Russia to Put 9 U.S. Media Outlets on Foreign Agents List

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaks during a news conference in Moscow. (Photo/REUTERS/Maxim Zmeyev)

November 4, 2017
OAN Newsroom

Russia is expected to start registering some foreign media as “foreign agents” this week.

Sources in the Russian senate say up to nine U.S. media outlets could be forced to register as “foreign agents.”

These include Voice of America and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the move is reciprocal, and mirrors the Foreign Agents Registration Act in the U.S.

“All our reasonable messages are tried and challenged by the Russophobic congress and that is a great shame,” said Lavrov. “The law has passed, it is a framework one…it gives us an opportunity to take tit-for-tat steps.”

The Kremlin said it endorses the parliament’s decision to enforce a “foreign agents” legislation.

Parliament passed the law in response to the alleged mistreatment of Russian media in the U.S.

  • Who can blame them. We should do the same thing. The MSM is an extension of those wanting to harm our president.

  • john

    It is only fair – We are demonizing anything Russian – They can do the same with our rogue press operations.

  • Wolfman (kafir harbi)

    Now who’s colluding?

  • PatriotInk

    Great move!!! We should put the media propagandists on a foreign list too.

  • Guest123

    CNN started it..

  • Freedom

    Time we do the same and get them out of the west wing. They don’t do anything without a leftist agenda. Let’s get some real independents in there like OAN, Bill Still and Mark Dice.

  • Sam Jacinto

    When you know nothing about history, American values and mores, and simple humanity – you will become the next generation of “just following orders” camp guards. When you idolize a conman and traitor (Trump) who acts against your interests, you show your ignorance and lack of discernment. You are not true Americans – you are neo-fascist cretins..

    • guest

      Sam, have you done a self evaluation lately? Maybe you need some serious professional counseling or perhaps an optometrist could remove that log from your eye.

      • Sam Jacinto


  • Sam Jacinto

    It’s obvious that the commenters here prefer the Russian system. Live there awhile and find out what Trump wants for America. You are neo-fascist cretins.

  • Serge

    Good job, Sergei! By the way, these “media” are anti-Russian AND anti-American at the same time. They are pro-commieChinese and are designed to destroy the world.

  • Bannaghar

    Voice of America should be banned–I think they’re communists.

    • Sam Jacinto

      And you are a neo-fascist cretin

  • Tado

    America has become like a fake “Holier than Thou” character.
    Now, it’s subject to negative quid-pro-quo.

  • YaPiDo

    Oh no, not the List!

  • michaelparsons

    Make them all display a banner “We are Fake News”.

  • survivor50

    “Russia to Put 9 U.S. Media Outlets on Foreign Agents List…”
    Aren’t those the same 9 US Media Outlets making up all this FAKE NEWS???

  • Joe King

    even i consider MSM foreign agents , they are against America

    • All American

      Against the world that is right-side up👍🏻

    • nfcapitalist

      Yeah, I agree… hey Sergei, go right ahead, we don’t need anymore anti-American propaganda going in or coming out than you present from Russia Today… question though… is George Soros yours or is there a more crazy government than yours?

  • Ed L

    Far out

  • Localdude

    lol!!!….well, yeh – cuz they are! The international western ‘media’ and for the most part – the US media have behaved in an astonishingly bad and unprofessional manor and do not deserve ‘journalistic courtesies’ – by their own actions. FAKE NEWS is not journalism, it is agenda driven political propaganda. They made their own bed with this one in pursuit of ‘globalism’ – but really – too cover up crimes of the past administration, their political losses and felonious actions concerning the Clintons in particular – they manufactured a FAKE narrative of ‘collusion’ and attempted meddling by ‘Russian intelligence services’…all of witch is still – crapola…. they can go to hell. Nothing more than tabloid blather and imaginings worthy only at the check out counter of obscure grocery outlets – at best…lol…I hope this continues…China next…

  • landy fincannon

    LOL. Geopolitics does indeed make for strange alliances. The next time they meet, they’ll be breaking bread together.

