Sen. McConnell Touts Pres. Trump, GOP Achievements in 2017

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., discusses the GOP agenda for next year and touts his accomplishments in the first year of the Trump Administration, during news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Dec. 22, 2017. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

December 22, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell praised the administration and his party for their landmark accomplishments over the course of this year.

During a press briefing Friday, McConnell noted the president and lawmakers were able to put a “well-qualified” Conservative voice in the nations highest court for possibly decades in reference to Justice Neil Gorsuch.

President Donald Trump applauds as he stands with Judge Neil Gorsuch in East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017, after announcing Gorsuch as his nominee for the Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

McConnell also pointed out they were able to achieve regulatory reform to help economic growth by repealing several Obama-era regulations.

The GOP leader also said he is thrilled to see the newly passed tax bill is already benefiting working Americans.

He is confident the president and Congress will continue to be very productive in the coming year.

“We worked together seamlessly and I think we go into the new year with a high level of competence and our ability to work together with the administration and to have similar priorities,” said the majority leader.

McConnell also said he will meet with the president and House Speaker Paul Ryan in the near future to discuss next year’s agenda.

  • Fuzzy Thinker

    Thank you for doing what you were forced to do. Next, plan ‘Good Bye’ parties for November.

  • Tyrone

    Mitch McConnell – another example that our Founding Fathers made the mistake of not incorporating term limits.

  • Frank2525

    When McConnell and Paul Ryan both co-operate with the President, and they come together to get Legislation, just what do so many posting want them to do. Don’t think they are going to come to each one of you, and ask you to change your posting, but personally I approve of their actions. And if they continue, even the recalcitrant Democrats will be forced to start thinking of the Country, Constituents, and what is best for USA as a whole. We will eventually get that done, or many of them will be replaced by more complacent and willing Democrats, or possibly even Republicans or Independents. But for gosh sakes, give us a break, who welcome movement in Congress in House and Senate.
    If you can’t, then for our sakes, go find a friendly bar, and tell the bartender your problems. We don’t need them. Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Aldo

    Trump – MAGA~MASA~MAAA~MALCT DESPITE rinos – lying traitor liberTARDS AND mass(hole) media hacks !!!!!

  • Marilyn

    The most important thing is they are now supporting the president. We need more republicans in office in order for president Trump to fulfill his promises. We needed Moore in office and we lost him because of the dems spreading fake news. The dems are not nice people they will lie and cheat.

  • Harold Swift

    Yes McConnell and he did it without the help of you and the rest of the rhinos.

  • All American

    To doubt is not the opposite of faith in someone or something, this it is part of the human experience.
    We must all ask ourselves “am I willing to die for my country, willing to give all that I have to win the battle?”
    If not, it means nothing to you… Period.
    8 years of division, chaos and propaganda warped our Capital and Our Country to the point of major disparity.
    Many of us knew that our country was being gutted by the political DC Hacks. Many doubted in the beginning… I remember, I worked at Trump campaign headquarters in my city and spoke with many Americans.
    We had to learn the man, Our “Patriot Warrior” before we were willing to go into battle.
    As we learned the man “We the People” became believers, reborn Patriots who willing charged into this great revolution to take America back.
    The left fought US tooth and nail but Our Leader never faultered, he empowered US and we gathered great strength together.
    I believe that we are seeing a transformation in the Republican Party inclusive of the RINOS who are transforming to a higher plateau at the Leadership President Donald J Trump.

    • Harold Swift


      • All American

        Thank you🇺🇸Merry Christmas 🎄

  • SaidNO2Liberalism

    The positive reverberations of President Trump’s legacy will be studied for years. MAGA!

  • DCBlueBlood

    That was such a long list. LMAO!

    You can fit it on Sarah Palin’s palm

    HA Ha!

  • Sgt. Pepper

    IMO McConnell, Ryan and other never Trumpers have come around. They see the writing on the wall. Trump is a very popular POTUS (nvm the media clowns) and they dont want to be left behind. After all they are nothing if not opportunists.

    • KMA

      Don’t be fooled Sgt.! A game is being played against Americans.
      Self centered opportunists for sure!

  • Rufus Firefly

    Turtle man will get his well-deserved credit for Trump enablement.

  • landy fincannon

    I’m sorry, but anyone who attends a pro homosexual marriage, pro abortion, pro gun control, and pro climate control church. Is anything but conservative.
    Yes, I am talking about Gorsuch and the St John’s Epsc in Boulder Colorado.

