Sen. Majority Whip: Debate on Health Care Bill Will be ‘Open Process’

FILE – Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas, center, is pursued by reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, July 11, 2017. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

July 16, 2017

OAN Newsroom

In an effort to pass health care reform, the Senate Majority Whip says the debate over the latest bill will be an ‘open process’.

On Sunday, Texas Senator John Cornyn claimed republicans and democrats will be able to offer an amendment to the current draft.

He also blasted democrats for their lack of cooperation saying if the left won’t participate in health care reform, GOP leaders will have to come up with another plan.

Cornyn also expects a vote on the latest bill to take place when Arizona Senator John McCain returns to congress after recovering from surgery.

The vote on the Senate’s health care legislation was suppose to take place this week, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the vote will be delayed until McCain returns.

  • Delia Vona

    The question is “What is the value of life?”. When we can answer that, we may be able to agree on a Health Care Plan. Very difficult! We all like to pretend that all LIFE has great VALUE AND NO MATTER WHAT AGE OR DISEASE, we should spend as much as it takes to keep them alive, but this is not correct, our society does determine who lives or dies.

    We all know the rich and powerful will always receive more of every thing “that’s life”. The world owes us nothing. We work hard and do the best we can. Now We “the average middle class” need to determine what we can afford. Let us determine what type of Health Care we want. I don’t expect the Health Care system to spend millions of dollars to keep me alive with multiply surgeries, chemo therapy, ventilator, feeding tubes, hemodialysis, and cardiac pacemakers when I have a terminal disease, save that for the rich and powerful.

    Yes we live in America, but we don’t have a money tree. WE have to use are limited resources wisely. We have to make some hard decision! If the people can’t, then someone else will. Some one who is not looking out for us. Even in a socialist health care society, the rich and powerful will always receive more and better health care. LET ME DECIDE how much HEALTH CARE I want and can afford! Not the government.

  • No Mas

    Senate should REPEAL oblundercare100% with effective date within 2 years, Then both DEMS and REPUBS to negotiate a new healthcare guide/law.

    • PatrickJ

      Why within 2 years? Why not immediately? Or at least sometime soon.

      • No Mas

        Give the 8 million using Oblundercare time to find an alternate solution and time for repubs and demonrats to work together or NOT.

  • Obamaroid_Ointment

    If Trump/Ryan/McConnell/RINOcare didn’t suck how come the pubbies exempted themselves from it just like the Dims exempted themselves from ObamaCare?

  • J Brown

    Repeal, then replace would be my choice. If they create lower price choice plans that include pre-existing, then they should make the insurance companies DEFINE and LIMIT PREEXISTING TO ONLY DIAGNOSED ILLNESSES. The whole Obamacare came forth out of the insurance companies falsely claiming pre-existing symptoms to get out of paying a bills. Pre-existing was anything they decided, and they were abusing it by not paying a huge amount of bills.

  • Frank2525

    In expansion to my comment (reply to Patrick).
    Medicaid is a Welfare Program, pure and simple. I have no problems with financing this, but all states should be sharing this expense within their borders, or their constituents. As written in ACA, expanded Medicaid is a Government Expansion, with Federal funding portion, and states funding remainder. But it also established formula at 100% for first 3 years, then drop to 90%. So check out the states who are collecting at 90%, and only paying the other 10%.
    ======== This is not true for other states who have their own, in-state system for Medicaid. So this is an unfair tax on entire country, to support those few states who set up exchanges by the Federals, which have gone bankrupt, with only one exchange still operating. And Over a Billion Dollars was taken from Medicare and Tricare, by the government, to set up those exchanges, and then they did not get system operating for long period. Vast confusion, and still confused. Complete collapse of program that was set up to fail from beginning, then force all into ONE PAYER SYSTEM. That is not working so good where it exists now.
    And that is problem Republicans are having now with all the dissension. Democrats are setting on their hands, and not offering any help, knowing they screwed up by letting Obama force this on us,
    but now suddenly deciding to obstruct any solution. Really brave of them, Right???? NOT SO FAST.

    • PatrickJ

      Democrats are pretty much worthless in the equation.