  • Harold Swift

    If I ran any country, I would ban all UA media from my country. 99 percent of what most of them have to say is a damn lie.

  • Quantum Leap

    Well CNN, MSNBC, NBC, WaPo, and the Failing New York Times are guaranteed to be on there.

    • tiredoftaxes31

      Clintonnews network, washington compost, new york slimes, love mark levin’s names for these people

      • Michael

        You forgot ABC and CBS.

        • Legally Blonde

          Always Broadcasting Crap and Continuously Broadcasting S##t



    • kaiju

      On Russia’s foreign agent list? They have been acting as Russia’s agents here for decades.

    • ellen weiss

      Fox is only a propaganda channel for Trump.

  • iwontell

    RIGHT ON Sergei, shame you can’t BAN THE SOB’s from the Airwaves and the Net.
    We’re stuck with the MORONS and their FAKE NEWS – or CONSTANT BS they feed to AMERICANS

    • daniel miller

      Can Sergie have some US news outlets register as foreign agents here in the US, too?

  • America First

    This is only a cover,the Russians dont want American Pravda exposed.

  • michaelparsons

    Russia will be issuing The “Fake Media Trophy” to all who deserve it.

  • eladtoor

    If Russia and Trump pick the same US media outlets to put on the foreign agents list, that’ll be proof positive of collusion.

    • Kyle Smith

      From what I am seeing Russia already hasa the WaPo and NYT on its payroll.

      • eladtoor

        i just wonder who Trump’s gonna pick to delegate to choose the US Media to register, since he doesn’t read.

        • Kyle Smith

          Hate much?

          • eladtoor


          • ray

            Consult a real doctor before taking any more opioids.

          • ray

            Hate is all they have.

        • ray

          One line insults – no substance. You just … Hate Trump’s Love ::))) LOL

          • Leonard Ross

            Careful, when a lib. Gets cornered, they’ll call you a racist, that’s all the pathetic libs can

        • Don E. Sr.


        • Leonard Ross

          TRUMP must have done Something Right, he’s a Successful President , The Most Powerful Man in the Entire World, A multi Billionaire, Successful Businessman,Best Selling Author, Successful TV Star, Wonderful Father, Remind US Again , what YOU HAVE DONE!!! Lib…

          • eladtoor

            GEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZ, I was wondering who was the dunce that was writing all The Trumpsters speeches. It’s you, aint’t it Lenny!
            Who else could do such dribbling?

      • daniel miller

        And LA times.

    • America First

      So your an emplyee of …CNN?…or is it MSNBC..back to your room until mommy calls you for dinner sweetie.Adults are talking..

      • eladtoor


        • ray

          Awe .. too late.

    • ray

      You people would think ‘proof positive’ of Russian collusion … if the sun comes up in the morning. Just deluded. The socialists are beyond .. grasping for straws because a full year is just about to elapse and – nothing – no evidence – what will you people do for the rest of his term, and the four years after that?

      • daniel miller

        Maybe they will spend the time trying to destroy US foreign policy and influence, like this past year??
        A countering foreign government couldn’t hire better than CNN NBC ABC for the purpose.
        Never seen anything like this.

    • daniel miller

      Too funny. Really good tweet!

    • Dylan Davis

      Collusion, meaningless. Show proof of a crime and stop throwing this buzz word around.

      • Sam Jacinto

        Treason. Conspiracy. Money laundering. Take your pick.

        • Dylan Davis

          You still did not show proof of any of these.

          • Sam Jacinto

            It is not my job to educate you. There is plenty of evidence available.

          • Dylan Davis

            Meaning, there is no proof. I look forward to the New Year when Mueller’s investigation proves nothing and is shut down.

          • Sam Jacinto

            Prepare yourself for disappointment.