Senate to Vote on Tax Reform Bill Nov. 27th

In this Nov. 13, 2017, photo, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, arrives as the tax-writing panel begins work on overhauling the nation’s tax code, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

November 17, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Just hours after the House passed sweeping tax reform, the Senate Finance Committee approved its tax plan, pushing the legislation to the floor for a full vote.

The panel approved the measure in a 14-to-12 vote along party lines on Thursday.

Like the House bill, the Senate plan will slash the corporate tax rate and reduce individual income rates.

If passed, it would also eliminate the individual Obamacare mandate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he plans to bring the bill to the Senate floor after the Thanksgiving recess.

The chamber adjourned Thursday night, and will reconvene on Monday, November 27.

  • Mike

    Why do I have the feeling I’m getting screwed?

  • ginjit.dw

    The Senate is gonna be so short on votes….not even close.. they have done this purposefully to embarrass potus…but potus will not bee stopped.

  • Donald York

    It wouldn’t do me any good to ask Senator Brown of Ohio to vote for this bill, he still thinks that Obama was better than corn flakes.
    I really would like to see Senators Corker and Flake support this tax reform bill. Will they ? I hope so. Being bitter towards our President shouldn’t be a reason not to vote for it. We all know most all Democrats will vote against it.

  • intimeforthedime

    Because getting it over with TODAY would not set right with the American people.

  • Luciano Salerno

    Even if not perfect, this new tax bill is much better than the existing and will open doors to prosperity. God willing.

    • HarryObrian

      All this tax bill is designed to do is keep Wall Street afloat. The DOW has run up two years ahead of itself on this tax bill, it has nothing to do with the middle class. Knowing that politicians are allowed to inside trade I will be surprised if they don’t pass this garbage. When it comes to any of the Seven Deadly Sins there are no party lines.

  • nfcapitalist

    Why do Democrats work this hard with this much determination to BANKRUPT AMERICA?

    … hello?

    • HarryObrian

      Easier to implement Fascism, just ask George Soros or maybe one of the Jews he helped murder.

  • landy fincannon

    Until the two houses rehash the final bill, we have no idea what will be in it.

    • HarryObrian

      It will boil down to just a corporate tax cut that only the middle class will pay for by losing all their deductions.

  • Roger Belcher

    They are on vacation now, so in theory they should be back in their home state. Too bad millions of people won’t show up everywhere they go to tar and feather them into resigning!


    understand why the congress is so unable to perform, they are constantly taking time away. In any business, they would be fired for lack off production. No ONE looks up to these a$$es.

  • TexasDeplorable1134

    He IS part of the swamp. It was made obvious when he asked Moore to step aside. He knew Moore was never going to be part of the swamp (that’s why he won) and respect the Constitution. This is a CLASSIC example of WHY repealing the 17th amendment is a TERRIBLE idea. If the 17th amendment did not exist, then Strange would already be in office (which is what McConnell wanted).

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    In addition to these cuts, add an amendment to this bill to stop spending on money you don’t have. Deficit spending is evil.

  • strawberryplains

    Unbelievable. Hands up for those who get 10 days off for Thanksgiving. Seriously someone needs to set Congresses working days, they don’t need to go home and plant crops or anything like they did back in the day.

    • HarryObrian

      They’re going home to warm up their side pieces for the Christmas vacation.

  • Texas Don

    There is only one Tax Plan I want to hear about. It is the one that is delivered on 7 pages and requires a flat 12% of income only. The one that gets rid of Death Taxes, the one that makes school taxes for those over 65 non existent and the one tht has no government hands out to anybody.

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Yea, the inheritance tax is just morbid in my eyes. What happens when a family member dies? IRS is there waiting for you. So when they say the only thing that is certain in life is death and taxes, this is actually a double whammy when you die. You pay taxes all your life and then you die, they hit you again.

