Sen. McConnell: Mueller Does Not Need Congressional Protection

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., listens as Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, speaks to reporters following the weekly Republican policy luncheon on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

November 4, 2017

OAN Newsroom

The senate majority leader claims congress will not need to pass a bill to protect special counsel Robert Mueller during his Russia investigation.

During an interview Saturday, Mitch McConnell confirmed congress will not impact Mueller’s probe, and believes the White House just wants him to do his job.

Despite lawmakers previously offering two bills that would protect Mueller, McConnell says it is not necessary to pass legislation.

His comments come after Mueller issued his first indictments earlier this week.

  • jfbtx

    Mueller should be discharged from this witch hunt he is on. He is finding his way to cover up his own actions as well as the actions of Obama and Clinton. This is the largest rip off of tax payers dollars in years. Mueller’s should be shut down and the entire thing should be scoped. He’s not probing for anything other than dirt on the past while he over looks the actions of Obama and Clinton, shut the guy down.

  • Bay0Wulf

    Actually … it seems an awful lot of information is floating to the surface indicating that he not only should not get any special “protections” but that maybe he needs to seriously think about recusing HIMSELF from the “probes”…
    He was awfully buddy-buddy with Comey, Clinton and the Obama “Justice” Crew … it seems he led the FBI in a pretty partisan manner when he was there as well…
    The problem is that Obama and the Clintons have tainted so many people in the past that many people who might actually Good and Honorable are covered with their feces in one way or another …

  • jlsharks1

    “the White House just wants him to do his job”
    Drain the SWAMP.
    Robert Mueller is a parasite chancing wind mills like Don Quixote and using my tax money. Stop it now.

  • FLLoeffler

    He will need all of the protection he can get if the money trail leads in the direction of the hildabest! Past history!!!!

  • Jack

    I believe that there is a rope waiting for Mueller, to eventually hang himself. There is tons of evidence proving criminal activity with HRC and The DNC, Clinton foundations/ Money Laundering Crime Scheme. Selling our Nuclear supply to the Russians, and keeping the money to boot. But they only try yo get Trump!
    The Democrats always accuse others of what they in fact are doing.

  • Dave Clark

    The FBI, DOJ and CIA are all dirty….. I don’t believe anything they say, do or turn over to congress.

  • Charles Fields

    Thanks for the replies to my question(s).
    At the time of the debates and Comey reopening the clinton emails debacle, it occurred to me that something unprecedented was going on in our government. All of the personal smears against President Trump, all the propaganda, the violent protests, antifa, blm, congress and senate dragging their feet, republican fighting against the president, hollywood, Russian collusion, kkk, white supremacism….what did I leave out? blm and antifa are left-wing soldiers deployed.
    Socialism/liberalism/globalism/nwo has been going for at least 30+ years, at least since bush 41, and kept from the American public. President Trumph has began to tear down the nwo-aligned organization (say george soros types). Their agenda was nearing completion. Like putting socialism clothes on America, clinton would have buttoned the buttons and zipped the zippers. But now President Trump has brought this out in the open.
    How deep is the “deep state” and to what lengths will they go to retain power?
    Very intriguing.

  • southdfw

    Protect Mueller? REALLY?

    The whole thing needs to be shut down and start a real investigation into the Clinton Cartel, it will, most assuredly, involve members of both sides of the political circus, leading all of the way to the top of demon rat party, zerO.

  • Butthep

    Ridiculous. Democrats and Hillary Clinton want to protect crimes ?

  • Stephen Chock

    Who’s going to investigate Mueller and all his dem supporters? I would like to see him in jail, too.

    • Lorie Barnett

      Mueller is a republican.

      • Stephen Chock

        No– I meant all of Mueller’s supporters are dems– who are also anti-Trumpers, too.

  • PriviLegend

    The last thing Mueller need is protection. The first thing he needs is indictments for his obstruction of justice and cover-up of the Uranium1 deal.