  • KennyEee

    Ditch ObamaCare and give us CongressHealthCare

  • bucketnutz

    The standards whould be that we all get the kind of Insurance that allows us to go into the Mayo Clinic for treatment Like John McCain did instead of going into the VA Hospital where he expects us to go.

  • a voice of concern

    NO process is going to work if the primary controlling agency is the IRS! Just in case no one remembers what the IRS is for , it collects TAXES. period. they hired over 16,000 new TAX COLLECTORS just to handle OBAMACARE. WAKE up, this is a TAX SCAM period.

  • a voice of concern

    REPEAL AND REPLACEMENT*******************************

    When you remove a band-Aid you can soak it in water and pick around the edges
    and tug a little here and a little there OR you can just jerk the friggin thing
    off and be done with it!

    All of the crap in that legislation didn’t exist before Obamacare and does not

    need to exist after it is gone. Modifications to this piece of garbage is NOT

    acceptable. Get healthcare OUT OF the IRS and the government and stop
    destroying Medicaid.

    The new bill = If you
    paid for something out of your paycheck deductions then you are eligible to get
    something. No payments = NO benefits.

    Here it is

    1) repeal it 100% and Repeal all other documentation requirements imposed over

    the last 3 decades 100%.

    2) remove all state barriers and/or force all ins companies to provide ins in
    all states.

    3) require all ins co. to provide ins to ANYONE who wants it at some maximum

    percentage of their income but everyone has to pay at least one dollar and No
    one gets a welfare check to cover their cost. If you don’t want to buy Ins then
    all you get is the same life saving stuff we all had before if you have to go
    to an emergency room.

    4) NO government web sites are allowed.

    5) NO forced participation by the government, companies or citizens is allowed.

    6) No gov controlled or review paperwork is allowed. repeal all previous laws

    related to documents also. I know several private doctors’ offices that have

    closed because they were tired of the never ending paper work and had 3 people

    filling out forms for every one nurse. We all sign away our ”
    privacy” rights anyway.

    7) NO one can be denied ins and how they make a profit is up to them to figure

    it out without ANY gov subsidies. (they will)

  • All American

    The better plan would be to allow the people the same coverage that we provide government officials🇺🇸👍🏻

  • REM

    Why is McCain always the burr under the perverbial saddle?

    • TBird

      He is a RINO,

    • Bill Jr

      He Was a ‘Guest” at The Hanoi Hilton For Lotsa Years. First Hand Account I Heard From Another POW That Was There Told of Things Even Rambo Would Have Had a Hard Time Getting Through. Cutting him a Bit of Slack’s In Order.

  • KennyEee

    Ditch ObamaCare and give everyone CongressCare!! Simple!!

    • Bill Jr

      Not If You Ever Want To See a Tax Refund Check Again. Don’t Tell Me You Think “The Rich” Are Going To Pay For It, If You Do I Have A Bridge I Want To Sell You.

      • KennyEee

        The rich ARE NOT paying for it!!! We are!!

        • Bill Jr

          That’s The Point I Was Trying To Put Forward, Exactly! I Thought It Was Quite Clear. Guess Not.

  • CCTexas

    Remember this, you vote for McConnell bill, we vote you out of office. Repeal, AS PROMISED, is the only answer.

    • TBird

      My thoughts also…

  • Charles Slavis

    If you can’t repeal and replace Obamacare……..can you repeal and replace incumbent establishment politicians through executive order?…..

    • gregg56

      Not through Executive Order, but most certainly through The People’s Order (The voting booths).

      We The People have had enough. Hopefully the people of the specific states where the GOP and Dem Senators are being obstructive have had enough too!

  • Charles Slavis

    Let’s see…….Every time an establishment politician calls off…….nothing can get done…..and then it’s time for another vacation……….TERM LIMITS

    • gregg56

      I support–and my state legislature has voted for–calling a Convention of States to codify the will of the People.

      Establish term limits (2 terms in each House of Congress with a 10 year prohibition on lobbying / consulting with parts of the Federal Government).

      By Constitutional Amendment, prohibit Congress from passing laws and exempting themselves from said laws. Make the Amendment retro-active to wipe out already passed exemptions.

  • Jam Jenes

    It doesn’t have to be open. It doesn’t have to be long.

