Sean Combs leads four black artists as world’s highest paid musicians

2017 Billboard Music Awards – Photo Room
FILE PHOTO: 2017 Billboard Music Awards – Photo Room - Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., 21/05/2017 - Sean Diddy Combs.

December 6, 2017

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs was ranked the world’s highest-paid musician on Wednesday in an annual list that saw black artists take the top four spots.

Combs, who is also a hip hop producer and entrepreneur, earned an estimated $130 million for the year, according to Forbes, mostly from his Bad Boy Family Reunion tour and the sale of his Sean Jean clothing line.

Fellow American Beyonce ranked second, with earnings estimated at $105 million from her Formation world tour and hit album “Lemonade,” while Canadian artists Drake ($94 million) and The Weeknd ($92 million) rounded out the top four.

British band Coldplay pulled in an estimated $88 million to take the No. 5 spot.

Forbes compiled the list after estimating pre-tax income for the 12 months from June 2016 to 2017 based on interviews with managers, agents, lawyers, interviews and data from Pollstar, the Recording Industry Association of America and tracking firm Nielsen.

Last year’s top two artists – Taylor Swift, and British boy band One Direction – both slipped out of the top 10 this year. Swift did not tour this year and released her latest album in November, while One Direction are on hiatus as its members pursue solo careers.

(Reporting by Jill Serjeant; Editing by Frances Kerry)

  • skyhawk

    Wait a minute….wait a minute!!

    First of all, the term “Rap Music” is a contradiction in terms.

    They aren’t musicians! They can’t sing. They can’t play a musical instrument. IN essence, they can’t do squat except grab their crotch and strut around stage reciting vulgar rhymes which sound as though they were composed by some twisted 3rd grader.

    Rap was invented so as to allow talentless ghetto thugs to gain access to the mainstream entertainment industry.

    Nothing more…nothing less.

  • jlsharks1

    Widl Man if I may add “majority are white that made him rich” and not the so called impoverish brothers that he so cares about.

  • IceColdLogic

    Doesn’t exactly play well with the left’s “You’re all racists!” narrative.

  • Donald York

    Damn, i want me one of those hats Puffy .

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Hey! Diddy! Odd Job wants his hat back! Or is it Zorro? One of those guys.

  • C B

    Somehow the Government Liberals have found a way to fund Rap Artist ……………

    • Lawmadsen

      Andy Warhol all over again.

  • sanman99

    Where is his inner city assistance?

  • sanman99

    He and Kaeperdick need to discuss their white privilege! OOPPS I forgot.

  • Oh yeah

    How can that be, thought there was no diversity.

  • Too_Late_4_America

    And blacks are the “impoverished” segment of society, being “kept down” by the white man. BULLSH*T!

    • Dan Taylor

      Correct, AND, I bet not one dime goes toward his impoverished black community. He wants to only distribute white money… Remember, he’s a liberal first, decent human part of American society last…

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  • wildfire1944

    Aren’t these the ones who espouse the rape of women and the killing of white cops?

    • Dan Taylor

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    • Lawmadsen

      and they glorify human trafficking by idolizing “pimps” (like Conyers too)

    • Donald York

      Especially Beonce.

  • No Mas

    remind me when they play “MUSIC”

    • Too_Late_4_America

      When is the sound of grunting while you run thru the jungle called “music”>

      • Dan Taylor

        Ever since they found that they could make millions doing it…

    • Lawmadsen

      they do play music! they play samples of real musicians songs and then they talk over it and take credit for the brilliant score!

  • Varangian Guard

    Obviously White Privilege has had an immense impact on these artists, I kneel in their honor………….
    It takes no effort to see what talent has to do with this paycheck.

    • Too_Late_4_America

      ???? you “kneel in their honor”? You call what they do “talent”?
      What are you ….. ignorant or stupid ….. or BOTH?

      • Varangian Guard

        Well….. since ya had to go there.
        Perhaps you are just too ignorant AND stupid to pick up on flagrant and obvious sarcasm. Don’t worry youngster, if ya keeps learnin’ yer letters and sayin’ yer prayers you’ll go nowhere but up.

        • jlsharks1

          Strange how, with respect to all. Some people do not get sarcasm. I thought your comment was great.