  • Scott

    This all so fake and shows Democrats knows this is a made up investigation for propaganda for the Media. To have bill in congress to protect this made up investigation about Russian and election when we KNOW Russian connection existed for Uranium one deal under Democrat control by President Obama who made lot of money off that deal. Democrat hate the Constitution it limits their control.

    • Lorie Barnett

      Um… unfortunately you aren’t correct. It isn’t fake. There have already been 3 indictments, with one pleading guilty, and who has cooperated with the FBI since August. There are going to be more indictments…and Don jr. might be one of them. The Russian woman who attended that meeting with Don, Manafort, and Kushner said Don jr. Offered a quid pro quo…that the Trump administration would look at the magninsky act if he was elected in return for dirt on Hillary. What that is, is a conspiracy to collude. Remember collusion is not a crime, but conspiracy is.

      • Scott

        Nice reply. Given the goal of the FBI fake investigation by Mueller has number of goals but it not good for the nation. First is intimidate anyone willing or wanting to work with the President for have have lawyers given Power special Counsel has and given the LAWYERS HE picked for this all Democrats and support Hillary and he having it in DC the most Democrat town for the grand jury. Next they are NO indictments related to President and the Russian for its all about before and given the selective focus he doing it all design to stop the President and help the media propaganda like they did to President Bush. There propaganda links to media so Democrat media can have DNC talking points as distraction.

        The base of the investigation is found on NO crime so fake that way under the rules of Special counsel there has to be evidence of Crime this guy and team is out to find times what he is using as crime has been used what 6 times in 50 years and only one conviction. His actions is call legal intimidation for cost person lot of money to defined against legal team that has unlimited money so the longer the lawyer take out the more money they make why would they stop. The legal system make out really will and citizens and tax payers lose. Just look at the law they are using to make the charge and its all unrelated to Trump and Russian. The whole idea of this investigation is base on Dossier created by firm using Russian propaganda paid for by Democrats. Democrats paid for this Dossier which is fact or propaganda yet the FBI is so corrupt so is the CIA against the President.

        Like you said Collusion is NOT a crime yet that is all the media talks about to make people think it is. Since there is NO evidence in the beginning for this for this investigation I say its fake in all its doing is looking for select crime against people that is linked to the President for Propaganda to win elections next time like they did with President Bush.

        Next, Mueller has to be there to cover up the Uranium one deal that he was part of for he sign off on it with President Obama. He keep focus on the President and off the real crime of selling 20 percent of this country to Russia. Given the Democrats corruption on selling the Uranium to the Russians and the amount of money and over bad behavior Democrats did in this Uranium conspiracy given all the money that showed up. Like President Obama came to the office worth little over Million and left worth 32 million how did he do that. Then you have bill speaking fees really got big and there was 9 department sign off on this Russian deal. There other acts of crime but DC will protect that all the way and having this fake investigation as distraction so they do not investigate a real crime and all the money and a Russian connection. That is the real reason for Mueller to make all the point leaders think they can remove the President or he will leave base on fake legal pressure.

        Conviction base in DC Grand jury he write it up and say these Trump linked people have be prosecuted. Democrats and DC and DNC all are against the President and how can person warrant a Special Counsel being in office for less then 6 months give all the known laws Hillary broke and there was nothing. These are the reasons I stand by my view its all fake to limit or take down the President to cover up Democrat corruption throughout DC and all Government departments. Given 95 percent voted Democrats.

        Why is the NO special counsel for the Uranium deal given 9 department sign off on it and got paid off big time and there is even more its all fake with President people for intimations. Next let see if they can get a conviction with these fake ideas base on the Best Democrat lawyers around paid for by tax payers. They will not tell you the cost of these Democrat lawyer what 9 of them for no crime to start the investigation but looking for crime which is against the law but they are Democrat and cover in needed since the President does not play ball with these Democrat DC elites for money. Keep in mind President Trump is LOSING money being President where as President Obama made 31 million dollars in 8 years as President. Hillary made 500 million or more since 2000 all working in government or around government you pick how does that work given there was nothing produce except political linkage through the state department.

