Senator Franken Plans to Return to Work Amidst Sexual Harassment Allegations

November 26, 2017

Washington, D.C.- Emerald Robinson, Political Correspondent

Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) spent this Sunday talking to local Minnesota media outlets to address mounting sexual harassment accusations in the face of waining approval ratings.  Recent polls shows Senator Franken’s approval sharply dropping in the wake of accusations from four different women including the initial claim made by Los Angeles radio host Leann Tweeden.

A poll conducted by a Saint Paul ABC Affiliate, KSTP, showed that only 22 percent of the 600 Minnesota residents polled believed that the senator should remain in office.  Thirty-three percent of those polled said that he should resign his post in the Senate. Another report by Rasmussen showed similar numbers for the general public.  In a sample of likely U.S. voters, a total of 55 percent believed that the Minnesota Democrat should resign with only 37 percent reporting a favorable opinion of the senator.

Senator Fraken broke his eight day silence telling the Minnesota Star Tribune that he is ashamed and needs to regain the trust of those he let down.  However, in another telephone interview with MPR, host Cathy Wurzer grilled the senator on his intention to remain in the Senate.  The host suggested that perhaps Franken could best serve the women of Minnesota by stepping aside and allowing Governor Mark Dayton (D-Minn.) to appoint a woman to take his place the senate, a suggested that left the current senator speechless for a beat.  After recovering, the senator replied, “I’m committed to working as hard as I can here in the Senate.”

Wurzer went on to press Senator Franken on how effective he could be in the Senate at this point as he tries to desperately hold on to his seat.  Additionally, the Emmy-winning radio host pointed out the possible hypocrisy of  pursuing sexual harassment allegations only when it behooves one’s political party to which Franken did not answer citing that he had to end the interview for time.

This comes on the same day that fellow Democrat, Representative John Conyers (D-Mich.) , stepped down as ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee following allegations of sexual assault and as Democrats continue to castigate Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore for allegations made against him. Also on this Sunday, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) made new calls for Franken to resign saying that the accusations against against the Democrat senator, including many of which he’s admitted to, are horrifying.

Senator Franken confirmed to both MPR and the Star Tribune that he currently had no intentions of resigning.  The senator added the he would return to work in the Senate on Monday and intended to regain the trust of the those he had let down.

  • Bert Alvarado

    Remember Franken scrutinizing Judge Gorsuch and Senator Sessions?

  • DannyBoy

    LaHOOOzZzaaaHeerrrr (LOSER) and by the way you are a suck ass comedian …but your situation is very FUNNY!!!


    I wonder how many times in the past that Al Franken demanded that someone accused of sexual misconduct resign or be fired??? Gotta be a way to Lexxus/Nexxus that sort of question . . . anyone out there familiar with this type of research???

  • Roscoe

    I am sure that the other DemoRAT molesters, perverts, and sexual predators will welcome him.

  • Marc S.

    He’s not resigning! He’s a DemocRAT after all!?

  • Marc S.

    You can’t blame the man who stole the election, he thinks he’s still on SNL!

  • Roy Beane

    Talk about a Sleezebag badly in need of an Attitude Adjustment………maybe one of these women has a father, husband, or boyfriend with a big baseball bat handy. Reckon that would make the news? Then that dirty old scumbag Conyers can get his attitude adjusted too, while they’re at it.

  • Billy Bop & Drop

    No democRat wants to leave a cash cow like soros, you have to force them out and of course the other democRats are supporting him from (behind), if you know what I mean. Sexual predators, all of them.

  • henry

    His wife must be a true tramp not to have filed for divorce yet

  • henry

    RESIGN you POS. America knows what youre about and you have no business making laws of the land! GTFO ahole

  • semperfipar

    Al is a member of the protected class so he is untouchable. Harvey Weinstein is also a member of the protected class and have we heard anything else concerning him and his criminal sexual exploits? He even received a tip off from members of the protected class in the prosecutors office in New York. It is already happening with Al. We will not hear much more on this and it will fade away because the protected class runs the media.

