Senators Agree On New N. Korean Sanctions, Name Bill After Imprisoned Student

North Korean bank note are seen at a pavilion, just south of the border between the two Koreas, in Paju, north of Seoul, February 15, 2013. (Photo/REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won)

November 2, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Lawmakers are moving forward on a new round of sanctions targeting North Korea.

The Otto Warmbier Banking Restrictions involving North Korea act of 2017 will strengthen existing U.S. sanctions, and introduce new measures.

Under the new rules all foreign financial institutions who do business with certain North Korean individuals will be targeted.

Lawmakers say the economic sanctions will pressure Pyongyang to give up its nuclear program.

Congress will also need to review the effectiveness of the sanctions regularly.

The Senate will act on the legislation next week.

  • Decline Tostate

    Nuke him. The Chinese and Russians will do nothing in response except to yell a lot.

  • aldoro

    BIG JOKE. Until they hit little fat boy in the pocket AND his stomach, nothing they do will stop the crazy bastard.

  • charlestuten

    What exactly is “Feeding a Troll”?

  • Jerry White

    Then add a statement that clearly assures crushing those bastards into a fine pulp.

  • Jerry White

    Lose the word, “certain” and add the word, “ALL”!

  • barskii

    before it is set in stone, The U.S. will give them another $500 Billion if they pinky finger promise – That they will not continue to Build Nuclear Weapons.
    “Just like Old Times” – The Kim family wins again……

    • Midstaterick

      Not with TRUMP in the house.

      • barskii

        Lets hope He don’t send Jimmy Carter to help Him with this Crisis
        or even Billy Clinton, Drug Dealer, Liar for His Professional opinion.
        I think Bygone President’s need to stay out of The Picture completely.

  • landy fincannon

    Sanctions have always been a precursor to war. Ask Japan!!!!!

    • MC

      So, does that mean the USA does zero???

      • landy fincannon

        How many times will the powers that be take us down this road?

        It all began when we threw Chang under the bus at Yalta for Mao.

        • KyzerS

          Evil must be fought, and we aren’t evil.

          • landy fincannon

            I have a bumper sticker that sums up my feelings quite succinctly. ” I love my country but I fear my government.

    • Reinhold Schouweiler


      • landy fincannon

        I’m going to assume you left off one s. Correct?

      • landy fincannon

        First comment, well here is your up vote