Senate Confirms 2 Members to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

Energy Secretary Rick Perry. (Photo/Reuters)

November 3, 2017
OAN Newsroom

The Senate approved two new members to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Republican Kevin McIntyre and Democrat Richard Glick were confirmed in a unanimous decision Thursday.

This is the first time the five member commission will be at full capacity since 2015.

As members of the FERC, McIntyre and Glick will tackle projects concerning the sale and transportation of energy and natural gas.

In the coming months the commission will work alongside Energy Secretary Rick Perry to create a plan for the future of coal power and nuclear plants.

  • tedlv

    Yet another expensive, toothless, useless agency, wasting your and my money.

    • I. Forgot 2

      Oh no Ted. This agency has been proven effective. The positions were not filled since 2015 because congress didn’t want an Obamanite global warming idiot in there. It will be back to proper use now.