        Where are the Investigation on the Uranium One deal to the Russians. Thank you.

        • Lorie Barnett

          As far as the president is concerned, I think it’s too early to say whether Mueller will find a crime related to collusion…but he might find one regarding obstruction of Justice. He has to walk a thin line because if he continues to discredit Mueller that can be used as evidence of obstruction of Mueller’s investigation. The Uranium one issue was investigated back in 2016. The sale occurred in 2013. The State Dept was only one of nine agencies that approved of the sale of a Canadian mining company to Russia. It wasn’t even an an American company and Hillary didn’t participate in any discussions regarding the sale of it. So, that was just a unproven conspiracy theory.

          • Scott

            I like what you say its good. Like you said there is NO crime in collusion one. When it comes to investigation on the Russian interference idea we had NOW many congress investigations 5 and add senate on top of it and how many months and they found nothing in crime or linked toTrump and Russian deal. Congress called up FBI, CIA and DOJ and lot of other people FOUDN NO CRIME was commented. How can have a Special Counsel with NO crime or evidence to work off he has to go find evident that is not part of the law. NO evidence of crime only made up of appearance base on a Democrats paid Dossier and Comey said and head of the CIA give reason to investigate the charges from that made up Propaganda dossier. Dossier is fake never happen but they paid a lot of money to make it look as real and Media only repeat lies about it but not the truth.

            Your right and Hillary was investigated by who Democrat FBI, DOJ and State Department that kelp finding things about Hillary. You had the RS and they even said they broke the law and still NO charges. When you have 9 Democrats departments with the President leading it and sign off on it you using Investigation as reason to trust DC Democrats the Deep state swamp you most really trying hard to believe the lies. We talking coordinated money here and evidences does not matter its Democrats run DC. Given Mueller sign off on the Uranium one deal and what reason is their to sell 20 percent of all uranium to Russian but it happen and know one is asking what reason for that and how does that help the country. Then have President Clinton speaking fees go up and money came in to their foundation its all corrupt but DC will not investigate that they want fake one so make it propaganda against President Trump and Democrats like they did with President Bush.

            Democrats have to get President Trump out of office to protect their corrupt ring. He does not play will wth these criminals. NON convicted yes.

            You used unproven conspiracy with Hillary you have to be young to not see all the money and who got it and what they did. First she was head of the State Department she just had to give the go ahead or it would not have happen not possible she was the Head of the State Department. Why would SHE need to be part of talks her staff does the work but SHE being the Boss had to give the go for them to do it. Please that fake argument she is the BOSS.

            How about Bill getting all that money from a Russian country that had connection to the deal. Then she was head of the State department and her people had to coordinate with FBI and all the 9 agencies but she had to lead them through those agencies that is what the State Department does even to the President. How does a Business deal go the the FBI and then you have the President Obama sign off on this deal all that Uranium own by a foreign country again HOW does that help the USA. The Uranium deal did happen RIGHT, Who ran DC Democrats, did Hillary give the go to do the deal, did the President sign on it did the FBI say ok and who was the head of the FBI at that time Mueller. Should Mueller investigate him self and his link to Russian deal. Cover up through out the Government the deep state.

            But lot of Democrats made a lot of money and her foundation got lot of money. Please just look at the fake Hillary investigation when the evidence clearly shows she broke the law and what did the FBI say. It was Unintentional for her to make all those mistakes and not be prosecuted . That is NOT the Job of the FBI the DOJ could give her pass but NOT the FIB a fact base group of investigation. The FBI is corrupt and the Hillary investigation proves it.

            Believing in DC investigation when so many BIG players got so much money. How did President Obama end up with 32 million when he left office in 8 year as President. I do not get that one and I have not see how did he do it or is that normal for being a President. These are all democrats and Comey was part of the fix for hillary and lot of other things.