  • C B

    I don’t think Franken stepping down give any exclusive right that it be a Woman to replace him . That’s a bunch of crap ! The best qualified should be picked . That’s what started this Franken thing in the first place when he was elected by illegals who voted .

  • SubSurfCPO

    He needs to be hounded relentlessly by any news organization that claims to support women’s rights. He and his ilk should be driven from Congress, granted the halls will be a little slim, but maybe they can get something done.

  • Linda Rader

    He won’t resign? Then he better keep his eyes and his hands to himself. He is a joke and people will be laughing behind his back as he walks down the hall…jerk

  • grandmother5

    Another politician hit with a harassment thing. A few years back Al Green was accused by a staffer of se#ual harassment law suit. He said today that all of that was resolved and they remain friends. Resolved with words or $$$?

  • Ed L

    Liar, prevert, cheat and a thief

  • RMCS Ret.

    There are some folks that are probably falsely accused and should fight back, but Franken isn’t one of them. He should follow in the footsteps of Conyers.

    • grandmother5

      Conyers only resigned from a committee he was on. He should have resigned his office.

  • Norman Howe

    get him out and press charges—he is a disgrace no matter what party he is in!!!!

  • Scotty

    He should find the lock changed and a pink slip taped to his office door.

  • Eric

    It goes to show you that the Democrats (and some Republicans) feel as though the “Rules” do not apply to them. They have forgotten then we elected them to represent us and we have a civic duty to elect someone that is worthy of the position. It’s a slap in the face to the accusers and his contituants that he “chooses” to continue to go to work after these charges have been brought up on him. I refuse to call them allegations becuase they are not refuted. With his disregard for the charges and the disrespect for the women that he assaulted, how is that ever going to make things better? Minnesota needs to find someone to replace him.

  • zeitgeist

    Holy Cow! Is that what MBA means?.
    Hey I got another one NO DACA…..NO Dumb A$$ Congressional Amnesty….NO DACA. Let’s run with it or something better cause the congress critters are going to collapse if not held accountable.

  • Bannaghar

    Allegations? No it is a fact tht Franken is a sexual predator. GET HIM OUT.

  • Roy Beane

    The hypocrisy of the Dimmocrats is OFF THE CHARTS. If this was a GOP senator there would already be mass protest marches and howling lynch mobs in the streets with pitchforks and torches.

  • zeitgeist

    Work??? He should be drummed out of the senate for “Word Abuse”!!

  • Aldo

    I vote that frankenGroper should go BACK to snl – clown

  • Bannaghar

    Get him out–NOW.

  • Let My People Go

    Franken needs to learn from Jesus: “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you. And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me remove the speck from your eye’; and look, a plank is in your own eye? Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” Matthew 7:1 – 5

    • Roy Beane

      Franken has a whole giant sequoia redwood stuck in his eye, never mind a mere rafter.

    • Jack Green

      Most excellent thought!! That passage as well as others should be recited in congress every day. (Not to mention the 10 Commandments.)

    • Swampdrainer

      Franken believes in the “laying on of hands”.

  • Farmerob

    Don’t worry about Franken, now he can write a book and go on the crybaby book tour where he’ll become another big hero for the left.

  • FromThe70s

    I will say this, what Franken did was wrong, and sleezy, but I would not call his actions horrifying. He did not get anyone killed as Hillary has done.

    • jlsharks1

      All a divergence, probably let out by the Clinton’s.

  • grandmother5

    Question what will the training on se#xual harassment do now? I think it’s too late.

    • …remain calm and return fire

      the perpetrators in congress made the sexual harassment laws…..and like the ACA, those laws do not apply to them……congress is rotten to the core and it stinks

  • WildBillinBuffalo


  • skyhawk

    What I want to know is….where are all the Lefty trolls?

    When the Roy Moore allegations were leveled, they were all over this board railing about how horrible were the charges (despite there being no proof).

    Now that the booby is in the other hand, they’re no where to be found.

    Weird, huh?

    • Lawmadsen

      to the left only accusations matter, in Frankens case the accusations have turned to proof and we know the truth means nothing to a prog.