    • Twinkle Toes

      No need to be sorry – you are correct, that is anything but conservative.

    • KMA

      I’ll wait and see how he passes judgment on constitutional law before I can agree with you. What he /she does personally, I don’t care!

  • a40

    You get no credit, McConnell.

  • 2EdgedSword

    McConnell should review the will of the American People expressed in the 2016 election. McConnell is a traitor to We The People and to the Republican Party I suppose. I no longer have much left for the Republican Party because of Rhino’s like McConnell and Ryan. McConnell is posturing to avert the backlash coming to the Rhino Party in 2018. We hope to do to McConnell’s picks what he did to Judge Moore. McConnell is the clinical definition of corruption in government.

    • Bay0Wulf

      I do not disagree except that “Rhino” is spelled RINO. Republican In Name Only

      • Harold Swift

        I LIKE ZEBRA better, They don’t know if they are black or white. The zebra asked
        God what color he was and God said, You are what you want to be…

        • Bay0Wulf

          Yes but RINO and another acronym … DINO actually mean something most people can relate to.

    • HarryObrian

      They don’t care about the will of the American people, they believe we are all stupid enough and short sighted enough such that they can make kissy faces for a couple of months before the midterms and all will be fine.
      For many real Americans there is absolutely nothing they can do from now to elections that will give them absolution from their past treasonous acts. They may as well stay home.

      • KMA

        Problem is Harry, half of Americans are short sighted and ignorant of what’s really happening i.e. “easily distracted” with bright and shiny bobbles.

        • HarryObrian

          Yes, half of congress as well.

        • JL Ziegler

          Pairs of bright and shiny bobbles I might add.

  • And what did gop’E accomplish? Nothing but one spending bill.

  • Shane Norkus

    …which he and Paul Ryan had nothing to do with. They were both late to the party.

    • Right wing

      They are still not members of the Trump Party. They are traitors to our President.

      • Shane Norkus

        did you happen see them smiling and gloating in the presence of the Donald, President Trump? just like Caesar and his bestest bud, Brutus, waiting to strike…

  • conquest915

    The headline is incorrect and should read: McConnell Touts Pres. Trump Achievements In 2017 that was accomplished in spite of McConnell and the GOP Rino’s backstabbing and obstruction.

    • Sane_Person37

      Exactly. Hey McChuckles – we will not forget you passing 6 or 7 obamacare repeal bills when you knew they’d be vetoed, then acted like little cowards when he rubber hit the road. I hope Kentucky will not forget the McChuckle organized obstruction of Trump’s agenda when he is up for re-election in (sadly) 2020,

    • HarryObrian

      It is rather sickening reading and watching this fool running along the tracks trying to catch the train that left a long time ago. The RINOs are now in save their arse in the midterms mode and it is pathetic. Makes one wonder just who they’re really working for because it ain’t the people and it ain’t anything American.

    • Right wing

      Thank you for saying so well what I was thinking.

  • Varangian Guard

    Of course he is now supporting the POTUS, it is written on his map to re-election.
    I’d still like to see a new map that doesn’t stop at his office.

    • Twinkle Toes

      If everyone remembers, President Trump was getting tired of our do-nothing Senate, then he met behind closed doors with McConnell this was about 3-4 weeks ago. Everything seems to be much rosier since that meeting. My thoughts are President Trump told him they needed to change their tune.

  • Ed L

    McConnell is an wimpy obstructions Ancient individual that needs to retire. He has reluctantly accepted Trump as President. The only thing McConnell did was use the nuclear option in getting laws passed.

    • Sane_Person37

      As soon as the democrats declared they existed only to obstruct Trump’s agenda, he should have changed the Senate rules to a 51 majority for everything. It was the perfect excuse for doing so. And if the dems ever get Senate majority they’ll do it in a nano-second.

      • HarryObrian

        Well I guess that shows just who these RINOs truly are.

    • KMA

      IMO Ed; no one, but half of “legitimate” Americans have accepted the POTUS. The rest are just buying time till they can attack his agenda AGAIN !

  • Just A Guy

    What’s with Cecil’s sudden interest? I mean, I’m glad and all though I still don’t trust him in the least. It also kinda galls me to hear him (them) try to take some credit for PTrump’s accomplishments. I know, they were part of the process, but how do you go from being obstructionists to “enablers” overnight? Anyway, let’s hope they stay on board. Personally, I’m waiting for HR38, The Wall and ridding the country of illegal aliens. Let’s see if they can make those happen.