Russia Offering to Mediate Talks Between U.S., N. Korea as Regime Prepares Satellite Launch

December 26, 2017
OAN Newsroom

North Korea is reportedly preparing to launch a satellite into space amid growing fears the rogue regime may begin using the launches as a way to disguise its missile tests.

In this Dec. 23, 2017, photo distributed on Dec. 24, 2017, by the North Korean government, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un addresses a ruling party conference in Pyongyang. (Korean Central News Agency/Korea News Service via AP)

According to local media, an anonymous South Korean government official claims dictator Kim Jong Un could order the satellite launch very soon.

However, no specific details about the satellite or launch date were given.

Some experts claim orbit launches could be used to further develop North Korea’s ballistic missile technology, and such actions would be prohibited under U.N. sanctions.

Meanwhile, the Russian government is offering to mediate talks between the United States and North Korea if both sides are willing to engage in diplomacy.

On Tuesday, the Kremlin said the country’s readiness to clear the way for de-escalation is obvious.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (AP/Photo)

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called for Washington and Pyongyang to reduce tensions after a highly contentious year.

President Trump has been unwavering in his stance for Kim Jong Un to denuclearize the rogue state before any diplomatic discussions can take place.

  • Frank Atwood

    Look at the face of the man representing Russia’s interest in the region and you tell me he cares about America? He doesn’t. Another shill trying to slow things down as usual to give N. Korea an edge against us. They all want to see Trump fail, along with America not becoming a powerful nation again, period.

  • Slowpoke

    “Talks” mean negotiation is possible. Bully Boy rocket man needs a payday. I would say: set up ‘meetings’ in Washington for 2020 and, in the meantime, let them eat sanctions.

  • Phil

    This is a great idea!. Appoint the fox to oversee behavior in the chicken coup.

  • Russia a mediator?? What is there to mediate?? NK has broken every promise they ever gave!

  • William Roosa

    Did anybody notice that in the picture above all the coffee (tea?) cups are in perfect alignment and empty.
    I say we go in and move his pencils and watch what happens to the OCB whack job

  • DNC Hezbollah Front

    Use the little Weeble for our benefit, instead of testing our anti-missile systems shooting down our own missiles practice on his every time he launches. It’s cheaper and it’ll provide better data on our system’s accuracy and capabilities.

  • DCBlueBlood

    I know the perfect guy … Lt. General Michael Flynn …

    LMAO !

    No …

    G. Gordon Liddy?

    Wait … wait … Ollie North!

    • Ray

      Dennis Rodman.

  • Twinkle Toes

    This is priceless; it’s a joke right?

  • Vikram

    When they launch a missile, shoot it down as soon as it leaves North Korean air space.

    • William Roosa

      That is substantially harder than you think. It is much easier to intercept it as it reenters. can you say west cost anti missile sites. The last time he put one in a polar orbit which could mean it travels over China and Russia during orbit insertion….. REAL hard to shoot down in that case with out some consequences…….He may be a whack job but he is not dumb

  • Uncle Roddy

    If the FBI/Secret Service weren’t still playing pocket pool and flick a klit with prior leadership figures, I’m confident we could have this fat kid’s head ventilated,

    • William Roosa

      They don’t do that stuff, that is the DoD and CIA mission. FBI and SS are not chartered to “conduct operations outside the US border”
      I’m pretty sure that DoD has a “ventilation plan” should POTUS feel the need to go that route

  • PatrickJ

    Hard to believe the guy is real, to those of us who live in a free society, I mean.

  • Comanche457

    No mediation! If they step out of line take them to the wood shed.

  • Just A Guy

    Eff Russia. Shoot the dammed thing down. Why keep playing this game.

  • All American

    KJU looks like he has little radiation tumors by his temples! I see two more by his chin. I think he is radioactive!
    The associations between radiation exposure and cancer are mostly based on populations exposed to relatively high levels of ionizing radiation!

    • DNC Hezbollah Front

      I always thought he was a tumor.

    • William Roosa

      He is the newest in a race of “super leaders”. KJU has been using atomic radiation to modify his genes for “enhanced powers of leadership”. He can take your country where the average height is 6″ shorter due to malnutrition for generations and turn it into a superpower that can last almost 5 minutes in a fire fight with a wet roll of toilet paper. Total whack job!

      • All American

        Hahahaha ROTFLMFAO😂🤣

  • Harold Swift

    Talk about a fox in the hen house??? Ridiculous.