    • zeitgeist

      Ha Ha when a congress person says they will be going to “work” it actually means lining up at the trough for booty but with franken it means two hands on the “booby”. LOL

  • WBH

    the only job he has ever had was as a comedy writer. if he cant hold on to this cushy senate gig he is toast.

  • Lord Cornbread

    Franken stated that every day 5,400 girls turn 14 and he plans to continue working until he has sampled each and every bum.

  • notwar

    If I grope a sleeping girl’s breast can I be a Minnesota Senator? I promise I’ll be “embarrassed” and “reflect”.

  • FoolIggy

    At some point this ‘alleged’ pervert will leave his nest and his fellow swamp rats behind.

    He will retire from political life with full benefits and use his political & hollywood connections to make millions more.

    Meanwhile, he will STEAL a lifetime of perks & benefits from the American taxpayers he NEVER earned.



    We, the taxpayer, must ensure Constitutional Amendments that CONGRESS will:
    a) be held accountable for for their personal actions,
    b) be forced to reduce their bloated staffs, recognizing we live in a technologically modern society where the elected official must be held accountable for doing ‘their’ work so they know what they are voting on
    c) be paid at the same rate and within the same system as all FEDERAL EMPLOYEES, controlled by other agencies with their salaries tied to the taxpayers cost of living raises,
    d) be forced to loose all their perks such as free food, free haircuts, free transportation, free flights and held to the same federal system that all other federal employees must adhere to when being offered “free” bribes (perks) while serving the American Taxpayer,
    e) be held to the highest standards when it comes to personal & professional conduct

    WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late! The wolves are living in the hen house!

  • Sylvia Avila

    Right! What does he care, it was not his body that got assaulted. Time to hold Congress members who are involved in any sexual assault to anyone accountable. NO more free pass! Tired of all the lies, corruption our Congress has been doing. NO More! Send them to jail like anyone else.

  • FromThe70s

    Franken 2020!!!

    • WBH

      no, it be Maxine Waters time now.

  • Jack Green

    The news quoted that Franken should be allowed due process before he is condemned or tried for these accusations. Shouldn’t the same go for The Alabama senate candidate? I don’t condone his alleged actions, but he at least take a non-binding polygraph test. If he passes, then his accusers should do the same. If he doesn’t pass, then that tells me what I need to know.

  • No Mas

    Franken and Conyers are two of the worst sexual predators in public office and they will NEVER leave willingly.
    The fact that they have a pool of taxpayer money to use to pay off victims is incomprehensible and insanely immoral. Personal conduct allegations should be paid from their personal accounts since they earn upwards of 200k with free everything and expenses. At the same time, false allegations proven false, should be a felony crime. This will reduce or eliminate the SOROS paid fake victims.

  • …remain calm and return fire

    “I’m Al Franken and I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!….and eff you America, I’m not resigning” ……….the inbreed political Idiocracy continues….

  • sparks69

    Should be a few ethics committee slots available. Who wants to bet that these are the same coverup specialists that the slush fund money was paid out for.
    We do not want to know who was harassed, we want to know who did the harassing.

  • carefulwhatyouwishfor

    i SAY…………………leave Franken there……………he represents THE BEST the Dhims have to offer……….besides geriatric, greedy, power hungry pigs who refuse to retire……………Sanders, Pelosi, Conyers, Feinstein.

    ps..even their RABBI is 85 !!!!

  • carefulwhatyouwishfor

    I look at his face every single time he speaks, and expect a funny punchline………….don’t know whether to laugh or cry about this Dhim buffoon.

    He probably does his “daily affirmation” telling himself that he’s SPECIAL.

    • grandmother5

      I feel sorry for his wife.

  • Tado

    The Jew is thick skinned.

  • bobruark

    According to demoncrats, only Republicans (espec. conservative ones) need resign. The rest of the criminals can return to their usual shenanigans after they have issued a weasely little apology…

    • skyhawk

      According to Nancy Pelosi, Franken deserves what she calls “due process”, even though he has admitted (and there is photographic proof of) his despicable behavior.

