserve to be here, much less vote!!

    • Living in the Times

      Well stated!!!!!

    • gregg56


    • nfcapitalist

      Rules for Radicals… the Democrat’s rules to overwhelm and destroy America… and you’ll never hear them deny it.

  • rily

    The people who used to come here, through Ellis Island, came here seeking citizen ship, to become Americans, and they made the effort to do that. They did not come here illegally, with a fat-headed sense of entitlement, and their hand out!!! We don’t owe the whole world!! They need to do something to fix the things that are wrong, in their own countries.

  • The other Donald

    The loony left can’t win with socialist policies and can’t recruit enough felons to win consistently and with black employment on the rise and the possibility of losing a significant percentage of the black vote they are desperate to add to their voting bloc

  • Butthep

    No Wall, No DACA. Stop chain immigration and lottery immigrants.

  • fatboy46

    These people are here illegally. It doesn’t matter how or why, they are illegals. Deport them. Ok thats not going to be the new law- it is CURRENT law- so make them legal residents. No more assistance, free stuff and special treatment. They can never become citizens- they are ILLEGALS- they can never vote. Now, they are useless to the Democrats.

  • Living in the Times

    Glad to see the people are finally getting disgusted enough to take a stand for justice in CA!!! More great news this TGIF!!!

    “The GOP senators rejected the idea of providing immigration status to millions of illegal aliens.”

  • KD

    let the dems shut it down over their BS DACA……………..that’ll work great for Rep. party for upcoming elections!

    GO FOR IT!!

  • KD

    Cotten and others have a good plan……go with theirs!

    • Living in the Times

      “Senators Grassley, Cotton, and Perdue said they will reject any DACA
      deal unless it includes measures to end chain migration, abolish the
      visa lottery, and boost border enforcement.”

  • KD

    That gang of 6 are FAKE REPUBLICANS

  • KD

    fund the damn wall 100%

    • Living in the Times

      Funding has been approved! (Note the date)

      “WASHINGTON, DC, July 28, 2017 (ENS) – The House of Representatives Thursday approved the Trump administration’s $1.57 billion budget request to expand the U.S.-Mexico border wall, ignoring threats to protected wildlife refuges and border communities.”

      • KD

        not with the gang of 6 proposal yesterday….they offered $1.6B……Trump wants entire $18B funded……..otherwise every year we will have to deal with idiot demwits.

        This past year he only got a little of the wall funding, just enough to start preliminary work on it…..such as test walls, planning, etc.

        • Living in the Times

          So does that mean that the proposal will have the final voice or, since it is just a proposal, it is subject to rejection?

  • sanman99

    Sick of being a second class citizen in my birthplace!!!

    • jlsharks1

      About time people like you are standing up to all this BS.
      Illegals and prisoners have more rights then an abiding American citizen. Democrats are not Americans, I learnt that after being in the country for a year.

  • Shane Norkus

    First, there was an allegedly ‘bipartisan’ Gang of Eight which, we all know now, was nothing more than four communists and four RINO’s, so where was the bipartisanship? Now, we have another Gang of Six spouting the same old nonsense, representing criminal invaders.

    DREAMers and DACA are ALL illegal-aliens who deserve no consideration for anything except deportation. They broke our immigration laws by illegally sneaking across our borders for taxpayer-funded handouts.

    I DREAM one day of having a country once again governed by the Rule of Law, not by pandering, politically-correct politicians and bottom-feeders.

  • No Mas

    The democrat party and its reps violate their oaths to the US Constitution and prove it every vote, every day.
    America is a country built from the indigenous Indians, and immigrants that came here for an opportunity of freedom and liberty from tyranny. Dems want to rule over all, and push every chance to dumb down America with illegals that mostly come here for handouts, not opportunity.
    I on the other hand am not opposed to providing an opportunity for legal status for some of those who came as children, but it must be at the end of the line and they must assimilate to AMERICAN VALUES!

    • Legion

      I agree with everything you say except the part about ‘Native Americans’ being indigenous. They migrated here as well.
      No humans are indigenous to the American continents.

  • Gnome Sane?

    Where one amnesty brings on another…solely in the name of political expediency. Forced upon millions by the behest of a few, they will once again reward those who seek to exploit America for personal gain in willful violation of United States immigration laws. Crime really does pay…particularly in government.

    • No Mas

      Reagans Amnesty was a mistake, and the promise of border protection and stricter immigration laws was never kept.

      • Gnome Sane?

        I agree. What’s more, today’s promises of border protection and stricter immigration laws won’t be kept either. Funny that history stuff…always seems to repeat itself.

        • No Mas

          That’s why we need “The Wall”. Make it more difficult for illegals to gain entrance and dem politicians to defy existing laws allowing them to stay.

  • Done with it all

    A good partial gov shutdown is needed, then you’ll see how little a change it would be. The alternative is to give the demos another drink at the well.