      • nfcapitalist

        And like property taxes in your state, county, or borough… if you live in a nice house, mow the lawn, keep the paint up, make improvements your property taxes go up…

        … if you live in a dump, beer cans surrounding a pick-up truck… your property taxes are low.

        This crazy system does NOT give citizens any motive to improve their lot in life… we need a SALES TAX ONLY… everyone from the bum buying smokes and alcohol to the millionaire buying a yacht is now in the game.

        • KMA

          Consumption tax is the fairest IMO and government employees (exception military) shouldn’t be exempt from ANYTHING the rest of the country is subjected to!

    • HarryObrian

      I agree but not even MAGA would dare dream that up…
      A whole industry of fat cat tax lawyers and brain dead tax preparers would disappear. You’d hear the wails and screams from Mars.

  • Mark

    They have their work cut out for them. I read this morning that there are 13 senators who are against the current plan…and expect Dems to stick strictly to a party line vote. The partisan gridlock continues. Time to vote all the idiots out of both parties and get a group of people who know how to sit down, negotiate, compromise and come up with a pan for the American people. The day of “it’s either my way or no way” needs to end.

    • Ray

      ABSOLUTELY!! And I’m sick and tired of them passing bad bills instead of compromising with bills that are “middle of the road”.

  • RMB38

    Shouldn’t they FINISH the bill before scheduling a vote?

    • Ray

      RMB38 – You’re thinking logically, remember, it’s the US Senate.

      • RMB38

        They’re too busy arguing about ancient sexual misconduct and a mostly fictitious Russian connection.

        • HarryObrian

          They’re too busy making sure their girlfriends don’t jump on the sexual harassment bus and start dialing their wives.

  • PGCDan

    I really don’t understand why politicians are pist off in high tax states. They need to change their own tax policies instead of asking rest of the country to pay for it because that’s exactly what they’re doing. They’re completely missing the point, and they’re winning the argument unfortunately.

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      Try and point that out to them and see the response you get. Both NY and CA have the highest and when they can write that off, it is distributed as a tax burden to other states. Their excuse is since they pay those higher taxes they have a higher tax burden thus need to distribute that to lower tax state.

      • PGCDan

        Exactly my point.

        • TexasDeplorable1134

          Yea, you are preaching to the choir here. It all comes down to fiscal responsibility, which they refuse to adhere to. They would rather let masses of illegals into their state and support them through the “other peoples money” and then pass that onto all the rest of the states.

          Since most of those states are all represented by Democrats who were never going to support removing the “LAST” deductions, putting that into the Tax bill should be a wake up call that they need to get their spending priorities straight.

          Now only if we could convince the federal government to do the same. Latest spending bill starting off with $500B in the red? Kind of hypocritical of them, you think?

  • …remain calm and return fire

    what left overs will they kick down to the peons?

  • boots and guns

    Orin Hatch has become an embarrassment to Utah period. Since he has decided to retire, he has flipped on gun control, health care and immigration. Good riddance loser!!!

  • CDG

    Both House and Senate need to conduct full chamber votes on each bill. Assuming they both pass it would then be reconciled into a single bill then sent back to both branches of Congress for a full vote. We will be lucky if anything is done before the end of the year.

  • Scarlett

    Why wait until after thanksgiving Why not Pass it now & give us a Happy Thanksgiving

    • jill

      Got to see how many paws can be padded.

      • River

        They need a good dose of turkey to get their gobbles marked up.

    • TexasDeplorable1134

      I am already sending in my suggestion to the Whitehouse to veto the whole thing. This is not a tax reform. This is a “see we are listening to you” when in reality they are giving the 2018 election to the Democrats. This is a Reagan Lite version of tax relief (just like their Obamacare Lite) and plays into the Establishment of “we can’t stop Trump”, here Democrats, you try.

    • HarryObrian

      That wouldn’t be a Happy Thanksgiving, that would be two turkeys on Thanksgiving.

  • brandehhh

    Slash and reduce need to be swapped