            Question where did President Clinton go to get those high paid speeches was it not in Russian linked country. Did not foundation get a lot of money from that country leaders. Again why sell 20 percent of the country Uranium to foreign country that is linked to Russia and the only way that deal could of happen was through the State department to lead it through DC government agencies like the FBI and have the President sign it. What reasons would the President sign that deal since there was NO political benefit making that deal happen.

            You want to believe in Democrats given their history of lying like Hillary saying she never had E mail server and so on. Hillary is example she had NO money in 2000 and today she is worth more then 500 million and working in the State department and being connected to government really pays off. It helps being corrupt. She made 11 million in a bad year for doing what knowing DC.

            Thanks for trying but President Trump investigation is fake for if Congress could not find anything and team of 9 top Democrat lawyers with unlimited money and power cannot come up anything more then they have for their first case it joke a wast of Tax money given all the other DC crime happen with Hillary and President Obama and the IRS. The IRS is real crime where is the prosecution for that NONE why Democrat like the crime it was Political for them and then you have the Unmasking crime were is that at now. President Trump was right he had been wired tap and his people by the government run by Democrats and they broke the law and cover is big. They have to stop the President he hurting them.

  • Joe

    It is being reported that Mueller is no longer investigating Russian Collusion and has moved to obstruction of justice. He rather quickly figured out that “collusion” is not a crime.

    • Lorie Barnett

      But conspiracy to commit an act of treason against the United States is…

  • Integrity!

    Muller could not investigate his ass with both hands. He and Comey ruined a private individuals reputation and life during the Anthrax Investigation and were derelict in their duties ALL during the Obama Era. Since when does an HONEST Law Enforcement Director NOT pursue charges of Treason and Sedition when a U.S. Secretary of State garners a deal to sell 20% of America’s uranium to a Russian Firm. Muller and Comey wouldn’t know Honesty if it hit them in the face. Currupt Su*&%#&@$%

  • tired

    The FBI turned over the emails,and stuff,to the senate investigation committee.If mcconnell talks them into turning them over to mueller,then everything will be buried,again.

  • wylie123

    Mueller, himself, should be investigated with his pal Comey.

  • swifty656

    Mueller is an inside rabble-rouser from the pygmy’s regime. Get him out of here.

  • Jersey_Prophet

    Wait till emails between the Clinton woman and Mueller surface over her ‘inviting’ him to approve Uranium One. Mueller will need congressional protection to keep out of JAIL!

    Follow the money. There’s bribe money in Mueller’s foreign bank account.

  • Serge

    Mueller needs to resign, instead of being protected.

    • Lorie Barnett

      If Mueller is fired or gets forced out in other ways, Trump will be impeached.

      • Lorie Barnett

        It would show that Trump is trying to obstruct justice by getting rid of the person who is investigating him…He did that to Comey…but that started this whole investigation.

      • Serge

        Sure! Sounds really scary. Do you believe in it for yourself?

        • Lorie Barnett

          Well no, today’s republicans in Congress are not the upstanding kind with morals and ethics like those back when Nixon was impeached. So, I have no faith that they will do the right thing.

  • animus

    Mueller is a dishonest Democratic hack and friend of former FBI Director Comey. How can anybody expect an honest investigation by this person. He needs to be fired. Questions need to be asked as to WHY the Republicans in the Senate allowed Mueller to be the Special Investigator. Maybe the Establishment RINOS should leave also.

    • Lorie Barnett

      He is and has been a republican.

  • letsdance

    I think McConnell might need the protection more than Muller if he keeps talking about DACA in a positive way! That old RINO needs to be out!
    OBanana man left a mess in this country with all the illegals and it is up to President Trump and the rest of us to clean up his mess. His legacy is one of total TRATIOUS behavior toward the US. He and his family need to be deported to Kenya!

  • John C

    Mueller is up to his eyeball in the Uranium one case. He should be fired as he should be a target of that investigation and is using his current position to cover it up.

    • Jersey_Prophet

      Yep…the Dem playbook: Deflect and Distract.