    • Daryl

      I hope Democrats do shutdown the government. It will give Trump the right to start making drastic spending cuts. I’m sure Trump is already prepared for it.

      cut cut cut

    • KD

      yep…..let’em shut it down…..a plan to screw with americans jobs over immigration illegals……LOL

      good plan demwits……go for it!

  • OLJingoist

    I guess they all will wait until midterms to embrace reality.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    send the illegals home so they can fix their S–tHoles…

    • KD

      love your tag name!!!!!

  • Jeremy Strater

    The one thing not to forget and this is highly important. DACA was never a legislative act. It was an Executive Order, which violates the Constitution. Only Congress, not the President, is allowed to deal with immigration. This was one of the many violations of Frmr President Obama.

    • Ray

      Jeremy – great point. Everyone seems to forget that.

      • TexasDeplorable1134

        Only the Democrats and their “legislate from the bench” district judges.

  • landy fincannon

    President Trump won Florida by 100.000 votes.
    After the hurricane, Florida took in 200.000 Puerto Rican’s.
    Yes, Florida has now become officially blue unless the refugees are dispersed into other states.

  • Disgusted by the Misleadia

    And mandatory E-verify for employers.

  • georgec

    Like Schumer likes to do set preconditions BEFORE negotiation. Wall yes chain migration no. Then negotiate. It’s what the Dems do all the time

  • Daryl

    Trump gave Congress and Democrats every chance he could to let them save DACA, and what do they do? The same as always… try to jam thru amnesty.

    DACA will expire. The illegals will be deported. The Democrats failed to protect them.

  • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

    And the dems wonder why many of us jumped ship and voted republican! When you won’t fight for the American people you are suppose to be representing and fighting for, and you’re willing to go to war in congress for foreigners and SHUT DOWN OUR GOVERNMENT that impacts far more Americans, our national security and HURTS OUR MILITARY, we NO LONGER even hear you!


    MAGA 🇺🇸

    • Tyrone Jackson

      My 86 year old Dad has been asking for decades – why would anyone vote for a democrat?

      • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

        Has anyone given him a clear answer? Lol

        • Volitans

          …out of the dozens of valid answers to that question?

          • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

            Actually, if many would truly open their eyes….there are few really valid answers to that question anymore. There use to be, but not as they’ve gone completely socialist/marxists/communists.

          • Volitans

            My way of saying there are many more reasons today than there used to be. I would venture to say that JFK would hardly be a Democrat today.

          • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

            I’d have to agree with that. Kennedy wouldn’t recognize the democrat party today. Sadly.

          • Floridastorm

            JFK would fit right in. Most people don’t know that he was the architect of the “Great Society Welfare Programs” which have nearly bankrupted our country and turned the US into a Socialist Welfare State. All LBJ did was to get congress to implement these programs. The entire Kennedy family were a bunch of Socialist Leftists before it was popular to be a Socialist/Leftist.

          • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

            At the time I’d have argued that….but here decades later…..I have little to no ground to stand on after seeing how all this has played out.

          • Volitans

            Maybe so, but I have a hard time envisioning JFK embracing the socialist and Marxist leanings of 21st century Democrat leadership, in addition to the anti-law enforcement mentality and extreme identity politics which are now endemic to the party.

        • Living in the Times

          I think Serge pretty well supplied a valid answer, chuckle

      • Serge

        Only imbeciles and mentally impaired vote for liberals and communists.

      • Michael J Tomarchio

        I really believe it is a lack of awareness, lack of maturity and a lack of responsibility. Notice they only vote for “feel good” issues BUT only if someone else pays for it.

    • iwontell


    • Living in the Times

      Are those your pets? Dumb question but you never know. I thought maybe you operated a rescue program or something.

      • 🐯 TigerBear 🐻

        Not a dumb question. Sadly they aren’t mine personally. But we do help with the costs for the rescue/refuge program. Just adorable aren’t they?!

    • Javanne

      And the Democrats with them.

    • DJLugoff

      Well said! That is the #Truth!

    • Richard

      I agree, not only will they not fight for their constituents, the only thing they are doing is trying to get President Trump impeached. They are a waste of taxpayer money and not worthy to be in Washington D.C..

    • Valerie Lever


  • C B

    Build the Wall , Deport the Illegals . Let the Illegals Appeal from Mexico and or any other Countries they came from ……………….

    • Tyrone Jackson

      Can we deport the illegals and the democratic party?

      • C B

        The Illegals are the better part of the Democratic Party ………..

    • Sane_Person37

      Turn off the free money and the jobs and they will self-deport. There are 33 million of them, it will take forever to deport them.

  • His Highness

    How many times have Republicans signed on to deals that give the Dems what they want with the promise that, later, down the road, the Dems will give the Republicans what they want?

    I submit that the Democrats’ record of honoring such agreements is poor.

    Therefore, no DACA, no change to present immigration laws without simultaneous approval and funding of a wall. In the meantime, let’s have increased enforcement. Massive enforcement. Wholesale deportations. Two sides can play the pressure game, and it is past the time when the Republicans should have started playing hardball.

