Sen. Rand Paul Talks with Pres. Trump About Potential Health Care Fix

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. answers questions from reporters as he arrives on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 25, 2017, before a test vote on the Republican health care bill. The bill has faced opposition and challenges within the Republican ranks, including by Paul. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

August 1, 2017

OAN Newsroom

Senator Rand Paul tells President Trump the White House can take actions to solve America’s health insurance systems.

Paul revealed his plan Monday, which involves an executive order that would let certain organizations come together to buy insurance as a group so they could negotiate on the free market.

For example, groups like the AARP could go to insurance companies directly so they can get lower prices.

Critics argue the plan would hurt the state’s ability to regulate health coverage and to clamp down on fraud.

Supporters say it would provide more affordable options of insurance for the American people.

  • Rodney

    Rand Paul is nothing but another obstructionist like McCain and Cruz. They are what is wrong with the Party.

    Just repeal Obamacare and start over. Whatever comes next cant be worse than that nightmare of ever increasing premiums and unbelievably high deductibles with fewer and fewer providers. Insurance isn’t worth the cost if you cant afford the deductible or find a hospital

  • Bill Jr

    Have Dr. Bombay (Bewitched) Treat Everyone, He Get’s Around In A Snap! And Bill Clinton Says his Nurses Are (rem Topless) Top Notch!

  • Barb H.

    Stop side stepping the issue! The little man has too much to say, with nothing being done.
    President Trump can take action by taking their subsidies away, which I believe he will do if they don’t get the bill back to the floor.
    When obama gave Congress the exemption of being able to call themselves small businesses, he allowed them to get great healthcare packaged on Americans’ back. Many people still don’t realize that WE are paying for Congresses healthcare!
    Trump can disqualify their “small business” by the stroke of the pen!

  • Rosicrucian32

    Rand Paul and John McCain, obstructionists extraordinaire…..they both have no place in the republican party.

    • BigC

      I have no problem with Paul, he is correct about healthcare, but McCain? He is a RINO. Opposing thoughts are good. That is what the Congress is supposed to do…. talk it out, come up with something that is good for everyone. Instead, many are trying to protect themselves first and us last.

      • Rodney

        None of them are correct on healthcare. They are either clueless, or more concerned about the healthcare and insurance industries to rectify the problem, which is systemic, filled with fraud, wasteful, and wildly unaccountable

  • a voice of concern

    exactly WHO said we need our government selling INSURANCE and using the IRS as the accounting department to collect premiums? Think about it! This is really stupid.
    Get the government out of the Health INS TAX Collection business, period.

  • George Applebee

    For the life of me I have never understood the misconception that politicians write bills, speeches, and talking points. At best, most politicians were C+ students in H.S. They’ve never run businesses, know nothing about any industry, and have a basic understanding of public policy. They are self-professed “Professional Fundraisers.” If you’re a lobbiest they will tell you when you walk in the door, “From the first day my ass hits this seat to the last day I leave it, I am fundraising for my next election, because the guy with the larger warchest is the guy that wins the election, and I don’t want to lose this cushy job!”

    That being said you need to understand that the ACA (Obamacare) was really written by the insurance industry. That’s why it is so pro-insurance. You also need to understand that when Paul Ryan came out of those closed doors holding the ACA replacement high above his head saying I have the answer here, It was really just Obama Care lite. Easy to understand if you realize all he did was call up the original authors (the insurance industry) and say, “What can you live with, and what can you live without. Have on my doorstep in 72 hours.”

    So what the problem really is, is that there is no one that can really write this thing other than the Insurance industry. That’s why the Republicans didn’t do anything for 8 years, and why they can’t come up with a replacement that discusses a free-market solution. If anyone out there has the ability to write the document/bill to include all the legaleeze and state requirements, please get in touch with your Professional Fundraising Representative today! Thank you for your time.

    • a voice of concern

      This is all true!

      A politician is nothing more than a self righteous ego centric bore full of condescending arrogance.

      The bottom line is WHO said we need our government selling INSURANCE and using the IRS as the accounting department to collect premiums? Think about it! This is really stupid.
      Get the government out of the Health INS TAX Collection business, period. The gov Is supposed to regulate stuff NOT sell stuff.

  • JJake Spitz

    State control is what Romney Care was about. It worked here in Mass. Give the management back to the states, open up provider competition for the states, allow groups to consolidate customers for purchasing power, basic business principles. Do not let the federal government run it, they do not know how. There will be some tough decisions with regards to certain care for whom coming up but I would want the decision makers more approachable than with all the Federal Government communication barriers.

  • kaboby

    Obamacare must crash too much money and power to give up.

  • kelly young

    Maybe the President will just cancel the waiver that O signed exempting members of congress from participating in the AHA.

  • Sonny Shaw

    The problem is the states still havecontrol of the insurance markets in the States. That would be a great idea Rand Paul is pushing.

  • BillM

    I’m old enough to remember when doctors made housecalls, and medical professionals actually cared for their customers. Nowadays, when you see a doctor the first question they ask is who will be paying them.
    I”m still waiting for Medicares ruling on a doctor’s overbilling when I saw him last January.
    Get government out of business and business out of government.

  • Thomas Sullivan

    I’d rather everyone just pay cash, and get the gov’t and insurance companies out of the way. Let doctors, clinics, hospitals, labs…, compete for business like everyone else. Full repeal, don’t replace. Get out of the way. The market will adapt.

    • All American

      Full repeal. Get the Federal Government out of Private Healthcare. Give Medicaid to the States. Federal Government manage Medicare.

    • Rodney

      That would be great, but unfortunately nobody knows the real costs for services anymore. A procedure that cost $2,000.00 in one place is $1,200.00 in another; unless you have XYZ insurance and then it might be $3,500.00 billed to the insurance…who only pays $500.00…and that seems ok with the hospitals; but then if you don’t have insurance they may give it to you at the insurance rate…if you can afford it…otherwise it can be any amount picked out of their butt.

  • HarryObrian

    Repeal of BarryCare/HillaryCare2 fixes many problems and saves TRILLIONS of dollars.

    • Rodney

      It doesn’t fix the problems within the healthcare/insurance industries. It just repeals Obamacare. The whole relationship between healthcare and insurance is a nightmare, with or without Obamacare, and healthcare costs aren’t going to be affected with or without the affordable care act.

  • Observer8710

    “Critics argue the plan would hurt the state’s ability to regulate health coverage and to clamp down on fraud.” Critics = Moonbats?

    • All American

      Each State has a Department of Insurance that will oversee all sectors of Insurance. Make SOX Compliance universal!

      • ZTrapper

        Get the government out of it completely.

        • All American

          Medicare is managed by the Federal Government.

          • ZTrapper

            Yes, unfortunately.

  • MikeM

    Turning it over to private organizations is the one of the best way to combat fraud. Government creates the opportunity for fraud!

  • jvlewis

    Oh yeah and Obamacare clamped down on fraud. Not.