    “Obozocare is completely repealed. Insurance companies can now compete nationally.”

    See? Was that so damn hard?!

    • tedlv


    • gregg56

      Unfortunately, that will require 60 votes and no dem will support that.

  • Generalmayhem

    Despite rational feedback from constituents about doing what you promised and repealing the stupid law, you are having a debate ? With whom ? Yourselves and not the people you are supposed to represent ?

  • Mark Orrib

    I’ll start listening when Hillarys emails are exposed

    • R A.

      Then you will NEVER listen!!
      Those email were permanently Clintonized just like Vince Foster was


        Sad but true. : (

  • ocean

    Repeal ObamaCare.
    Obama: You Can Keep Your Doctor.

    • Mark Orrib

      Good riddance to the Obamas

      • j jones


        • TBird

          Yes, YOU ARE! So seldom do people admit this themselves, but you know yourself better than others.

          • j jones

            Who was right on health care I told you so


      Thank God….His was a WITCH DOCTOR!

  • Frank2525

    My vote would be to just kill the bill completely. Funding for Medicaid would continue until 31 August 2018. Medicare and Tricare would not change, and employer paid for workers, or personally bought insurance should not change. If I understand correctly, 70% of present insured would not be changed. We don’t need the exchanges if law requires plans that patients can afford, or the state can afford for Medicaid. State manages the program anyway, so funding is the problem. And we have too many gaming the system. Those who emigrate to USA , used to require a sponsor, and they were not eligible for benefits until they had been here at least 5 years.
    This should force Democrats to get off the Obstruction bit, if they have any feelings for their constituents, in their home states. Those are the ones who need attention, and Government if paying majority of cost for those added who are able bodied or mentally capable. Make them get a job, or at least apply. Take any job offered, just as I did, (and everyone else din tin 1940s, and 1950s.). They have to get off that fence and work too, or pay for Senators should be docked.

    • PatrickJ

      I would agree. Whenever you provide people with a limp along hope that they might have a chance of getting what they want, all you do is delay the inevitable. Kill the program that isn’t working. Do it sooner, rather than later. Then start working on something that actually works.

      • Frank2525

        Thank you Paatrick.
        Insurance is something I buy to cover expenses I cannot cover such as house fire, auto accident, and life insurance in case I am injured, die, before my family is grown, and can support themselves.
        ———- I will be 88 in November, and have paid such insurance over all the years, never had house fire, have not dies, and retired from military, and civilian jobs long ago. Paid in all those years, and considered it cost of living, and being a citizen. Wife is 83, so I don’t buy life insurance now, but have paid up that pay me dividends. Get some back on my investment.
        Health Insurance is not insurance, when forced by Government. With the federal demands of ACA, wife and I are both paying for birth control, and maternity care, for younger folks we do not know, never will know, and many who are living together with no intentions of getting married. THAT IS A TAX. It is part of Premiums we both pay for Social Security, which we both paid into all our working years, and are STILL paying for illegal aliens who broke laws to get here, or came in with Welcome Mat out last 8 years.
        And also paying for able bodied and mentally capable who do not have jobs, or low paying jobs. Through this they get more then the working stiff, working 29 hours a week.
        This is why Universal Health Care has been initiated many times since the 1700s, but never, never, ever received majority support from the stake holders – hospitals, doctors, nurses, employers, workers, and unmarried or married folks. Check out history of Universal Healthcare on internet. Find dissertation by Nurse who gave speech to large group, detailing the history, through the years, naming names, and administrations.
        I did, and very revealing. Obama did it by sheer power to prove he was more Democrat than all the other Democrats who tried and failed. And he left a TIME BOMB FOR THIS ADMINISTRATION, THAT HAS NO REASONABLE ANSWER AT FEDERAL LEVELS. (yelling on purpose, only way the democrat Senators will hear me, or anyone else who reads this and agrees.)
        Best to you and your family, Patrick. Wrote this for others information too. Not railing at you, since we agree on my basic comment.

        • PatrickJ

          Best comment I’ve read on the subject, Frank. I’ll take your advice and check out the history of Universal Healthcare on the net.

  • PatrickJ

    There are a total of 535 Members of Congress. 100 serve in the U.S. Senate and 435 serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.

