Senate Panel Unanimously Approves 2 Preventative Human Trafficking Bills


August 3, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Two bills aimed at combating human trafficking in semi-trucks are headed to the Senate floor.

A Senate panel unanimously approved the ‘No Human Trafficking On Our Roads Act’ and ‘Combating Human Trafficking in Commercial Vehicles Act’ on Wednesday.

One bill would disqualify individuals from operating a commercial motor vehicle if they have a felony involving human trafficking.

The other would create an advisory committee on the issue, and designate a human trafficking prevention coordinator at the Department of Transportation.

Officials praised the legislation as an important step in the efforts to curb human trafficking in the U.S.

  • sweptarea

    “…Approves 2 Preventative Human Trafficking Bills.”

    There is a word, ‘preventive’. Where did you come up with the non-word you used ?

    • Frank

      Oops. Sorry, but BOTH terms are valid, according to every dictionary site you might check them on.
      Kind of like flammable and inflammable. Redundant, but real.

  • Kody M.

    Surly this will solve the problem

  • Bill Jr

    Declare The Mexican Tractor Trailers ‘Lost Mexican Submarines’ And Have The Army’s Jolly Green Giants Take Them Back To Mexican Waters and Dump Them In, Call It Operation ‘Free Wilfredo!’

  • Guest4ever

    What say we start with Congress and pizza-gate with some REAL work against this evil! Not just milquetoast crappola!

  • Tado

    They’re illegal aliens, too.
    They should be granted “work permits”.

  • Tado

    Minimum Wage Workers!
    $15.00 /hr.

  • gahh

    Liberals consider it racist and bigoted for traffickers to not be able to bring illegal aliens into America.

    According to Liberals, illegals add to our economy and are entitled to welfare as soon as they hit America.

    Also according to Liberal Democrats, illegal aliens are to be called Undocumented Immigrants, even though the name Immigrant is supposed to be the name for people who came here legally, and not under or over a fence.

    People need to wise up, and stop the sick Liberals and the Democrats from destroying what’s left of America, thanks to the Clinton’s and Obama.

    • Frank

      “add to our economy”, “entitled to welfare as soon as they arrive”
      No argument with your argument.
      But, isn’t it obvious (to anyone with a modicum of intelligence). Financially, those two statements are mutually exclusive.

  • What?? How about prosecuting every single one of them, putting them in prison and NEVER letting them out!

  • constitutiononly

    When in doubt…..create a committee.

  • Freethinker00

    Wow how courageous of our do nothing politicians. A traffic ticket for enslaving young girls. Maybe they can require higher insurance rates as well.

  • J. Waltam

    Wow – I’m impressed! Mindless buttermilk created by brain dead politicians.

    • Guest4ever

      Hey! Don’t insult the buttermilk!

  • Tony

    Pack of sad sacks do nothing again. Bring back Ole Sparkie, traffic humans, you get to ride, Ole Sparkie.

    • constitutiononly

      Maybe. But, I don’t want to wait 20 years to put them down. Call me when the wait time is 30 minutes after the trial.

      • HarryObrian

        Yup, excellent point.

  • Davidreyes1486

    Who thought of this? It’s insulting to have wasted precious legislation time on this bill. There’s no substance to it. You want to make an impact, raise the mandatory sentence to the equivalent kidnapping. That will make a difference. Some people need to place their names behind a bill for accountability purposes, but don’t want to do anything about it.

    • HarryObrian

      Ya, all this bill does is force the traffickers to use more and smaller non-commercial vehicles to transport. My guess is that the people who wrote the bill have investments in small box vans and auto insurance companies.
      They don’t want to stop trafficking just like they don’t want to stop the flow of drugs, it would put too many unionized government workers out of a job.

  • Chris C.

    How on God’s green earth is this going to stop human trafficking? It may make some Dip Sh%t politician feel good about him/her self but for the poor girls, small children or illegals being trafficked it will do a whole lot of nothing. Criminals don’t care about law.

    Liberal point of view:

    Well, but there is a law that says a felon can’t drive a Semi…. and we are so stupid we think all criminals respect the law… whine whine snicker snicker….

    In the end I believe our Politicians in total are getting more and more obtuse by the day…. Just what we needed another law that will do absolutely NOTHING>>>…!!!

    • constitutiononly

      Illegal aliens “traffic” themselves. No sympathy.

    • HarryObrian

      Ya, they’ve stopped being creative, now they just go and write frivolous bills to spend more so they can tax more and they know no one can stop them.

  • Kestrel Blackfeather

    I appreciate the effort but fail to see how this really solves anything. A criminal isn’t going to give a damn if it’s a felony to operate a commercial vehicle. He’s already illegally transporting people, like he’ll care about a traffic violation? And yet another advisory committee? Don’t we already have enough advisory committees?

    We know what we need to do: Secure the damn border.

    • Bill Jr

      No, Open The Border and Legalize Slavery For Illegal Immigrants Caught In This Country. Southerners Would Rise From The Graves And Cheer And Northern Women Would Love Making Their Gardeners and Nanny’s Do All The Housework Too!

      • disqus_UuishN3ZfL

        Having lived in the South and also knowing my family owned Slaves before the Civil war, my question has always been, if you cant get people to work while paying them, how in the hell did they make them work when they were not paid? No one wants to work! Then you have to feed the bastards,

        • Bill Jr

          Put The Snack Tray and Water At The Very End Of The Cotton Row! ‘Corn Bread For Cotton, Corn Bread For Cotton’ Works Pretty Well!