    • Chas Dan

      It’s the Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football scenario. The GOP falls for it every time. Hopefully not this time.

      • ImStillaYankee

        I’d be willing to bet they try to push something through ‘in the interest of fairness’ but there are now enough constitutionalists in the House where that would be impossible.

        • Chas Dan

          I would be willing to be that there are quite a few of those “Constitutionalists” who are OK with giving DACA Amnesty. Rand Paul doesn’t even want to fund the border wall.

        • pippin2

          One can only hope this is true.

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      I am kind of in favor of giving DACA recipients a time limit (3 years) to go through the legal process of becoming citizens that was proposed. This would basically solve the issue the Dems have. Of course, the border security, chain migration, and the lottery will also be enacted.

      • ImStillaYankee

        Absolutely not. Illegal is illegal. It should not grant them the same privileges as immigrants who come to the U.S. legally & become citizens. The country has already had 2 amnesties the last 30 years. How many more illegal aliens do we have to allow special status to? Enough is enough. Enforce all of our laws. Don’t fall for the leftist claim that these ‘children’ (they call them children for this but call 13 year olds adults so they can get an abortion or not go to jail for murder) only know America. They’ve got plenty of family in their home countries. Just watch how many go back ‘home’ on vacation to visit with them! Yet they’re supposed to be poor. I wish I could fly with my kids to Italy to see my extended family.

        • Steve Ausra

          Not to mention follow the money the dreamers send back to family in their home countries. The law was broken. As a child ok, not you’re fault, but when you became a responsible adult, you should have done the right thing and started the process of becoming legal and assimilate.

      • jlsharks1

        TexasD, I respect your comment. But why do I as a abiding citizen have to go through the process (Which I agree with) and the illegals have a free pass.

      • john

        Why not at least two years in a Public Helath Hospital or Veterans facility working as a volunteer to EARN the right to stay here?

      • Marty Kirkpatrick

        If illegals deserve that concession, it must be from the initial time they signed up, not later..I do not believe they deserve even that, they are not interested in assimilation, only robbing the Americans for everything we will stupidly hand them.

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Honoring agreements, poor? How about non-existent. I can not remember the last time a Dem actually agreed with anything as is. They always look for concessions/additions to any proposals.

    • ImStillaYankee

      Their negotiating tactics are typical for socialicommimarxifascists—demand the most extreme then walk out when their demands aren’t met. Usually in due time, some Republicants will start to feel bad & approach a Democrat with something in the middle & they’ll settle on giving the Democrats 75% & the Dems know they’ll get the other 25% in a few years at most. It’s been happening since Gingrich left Congress.

    • Tyrone Jackson

      “…record of honoring such agreements is poor”? – “poor” is a gross understatement.

    • john

      The Democrat’s record of honoring promises is slightly worse than the Iranian Mullahs.

  • HDRidinPatriot

    Don’t flrget E-lectricute ms13.

  • Lawmadsen

    “Gang of Six”? “Gang of Eight”? Yes let’s let gangs decide our immigration policy!

  • ImwithRome

    I have to agree with Grassley, Cotton, and Perdue on this one. Will someone PLEASE hold your ground?

  • landwell

    Senators Grassley, Cotton, and Perdue said they will reject any DACA
    deal unless it includes measures to end chain migration, abolish the
    visa lottery, and boost border enforcement.

    Hope they add mandatory E-verify to that list.

    • HarryObrian

      E-verify doesn’t work half the time because false but accurate documents are available everywhere in sanctuary states and cities, not to mention the E-verify system and the welfare system is controlled and maintained by anti-American liberals.

      • Disgusted by the Misleadia

        The “false but accurate” documents are known by the Social Security administration.

        They know when SSN and name don’t match. They also know when an SSN is being used by multiple people. But, they don’t do anything about it because it’s additional payroll taxes they can use.

        How much? In 2005 (the last time I’ve seen it reported), it was about 12B.

        • HarryObrian

          Good point that supports my original premise.

          • Disgusted by the Misleadia

            It does, and I should have added: Congress could put a stop to it by requiring the Social Security Administration and the IRS to report these discrepancies to ICE for investigation.

        • rily

          I don’t know if this matters or not, but I used to work in an office, and the warehouse was filled with illegal, undocumented workers from Mexico. Social Security never called us up to check on them ever!

      • Mitchell Jennings


        • aldoro

          yes YOU are.

      • aldoro

        WE can change that. It’s up to us to elect constitutional patriots.

      • Hottotrote

        Half is better than none!

    • Aldo

      DAMN RIGHT !!!! efffen obamASShole

    • Steve Ausra

      Also don’t like their wording of “border security or border enforcement” No, we want and need the Wall. You can add advanced tech to that, but a physical wall is a constant non attended deterrent.

      • Sane_Person37

        Especially given they are having a hard time finding border agents.