    Please excuse me all to hell, but these 535 people we elected don’t seem to able to get together on anything, let alone a Healthcare plan that would benefit most Americans.

    Before I go any further, I will admit to you that a Healthcare plan that protects all Americans, regardless of their age or condition is Socialist in nature. I know that going in. But like it or not, when a nation’s population reaches the numbers that our’s has, Socialist elements become a part of the plan. It was inevitable really. I don’t really know if our Founders considered that aspect of their grand experiment.
    Probably not, would be my best guess.

    I’m not really saying that universal Healthcare is a right given in the Constitution. Because it’s not. It’s just that this once fledgling nation had every chance of dying on the vine, so to speak. And yet it didn’t. And now here we are, more than two hundred thirty years later, with all these people who call them themselves Americans. Even the ones who aren’t really. Just goes to show you the magnetism America has for people around this blue orb floating in space.

    Regardless, after all that time, we are certainly a mixed people, from a myriad of backgrounds and countries and cultures. We speak many languages besides the language of this nation’s genesis. We have indeed become the, “mixing pot,” a term that is often used to describe us.

    Can we really pull this off? Can we really keep this magic going for another two hundred thirty years? I guess no one really knows.

    But this President seems to think so. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m with this President and his dreams. I’m willing to give it a shot. I guess I just want to see America made great again.

    • HML

      We can, just not with the quasi communist democrats and RINOs….

      • j jones

        Dems will have a long way to go to catch up to Trump and his gang of liars

        • HML

          And you’re still wondering how the Democrats have lost over 1200 seats of power in the last 10 years.

          • j jones

            We acan thank Russia fir that

    • Generalmayhem

      How often the very Dream that you refer to is twisted into something it was never intended to be. The Dream is that in this country, you can succeed no matter who you are IF (are you ready ?) YOU WORK HARD TO ATTAIN THE DREAM !! Today, ask any uneducated dufas and they will tell you that the dream includes a lot of free government stuff. WRONG !!!

      • Davescomm

        I was typing, checked your post here, and you said it more comprehensively than I. Here’s what I had in mind:

        1) The individual catastrophic event of death – body expiration – cannot be avoided.
        2) Medicine has advanced to the point where advanced treatment is equivalent to owning a private jet.
        3) Hospitals and nursing homes are body disposal shops – not “nice” terms, but they are.
        4) Those who cannot afford a private jet, fly economy class on commercial flights.

        We look at socialist countries and say that they got what they deserved.
        We are heading exactly in that direction ourselves. Face up to the
        reality that your body will become terminally incapacitated. When that
        point arrives, have your affairs in order and try to die comfortably and
        with dignity (hard to do, but that is part of life).

        There’s a “fiction of the spoiled” in the U.S., that somehow there is something
        better about death than there has been for thousands of years. How did
        people die in the 1800’s? In the 1400’s? In the 400’s? In 300 BC Greece?
        In 2,000 BC Egypt? In all great civilizations? They all got to the
        point where the body fails. The system fails. The heart stops beating.
        That’s how.

        All the intravenous and oxygen tents and MRI’s and everything available (at enormous expense) will not prevent death.

      • j jones

        Uneducated Dumas Republican it’s HRC fault

    • Davescomm

      The real Dream is individual. Civilizations come and go. Those who rebuild are those who kept their moral and ethical integrity through the collapse. Not to say a civilization such as ours in the USA cannot continue for two thousand three hundred years, but we must work to preserve the moral and ethical integrity of the same, and that is an extension of our own personal moral and ethical integrity. There are things in Creation, principles, values, which are unchangeable. It is wise to learn those, and live by them. (Evil does not rest, it knows no rest and peace, it is tormented by its own hand. Civilizations collapse because evil is permitted to worm its way in, corrupting good men into passive accomplices. Preventing that evil influence from rising to the level of laws and legislation is necessary.)

      • PatrickJ

        It was comments like yours, that I hoped would be the result of my comment.

        • Davescomm

          We just keep talking, to people we know and people we meet, and we do get our message across. Truth has a particular quality of recognition – an individual recognizes truth instantly.

          • PatrickJ

            Golden words, Dave. Let’s just keep thinking along those lines. Stay in touch. I like your writing.