      Roy Moore, however, apparently does not deserve “due process” even though he vehemently denies all the allegations against him and there is no proof of any wrong-doing.

      Weird, huh?

      • sharkync

        Wierd – not really.

        Disgusting – positively.

      • grandmother5

        After all that Pelosi talking. The one that said “We need to pass the bill to see what’s in it”.

  • jane

    The old double standard. The working people would be fired, but those in Washington get to keep their jobs?

  • Redoubt

    Put him in prison and let him get sexually abused for a while.

  • JaySands1234

    Remember that liberal perverts can get away with anything just ask Billy the cigar sticking intern rapist and he will agree.

    • Linda Rader

      You mean BJ Clinton in the Oral Office?

  • TYvets

    They are behind you until they arwn’t.

  • sanman99

    WORK for this ADAM HENRY is switching hands!!!

  • Pezgun

    Senator Franken should resign ’cause gosh darn it, the people want him to!

    • Linda Rader


  • pb2

    Republicans need to have 10 or so of those airplane incident images printed in poster size and have them scattered around the building on the path that franken is likely to take and photograph him as he walks by them. He still won’t be as humiliated as his sleeping victim.

  • notwar

    Apparently Democrats think sexual harassment is a joke.

    • sanman99

      Just ask Bill Clinton.

  • J. Waltam

    Frankie Boy definitely needs some new material.

  • Joe

    If there was no evidence I would say cut him some slack and wait for the evidence. But that is not the case here. So he should resign

    • notwar

      One picture is worth a thousand innuendos.

    • Lensgrinder

      If this were a republican the dems would be screaming for a resignation.

  • Richard McMeekin

    As a US Senator Mr. Franken earns $193,000 annually. This is the most annual income he has EVER earned during his entire lifetime.

    Resign the Senate? Kiss the big bucks goodbye? Forfeit retirement? All because he is truly penitent about his sexual harassment of several women during his lifetime.

    NFW! He would literally move from the Senate to an obscure Minnesota alley and live out his life in a cardboard box! It is fear of the latter which now elicits his “sincere apologies” and nothing else.

    Let’s face it the evidence clearly proves he’s done the crime – so let’s let him Do The Time! (If he’s lucky maybe in a corrugated cardboard box)!

    • John

      He will get his golden parachute retirement no matter what. Right now it’s the power he relishes.

  • USMCDanang1966

    One would think that the percentage of people who wanted him out of the Senate, would be higher.

    • John

      30% are democrats, they would vote for any democrat. His only support is democrat.

      • bobruark

        they would support another demoncrat if he were walking around with a dead baby round his neck

  • Rupert

    Franken is returning to ‘work’? What’s he going to work on, his ‘hand eye coordination’?


      Nope Franken’s going to work on his hand to boob coordination.

      • tophat1984

        He’s going to touch other Democratic law-makers now?

    • grandmother5

      He said returning to work. I didn’t think he knew what the word work meant, much less do it.

    • “I’m a Rooster!”

      Sexual harassment does not apply to Democrats. I thought we all knew this?


    The only reason Franken has apologized too these women is because he got caught … he needs to resign and don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

    • grandmother5

      Now he is saying he truly does not remember any of things he’s been accuse of, even with a picture. So here’s the thing, if he doesn’t remember doing them, was he drunk, on drugs or just plain stupid?

      • Scotty

        Probably all three.

      • “I’m a Rooster!”

        I’m going with “stupid”, madam.

        • grandmother5

          I agree.

      • MJABRTDK

        I’m going to say none of the above, Franken is the typical DemocRat .. he’ll try to lie his way out of the situation by developing amnesia.

        • grandmother5

          Like Hillary, “I don’t recall”, “I don’t remember” or her famous one “What difference, at this point, does it make now”.

      • flowerchild


        • grandmother5

          LOL! I hear you. I think the world heard you. Good job.

    • iMacBob

      Frankenstein has a few ‘screws’ loose! 🤣