    • DNC Hezbollah Front

      They still think their dealing with Obama level fools.

  • Reality Junkie

    Just let them launch, watch it go up and then shoot it down. Then just wait. This is really getting absurd again.

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  • PatrickJ

    What is the general consensus by experts as to what would happen if Kim was eliminated?

  • …remain calm and return fire

    Trump could do some serious head banging at that meeting.

    • Rufus Firefly

      Trump is a coward

      • …remain calm and return fire

        how so, Rufy?

      • Winabego

        Actually Rufus you are the coward if anyone.

      • William Roosa

        and you say that because?
        Facts supporting your position would be helpful.
        Name calling is not a valid form of debate

  • Daryl

    Talk is cheap. No more talk. Out of time. Time for action.

    Trump would be a HERO if he freed the people of North Korea. Time to take out Kim.

    • William Roosa

      Kim will take out himself. We just need to be patient and let the sanctions work their magic. Kinda like dealing with a spoiled kid, tanking away his toy only makes him more upset. If you give it right back (like most of the previous administrations) then he knows that if he holds out he gets his way, if you don’t give it back till you get the “right attitude” you don’t have to take the toy away again and things get better for all. Course you have to listen to the wining and bluster till he gets the idea that wining and bluster are not going to work on us any more. Go Trump!.

  • Re

    Good for Russia .. also maybe they will give them some wheat with some spray on it that will kill off some of the people’s internal body bugs. And rocket man might eat more of his share and make him sick.

  • Mr.Jim

    Yeah MSM
    Nice job tarnishing Trumps Asian diplomatic efforts.
    President Trump had nothing to do with the Russian offer. LMAO

  • Daniel Shays

    Please do. Call us when their nuclear program has been dismantled and disposed of. Then, we’ll be ready to enter negotiations.

  • Guest123

    I thought he didn’t want to talk? You can’t trust that little turd. Proceed with the military decapitation operation.

  • survivor50

    “Russia Offering to Mediate Talks Between U.S., N. Korea…”
    Well, GEE !!! That makes a lot of sense !!!
    Russia buys up 1/5 the US supply of URANIUM from OBOZO and DER HILDEBEAST, and sells it to NOKO…
    SUUUURE they want to mediate for us….

    • Mr.Jim

      Way too cynical, my friend.
      A nuclear device detonated anywhere on the planet could ruin your whole day.

    • WSWSapphire

      Yeah, and remember Labarov… the leader Ob was speaking to during Ob’s confession unintentionally made in the presence of an open mic

      • USA#1

        recuse.., recuse himself…, where did i heard that???

        • WSWSapphire

          Not from me, about anyone, as I don’t yet feel knowledgeable enough to say it regarding anyone.
          (Not sure who or what occasion you’re referring to in your question, though have seen it posted many times in relation to quite a few individuals.)

          • USA#1

            You are too anxious to show your small brain

          • WSWSapphire

            LOL!! And I thought you were for real, trying to give you a chance there. That’s the only thing I was anxious for. While I love a good joke, you’re a bad one – so on to the growing list you go – bye bye block 26.

          • USA#1

            HAPPY NEW YEAR

          • William Roosa

            It is not a crime to have a small brain. Instead of being critical how about helping us “less endowed than your bad self” understand.
            I think they used to call that debate. You know where you make your argument supported with facts and then draw a conclusion then I get my opportunity to make a counter argument or supply facts that counter yours….back and forth. vs name calling!

    • FoolIggy

      Definitely Russia has a CONFLICT OF INTEREST and should recuse themselves but communism doesn’t understand such technical details of a law based society!

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      100 Up votes if possible. Spot on.

  • Jim

    Take the launch site out. And warn Lil Rocket Man not to retaliate or he and all his dirt eaters are a goner.

    • FoolIggy

      Definitely keep up pressure on little man until he farts on a regular basis. Then its time to ‘light up’ his room!

    • Disgusted Caucasian

      Notice in the OP pic how every party member at the table is scurrying to write down every word their dear leader is saying? If they don’t appear to be enthused with his every word, they risk torture or death. Is this a person that can be negotiated with? I think not.

    • Rufus Firefly

      What launch site would that be? Those mobile launchers have wheels (hence the description “mobile”)

      • Dan Taylor

        You’re still a brainless idiot. Go away…

      • Only short range missiles have mobility.

    • Michelle Palmateer

      Take it out and tell him nothing.