      If Sessions had the cojones to trace the money Mueller received for approving Uranium One, Mueller’s tenure as Special Prosecutor would have been over long ago.

  • tully bascomb

    Janitorial staff at Trump Tower next.

  • Dp1

    Slap in the face to the American people, interview the damn dog next! There is nothing! but we the people have a concern about Hillary, the Clinton foundation, the DNC. We Americans are not stupid, This Mr do nothing Jeff Sessions needs to resign, then Trump needs to get a real AG to over see that everything gets covered through the FBI, Like Hillary, the Clinton foundation, the DNC and the Podesta’s

  • Darrell M.

    He should be fired. Period.

  • Dell Wilber

    Uranium One

  • Al Lejdly

    I think the noose is tightening on Mueller. The FBI has been forced to hand over all email documents on Hilliary and McCabe is up to his ears in it along with Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey.

  • taxpayer here

    Mueller and members of his gang are too compromised. Time for Sessions to step down or get replaced.

  • tully bascomb

    Anything other than exoneration that comes from this inquisition will be treated for what it is. A political hit job based on lies.

  • Jason Lamson

    The Congress has no POWER to interfere with the President using his executive powers. Not that Trump would sign this.

  • Seeker333

    Mitchie the arsehole.

  • Ed L

    Mueller has the ability and stupidity to screw himself with the ties to the Clintons, Obamas, and Valerie Jaretted

    • Milie Winchester

      That is not Mueller’s agenda.. He is only looking for something to discredit Trump and if he doesn’t find it he will manufacture it.

      • Al Lejdly

        You are absolutely right. One problem he is overlooking, if he fabricates an impeachment, he will have us Deplorables to contend with and it WILL be nasty. We’ll show AntiFa how it’s really done.

        • Charles Fields

          One question; who ultimately has control of the military if a coup to remove President Trump and his administration is successful? What was Jade-Helm? Whoops, that was two questions.

          • CCTexas

            Do not worry, first they would have to be sucessful.

          • Jersey_Prophet

            The President is Commander in Chief. And it would take military cooperation to accomplish a coup. If you saw the reception he received during his address to the Air Force and Marines at Yakota Base in Japan, you will have NO worries where the loyalty of our armed forces lies.

            As to Jade Helm, that was obama’s not-so-subtle attempt to warn Americans what his pen and phone was capable of doing if we objected to the insurrection he was performing on the USA by his illegitimate presidency.

          • conquest915

            You don’t need to worry about a military coup. Not when you have more ARMED and licensed hunters in the state of Pennsylvania than active duty military personal. It is what the 2nd amendment is all about. And then you have the State controlled national guard which makes up the majority of the military personnel and hardware. And I KNOW which way my state will go. And it ain’t against Trump as they have sworn to protect the constitution and obey the president.

          • Bay0Wulf

            Ahhh … well … while on the surface I agree with what you’ve said here, don’t kid yourself.
            If the Military was to attempt a coup Their Technological Advantages would pretty much outweigh Our Numbers. We might hold them off for a little while but … seriously, don’t kid yourself

          • Bruce Rogers

            Wrong. Do u really think an army depot with all its tanks in Texas would not support the people? Over half US military capacity would instantly fall into militias hands.

          • Bay0Wulf

            IF the military sided with the Current Administration and “the People” you are right.
            On the other hand please look up “military coup” those aren’t usually attempted unless there is an overwhelming belief that they will succeed which includes usually more than 50% participation

          • Al Lejdly

            I would hope that our military would stand by the Constitution that it is obligated to protect which means it would not interfere in a revolt. But I did say “I would hope”. If Jade-Helm was an actual training mission to arrest dissenters I also would think that if it comes down to the real thing, our military would stand down. Or shall I say “Hope they would”?

          • Robert Adams

            Unlikely that an impeachment hearing can remove the entire administration, so Mike Pence.

        • Tommy

          Ditto to what you wrote. Big time!